Journey of Discovery Ch. 01



I had to leap down the escalators in great bounds and dash across the platform, but I successfully managed to jump between the closing train doors without making too much of an embarrassing spectacle of myself! I stood for a moment in front of the doors as the train slowly pulled away from St Pancras, surveying the rows of seats before choosing where to sit. The carriage was surprisingly empty. No matter that it was midweek and quite late in the evening, the trains from here heading north towards Luton are usually busy. I like it that way as it affords lots of potential for people watching!

A quick scan revealed one half of the carriage to have only two occupants…an elderly gentleman wearing an equally aged blazer, deep in one-sided conversation with a heavy-set balding city-type, who appeared to be desperate to read his newspaper. The other side of the carriage looked far more promising…4 occupants of wide diversity.

At the far end a young chap…toned and well groomed with short wavy hair and a navy polo shirt…an instinctive guess put him in his mid 20’s…attached to his ears were the ubiquitous white leads of an ipod.

Three people occupied the set of 4 seats immediately in front of him…facing me, a pair of teenage girls, chatting and giggling as only teenage girls do!…one rather plump with untidy shortish red hair and a mischievous laugh …the other Asian…slim and petite, wearing trendy black-rimmed glasses which together with her unusually short hair for an Indian girl, gave her a startlingly modern and even rebellious air. Facing them was a woman I couldn’t see terribly well…judging from the sleek black skirt and expensive looking heels, I guessed a business woman…her ankles and calves appeared rather shapely from this range! Her hair was mostly grey and tied loosely in a bun on the top of her head, though I couldn’t see her face or body from this angle, I assumed her to be in her fifties or perhaps sixties.

The final occupant was female also…early to mid-thirties I guessed…gorgeous long wavy brunette hair and stunning brown eyes that momentarily caught mine as I scanned the carriage.

My initial thought was to sit in the bank of seats diagonally across the isle from the attractive woman…not invasive, but allowing me the occasional glance during my journey…however, I quickly discovered that those seats had all been quite badly vandalized. Frustrated in my plan, I looked across to the seats adjacent across the isle. I wouldn’t be able to see the woman, but the giggling teens may provide some entertainment. These seats were strewn with rubbish…empty drinks cans and sandwich cartons mostly, the remains of the sandwiches and indeterminate crumbs scattered over the seats. I could have swept them to the side, I suppose…but whoever does that?! Instead I had little option but to walk to the empty set of seats across the isle from the lone guy, or to sit opposite the attractive woman. The train was in full motion by now, so I opted for the closest seats!

She looked up as I shuffled across to my seat and smiled politely before returning her attention to her magazine. Like most London-dwellers, I rarely speak to strangers on public transport, but her smile had disarmed me…not to mention the 4 glasses of wine that I had consumed earlier…so I mumbled a self-conscious ‘Good Evening’ as I sat down. To my surprise, she looked up again, fixed me with another killer smile, and returned the greeting. Of course, any guy with an ounce of sense or self-confidence would have found a way to prolong the conversation. I’ve always been rather shy around women though, so could only blush and avert my gaze…idiot! That said, in my defence, I had just had a fantastic evening with my date…romantic, fun, sexy and ultimately naughtily erotic…so my focus was understandably elsewhere!

We haven’t been dating very long so we are still discovering each other…still seeing only each others attractive features and habits! It has been passionate from the beginning after being introduced by mutual friends at a party…so much so that we only didn’t have sex at the party because, we discovered later, that we were both concerned the other would think we were ‘easy’! After a few nights of heated telephone calls, it was no surprise that our relationship was consummated at our very next date!

Tonight we met at a small bar close to her work. The lighting was dim and the décor of deep autumnal shades generated an intimate atmosphere. It wasn’t really the ideal setting for London’s after work social drinkers, but I imagined that it was a popular venue for romantic, and probably also illicit, encounters.

I arrived early and found a seat in corner that was secluded but also allowed me a good view of the entrance. She arrived almost on time, appearing in the door frame silhouetted against the bright evening light behind her. I couldn’t make out any details, but I could see her shape perfectly…I could tell she was wearing a blouse and a pencil skirt which accentuated her Sivas Escort narrow waist and full hips. She was wearing her thick chestnut hair long tonight and had forgotten to remove the glasses that I hadn’t been aware she needed.

