Jody’s Gift Ch. 02


With my back turned, I stood washing dishes, listening, as Jody’s silence finally broke and she started her tale.

“My dad…He came home drunk one night, screaming. Mom was gone and I came out, from my bedroom to see what was wrong. He had his dick out, yelling about how he was never satisfied!” She started off, as I turned my head around in amazement.

“Jody, please stop! You don’t have to tell me this.” I blurted out, but she held up her hand and went on.

I do…I really do and especially to you…I screamed and he just started laughing, with an evil look in his eyes. He slapped me Scott – slapped me hard across the face and knocked me to the floor, ripping my clothes off!

The next thing I knew he was behind me and shoved his dick in my….You know, pussy. Oh God, he was so big Scott…I screamed and screamed, but he kept poking me hard and deep! Finally, he got relief and I felt his…cum shooting into me…Oh Christ, it was a blessing to have him done, but I was bleeding…I was a virgin Scott! I’d never been penetrated before!” She blurted out, sobbing.

I stood stunned, listening to Jody, leaning against the kitchen counter, my mouth and lips dry.

“That’s why I went nuts yesterday…He kept after me for months, waiting until mom would leave and then grab me, making me do things he wanted done, telling me how mom never did those things and how good it felt. I got numb to it all after a while…And God help me Scott I started to enjoy the sex!” She went on, sobbing louder.

“Jesus Jody…” I stammered and walked stiffly to her side and held her head in my arms, adding, “I’m so sorry Jody.”

Crying softly, Jody wrapped her arms around my waist and squeezed, as I thought to myself, “Well, you wanted the story, asshole.”

“It all came back to me yesterday…Christ, it seemed so real again. Knowing he fucked me every time he wanted to and no way out. And then – you telling me you wrote about incest…I just lost it!” and she broke down and started to cry in deep, long, sobs.

I knelt down and softly grabbed Jody’s face and brought her lips to mine, lips covered in tears and snot, but I kissed her just the same, soft and tenderly, whispering,

“Its okay Jody, those days are gone – you’re safe now. I’m here and you can always come here if you want, anytime.”

“Oh Scott…God damn you, where have you been!” She cried out, letting her sobs slow down and finally end.

“I’m right here babe…Always have been. We just needed to meet.” I said calmly, hugging her tighter.

“Oh ya, sure – you an incest porn writer! That’s great, from the fire into the frying pan!” She cried out, with a laugh starting take over he sobs.

“Well…How else would you want it? At least you know who I am!” I replied, laughing with her.

Jody rose, on unsteady legs and I reached to help her. A small smile crossed her face when I slipped my hands around her waist, squeezing softly. Lifting her arms she wrapped them around my neck and pressed in close whispering,

“Thank you so much…For listening and not being judgmental.”

My cock stirred again, at the close contact, and I hugged her tightly, reveling in the softness of her body and the full curve of her hips.

“I need to shower and clean up…Come down later, we can have a drink and talk some more…Okay?” She said, slipping from my arms, kissing my cheek, and then added,

“Remember…320 “dip-shit” not 319!” winking, as she turned to walk away.

My door closed quietly and I turned giving a Tiger Woods arm thrust for victory, as I cried out, “Ya baby!”

I spent my time finishing the kitchen clean-up and getting myself ready for the day, while my mind did, rapid, mental maneuvers, going between feeling sorry and hurt for Jody and trying to figure out a way to get Jody’s story on paper – with her approval of course. I was amazed at myself, but I knew desperation when I felt too.

I gave Jody ample time before heading her way. I felt looking too anxious wouldn’t be good and used the extra time to pick up a bottle of red wine. It was nearing 4PM when I stopped in front of her door, hesitating briefly, before I knocked.

“Who is it?” Jody’s soft voice, asked.

I smiled, knowing fair well she was looking at me through the peep hole and answered her back,

“The dip-shit from 310!”

Quickly, she opened the door, laughing; and before I could catch my breath or say hi, she stood before me, looking at me with radiant eyes.

“Dip-shit? But you’re not the dip-shit…He runs around in torn out old boxers with a semi all day! You’re…Damn handsome cleaned up!” She replied, giving me a thorough up and down look.

The door swung fully open, and I gasped at the vision before me. There stood Jody, all 5 feet, 4 of her, with her red hair piled high, Rita Hayworth style; wearing white, skin tight, stretch pants and a shear, pale green, blouse, tied at her mid-riff, exposing her belly button. The top two buttons were undone and her ample breasts Sivas Escort jiggled freely under the thin material, as she laughed.

