Lorna French’s Big Move


“Holy shit.” Mick thought to himself as he stared at Lorna French’s living room, stacked high with moving boxes.

“How the hell did I get roped into this.”

He knew very well how. Since the first day Lorna had moved in next door, he had been attracted to her. Often he had watched her in the back garden, dressed in those short shorts and bikini top. Her petite frame with her full weighty breasts and gorgeous thighs. Her short hair and that engaging smile. So many times he had wished he had the nerve to ask her out but instead had satisfied his longing for her alone in his bed, his hand wrapped around his aching cock, imagining them in the most intimate throws

Unknown to him, the attraction was not all one sided. Lorna had often spied him watching her and when he spoke, her heart would race for a second in the hope he would ask her out, only to be let down each time by his inept fumbling. It hadn’t been easy, her alone with two teenage children and a brand new bed that hadn’t been ‘christened’.

“I’m so sorry for dragging you into this.” said Lorna, standing hands Sivas Escort on hips, surveying the chaos in front of them. “The friends I had arranged had a last minute emergency.”

“That’s OK.” he replied smiling, grateful for a chance just to be close to her. “These things happen. I have the ute and trailer outside. Let’s get cracking.”

“I don’t know how to thank you” she said walking up to him to kiss him. Mick offered his cheek as a friend would do, but Lorna reached up and turned his face to hers and kissed him square on the mouth. As their lips touched, it seemed all their pent up feelings for each other turned suddenly into the intense passion. Her arms curled around his neck as his slid around her waist. They pressed together, urgency in their embrace, his hands sliding all over her as he crushed his crotch to hers.

Breaking of his kiss, his mouth traveled over her face, to her ear, kissing down her neck. His hand slid up inside her shorts, rubbing her through her damp panties. Lorna pushed forward against him, forcing herself against his fingers Sivas Escort Bayan as they explored her wet throbbing slit through the wet material of her panties. She crushed her mouth to his as his fingers slid inside them and started to massage her swollen clit.

Trembling, and fumbling with her shorts, she pulled them down as he pulled up her top and he kissed down her stomach. Grabbing her panties at the front, he pulled them down and kissed down over her mound. Hungrily, he lapped at her, intoxicated by her smell and her silky wetness. Desperately, he licked at her, wanting her to cum, Her excitement was his. Every moan she let out made his cock want to cum. As soon as his tongue touched her she was bucking, thrusting her hips up to him, her throbbing clit aching to cum

“Yes, fuck me, fuck me.” she moaned, thrusting her aching pussy hard against his mouth,

All those nights alone, thinking of her, stroking his cock, imagining being inside her. Now he was licking her pussy, the scent intoxicating, his cock dripping with precum. Driving three Escort Sivas fingers inside her and sucking on her clit she came, her stomach in convulsions as her hips bucked against his fingers.

Breathing heavily, his cock rigid and bent upwards, he carried her to a packing crate. Her legs open wide, wanting that hard shaft inside her. He pressed the swollen hard head between her lips and she groaned with pleasure. She only has seconds to savor the feeling before, he thrust himself deep and hard inside her.

“Oh yes, oh fuck.” she cried out as his hard cock filled her.

Incensed with the feel of her cunt, he rammed himself inside her, not stopping. Thrust after hard thrust, deep inside her, listening to her moan as he pushed every inch of himself as hard as he could into her wet slit. Grabbing her tits, he fucked her like a man possessed, slamming himself between her legs til his straining cock came, filling her with spurts of thick warm cum, which leaked so nicely out of her shaved glistening pussy. “That is so fucking nice” he thought to himself as he watched his cum run from between her puffy wet lips down the crack of her bottom.

Pulling up her panties and shorts over her cum soaked pussy, Lorna looked him in the eye.

“Will you help me put up my bed when we get there?” she asked with a wicked suggestive grin.

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