Janine’s Adventures Ch. 02


When Janine got home from work that night she hoped that tonight would be a night off from events such as the night before. Whilst she enjoyed getting off, the inability to get the sight of her housemate’s muscular frame out of her mind was starting to affect her in more ways than one! As well as the effect it was having on her body, and it had caused her the need to relieve herself twice during the day at work, it was also stopping her from reaching her usual heights with her daily work. She was considering looking at staying with a friend for a few days when she heard the familiar knock on the door.

“Hey Rich!” she said as she let her housemate’s boyfriend in. “How was your day?” He told her it had been OK but he was glad it was over as he always hated Mondays. He put three bottles of wine on the counter top and opened one straight away. Janine tried to tell him she didn’t fancy a drink that night but Rich told her that he was going away with work for a few days so she could have her time off for the rest of the week! Soon they were sat in their usual positions, watching TV and not talking very much. Janine still couldn’t get the image of his cock out of her mind and so it wasn’t exactly easy for her to think of conversation! They reached about half way through their glass of wine when Rich matter-of-factly asked “So did you enjoy what you saw last night?!” Janine was shocked and asked what he meant! Janine began to feel sick as Rich confirmed that he had seen her before she ran from the door. Janine apologised and said she had heard a noise while she was getting a drink and curiosity had gotten the better of her so she had taken a quick peak but stopped as soon as she realised what was happening.

“If that’s true,” Rich said, “then why is it that I could see you in the mirror on the bedside table when I was fucking Claire from behind?”

Janine’s heart nearly jumped out of her chest!! She asked Rich what he meant and he stood up and led her by the hand to Claire’s bedroom. She was confused what he was doing as they walked into the room and was trying to ignore the small pile of sex toys on the bed (until now she’d always thought Claire was a little bit of a good girl!), and he showed her the mirror. Sure enough it pointed straight at the door. “Oh my god!” she thought. He’d had the perfect view of everything she was doing! She began to apologise on the way back to the lounge and tried to explain that she had been quite drunk from the night before and wasn’t sure what had come over her. Rich just smiled and said it was OK. He told her he couldn’t blame her, and in fact saw it as quite a compliment that she had been so excited watching him fuck her housemate. He even joked that if she wanted, she could come watch them again that night! Janine laughed and politely declined but she did feel herself beginning to get wet at the idea of it. This was the first time that Janine and Rich had ever really flirted and, unknown to Janine; it was beginning to have an effect on both of them.

Janine was starting to relax but still wanted to try and explain the events of the night before. She told Rich that it had been a while since she had spent any alone time with a guy and she was starting to think that she might never get laid again. Rich reassured her that she was an attractive girl and that he was certain she’d meet someone special sooner or later. The wine was starting to take an effect on Janine and she joked that she wasn’t even bothered about finding the right person, just a fuck would do! Rich said he might know someone who could help and they laughed. Claire finally came in at about that time and was greeted by both of them. She said hi back to Janine and walked straight over to Rich Sinop Escort and bent over to give him a big kiss. As she did, her skirt rode up and, from where Janine was sat; she got an eyeful of her gorgeously shaped, tanned buttocks and the tiny red thong hiding between them. As the kiss turned into a hug, Janine looked up to see Rich smiling and winking back at her. She winked back and turned her attention to the television.

A couple of hours later Janine was starting to feel very drunk and knowing she had work the next day and needed to catch up on her sleep, she headed to bed. Amazingly, she managed to fall asleep before Claire and Rich headed to bed but was still woken up a couple of hours later by the loud bangs from next door. Soon she was frigging herself ferociously as she heard Claire screaming “Oh god yessssss. Fuck me harder Rich you fucking stud! Drill me with that big cock. Make me cum and I’ll lick you clean. You’d like that wouldn’t you? You’ve always wanted to cum down my throat! Mmmm keep going baby… that’s it….. Oh don’t stop….. Oh fuck…. that’s it…..” and so forth. Janine came twice before she finally heard her housemate squeal in delight.