Jody grabbed my arm pulling me inside, snapping me from my stunned expression.

“So how do I look…Cleaned up, that is?” She asked, doing a slow turn.

All I could do was whistle, as I watched her muscles ripple under the tight pants, her ass cheeks flexing, as she shifted weight from one leg, to the other, extending her arms like a TV game show girl.

“Guess you like how I look then.” She commented, stopping her little show.

I had the proverbial “shit-eating” grin on my face, as I nodded my head, still staring.

“Well come on in then, dip-shit, so I can close the door!”

I took another step forward, as Jody brushed her tits across my arm, closing the door. Her perfume was intoxicating and I inhaled deeply, asking her what it was.

“Obsession – of course.” She grinned, adding,

“You are obsessed aren’t you? Make yourself comfortable Scott…I’ll take that wine and be right in.” continuing her grin, at my dumbfounded expression.

I watched her ass roll and bounce easily as she walked away and noticed for the first time she wore nothing under the stretch pants, only skin. I broke my gaze and walked into the living room, taking a seat on the couch. Moments later, Jody returned and handed me a glass of wine.

“Thank you again, for the wine…It was thoughtful Scott.” She said, bending her right knee and sliding onto the couch, as graceful as a cat. Her knee touched my thigh, as she raised her right arm and stretched it out, along the top of the couch, and then raised her left hand in a salute, smiling at me. We clinked glasses and laughed easily, before sipping the wine.

Our conversation started out, as easily, as we had left it hours before. It was small talk for the most part and the time slipped away quickly. Jody’s eyes followed mine and I’m sure she noticed every quick glance I made looking at her body. Her labia mound was full and outlined perfectly by the tight material running through it and it drew my attention time after time. Her full breasts, too, took many looks from my eyes, as I realized the material was light enough to see the outline of her areolas.

She said nothing to me about my returning looks, but smiled often and kept my glass full, bending slowly, allowing me to see her breasts swell out at the blouse opening. 3 hours went by in a heart beat, or so it seemed, when Jody finally commented about my wandering eyes.

“It’s nice…You know?”

“What’s that Jody?” I asked, lowering my wine glass.

“Oh…Just having a man appreciate my assets without trying to tear off my clothes. I love the way you’ve been looking at me…Gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling.” She giggled.

I blushed visibly at her comment and shifted on the couch, as my penis began to rise, and quickly reached for the wine glass. After a slow drink I replied,

“You are quite beautiful…Guess I can’t stop looking.”

“And wondering?” She added, laughing softly, placing her warm hand on my thigh.

I twitched at her touch, my penis now making a rapid climb towards my pant pocket, as she stared intently, watching it grow.

“You know…I think we should both get a little more comfortable, don’t you think?” She said in a low husky voice, moving her hand next to my growing cock.

“But I don’t have…” I started to protest, when she lifted her hand and placed it on my lips.

“I’ve got a little something I think you’ll like.” She purred and rose, giving me a coy wink.

“Would you like to join me?” She asked, walking away.

My curiosity peaked, as I jumped up to follow Jody into her bedroom. She stopped at the door, turned and took my hand, pulling me into her world. We stopped at the closet and she selected a short dark green colored (of course) silk robe. Turning, she grinned at me and said,

“This should due very nicely – I think our conversation might take a real sexual turn and this should give you room to…Stretch out, if you get my drift!” as she looked down at the bulge in my Dockers.

She placed the robe in my hand and leaned in to kiss me. Pulling away she whispered softly,

“I’m wondering too.” and placed her hand on my, nearly erect penis, lightly squeezing.

The perfume, her voice, her touch all made me swoon and before I knew what was happening she had dropped to her knees, unbuttoning my pants. My pants dropped to the floor quickly, after she finished, and she sat back on her calves and started to giggle.

“Oh my God Scott…Do you wear those damn boxers all the time!”

I shrugged and started to laugh with her, as she wailed louder, a hand to her mouth. I was growing a little embarrassed, when I shrugged my shoulders and gave her a half hearted smile.

“They’re my favorite ones.” I started to explain, when Jody stopped laughing and reached to pull my shorts down.

“Oh Scott I love them…They’re cute Sivas Escort Bayan and Oh My God Scott…I love your…I didn’t know you were…So fucking hung!” She gasped, reaching to tenderly touch my rising cock with her fingers.

