Julie and the Fifty Year Old Virgin


Let me start by describing Julie. She is about five foot three inches tall. She has ginger blonde hair, green eyes and legs that are to die for. She also happens to have an impressive 36D chest that drew admiring looks from men all the time. She is a high end business woman and often has to travel for work. Today was one of those days. She had been up late the night before packing for her trip. The day clothes were not a problem. Formal wear and blouses. The difficulty was choosing what to take for the nights.

Sometimes she was that shattered that she would just go to the restaurant and have a meal on her own and not bother to get changed and then just crash out on the bed and sleep and awake when the alarm clock went off and do the rounds of the next meetings she had to attend that day. Just occasionally though she would finish early and then she would want to treat herself.

She would get back to the hotel that she was staying at and strip out of her work clothes. She would then walk naked around her room and run herself a bath with plenty of foams and would climb in and relax and think about the evening ahead. She always had plans in her head. She would lie there and soap herself and then she would shave her legs and armpits and finally she would check her pussy to make sure that it was nice and tidy. When she was satisfied she would get out of the bath and towel herself dry.

She would then continue to walk around the room naked looking through her suitcase to decide what she wanted to wear. The lingerie was always an issue. She loved Victoria’s Secrets lingerie and it was her one vice but she realised that men did not mind that vice and that made her feel good. She would decide what to wear and place it on the bed and then she would take out the chosen dress for the evening. She always completed the look with stockings-sometimes hold-ups sometimes attached to a suspender belt.

She would then lie on the bed and try to have a bit of a nap but her mind would always end up full of thoughts that she might find a man that she could take to her bed and have sex with. She was a passionate woman and could not get enough sex. She had difficulty at home because her daughter still lived there with her boyfriend and she never felt that she could relax and just let herself go.

Once these thoughts crept into her head she would get aroused and have to do something about it. She would start to touch herself up and that meant that she had to bring herself to orgasm and that meant masturbating. She learnt on these lonely trips to always pack her handy rabbit because she never knew when it would be needed.

She would start by running her hands all over her body and feel her skin begin to tingle and then she would kiss her way up her arms imagining that it was a man doing it to her. She loved these moments because they always fired her imagination and she would get very between her legs. She would touch her breasts and watch as the nipples grew in arousal. She loved to watch her nipples grow because then she could play with them.

She would roll them between her finger and thumb and sometimes she would even pinch them to cause herself a little pain because that made her wetter between the legs. Once she had done this for a few minutes she would then take the rabbit switch it on and let it vibrate against her skin. She would watch as the goose bumps rose and she get hotter and hornier. She would soon need to use the rabbit on her pussy but she loved the tease before she got there.

Finally she could take no more and she would have to place the rabbit between her legs and run it over the lips of her pussy. This would just turn her on even more. She would then take the rabbit and place it next to her pussy. She would expose her clit and place the tip against it whilst inserting the vibrating part into her pussy. She would then begin to masturbate herself and would not stop until she had experienced at least two orgasms.

She would then remove the rabbit from her pussy and try to have that promised nap and think of the men that would be in the restaurant and bar that night. She would toss and turn and eventually give up. She would check everything was in order for the next day and then she would begin to get ready for dinner.

First of all she would deodorise and the she would slip the hold-ups up her legs and make sure that they were going to stay up. Next she would pull her knickers on and make sure that her pussy was fitting snugly and you could see the highlight of her lips if a man got that close. Next would be the bra. She would place each breast into a cup and make sure that it was comfortable and then she would tweak the nipples so that they stood up in arousal. Finally would be the dress and instead of pulling it on she would be wishing that it was a man there taking it off. She would zip herself in and make sure that it cinched her waist.

She would sit at the dressing table and style her hair and do her make-up and finally she would do her heels up. She would go down to the bar Tekirdağ Escort and order a glass of white wine and then she would find a booth to make herself comfortable in and also so that she could check the men out as they came in.