Janine lay there covered in sweat trying to get her breath back, as she imagined the couple were doing in the next room. She was just about collecting herself when she heard a beep from her mobile phone. She looked at the message to discover it was from Rich. It simply said “Enjoy that?!” Janine was surprised by his forwardness but in her drunken haze found it funny and text back saying “hehehe, maybe a little!! Wow, that sounded intense. Claire’s a lucky girl!!” With that she turned over, and stroked herself as she drifted away to sleep.

The next few nights weren’t very eventful. Rich had gone away for work and Claire was spending more time at the gym. As a result, Janine found herself alone more with her thoughts and her rabbit was getting a thorough workout but at least she could sleep at night! When the weekend came, she decided to go out for drinks with a few friends in the early evening before having an early night because she wanted to head to the beach next morning to work on her tan. When she got in to discover Claire out at a friend’s house party, she decided she couldn’t be bothered cooking and although she wouldn’t usually do fast food, she decided to order a pizza. When she heard the door she went to answer it. On the way she thought to herself “I hope the pizza guy is hot” and giggled. Secretly, she was a little disappointed when he wasn’t! She had just sat down and opened her pizza box when there was another knock at the door. She walked back to the door thinking she must have given the wrong money to the pizza guy. When she opened the door however it was another guy who she didn’t recognise. She asked if she could help him, and he rather forwardly, replied that he was actually there to help her! She asked who he was and he told her he was Rich’s friend, Brad and that Rich had told him she needed a man. Janine went bright red and said that she apologised but that Rich must have been joking with him and that she wasn’t that kind of girl. Brad leaned straight in and kissed her on the mouth. At first Janine resisted but the alcohol, the recent feelings she had been feeling and his aftershave created an intoxicating mix and she soon wrapped her arms around him and began to kiss him back. She felt his hands reach under her skirt and begin to caress her bum cheeks. Meanwhile, one of his legs had found its way between hers and she was starting to rub herself along it.

After a while, she realised that they were still stood with the front door open and so brought him inside. She tried to Sinop Escort Bayan ask if he would like a drink but as soon as they were inside he went back to kissing her passionately. Brad had completely taken Janine’s breath away and she was running on instinct. He was in control and he moved her to sit on the sofa as he moved down between her legs. Janine shuddered as she felt Brad kiss up her toned legs and leaned back as she felt him kiss up her inner thigh. Her brain completely went blank as she felt Brad pull her knickers to one side (later she would wish she’d worn something more sexy than Elmo underwear!), and begin to run his tongue between her soaking wet lips.

Janine felt a little disappointed when Brad pulled his head away but soon understood as he motioned for her to raise her hips so he could remove her underwear. No sooner than this was done did Janine feel Brad’s nose parting her lips again as he moved his head back up her pussy. This was followed by his tongue which he pushed deep inside her a few times before moving up to her clit and lapping away for a few seconds. Janine was in heaven and started to buck at his face as he alternated between fucking her with his tongue and licking, nibbling and sucking on her clit. Janine started to feel a long forgotten sensation building deep within her as her first orgasm at the touch of another person in 6 months began to grow within her. Brad noted that she was close and fixed his mouth over her clit as he pushed three fingers deep inside her to begin finger fucking her. Very soon Janine cried out in sheer delight as she came hard, clamping his head down between her legs with both hands before dragging him off as she couldn’t take the feeling anymore!

Brad stood up and smiled down at her with Janine’s juices all over his face. As he did so, the bulge in his pants came into view for Janine and she licked her lips unintentionally. Without warning she reached for his pants and after undoing the button, and fly, slid them down his legs along with his boxer shorts. Pointing straight at her was the object of her desires. What she had been missing for half a year and she wrapped her hand around Brad’s thick penis and watched it intently before delicately placing her lips over the head. Brad gasped lightly and put his hands on the back of Janine’s head. She loved the warmth of his cock within her mouth and started swirling her tongue around the head. She continued working him in her mouth for a short period of time but now her brain was beginning to function again and she knew exactly what she wanted. She stood up, took Brad by the hand and pretty much dragged him into her room, throwing him on the bed as she took her remaining clothes off. Brad removed his vest revealing his muscular physique which Janine was impressed by.

