It’s Been Too Long


She was cute tonight, and she planned on using that to her advantage as she pouted. He expected it. It had been too long since she had seen him.

When he opened the apartment door, she gave him a curt kiss, not her usual greeting at all. He offered her a drink; they sat down in chairs next to each other.

“I’ve missed you,” he said.

“I couldn’t tell,” she responded.

There it was.

“I think about you all the time,” he said. “Being with you, how good we feel.”

She looked at him for a moment. His face actually looked pained.

“I don’t remember what it feels like to have sex with you,” she said.

How could he look so upset by something he did?

He stood up and grabbed her hands, pulling her to him.

“Let me remind you,” he growled.

Hands in her hair, his tongue in her mouth, a trail of clothes to the bed.

Maybe she did remember some of this.

In the bed, she couldn’t get enough of kissing him. Their tongues twirling together gently, then passionately as their hands remembered each other.

Ahhh.. She wanted more than his tongue in her mouth. She began to kiss her way down his body, her hands Sinop Escort finding him ready for her before her mouth made it that far.

“Are you sure I deserve this?” he asked.

“Probably not, but I do. I don’t think you understand how much I love having your cock in my mouth.”

She waited just long enough to hear his sharp intake of breath at her response before giving him reason for another. Her hand cupped his balls as her tongue flicked across the tip of his cock. She took just the tip between her lips as her tongue danced around tracing the contours of the tip of his cock. Damn he felt so good in her mouth.

She began to take more and more of him in her mouth as she moved her lips and tongue up and down his now incredibly hard cock. When she took him in her mouth to the base, gagging just a bit, he lifted his hips up towards her.

“Is this what you like?” he asked. “You like to make yourself gag on my cock?”

Yes. She didn’t say a word, but yes, that is exactly what she likes. Every time he is inside of her, anywhere, she wants him all and then some.

She hummed her affirmative with his cock in her mouth.

“Enough, Sinop Escort Bayan I need to fuck you now!” he said as he pushed her back onto the bed.

His mouth and hands covered her breasts. She arched her back towards him.

She remembered this. His lips were on hers again as he moved between her legs.

“I want to look at you when I fuck you,” he said.

“Yes,” her breathless response.

She was ready for him. He slid inside of her with just the perfect amount of resistance and “welcome back”. She sighed as she moved her hips up to meet him. She was hungry for him.

She’d closed her eyes and when she opened them, he was watching her, watching her body respond to his. His eyes were smoky, intoxicated.

“Fuck, you feel so good,” she said.

“It’s all you,” was his reply.

He grabbed her behind her knees and pushed them towards her head. Deeper.

No. She hadn’t forgotten a thing. She moved her hips to meet him as best she could with her legs in the air. She wanted to fuck him back. She wanted to watch him as she gave him the hips only she could. She knew why he came back. No one did this Escort Sinop like they did.

She wanted to not cum yet, not to give him the satisfaction of knowing just how much power he had over her body. She couldn’t help it. Every time he thrust completely inside of her, she knew she couldn’t last much longer. When she looked at him, she could tell he knew how close he had her.

He fucked hard, a little slower. He was toying with her. And then he wasn’t.

He pushed her legs even further back, and kissed her hard as he thrust into her hard and stayed, grinding against her wet pussy. It was too much.

She looked him in the eyes as she came, feeling her pussy grip his cock. Nothing felt better than that. She moved against it. She still wanted the stroke of his cock. As she moved against him, she saw his expression change. She worked her hips up and down, grinding against him as he moved harder and faster, his breathing become ragged. That look in his eyes. She knew what that meant.

She squeezed around him as he came inside of her, pushing to go even deeper, closer. He let go of her legs and she wrapped them around him, her hands in his hair, pulling his mouth to hers. She wanted to feel the last convulsion of his orgasm everywhere.

As they untangled, he laid his head between her breasts.

“Do you remember now?” he asked.

“It’s coming back to me now. You might need to jog my memory again.”

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