At about nine o’clock and after a couple of glasses of wine she would make her way to the restaurant but she would have marked the man that she wanted. She would knock them as she passed them so that they would notice her and then she would go to the restaurant and eat looking out for her mark. Alone she would finish her meal and polish off a bottle of wine. She would then return to the bar and await for her mark to arrive.

When he did arrive imbibed with alcohol she would go up to him and outrageously flirt with him and make her intentions known. It always worked and she never missed her mark. She was well sussed in men. She would gradually draw him away from the group of people he was with and get him alone and then she would really move into action.

She would chat to him but allow her hand to go for his groin and feel his erection grow in her hand. She would make it clear what she wanted and then she would await his reaction. If he took the bait she was going to get fucked that night and to date she had only been turned down once. She would always make the moves and then she would get up to leave but not before she had let slip her room number. She would return to her room and await the knock. The knock always came and by the time it did she would have slipped into something sexy.

The knock would come and then she would have her night of passion. It was never love it was just sex but it scratched an itch and carried her over to the time the next itch came along.

This time it was different. She was taking a male colleague with her and what made it worse was the fact that they had been on a few dates recently and she hadn’t known to the last moment that he was coming. She had talked to him and agreed that she would do the driving.

Julie did not know what to do. She could feel that itch coming but she would not be alone. Could she get away with it with a colleague there? She hoped so. She packed as if she was going alone and then she got herself to bed.

The next day as promised she was at Carl’s house by six o’clock. They had to be in Lincoln by nine o’clock and that was a two and half hour drive if traffic was good. Carl put his bag In the back of the car and off they set off. Traffic was with them that day and they managed to make it to their meeting on time. The rest of the day was filled with meetings and they soon found it was the end of the day. It was six o’clock when they got finished and all Julie wanted to do was have dinner and crash.

She went back to her room and laid down on her bed. She should have been doing some preparation for the next day but instead she just fell asleep clothed on the bed. She would have slept all night if there had not been a knock at her door loud enough to wake her up. Wearily she managed to get off the bed and get to the door. When she opened the door she found Carl stood there.

“I thought we could have dinner together.” He said.

“Yeah just give me a minute to straighten myself up.” Said Julie.

He stood in the doorway and waited for her to get ready. Ever the gentleman he was. She liked that about him but it did nothing for her sexually. She wanted both the gentleman and the passion. Finally happy that she looked half decent she left the room and walked down the corridor with Carl. They got to the elevator and waited for it to arrive. They made small talk whilst they waited for it to arrive.

Once it arrived they stepped in. They were alone in the lift and then Carl turned to her and said.

“I have been wanting to do this all day.”

Julie perked up. Was there some passion coming. She watched as Carl bent down and kissed her on the cheek. That was it. That was what he had been waiting all day to do. For fuck’s sake. As they left the lift he took hold of her hand and walked her into the crowded bar.

Great thought Julie now everyone will think we are a couple. No chance of a fuck this trip. They went to the bar and Julie ordered a bottle of wine. Carl ordered a tonic water. They took them through to the restaurant and had a quiet dinner. Bang on ten o’clock Carl got up and gave her another peck on the cheek and said that he was off to bed. With that Julie was left alone.

She polished off the bottle of wine and ordered another and sat there and thought about Carl. As she drank the second bottle she could not work him out. He was good at his job, he was not bad looking and he quite obviously liked her so why hadn’t he bedded her yet. She toyed with the idea and came to no real conclusion but made it her mission to get him into bed by the end of the week.

More than a little drunk she staggered back to her room and got ready for bed. She was a little horny so she toyed with her pussy and she managed to give herself a small orgasm. She Tekirdağ Escort Bayan tucked herself under the duvet and got herself to sleep thinking how she could seduce Carl.

She managed a good night’s sleep until she was woken once more by a knock on the door of her room. She looked at the clock on her mobile phone and saw that it was only seven o’clock and the first meeting today was not until ten so she had expected a lie-in. She got out of the bed and opened the door and found Carl stood there.