Sitting there on the train…ipod attached and The Fratellis assaulting my ears…I recalled my reaction to seeing her scan the room, identify me and approach with her hips swaying provocatively! I was unashamedly looking her up and down…mesmerized by her enthusiastic smile and sparkling eyes, not to mention the subtle bouncing of her breasts within her blouse as she walked! I could feel my member stiffening as I stood to greet her with a gentle kiss. I loved the ‘secretary-look’ that she was sporting…the glasses being particularly fetching! I wondered whether the ‘look’ extended as far as stockings and suspenders too. This speculation and the delicious scent of her perfume as we kissed only increased the determination of my cock to reveal its excitement both to her and to anyone else who may pass by at that moment! Fortunately I had selected the dimmest corner of the already dimly lit bar!

Closing my eyes and increasing the volume of the music, I again felt those first pleasurable feelings of my cock stirring into life. It was pushing more and more insistently against the loose fabric of my slacks as I recalled how she had pressed her body into mine when returning my kiss…how her tongue tentatively slipped between my lips…how she moaned cheekily as she felt my erection pressing against her stomach. Still standing, I had offered to buy her a drink, but with a sexy smile she suggested that perhaps I had better sit down and allow her to go to the bar! I did as she suggested, which allowed me to feast my eyes on her cute round arse! That skirt really was very flattering! She returned with a bottle of wine and we chatted animatedly about our respective days while drinking.

Before long the bottle was finished and she asked mischievously whether I was in a fit state to get another. My erection had subsided somewhat, but her suggestion brought an immediate response. I could feel my cock growing as I stood…particularly since her gaze was very evidently directed below my belt!! I stood there for a few seconds…allowing my cock to grow before her eyes.

I smiled to myself remembering my audacious walk to and from the bar. My cock is straining against my trousers again now and it took a conscious effort to refrain from touching myself here in the train! We were only able to meet for a couple of hours as she had other plans for later, but the fiery desire burning in her eyes was giving me hope that she would cancel those plans! These were dashed however when, as the last of the wine was consumed, she glanced at her watch and announced that she would have to leave shortly. My disappointment was plain and she too looked reluctant, but confirmed that she really had to go…though she had time for a walk in the park if I would like.

Kensington Gardens was just around the corner and we walked there quite briskly. Once there however we slowed to an ambling pace, walking hand in hand along the pathways towards one of the more secluded corners of the park, where there are a few trees and the grass is left to grow untrimmed.

It occurred to me that we had not arrived at this area by accident and I recall the confident manner in which she led me by the hand off the path and into the overgrown grass. She selected a suitable spot, on a slight rise above the pathways, and suggested we sit for a while there.

We sat close to one another and kissed a long and sensual kiss that spoke of depths of desire wanting and needing to be released…until our glasses clashed! She removed them self-consciously, admitting that she had forgotten she still had them on. I commented that I liked them…that I liked the whole ‘sexy secretary’ image she was portraying tonight. She laughed and gathered her hair on top of her head, saying for that she should have worn her hair up too. The exposure of her slender neck sent a wave of goose bumps over my body and I bent forward to kiss it tenderly, in the process gently encouraging her to lie back on the grass. My lips barely brushed the side of her neck, travelling down and between her shoulder and collarbone, before drifting over her throat and chin and returning to her lips, teasing them with chaste kisses and mischievous flicks of my tongue. Feeling her smile, I nipped her bottom lip with my teeth, causing her to gasp.

For several minutes we continued in that vein…kissing both teasingly and passionately…her hands alternately caressing my back through my shirt and gently scratching my neck. Eventually we paused and I drew slightly away from her so that we could see one another and so that I could allow my hand to run over her thighs and stomach and brush over her breasts. Her eyes closed as I trailed the back of my hand back and forth over her breasts…barely touching. She opened her eyes once more when my hand paused and my fingers Sivas Escort Bayan pulled at the topmost fastened button of her blouse, but she said nothing as it and the next button flipped open.

