Just Friends…


The silk of my tank top and shorts felt cool against my skin as I climbed into bed. The seam of the shorts rubbed my slit. I shivered despite the heat in my room. It was the dead of summer and my AC had gone out. Again. Maintenance had promised to be by first thing Monday morning – it was Saturday. Great, I’d complained, two more nights of sweating my ass off.

I slipped my hand under the waistband of my shorts and felt my smooth skin. I toyed with my pussy lips and let my finger graze over my clit. My other hand moved to my breast, rubbing my nipple through the fabric. Another night alone in my bed. My Rabbit sat on the pillow next to me. I closed my eyes as I teased my pussy. My fingers were experts, but I was craving something more. It had been months since my last relationship ended and even that sex had been less than satisfying.

I released my breast and reached for my vibrator. My mind conjured up images of a familiar face. His was often the one I’d picture as I brought myself to orgasm. I slid the opening of my shorts aside as I pressed my pink Rabbit against my wet cunt. Slowly, my wetness allowed the six inch soft rubber slip in.

The sound of urgent knocking jolted me. I yanked out the vibrator and dropped it. My heart pounded at the sudden interruption. I glanced at my phone, it was almost 10. I flung my legs over the bed and debated grabbing my robe to cover myself. My shorts didn’t cover my ass and the tank top was so flimsy, my hard nipples poked right through. But, it was too fucking hot for a terry cloth robe. As I rushed to the door, my pussy dripped. Frustration rushed over me.

I stood on my tiptoes and peered through the peephole. It was him – I’d just been fantasizing about him and here he was. My heart pounded in my chest as I pressed my body against the cool metal door of my apartment. A shiver went down my spine as I watched him brush his hands through his brown hair. I took a deep breath, adjusted my tits in my tank top and tried to calm my twitching cunt.

“Ray,” I said in my sexiest, throatiest voice as I yanked the door open. The throbbing in my pussy emboldened me as I stood there, half naked, staring at the source of my fantasies.

“Hey, Jess,” he said, less enthusiastically. His eyes took me in and a slight smirk spread across his face. “Did I wake you?”

“No, I was just getting ready for bed,” I lied. I wondered how he would have reacted if I’d said, “I was just about to fuck myself while I pictured you mounting me.”

I stepped back and invited him in. His broad shoulders turned slightly as he slipped past me. Ray and I had been friends since college and despite my lust for him, we’d remained platonic all those years. Sure we flirted, but one of us always seemed to be in a relationship and we never moved beyond casual flirting – no matter how many times I’d fantasized about it.

“I saw your Facebook post that your AC was out, so I brought ice cream to cool you down,” he smiled. My heart was racing. As his eyes drank me in, my pussy responded by soaking my shorts. His eyes lingered on my breasts before moving down to my exposed midsection and on to my legs. He’d never seen this much of me before.

“Ray! That’s so sweet, thank you!” I giggled and twisted my fingers through my long, blonde hair. I sounded like a little school girl. I rolled my eyes and dropped my hair from my hands. I stepped back and crossed my arms, trying to calm myself. I was certain he could see the desperation running down my legs. I had been moments away from releasing my tension and my body was still on edge. The way he was looking at me wasn’t helping either. His blue eyes were peering right into mine. They were filled with an intensity I’d never seen.

“Jess,” his voice deepened. I bit my lower lip and looked up at him, hungry.

“I’ll get some spoons,” I said and felt my resolve fading. As hot as I was feeling right now, I knew there was no way he returned the feeling. Ray went for tall, thin models – not petite, curvy girls like me. He’d been the cliche quarterback dating the cheerleaders and I’d been the smart best friend who helped him study. Our flirting was always innocent and harmless.

“The bedroom is the coolest spot,” I called over my shoulder as I scurried into the kitchen. Suddenly I was aware just how skimpy my shorts were. My ass was rather round and supple, as my ex described it, and these tiny black Victoria’s Secret shorts were far skimpier than I remembered. I could Tekirdağ Escort feel the silk riding over my cheeks as I walked.