“Did I wake you up?” He said.

“No I was getting up anyway.” Julie lied

Would you like to join me for breakfast.” He asked timidly.

“Just give me fifteen minutes and I will join you.”

“Okay.” Said Carl.

She closed the door behind him and slumped to the floor. She had three more days of this. She showered and dressed and went down to join Carl for breakfast. He looked pleased to see her at least. As she stepped into the restaurant he stood and walked to greet her. He kissed her on the cheek and then he pulled out her chair and helped her to sit down. Ever the perfect gentleman. This was what annoyed her about him.

This carried on for the next two days. They would hold hands and peck cheeks and look like a couple but Julie needed some sex and her usual last night routine was coming up. This was her last chance to get Carl into bed and she thought that she knew how. She just had to hope that things worked out how she had them planned in her head.

They finished their meetings for the day and as it was only five o’clock. Carl suggested that they might travel home. Julie pointed out that the company had paid for them to be here for the night so they might as well take advantage of the situation. Carl thought about this for a moment and then he said.

“I better go and ring my mother and let her know that I will not be home tonight. She does worry you know.”

For fuck’s sake Julie thought. He is ringing his mother.

Still she was not going to let that put her off. It was her final night and that meant sex night and more than ever she was determined that she was going to get that from Carl. She realised that perhaps he had never had sex before and was still a virgin. She laughed at that thought. No man could still be a virgin at fifty. She dismissed the thought and put it down to him just being shy.

She entered the room that she was using and stripped off her work clothes. Naked she went straight for her suitcase and started to think about what to wear tonight. She had packed several items in the hope that she would have had a week of sex with Carl but that had not happened and now she only had one night to go. It took her a while to decide what to wear. Suddenly there was another knock at her door.

She slipped into the complimentary dressing gown and went and answered the door. It was Carl again.

“Have spoken to mother and she is fine and says that she cannot wait to have me home but that she will be fine for another night and to try and enjoy myself. Strange thing that she is always telling me to enjoy myself.” He said.

“So what time shall I pick you up for dinner?” He went on to say.

Julie looked at her watch and said.

“I will meet you in the restaurant at eight o’clock.”

“Okay.” Said Carl.

He was about to leave when Julie stopped him and said.

“Do you have anything other than shirt and tie and suit to wear?”

“No” said Carl.

“Well how about tonight you leave behind the tie and the jacket.” Julie said.

“Okay.” Carl said.

With that Julie closed the door on him and slipped the dressing gown off again. She loved to walk around naked and tried to do it as often as possible. She did not get many chances these days but whenever she was away she wore as little as possible. She went back to her suitcase and finally chose what she was going to wear that night. She went to the bathroom and started the bath running.

When it was run she slipped in and let the worries of work slip from her body. Soon she felt herself begin to relax. She began to drift and away and her thoughts began to turn sexual. She was soon dreaming of a man seducing her.

She had gone out for an Indian instead of staying in the hotel in her head and was sat alone. She was being pampered because the restaurant was not that busy. In particular there was a young man who was being particularly attentive to her. Once as he walked away she had checked his butt out and thought that it was quite sexy and certainly it was taut in those tight trousers he was wearing. She had finished her meal and left the restaurant.

As she began to dream Julie began to touch herself. Her hands were moving up and down her body and she could feel that familiar sensation of sexual tension begin to build within her. She knew that she would soon be masturbating herself.

She went back to her dream.

She had consumed a bottle of wine with her meal and was a little bit tipsy but she was not Escort Tekirdağ drunk. She had gone to the bar for a night cap and found herself getting chatted up by one of the reps. She was disappointed it was the ugly one of the group. She could have shagged any of the others but she got the minger. She politely declined his advances and drained her drink and went up to her room. She was sat doing her preparation for the next day when there was a knock at her door.