I could now see that she was wearing a cream silky camisole beneath the blouse. I unfastened a third button, which allowed me to open the blouse sufficiently to see the firm points of her nipples pressing against the silk. I glanced around quickly to ensure that we were sufficiently secluded, and of course she had already ensured that we were, and then dipped my head to her chest and flicked my tongue over her nipple. She gasped and raised a hand to my head, encouraging me further. I enclosed her stiff nipple with my lips and sucked, rolling my tongue firmly over the camisole’s silk, and felt her arch off the ground, pressing her breasts against my face as she moaned faintly.

Not wanting to show favoritism, I shifted my attentions to her other, neglected nipple, leaving a large damp patch on the camisole, clinging to her first, erect nipple. At the same time my free hand located the slit at the side of her skirt. I soon discovered that above the slit were a series of metal fasteners. I had noticed these earlier, but had assumed they were merely for decoration; however, a small amount of leverage caused the first to pop open….quickly, but not too hastily, followed by the second, third and fourth!!

I was surprised that she had shown no dissent at my audacity, in fact she even slightly parted her legs to allow my hand to caress the tops and insides of her thighs. My inquisitive fingers were able to reach as far as the lacy tops of her stockings, and I wondered whether it was normal for her to wear them, or whether she had intended all along for me to discover them this way tonight. She must have read my mind since she started to giggle immediately.

I raised my head to look at her as she commented that now I knew exactly how far she had taken the secretary ‘look’. I smiled in response and for a while we remained looking intently into one another’s eyes while my hand tugged at the next metal stud. With a twinkle in her eye this time she complained that I was being very naughty. I asked whether I should stop, though not believing for a second that she would say I should! Instead her response was to pull my head down to kiss her.

The Fratellis weren’t doing it for me. They were entirely too frantic when my thoughts were of our tender caresses and sensual kisses. I scanned through my ipod for something more appropriate to my mood and came across an album that I had forgotten I owned…the deep husky voice of Seal on his Soul album would be much more appropriate.

I glanced up at the lady opposite and she met my glance almost immediately. Maybe I hadn’t glanced discreetly but had been a bit too obvious? Anyway, she smiled and I smiled in return, feeling my very excited cock throb and emit a small pearl of pre-cum. She returned her attention to her magazine and I absent mindedly scanned the carriage. There were no stops until St Albans, so no-one had left or joined since we left St Pancras, although I had little idea how far we had travelled.

I looked first to my left, at the giggling teens. They were indeed in a fit of giggles. The cute Indian girl flashed me a quick look and I momentarily caught her eye, but just as quickly she looked away. Her friend appeared in danger of imminently wetting herself and had her head buried into the shoulder of her friend. The guy in the section below was sitting forward with his elbows resting on his knees, looking intently out of the window, despite it now being dark. Beside me the elegant businesswoman was still engrossed by her book.

I could see her more clearly now, in profile. Her slim calves and ankles belied the reality that she was actually quite a full-bodied woman…voluptuous in fact! She was wearing a white sleeveless v-necked vest that clung to the curves of her large bosom and displayed a generous tanned cleavage. As luck would have it or by the grace of god, as I was appreciating her breasts, her phone slipped out of her handbag at that moment, clattering onto the floor of the carriage. We both leant forward, but as it had slid close to my seat I was able to pick it up and return it to her. As she thanked me I noticed that she was blushing profusely. Our fingers had brushed as I passed over the phone, so perhaps that had been the cause, but it was also possible that she had noticed me staring at her breasts. I didn’t think she had noticed as she was lost in her book. Her peripheral vision perhaps…or maybe I had still been looking down her cleavage as we leant over?!! Had I? I supposed that it was possible. The brief encounter made me smile. She was certainly a handsome woman, but mostly I was flattered that my appreciation of her could have made her blush.

