Just Until The Storm Passes


I’ve lived in Vancouver long enough to be used to the rain, even joining with so many in not bothering with an umbrella when it only falls slightly heavier than a mist. However the winter storms can be deceptively fierce, and move in awfully quickly. Unprepared one can find oneself drenched to the bone.

Even with my small umbrella I was getting that way, working my way from awning to awning through the forest of downtown buildings to avoid even a little of the wind driven rain. That’s when our paths first crossed, her looking out from under an awning, smiling up at the falling rain. Already soaked through, she was getting wetter still as she waited, the wind sending the rain careening under the overhang to her feet.

“I don’t want to interrupt your enjoyment of the rain, but could I offer to walk you to the next building?” I asked, holding my umbrella in a friendly gesture.

She turns to me with a slightly startled look, then her smile returns, “That would be kind of you, thanks. I can rarely resist offers of chivalry.”

“It’s going to rain much harder before it clears.”

Her smile warms as she stands close to me, huddling under the umbrella as we step out into the rain. As we cross the street a gust of wind blows at us, turning the umbrella inside out and spraying our faces with rain, then subsides, the umbrella fortunately recovering its proper orientation.

As we reach the other side and take cover next to the building she places her hand over mine, holding the umbrella towards her just a little. “You’re right, it is getting stormier.”

Her hand is cold to the touch — it sends shivers through me feeling skin so cold. “You’re freezing cold — we should get you inside to warm up.” Reaching up with my other hand and placing it on her cheek, I find it almost as cold. Looking across the street I spot one of the small downtown hotels, a cozy bar on the ground floor.

“Can I take you in there?” I ask, receiving a nod in agreement. Once more into the rain we cross the street during a break in traffic, I fold my umbrella and guide her into the building lobby.

“I Tokat Escort would suggest a drink in the bar, but your clothes are soaked. We could go upstairs first to dry off and warm up?”

“That’s a very nice idea,” she answers, a slightly flirtatious turn to her smile.

“I need to warn you though…” I start, but she silences me with a finger against my lips.

“No warnings — only warmth. Out of the rain, out of the storm that will get worse before it gets better.” And she leans forward to give me a small kiss on the lips.

I quickly check in at the front desk and inquire about drying her clothes — yes, they can do that right away. Up in the room I excuse myself to the bathroom and lay out a robe for her to change into. A few moments later I find her standing by the window, dressed not in the robe but with the down duvet from the bed wrapped tightly, looking out at the driving rain.

As I put my arms on her shoulders she looks into my eyes and says, “You look like you have passion bottled up inside you. Show me passion as wild as the weather outside. Just until the storm passes.”

I pull her tight towards me and we exchange a fiercely passionate kiss. Wrapping her in my arms I feel the outline of her body underneath.

Our embrace is interrupted by a knock on the door. She turns to me with a startled look in her eyes, then relaxes when I assure her, “Your clothes.”

I quickly gather up the wet clothes, drop them into a laundry bag and hand them to the attendant at the door, then come back to the window.

“You’re still very cold,” I say, lifting her together with the duvet up onto the bed. I quickly strip my own clothes and climb up onto the bed, opening the duvet and pulling her body tight against mine, feeling her shiver until I wrap us up tightly together.

We stay perfectly still for a long while, letting my body warm hers. When I next look into her eyes my thoughts turn from offering comfort to offering desire. I feel my lust grow between my legs, pressing against her naked sex. We kiss, first tentatively, Tokat Escort Bayan then passionately, our tongues tangling as our hands search out tender places to touch. I find her breasts and enjoy the feel of their soft, lovely shape, squeezing them gently. Contrasted by the tender firmness of her nipples as I gently pinch them between my thumb and fingers. As I squeeze I feel her hips grind against my hard cock, her hands grabbing my ass and pulling me tight against her.

I roll her over onto her back, lying close, kissing her cheek, her neck, her shoulders. Kissing down to her breast where I take her nipple inside my mouth, licking and sucking, teasing it against my teeth with my tongue.

“Mmmm, that’s nice and warm,” she murmurs softly.

I slip down further, wrapping her tightly in the duvet, until I’m lying between her legs, tasting her sex as she squeezes me between her legs.

“Mmmm, that’s even warmer,” she says as my tongue slips inside, then back out to tease her clit just a little.

I lift her legs over my shoulders and kneel over her, finding her breasts through the layers of the duvet, gently squeezing her nipples. My cock rubs up against her wet lips, feeling her slippery kisses before diving deep inside. I hear her breath quicken, feel her tighten around me, then see the pleasure in her eyes as I fuck her, pounding my hips hard against hers. I squeeze her breasts as we fuck harder and faster, feel her pleasure growing as she squeezes me tighter, then hear her scream out as she comes, throwing the covers off and pulling me down close.

I flip her over and pile every pillow I can reach underneath, kneeling behind and entering again from behind. I love the feel of the soft skin of her back, the smooth curve of her behind. I squeeze her ass while we fuck, spanking once or twice for surprise. Still inside, I flip her onto her side, straddling one leg while letting the other rest on my thigh. With one hand I rub her ass and the other I fondle her breasts, pinching nipples as we fuck.

As I slow down to take her nipple into my mouth Escort Tokat she wonders aloud, “Is it still raining?”

“Let’s see,” I reply, turning her onto her back again before lifting her up onto my lap and carrying her to the window.

I pull the curtains aside and rest her behind on the window ledge. The rain is still lashing down, large drops streaming down the windows. I slowly start moving my hips, holding her ass against the ledge, her hands still around my neck. She whispers in my ear, “I want to watch the rain.”

I nod and let her feet down to the floor, allowing her to turn around and place her hands on the window ledge. I rub my hands over her ass, admiring the beautiful curves before slipping my cock back inside. We watch the rain together, pelting against the window and forming rivers as the rain drives it nearly sideways, the sound of the rain a chaotic mimic of the rhythmic slapping of my hips against her ass.

“Lift me,” she asks, “I want to fly into the rain.”

I place my hands under her thighs and lift her feet off the ground. She stretches her legs out straight behind me, giving me a firmer grasp, allowing us to fuck harder, giving her the sensation that she’s flying through the rain, propelled by my lust driving faster and harder, until she screams out as she comes, her whole body shaking, knuckles white as she holds onto the window ledge.

I gently lower her to the floor and then carry her back to the bed, putting her down on her back and climbing on top. With her legs over my shoulders and my hands on her breasts I fuck her hard again. She smiles and moans deeply with pleasure, her fingers finding my nipples and gently pinching then in rhythm with our hips. I roll over quickly, pulling her up on top of me, delighting in her beauty as she fucks me, breasts bouncing against my outstretched hands. I feel the pleasure building inside of me — she sees it too, fucking me harder, watching my face as I reach the point of no return, squeezing me until I explode, then screaming out herself as she collapses on top of me, panting, moaning, squeezing me again as we hold each other tight in our arms.

As she lies on top of me catching her breath she smiles and whispers in my ear, “I do hope the storm isn’t over yet.”

I return her smile, “No it’s still sounds awfully wild out there. Far to stormy to go out…”

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