I grabbed the spoons and cursed myself for not grabbing my robe. I tugged at my shorts and tank top, trying to cover myself. I walked slowly back to the bedroom in an effort to get my breathing, and my pussy, under control. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t fantasized about this very scenario before. He’d been the source of many late nights with my vibrator. I’d imagine his big, strong hands grabbing my breasts. His soft lips on mine. His cock inside me.

But, I’d settled with the notion that we’d always just be friends.

“Oh,” I mumbled as I walked into the bedroom. My face flushed a deep shade of crimson as I stared at him. He’d removed his jeans and shirt and was sitting on my bed in his boxers. His chest was already beading with sweat – it felt like my apartment was at least 100 degrees.

“It’s a fucking sauna in here,” he said. He leaned back on the bed, resting his hands behind him. My heart skipped a beat when I saw his hand grab something.

He looked at me, perplexed, as he held up my Rabbit – my bright pink vibrator complete with a clit stimulator. It was still wet from being inside me moments ago.

Oh. God. No.

“I guess you weren’t sleeping,” he said and laughed nervously. He held it up and marveled at it for a second. Then he looked up and me and smirked. “I’ve got at least an inch on this thing.”

He’d always had a brass sense of humor. Normally, I’d laugh and lightly punch his arm. But, this was different. I dropped the spoons on the bed and ripped my vibrator from his hands.

“Please don’t,” I shook my head and fought back tears. This was humiliating and not how any of my fantasies played out. I quickly threw it in my dresser. “Thanks for the ice cream, but you should go.”

I refused to turn and look at him as I stood there, arms crossed. My back was to him so he couldn’t see the tears that had broken free. All those nights spent dreaming about this and here we were – except now that he was here in my bedroom, I was crying and dying of embarrassment. I should have just ignored the knocking stayed in bed with my vibrator..

Get it together, Jess, I silently urged myself.

“Jess,” he whispered as he stepped behind me. His arms wrapped around my waist as he pulled me against him. “I’m sorry.”

I didn’t say anything. I just closed my eyes and let my thoughts linger on the feeling of his skin on mine. His chest, rising and falling with his breath, pressed into my back. I let myself relax into him. My tears calmed, but as I felt his cock, hard against me, the wetness returned to my pussy. I shuddered. My mind fighting back my humiliation and my body fighting to grind against his. I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly.

“Jess?” he whispered. I shook my head, not ready to turn around.

As my body relaxed and gently leaned into him, his hands lightly massaged my stomach, tugging at the silk of my tank top. Chills ran over my skin as the motion caused the fabric to tease my nipples. I placed my hands on his arms, pulling him closer.

“Don’t apologize,” I whispered, breaking the silence. With my back to him and his hands roaming, I felt my confidence returning. But, my next words surprised even me.

“I’d rather it be you.”

He cleared his throat as his weight shifted. He moved his hands on my hips and turned me to face him. I kept my head down. Gently, he placed his fingers under my chin and tilted my head towards him.

“Me too, Jess.”

His voice lingered on my name. My brown eyes met his and held their gaze just long enough to confirm the intent behind our words. I lifted on to my tiptoes and his lips met mine.

Our first kiss sent shivers through my body. His arms wrapped around me and pulled me close. As I strained to reach him, his hands slid under my ass and he picked me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he tightened his grip. He walked me over to the bed and gently laid me down.

“You’re sexy as hell, Jess,” he mused as he gazed down at me. “Damn.”

I propped up on my elbows, causing my breasts to stretch the silk of the tank top. He leaned in and kissed me again. I crawled back on the bed, he moved along with me.

The weight of his body pressed down on me as I laid back. My knee was pressed between his legs and I could feel the heat radiating from his cock. God, Tekirdağ Escort Bayan I needed this.