Intrigued she went and opened it and was surprised to see that it was the young Indian man from the restaurant

“Sorry to disturb you ma’am but you forgot your purse.” He said.

Julie looked down and saw that he was holding her purse in her hand. She invited him into her room. As he walked in she eyed him up properly. He was about 6ft tall. He well defined and although not muscled he was certainly in good physical shape and Julie found herself beginning to get aroused. He had lovely thick black hair and the darkest brown eyes that she had ever seen.

He went to hand over the purse when Julie said.

“Thank you for doing this. I must reward you in some way.”

“No ma’am that will not be necessary.” He replied.

“Please call me Julie.” She said.

“Julie I have to get back to the restaurant to help close up.” He said.

“At least stay and have a drink with me.” She had said.

“Well I suppose one would do no harm.” He replied.

Julie looked at the room service card and then she rang and ordered a bottle of Chardonnay. As they waited for the wine to arrive they made small talk. She found out that he was called Asad and his family ran the restaurant and that one day he would take it over and he had big plans for it. Julie sat there entranced with the sound of his voice when they were interrupted by the sound of the door knocking. Julie went and opened it and signed for the bottle of wine and poured them both a glass. She handed one to Asad and then she sat back down on the bed and continued chatting to him.

He was definitely turning Julie on and she began to form a thought in her head. About halfway through her glass of wine she excused herself to go to the bath room. She did what she had to do and then she began to undress and by the time that she was finished she was stood in just her knickers, bra and stockings. She dropped her knickers and cleaned her pussy and added a little bit of perfume to her pubis.

When she was satisfied that she looked as sexy as she could she opened the door to the bathroom. She did not say anything as she walked across the room she just picked up her glass of wine and sat down on the bed. She could see Asad’s eyes widen as he saw what she was now wearing. He began to salivate and he got himself an erection. He was no virgin when it came to life but he thought Julie sat there in her underwear was one of the most beautiful women in the world.

He put down his glass and came and sat next to Julie on the bed. As he stood Julie could see the outline of his cock through the tight material of his trousers and she was suitably impressed. Asad took hold of her hands and began to kiss them. He was ever so tender and she began to sigh in pleasure. This was going to be good she thought. She closed her eyes as he began to kiss her all over.

He gently pushed her back on to the bed and climbed on top of her. He began to kiss her lips and soon they were kissing passionately. They were now kissing as one and each knew what was about to happen and both wanted it to happen. She pushed Asad off of her and said to him.

“Take your clothes off Asad I want to see that gorgeous body of yours.”

She pushed herself up the bed and prepared herself for the show that she was about to receive. She watched as Asad undressed and slowly revealed his sexy body to her. When he was down to his trunks Julie crawled down the bed and said.

“Please let me remove them.”

She put her hands in the waistband of his trunks and slowly she pulled them off his buttocks and over his cock and down his legs and watched as he stepped out of them. When she looked at him again she noticed how beautiful that he was but also how sexy his cock looked. He was clean shaven and he stood nice and erect. She reckoned that he must be about 8in long and he was quite thick but not too thick that she could not handle him.

Julie put out a hand and began to stroke his cock. Up and down her hand went and she heard Asad sigh in pleasure. Julie then moved further forward and took hold of Asad’s buttocks and pulled him towards her mouth. She opened her mouth and fed his cock into.

Mmm he tasted divine. She just ran her head round the circumcised head for a while and then she began to move her mouth up and down the shaft. She was making love to his cock not having sex with it. Faster and faster her mouth went. Asad reached out and held her head there and allowed her to fuck his cock with her mouth. He knew that he was on the verge of cumming and he said to Julie.

“Can I cumm in your mouth?”

Julie just nodded her head and she felt Asad tense and then he went on and began to spurt his cumm into her mouth. Julie continued to milk his cock and took all of his cumm until she had drained him. He took his cock out of her mouth and picked her up and placed her on her back on the bed.

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