Just a Scene


As they stood at the foot of their bed he saw how sexy she was. He reached over her should to hold the back of her head. He pulled her to a deep kiss. Then pulled her head to the side, and placed his lips upon her neck. She moaned at the feeling of his lips sucking at her tender neck. He worked lower biting her nipple through her dress. Then kissing her stomach through the dress. Now on his knees he reached under her dress. He took hold of her lacy panties, and pulled them down. She sat down on the edge, and picked up her feet so he could pull her panties free. Now his hand went to her lips, and traced along them. He placed his fingers on her chin, and brought himself up to kiss her again. While he kissed her he placed his hand above her breasts, and pushed her gently down on to the bed. Now kneeling in front of her he lifted her dress revealing her juicy thighs. He placed kisses on them while he pushed them apart. The site he found between them was her smooth wet pussy. Her bare skin was irresistible. He nibbled up her inner thigh, and placed a kiss on her sensitive clit. She moaned. He used his fingers to rub her clit, and then he swirled his fingertip Tekirdağ Escort around her wet hole. He licked up her wet pussy, and she arched her back. He continued to lick, and nibble at her pussy. Then she moaned when he placed a finger deep inside her. “Oh, more” she moaned. He placed two deep inside, and started pumping them in and out. She felt every placed his tongue licked, and every thrust of his fingers. She felt her orgasm building up. Her body tensed, and then she screamed as her orgasm pounded through her body. He pulled his fingers out, and placed a kiss on her pussy.

Now she sat up, and reached out for his chin. She pulled him up to her, and kissed him. Then she stood up, and pushed him on to the bed. She knelt down in front of him, and grabbed his briefs. She pulled them down, and found his cock standing erect before her. She kiss his tip, and he jumped. She wrapped her hand around his shaft, and licked it. Then she placed her lips around his tip. He grabbed the bed to hold himself from jumping. She lowed her mouth down, and he moaned. As she pulled back up he moaned “Oh my god, I love you.” She continued her process of lowering Tekirdağ Escort Bayan her mouth around him, and then sucking him as she rose up. Then she added her tongue to the process. Stopping with her lips around his tip, and using her tongue on his tip. He knew it wouldn’t take long for him cum. So quickly he reach down, and pulled her up along side him.

After kissing each other for a couple minutes. He rolled over on top of her. He then reached down between them and rubbed her clit, and she startled. She reach around him, and pulled him down on top of her. He then pulled her dress straps off her shoulders, and she pulled her arms out. He kissed her chest, and pulled her dress down. He took one breast into his mouth, and grabbed her other one. With his tongue he flicked her nipple. With his fingers he twisted her other nipple, and then squeezed her full breast. He bit her nibble in his teeth. She reached between them now and squeezed his cock, and whispered “fuck me.” So he rubbed his cock against her wet pussy before thrusting hard and deep inside her. She moaned. He pulled out, and teased her with his tip. She ran her nails down Escort Tekirdağ his back, and he thrust again. He took hold of her legs, and pushed them over his shoulders. Then pumped deep inside her. Her hands touching his chest. His grabbing her breasts. Her body tensing as her breath started to hitch. He knew she was close. He grabbed her around the neck. Not choking, but taking control of her. He then thrust harder and deeper. She quickly screamed, and her whole body shivered. He pulled out, and laid down beside her.

She leaned over, and kissed his neck. She then sat up over him, and kissed his chest. She them turned around, and straddled him. She grabbed his cock, and lowered her wet throbbing pussy down on to his hard longing cock. He grabbed her ass cheeks, and they both began. Him pumping up meet to her, and her pushing down to ride him. He loved watching her ass bouncing on his cock, and the feeling was sensational. She felt every inch of him pushing deep into her. She squeezed her muscles around his cock, and he moaned. He wouldn’t hold out much longer, and she knew it. He started to growl, and then held still. She turn to face him, and continued to ride him hard. Then growled again, and grabbed her breasts. Then he cam hard deep inside her. She felt him cum, and stopped as pulled her down into his embrace. There they laid until they both had recovered from their long fulling joy.

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