He rolled off of me and I slid on top of him. His hands gently lifted the bottom of my tank top and he pulled it over my head. I smiled down at him as he ran his hands softly over my breasts, which overflowed in his hands. He cupped my 34DD breasts and softly jiggled them in his hands. His eyes widened as he took me in. His fingers teased my nipples. His touch was light and soft, which was a contrast to the roughness of his skin.

I leaned towards him and placed my hands on his chest. His body was hard and toned where mine was soft and curvy. I was slim, but had been gifted with natural curves and a feminine softness that men often admired.

He kept his hands firmly on my breasts and massaged them slowly. I doubted any of his exes had breasts as full as mine. The way he handled and gawked at them confirmed my suspicions. His thumbs rolled over my nipples, they hardened under his touch.

My pussy rested on top of his cock and I gently pressed down. His hands squeezed my breasts in response. I needed out of these shorts.

Sensing my urgency, he reached down and pulled off his boxers. Then, his hands landed on my hips and he pulled off my shorts. As he found the smooth skin of my mound, he sighed deeply. He sat up, wrapped his arms around me and kissed my neck.

His cock teased my cunt. I pushed down, begging for release.

“I want to taste you,” he moaned into my ear.

My mouth went dry as all my blood rushed to my pussy. He swiftly lifted me off him and leapt off the bed. He grabbed my ankles and pulled me toward him. My ass hung off the bed as he dropped to his knees in front of me. Gently, he pushed my legs open and I heard him gasp at my bare, freshly waxed cunt. His fingers gingerly brushed over my lips, taking their time. The sensation pushed me to the brink with every light touch.

I wanted him. I needed him.

I let my knees fall wider as my body melted under his touch. His fingers expertly pushed my lips open and he slowly inserted a finger into my hot, wet cunt. His breath was warm as it tickled my clit. The length of his tongue traced my slit as he moved it up and down. His finger pumped in and out, teasing me. My clit pulsed as his tongue made circles around it before taking it into his mouth.

I couldn’t hold back. It had been months since I’d been touched – but I’d never been touched like this. Every lick and every stroke felt like it was meant only for me, as if no other pussy had been in his hands or mouth. He took his time, feeling every inch of me. His free hand pushed up my leg, over my stomach and reached for my breast.

My hips bucked when he grabbed it. As he did, he slipped another finger inside me. His finger fucked me a little faster as my breath quickened. He sucked my clit as if he’d never eaten. He squeezed my breast and his fingers massaged my cunt. His mouth closed around my clit as his teeth grazed my sensitive button. I closed my eyes and lift my hips. I held his head as my legs shook. My whole body buckled as my orgasm crushed through me. His fingers curled inside me, cradling me as I came. His mouth held my clit until it stopped twitching. I rocked my body as the waves rippled through me, letting the sensation linger.

He kissed my inner thigh as he pulled away. I sat up and reached for him. As he stood, my hands grazed over his body. I looked up at him and he leaned down to kiss me, the taste of my cum lingered in his mouth.

I stood to meet him and gently pushed him back as I dropped to my knees. I started to take his cock into my hands, stopping to admire its size. He hadn’t been kidding – my Rabbit didn’t even compare.

I worked my hand over the shaft before reaching into my pussy. I let my fingers soak in my juices and then returned my hand to his cock. My cum helped my hands slide over his length. I worked my hands up and down his shaft and then cupped his balls as I guided his prick to my mouth. He moaned loudly as my lips gently kissed his head. I parted my lips slightly and let him slide in. My tongue rolled over his cock, massaging it as it entered my mouth.

I relaxed my throat, allowing him to slide in. Softly, I hummed, the vibrations tickled his cock. I placed my hands on his firm butt and pulled him closer, steadying myself as I started to suck. His knees buckled and his cheeks clenched, but I held him firmly Escort Tekirdağ in place as I started bobbing my head over him. I rolled my tongue under his shaft as he started pumping. His hips rocked as I sucked.

