Jet Lagged – The Morning After


When Heather woke up, she felt the warmth of her lover’s body snuggled in her back. Her French doctor had flown from France the day before, and they had made the best of their time together. As far back as she was reaching in her memory, Heather did not remember making so much love in so little time. And when she thought her lover was as worn out as she was, he’d slowly and most sensually made love to her in the middle of the night. She’d lost count of the number of orgasms that had swept her off, and her lover had never failed to cum with her.

And now, in the morning light, she wanted more, she wanted to be playful and she wanted to make the most of the little time she had left with her Internet lover. She rolled over to look at him, that stirred him a little in his sleep and he ended on his back, his large arms above his head. She eyed him for a while. He was not Mr Universe, but he was square built and tall, his chest just hairy enough. The red satin bed sheet was up to his hips, but did not hide the morning glory he was sporting right now. She grinned. Tom was hers and she’d take advantage of him in the dim morning light.

Heather grabbed one the of scarves they had been playfully using the night before as blindfolds and tied it around Tom’s wrists and to the bedhead. Her lover was still fast asleep and did not fight against her. She then leant on her side next to him and let her fingers trail around his body: Sivas Escort on his face first, down his neck, on his chest, playing with his hardening nipples, then down his belly and further down underneath the bed sheets. Her hand was attracted to the shaft that made a tent with the satin material. She wrapped her fingers around his shaft, squeezing slightly as she started a slow up and down movement.

Tom moaned softly. And as he tried to move, he worked out in his half sleep that he could not. Heather’s smile grew even wider. Her hand pushed the bed sheet away and moved down Tom’s body. Her face was level to his crotch. His cock was bobbing in excitement in front of her eyes. She was petting it softly, along its length, from its red bulging head down to his balls, then back up again. She saw a drop of precum pearling and could not fight the desire to lick it off with the tip of her tongue. He tasted slightly salty, she loved it and wanted more. She wrapped her lips around his cock head and started sucking softly at first. As she was rewarded by increasingly loud moans, she sucked harder, nibbling, licking and taking more and more of him in her mouth. She felt his whole body tense and then jets of warm cream fill her mouth. Heather kept sucking and savouring every drop of cum that was pouring down her throat. She was enjoying it so much she had barely heard Tom scream her name as he came in her mouth.

When Sivas Escort Bayan she lifted her head, she saw Tom staring down at her. His eyes clouded with the intensity of the orgasm he had just lived. Heather smiled at him, licking the last drops of cum off her lips. Then she moved up and purred in his ear “now that you are wide awake, it’s time to return the pleasure”. She then straddled his face, grabbing his hair and pulled his head between her thighs till his mouth was pressed on her dripping pussy. She felt his warm lips kiss her labia, and then his tongue parting her them till it penetrated her. She rocked her hips to feel him tongue her deeper. Sucking him had gotten her so aroused; she knew she would reach a shattering orgasm within seconds. She could feel her juices pouring down on Tom’s face and in his mouth. Her fingers grasped harder on his hair and she suddenly exploded, screaming her head off, her body shaking uncontrollably.

Tom kept licking her swollen lips while she was slowly coming back to reality. Each tongue stroke making her moan softly. She slid down his body and pressed her mouth on Tom’s, kissing him passionately. Their tongues danced together wildly, both their juices mixing with their salivas in a tasty and thrilling cocktail. The more they kissed, the more Heather could feel Tom’s hardness coming back to life and she rubbed her slit firmly on his shaft. She Escort Sivas was aching to feel his hands on her body, but she was enjoying it too much to have him hers.

Heather sat up, placing her hands on Tom’s chest, playing with his nipples, as she rubbed harder on Tom’s shaft. She was staring in his eyes, both softly moaning. She moved her hips and felt his burning head at her entry. Then with a swift move, she pushed him deep in her intimacy. She felt every vein around his shaft as it stretched her wide. Tom helped, rocking his hips to penetrate her deeper. Slowly they found a rhythm, and Heather rode Tom in a wild cavalcade. Tom was aching to touch her body, to press his mouth on her body, on her mouth, but was still cuffed to the bedhead. The frustration somewhat made his pleasure even more intense, just as much as the pleasure to control her lover was making Heather’s pleasure even more intense.

Heather slowed down and then came to a halt. She stared at her lover, murmuring soft words at Tom while playing with her pelvis around Tom’s shaft. She could read the pleasure she was giving her lover on his face. Then as she felt he was about to cum, she started her wild cavalcade again, slamming herself down on him, till both of them came together this time. His warm juices were burning her insides, her warm juices were flowing down on his pubis. She kept riding him till both of them could not handle it anymore, and then fell on top of him.

She wrapped herself around him, keeping him inside her. Hugging and huddling on his chest. Both went back to sleep, enjoying the surge of pleasure hormones in their veins and in their brains, only to wake up when the sun was high up in the sky.

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