I was finally able to grow to full size, freed from my pants, and Jody sat stunned rubbing her fingers up and down my shaft, a huge smile on her face.

“Oh Scott…I know size isn’t everything…But shit!” She mumbled, as she tried to circle my penis with her fingers.

I slowly removed my shirt, as Jody continued her close inspection and finally commented,

“I pretty sure I know what we should talk about!” as she rose to disrobe in front of me.

I slipped on the robe, but left it untied and reached to help unbutton Jody’s blouse. Jody closed her eyes and moaned softly as I slid my hands across her breasts and pulled away her blouse.

Her blouse drifted to the floor, as I cupped her full breasts and teased her nipples to hardness. They weren’t large, as many woman with big breasts, but they were stiff and proud, protruding from large areolas, when I finished, and Jody opened her blazing green eyes, smiling widely.

She returned to the closet and reached for a sheer white, short, night gown, with fur lined bodice and hem, giggling once again, as she turned saying,

“Look… Don’t laugh…I know it looks like something out of a Mike Myers movie…But this is my favorite!”

Laughing was the farthest thing from my mind, as I watched her slip on the night gown and then wait for me to help with her stretch pants. I trailed my fingers slowly down her breasts and taught belly, hooking my thumbs in the waist band and squatted down in front of her, as she gasped softly over my touch.

I dropped my gaze and found a small wet spot in the crotch and looked up smiling.

“Oh God…I know, I know…I always get wet quickly! Pull them down Scott…The suspense is killing me!” She cried out, with slightly red cheeks.

Grinning, I pulled her pants down, slowly, stopping to kiss her belly button. I heard her gasp again and pulled harder, bringing her pubic mound into view. I tenderly kissed it, as I continued to pull and finally shoved her pants to her ankles.

“Oh shit…What, you don’t like?” She cried out, at my lack of comment.

Opening my eyes, I found myself staring directly at her pussy. I was as stunned, as, much so, as she was of me! I sat back and gingerly reached to touch the lips I would soon be parting.

A small tuft of red public hair remained at the top of her, slightly reddened, slit, a slit that was glistening with moisture. Just above the hair, a vine of Ivy ran across her mound and up around her hip. I trailed my finger down her wet pussy lips and reached to turn her, following the vine.

“God damn, Jody you are just plain fucking gorgeous!” I said, softly running my finger up and around her hip following the vine. It ended, just at the start of her ass crack, with a small Leprechaun standing there holding the end of the Ivy vine, a large smile on his face, and his other hand pointing down into her crack.

Jody turned back and reached to grasp my face, pulling me up.

“Thank you…I’m glad you think so…I was worried about the tattoo.” She murmured in my ear, as she hugged me tight.

We parted and Jody stepped from her pants and tied off the robe. I tied mine and together we walked hand in hand out to the living room, saying nothing. We refreshed our wine glasses and stood facing each other, hooking arms and we drank, after making a toast.

“Here’s to you and me…May we always have friendship, trust, love and lust!” She said, her eyes sparkling in the soft light.

“Amen!” I replied and flexed my stiff cock, raising her nitie, making Jody giggle.

We slid onto the couch, Jody placing her warm hand on my exposed thigh and I on hers, as she turned and asked,

“Before you, hopefully, slide this wonderfully large penis where I’d like you to, I have something to ask. You’re a writer…An incest writer. With a block you said…Right?”

I nodded my head in wonder, not believing I was going to hear what I thought I was.

“Well – you know about me, at least some what…Not all of it, by any means, but enough. Would you write my story? I’ll fill you in on anything you want to know…Really I will!” She said in rapid fire words, sending me reeling.

“Jesus Jody…You want me to write about your life? I mean, I know the story names change, but won’t that be a terrible thing to relive? Christ, remember this morning?” I choked out, and secretly relieved I hadn’t brought it up.

“No…No Scott I thought about it all day. You’ve been so wonderful and I’ve confided a great deal, but I’m okay…You know? I just want to tell it all and you can write it. I want you to…In fact – I’m begging you to do it.” She answered slowly, as she placed her palm over the head of my penis.

Suddenly, I felt the pangs of my self conscience and Escort Sivas pulled Jody’s hand from my penis, saying,

“Look Jody if this thing between us is going to work I’ve got to be honest. I came here this afternoon, fully expecting to ask your permission to do just that…But now…Now I see it as selfish and maybe hurtful, I’ve really started to care a lot about you.”