He only lasted a little longer than I had – his dick pulsed in my mouth for a moment before exploding. His sweet, sticky cum filled my mouth and I sucked hard, pulling out and swallowing every last drop.

He pulled me to my feet. His lips landed on mine again and his kiss was even more urgent than before. Our tongues danced hungrily as our bodies pressed together.

He sat back on the bed and pulled me on top of him. I climbed on his lap and mounted him. He placed his hands on my hips. I slid down until I felt the tip of his cock against my swollen lips. I reached down and opened them, inviting him in. As he guided his dick towards my aching, hungry hole. The tip pushed at my opening. I lifted my hips and then slowly sank down on his lap.

His cock slid inside me slowly and I felt every single inch stretch me to my limit. His dick was wide and definitely had more than an inch on my Rabbit. The feeling of his real, live cock inside of me – raw, naked power – overwhelmed me. I sank down further, allowing all of him inside me. He stretched and filled me like no one had before. The sensation alone almost made me cum.

“Oh my God,” I moaned, letting my head fall back. Ray’s hands tightened on my hips. I felt my tits bounce as he lifted me slowly and guide me back down in one swift movement. I braced myself, putting my hands on his knees as I leaned back.

I rocked my hips forward, allowing my clit to brush him. He shivered as I slid back and thrusted my hips again. Each movement slow and deliberate. I tightened my pussy around him before rocking my hips again. This time, he guided me faster.

With each hip rock, I tensed my cunt around him. He grunted loudly as his hips thrust to meet mine. His cock pushed deeper with every thrust, until it was so deep I felt the tip hit my cervix. My clit surged with desire.

I quickened my pace as I rode his massive cock. My urgency rose and I began bouncing ferociously on his member. He wrapped on arm around me, steadying me, while the other reached for my clit. He massaged my engorged nub as I rode him. With each thrust, his hand pressed harder into my clit.

I arched my back further, allowing his cock to hit just the right spot. My tits bounced wildly as I increased my pace. My clit was throbbing, begging for release. My body slammed against his hand as his cock pounded my cunt. Each contact sent waves of ecstasy through my body.

Ray wrapped his arms around my waist and stood up, his member still buried deep inside me. He carried me to the head of the bed and laid me down, his body pressing down on me. He thrusted deep inside me slow, but intentionally. Hips hips bounced as he pummeled my pussy. I tilted towards him, his body teased my clit.

My legs spread wider as I lifted my knees. He plunged into me. My hips raised to meet him, encouraging him. The slow, tender love making felt amazing, by my body needed release. I needed to be fucked and I needed him to pound my pussy into submission.

“Harder,” I screamed. “Harder, Ray!”

He heard my pleas and slammed into me. Then, as I circled my hips, he picked up the pace. Our gentle love making became the feverish fucking I was craving. Both of us were rabid with desire and starving for release.

Finally, his cock tensed as my clit twitched. I closed my pussy around him, pulling him deeper. A scream escaped my lips as he grunted. His cock twitched one last time as he came inside me. HIs hips thrust one last time, drilling deeper. My clit throbbed as it released. My body shook as pleasure ripped through me. I clenched my cunt around his cock, milking every last drop of his seed.

His body fell onto mine. Both of us sticky with sweat, our skin wet. His chest heaved as he caught his breath. My own chest heavy as my heart pumped, struggled against his weight.

“Damn,” he mumbled as he rolled off me. I turned to face him, propping myself up on my elbows. My breasts spilling in front of me.

I locked my eyes on his. I slid closer and kissed him. He pulled me in and I rested my head on his chest. My pussy still tingled from the orgasm.

I lifted my head off his chest. My hands drifted over my body, caressing my skin. I closed my eyes as I recalled the feeling of him inside me.

“Ray?” I asked as my fingers lingered at my breast.

“Jess?” He looked over at me. His hands found mine. He intertwined his fingers through mine. I place my lips on his and kissed him deeply.

As his mouth released mine, I sighed and said, “What took you so long?”

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