James , Beth Ch. 01

Big Cock

==”Kissin’ you was not what I had planned.” All I Need by Jack Wagner

==”Spending all my time with you, there’s nothing else I’d rather do. What a sweet addiction that I’m caught up in. ‘Cause I can’t get enough. Can’t stop the hunger for your love.” Beautiful Mess by Diamond Rio

Two songs that make me think of one man. Maybe you would stop to talk to him but would probably think – sweet guy, nice guy – everything a man hates. But to be with him, in his arms, holding me close to him…. is the place I long to be, and hate to leave.

My name is Beth. I am 5’7, brown hair, hazel eyes. Nothing special. The man whose arms I long to be in, is James. He’s about 5’9, brown hair and blue eyes. He is 5 years older then I but sometimes I wonder where the evidence of that is. (haha)

And this is about how it all started.

The first night I slept in his arms wasn’t supposed to happen – but it did – and neither of us has been able to let it rest. We were on a business trip. We had known each other long enough to not be concerned with sharing a room. It really wasn’t anything more then saving the company money actually. After all, he had his bed and I had mine.

We had gone to dinner the last night of the trip. On our way back to the hotel, we stopped and grabbed a couple of six packs. Once in the room, James plopped down on his bed while I pulled the blankets down mine and sat against the headboard with the pillows behind me. We drank and shot the shit for a while. The few beers I had were catching up with me and I had excused myself to go to the bathroom. When I returned, he was sitting in a chair near the open window smoking a cigarette. I grabbed another beer and returned to my spot against the headboard. I flipped the TV on but that was a worthless cause and shut it off.

When he was done with his cigarette he thought it would be a great idea to jump from the chair, onto my bed, and then to his. As you can imagine, it wasn’t. I didn’t see it coming in time, and wasn’t prepared for it. My beer went flying. It spilled all over my me and my bed. I jumped up, smacked him, called him a bunch of names and grabbed something to change into. I figured I needed a shower anyway. Now was the time to take it. I told him to clean up the mess he made and to call the front desk. “See if they have a rollaway. You need a place to sleep”, I laughed.

By the time I came out of the shower, dressed in a tshirt and shorts, James was cleaning up Sinop Escort the mess he made on my bed. He had said the hotel didn’t have any available rollaways. He then turned to clean up all the crap he had on his bed. He quickly gave up and said he would do it before we went to sleep. We went back to talking for a little while. After a while, we flipped the TV on and watched nothing interesting, him over in the chair and me on his bed. I started to nod off.

James cleared his crap off the bed and I crawled under the blankets. He asked me, “Do you mind if I keep the TV on for a while?”. I said no and rolled over. I was drifting off when I heard him say, “Move over”. I was too tired to care at this point… so I moved. I was falling asleep again as he got into bed with me. He moved next to me with his back up against mine and we said good night. He kept moving, turning over and over, from one side to another. He finally got comfortable, on his side facing my back but it seemed he could not find a comfortable place for his arm. I, at this point, was getting fed up with his constant turning. Finally, I grabbed his arm, put it around my waist, put my hand on his hip and told him to go to sleep.

After a few minutes, I snuggled closer to him. It felt good to be laying next to a man again. However, I didn’t know how he was going to repsond. I wasn’t too worried about the snuggling part. But the other thoughts that were beginning to form in my mind, made me wonder if I should go sleep in the other bed regardless of the huge wet spot. That thought was out of my head before it fully formed in my head. I wiggled my ass against him a little, and moved my back so that it was against his chest instead of leaning forward. He tightened his arm around my waist. I picked my head up, grabbed his other arm from under his head, and layed it straight out so I could lay on it. As soon as I was in the position, he bent his elbow and held me.