Janine practically jumped on the bed and climbed up on top Brad before kissing him deeply again, tasting herself on his breath. She spread her legs to either side of his body and felt him reach down between them and rub his dick along her aching slit. Janine looked down into his eyes as she felt him rest his cock against her entrance and she pushed down on him hard. The lack of action in recent times meant it took a little pressure but Janine let out a large moan as she felt it pop inside and as soon as that happened, Brad pushed his hips upwards and his cock pushed deep inside of her.

Janine sat back and let her insides adjust to the large organ inside. They say sex is much like riding a bike — you never forget, and Janine certainly felt that way that night. Once she had collected herself, she began to rotate her hips, letting Brad’s cock move inside her as she steadied herself Escort Sinop on his chest. After a little while, she leaned forward to kiss him, and Brad took this as his chance to take charge. He pulled her slightly off his cock by pulling her buttocks upwards and began to thrust upwards into her. Janine’s eyes glazed over and she began to moan loudly with each thrust. Janine was loving it! This was what she’d been missing and she told Brad as much.

“Fuck….. you….. know exactly…. oh god…. what I…. mmmm…. need!” she groaned down at him as their bodies began slapping together. She kissed him again and Brad decided to take it to the next level. He rolled over so that he was on top and sat up on his knees, looking down at Janine who was still impaled on his cock.

“More?” he said to her with a smile.

“Yes!!” she confirmed.

“Then beg for it” he ordered.

By this time, Janine would do anything he asked! “Please fuck me more you big stud…. I need to feel your cum dripping from my pussy.” Janine couldn’t believe it was her saying these things but she also knew it was true. Brad grabbed one of Janine’s legs and put it on his shoulder as he looked down between them and marvelled at the sight of his cock disappearing inside her.

Brad showed Janine a night she had been after. He sure showed some stamina, lasting for an impressive length of time before he felt the tell tale feeling in his balls. By this time, Janine was kneeling on the floor with her head against the bed in sheer delight as he screwed her from behind. He told her he was getting close and she told him to fill her with his cum. He didn’t disappoint and came hard and deep inside her. As he collapsed backwards, his dick came out of her with a plop and his cum started to trickle down her leg.

Janine was exhausted and climbed into bed gasping for air the whole time. After collecting himself, Brad stood up. Janine made room for him in the bed but he simply kissed her on the lips and thanked her for a wonderful night before getting dressed and leaving. Janine was a little disappointed at first but then smiled to herself. Then she realised, she had someone to thank. She got her mobile phone and sent Rich a message that simply said “thanks!” A little later she got one back saying “No problem! I take it you enjoyed it? Wow, he must’ve done quite well if you’re only just finishing!” They texted for a little while until Janine fell asleep whilst rubbing the cum that had been dripping out of her over her body.

The next day she woke up and lay in bed for a while, sore from the night before. She smiled to herself when she realised her duck was broken and was also relieved when she thought that it might help her get over the visions she kept having of her housemate’s boyfriend. Eventually, Janine got up and walked into the living room to see Claire sat smiling broadly and looking at her. “Enjoy yourself last night did you?” she said as she twirled Janine’s underwear around her finger!

“Oh shit!” said Janine. “I completely forgot!”

Claire told her that it was OK, she would have figured it out anyway from the screams coming from Janine’s room when she got home and that it was actually quite hot to hear but she didn’t know Janine could get so naughty! Janine blushed but then they both began giggling like little schoolgirls. Janine told Claire the whole story over a cup of tea. Over the next few weeks Janine saw Brad a few more times and eventually, they developed into a steady relationship. In fact, a kind of competition developed between the two girls to see who could be the loudest in the bedroom! Janine felt content and thought she had completely gotten over the desires she had felt for her housemate’s boyfriend. Her and Rich even developed a deeper friendship and although they continued to flirt, she felt a lot more relaxed around him. However, the events of one night would change that point of view, and their relationship, forever…..

To be continued…

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