Settling back into my seat, I closed my eyes once again and returned to my recollection of the earlier evening. My fingers had teased the softness of her inner Escort Sivas thigh. The freeing of that last metal stud and a subtle shifting of her thighs had opened a path for my fingers to follow…a path that seemed to pull me forward on an unstoppable, inevitable journey. I deftly massaged further and further beneath her opened skirt with fingertips barely touching her skin…then delicately allowed my nails to titillate her sensitized skin. Her thighs almost involuntarily parted further and not so subtly this time…she wanted her pleasure to increase…she wanted to be touched, to be taken. I allowed the backs of my fingers to brush over her panties, causing her to gasp when drifting over her the part of her that I knew to be yearning, hungry for attention. I could feel that her panties were lacy…flimsy. Not elasticated around the thighs, but loose and delicately thin.

In my minds eye I tried to imagine how they looked…French knickers were my best guess…hugging her firm round arse, whilst delicately caressing her upper thighs. I had only seen her in thongs or plain cotton panties before, so this was a very welcome and sexy surprise! In my mind’s eye they were black and looked fabulous against her lightly tanned thighs, combining with her stockings to wonderful effect….that affect being the intense throbbing of my cock which was desperate to be released from its confinement!

I continued to tease her through the fabric of her knickers…feeling her press against my fingers each time they flit over or near where I knew her clit to be tingling needingly. Before too long I began to feel along the fringe of her knickers, teasing the crease of her thigh but also slowly pulling the material aside. I felt my fingers brush against her lips as I did this and allowed them to linger and press…feeling her warm and soft against my skin…exploring her tentatively…guided by what I could feel but also by her sighs and small reactive tensing of her thighs. Her eyes were closed now, her lips slightly parted and her chin tilted back as her head stretched back lengthening her neck…which I kissed softly while my fingers explored her smooth mound and her protruding outer lips that I could tell were swollen in readiness.

I could feel her lips parting under the gently sliding pressure of my fingers…I could feel her creamy wetness rapidly lubricating my fingers. She placed a hand on the back of my head as I kissed her neck, her nails scratching my scalp and neck. I sensed that she was guiding me downwards….surely she wasn’t suggesting that my lips and tongue should continue the explorations started by my fingers?!

I was desperate to taste her and breathe the deliciously heavy scent of her arousal again, but I’m not sure I could be brave enough for that in such a public setting! My fingers must have hesitated briefly, pausing at the entrance to her pulsing vagina…involuntarily teasing at the point where she was expecting deliverance. Now I could feel her pressing her mound against my fingers, trying to complete our connection. I had intended drawing out this moment a little longer, but now on impulse I met her pressure with my own and slid easily and deeply inside her. She gasped and gripped my head tightly, thrusting her hips forward to take my finger as deeply as possible. Only my middle finger was inside her initially and for a few moments I curled and flexed it inside her, before withdrawing slightly to allow my index finger to also squeeze alongside it.

I recalled clearly now her moans…breathy and heavy…broken occasionally by whispers of my name and exclamations to a God in whom I was unaware whether or not she believed! There can be few sounds more exciting than those of a woman in sexual rapture moaning your name!!! My two fingers were working rhythmically inside her pussy…sliding back and forth…dividing and writhing inside her in time with the motions of her hips. She was incredibly wet now, coating my fingers and knuckles in her juices. I desperately wanted my mouth on her pussy….my tongue dipping inside her…licking and tasting…drinking her abundant juices.

Instead, I returned to her neglected nipples. Sucking and nibbling them again through the wet camisole. This was no longer enough for her though, so she removed her hand from my head and roughly pulled aside the flimsy strap to expose not just her deep red erect nipple but her entire breast. Her camisole hooked under her breast and she guided my head down to her nipple…as though I needed the encouragement! I sucked gently on her stiff bud, gradually growing in intensity…as she moaned a demand for me to suck harder. She gasped loudly as I nipped with my teeth and continued to moan as I increased the pace of my thrusting fingers. Her hips were writhing now, riding my fingers aggressively. Her nails were digging into my scalp as I bit and chewed on her nipple.

I could feel her passion rising. I could feel her losing control…vocally and physically…right there in the gathering gloom of Kensington Gardens. She clamped her hand over her mouth, biting on her index finger in belated recognition of her volume, muffling the groans that accompanied the waves of orgasm that washed over her, drenching my fingers even further and trapping them inside her with her surprisingly powerful thighs.

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