“Damn you Scott…Are you some sort of a fucking saint? I don’t give a damn what you had on your mind coming here. I’m asking you, as a writer, to do a simple thing for me! You let me handle how it affects, or doesn’t affect me…Okay?” and with that she stood up abruptly and walked off.

I dropped my face into my hands, thinking this was second, or third, time I had pissed her off, unable to remember. I rubbed my face, and rose, thinking about how I could rectify my fuck up, feeling my cock drop in size and stature, thankfully.

I found Jody standing on the balcony, the light winds swirling her, short, night gown. I walked quietly up to her and wrapped my arms around her waist, pressing her back into me.

“Look I’m sorry…I seem to piss you off all the time. I’ll leave if you want.”

“Are fucking nuts? I’m Irish for Christ sake…That’s what I do…get mad! I vent and feel better afterwards, how do you think I survived all these years! I want what I want Scott, now either you give it to me or I’ll find someone else…Understand?” She answered, with a fire in her voice and turned to fully face me.

“Okay then…As you wish! I’d love to and, as I said, have wanted to…So, I’ll write your story. I just hope you’re up for it.” I replied, starting to back away.

Jody’s face brightened, her eyes lit up and she squealed with delight at my answer and like a snake, her arm struck out, grabbing my cock.

“Not so fast, Mr. Writer…You’ve gotten me tipsy tonight, you’ve taken every liberty with your eyes…And, you have undressed me and touched my most sensitive parts! What you have yet to do is…Fuck me silly, and I aim to have this wonderfully big cock buried in me tonight…YOU are not leaving until you do. In fact, you’d better be lying next to me tomorrow morning! Understand?” She said, laughing softly.

Her words and touch brought me back to life and her eyes widened as my cock thickened and rose in her hand. She maintained her grip and leaned in to assault my mouth. The passion of her kiss made me rock hard and Jody released me, pressing in hard to finish the best kiss I had ever had.

The night was a blur of breasts, lips, wet hungry labia, and unbelievable climaxes. From somewhere during the night, Jody had produced a camera and the next morning we laughed and fell silent over the sexual pictures taken. When I woke that next morning, Jody laid on her side next to me, her delicious ass pressed into my crotch. I reached own to caress her and found a large pool of dried semen between her legs.

I was piss hard already, but touching my semen reminded me that I had Jody as satisfied as I was. I began sensing another urge, this one mental and heart felt, “Dammit…I was falling!” I thought, as I rose to pee.

When I came out of the bathroom, Jody was just waking up, feeling the bed for me. She started to call out my name, when I slid back in and mounted her. We closed wine flavored lips together, as I wiggled between her legs and slid my cock home.

“Ummm baby you’re so good to me! Oh God, you are just fucking big…A Little more…There that’s it! Let me…Oh Shit, don’t move…God don’t move!” She cried out, with sleepy bedroom eyes, trying to open.

Jody’s legs were spread wide, by then, and I looked down and backwards, watching her hungry pussy lips devouring my cock. I pulled out, slightly, anyway, making the inner skin of her labia come out like, mock red painted, lips sucking me.

“Oh ya…Do that, it feels wonderful!” She said, digging her finger nails into my ass cheeks.

I rose a little more and began a slow hip thrust sending my lady into an early morning climax, although still not quite awake.

“Oh God Scott, you’ve got me there…Just…A…Oh Fuck…A little…Mooorrrre….Shit that’s it….I’m….Oh sweet Jesus I’m….Here I…I’m cum…Cum…iiiiiiiiiiiing!” She screamed out, wildly thrashing beneath me.

Jody writhed and thrashed, expending her climax and then sighed heavily, crying out,

“You are fucking magical! I’ve never came that hard…Since last night!” and giggled.

I dropped to kiss her and gently pulled my, still rock hard, cock out, causing her to softly cry out,

“Christ…You didn’t cum?”

“Hey, gotta satisfy you later…Right?” I replied back as soft, and rose, as she rolled over, with a smile forming on her face.

With a sleepy voice Jody replied, as I walked out of the bedroom,

“Oh Scott…I really don’t know how much more of your satisfying I can take!”

I chuckled to myself and thought, “Oh how sweet it is, I’ve found a genuine Irish Rose – and she’s all mine!” as I made the kitchen and started coffee.

An hour later, Jody joined me, rubbing her sleepy eyes. I turned to watch her enter the kitchen, her hair a mess and a sweet little smile on her face.

“Morning.” She said, taking a chair and yawning.

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