“So far so good”, I thought, “now snuggling is one thing… what happens when its something more?” I moved my hand from his hip over his ass and pulled him closer to me. I then took the hand that was holding my shoulder and kissed the palm, then each of the fingers. A slight moan escaped his lips as I slid my tongue over his middle finger, taking it in my mouth, while my tongue swirled over and around it. He tightened his arm around my waist. I began sliding his finger, in and out of my mouth, gently grazing my teeth Sinop Escort Bayan along it. Teasing him, letting him know what I really wanted and how badly. The hand around my waist had worked its way to my left tit and started kneading it as I sucked his finger the way I desperately wanted to suck his cock. He ran his fingertip over my lips as the fingertips on his other hand found my nipple and pinched it gently. I moaned and flicked my tongue out to his finger again. The hand I had on his ass now moved over his hip, and over the front of his pants. As my fingertips came in contact with his hard cock, we both moaned. I slowly stroked his cock through his pants, sliding the bulge against my palm while cupping his balls with my fingertips.

James turned onto his back. His right hand and fingers still teasing my tongue and lips while his left pinched my nipples then over my hip and ass to reach my pussy from behind. Before he could touch my hot pussy, I needed to have his cock in my mouth. I turned onto my back then slid myself down the bed. Gently I bit the outline of his cock through his pants. My right hand massaging his balls. I could not wait any longer. Still mouthing the the outline of his cock I unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants then unzippered them. I kissed my way up his shaft and was able to lick the head without having to touch him with my hands. At the moment my tongue first touched the head of his cock, it jumped. I slid my tongue over and around the head and slid it out of the front of his boxers. Not being able to control myself any longer, I got on my knees, traced the vein of his shaft my fingertip then took the head into my mouth and sucked on it gently. To feel that velvet head was like heaven. My tongue swirled around and over it, following the slit and hoping for a taste of precum.

I slowly worked my way down his shaft. My right hand found its way to his balls while I leaned on the left. I slid my middle finger from just under his balls, over them and around them. When my lips reached the base of his shaft, my tongue lashed out and quickly licked one of his balls. I moved my mouth back up his shaft, listening to him moan, then tightened as my lips ran over the the rim of his cock. I slowly slid my mouth to the tip where I kissed and nibbled my way down the shaft to his balls.

Taking one of his balls in my mouth, I gently stroked his cock, tightening my grip as I reached the head, sucking Escort Sinop him gently. I then slid my tongue under his balls from one to the other, taking the 2nd one in my mouth. My pussy was hot and dripping but I could not stop sucking on James’ cock and balls. I worked my way back up his shaft, his hand found its way to the back of my head, and I took his entire length into my mouth and throat with one move. I moaned at having my mouth so full of cock… his cock. Slowly I slid my head up and down his shaft as my lips locked around it, tightening as they went over the rim. He would moan each time my tongue licked under the rim. I wanted so much for him to cum in my mouth, not down my throat. I wanted to taste his cum, savor it. I began to quicken my pace. Taking each inch of him into my mouth as my tongue flicked across the shaft. I had his balls in my hand, running my fingertips over them, cupping them, massaging them.

I started to hum and moan as I felt his balls tighten. James finally spoke in between pants, “I am going to cum in your mouth if you don’t stop”. I did just the opposite. I started to slide my mouth up and down his shaft even faster. I was stroking the bottom half of his cock in a circular motion while sucking the top the same way. He began to moan even louder. Mostly from what I was doing to him, but it was obvious he loved the idea of shooting his load into my mouth. With a final hum and tight suck, he moaned deep in his throat and shot his load into my mouth. I sucked the head of his cock until every last drop of his cum was in my mouth, rolling over my tongue. I let his cock slide out of my mouth while looking into his eyes and swallowed it all. I leaned my head back down, and gently took the head back into my mouth. Sliding his cock deep into my throat again, I made sure I had not missed a single drop of cum.

I kissed his cock one last time, tucked it back in his boxers and zipped his pants for him. I then turned onto my side, next to him, the way I was before it all started. He slid one arm under my head and neck for me to lay on again. His hand crossing to the opposite shoulder as he pulled me close against him. He reached his other arm around me, started playing with my nipple again when I stopped him. I took his hand, brought it around my waist and got as close to him as I possibly could. I was exhuasted by this point and wanted only to fall asleep with his arms around me, his body against mine, and his cum in my belly. I smiled to myself, whispered “thank you” to him and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning came to early. We checked out of the hotel without saying a word about the night before. Our eyes burned with want but also asked two questions. Was that it? Or will there be more to come?

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