Loving Daniel Ch. 03


Daniel and I were invited to a chi-chi cocktail party, which we knew would only be populated by the beautiful A-list set. We decided to arrive at the party separately – to keep up appearances more than anything else. Some people would be scandalised to know about our little liaison. Daniel is a prominent public figure; I am a controversial young author. While I see nothing wrong with our affair, Daniel is quite adamant that he wishes to be discreet for the sake of keeping his press advisor quiet. Never the less, we quite often ended up at the same events, and always used the opportunity for a surreptitious fuck. I suppose it was the sense of danger in being caught out that had us behave so recklessly.

Daniel asked me to dress in an elegant, modern chic style, so I took extra care with my grooming to ensure he would be pleased with my appearance. I chose to wear a calf-length black microfibre dress with a split to mid thigh on both side seems. The front of the dress featured a v-shaped neckline, plunging to just below the crevice between my breasts. Daniel loved the shape of my breasts — they were poised and pert when held in place by the expensive lingerie Daniel continually bought for me. But that night I left my breasts free beneath the cloth of my dress, upon Daniel’s request. The back of the dress scooped almost to my waistline. A network of criss-crossed shoestring straps prevented it from slipping from my shoulders. I knew that dress was a definite showstopper.

The waiter drifted past me and I collected a glass of champagne from the tray he was toting as he did. I looked around the room, took note of which celebrities had deigned to appear that night, then spotted Daniel on the other side of the room. I drew myself up to my full height – five feet, ten inches including the added height of my stilettos – drew my shoulders back, tilted my hips forward, and crossed the room in a slow deliberate swank, heading to where Daniel stood. I was more conscious of the gentle but persistent sway of my uninhibited breasts as I walked than of the lace tops of my stockings, Tekirdağ Escort which I knew peeked through the splits of my dress with every step I took. I walked slowly and intentionally, to allow Daniel time enough to notice me and admire me! The light glinted on the fine silver choker around my neck, emphasized by the fact that my hair had been drawn away from my neck and captured in an elegant French knot at the back of my head. It was the choker that caught Daniel’s attention; his eyes drifted upwards from my neck to meet mine, his lips forming a half smile as we both silently acknowledged what the choker symbolised — that I was completely at his whim.

Even with such high heels, I was still not equal to Daniel’s height. He took my chin gently in his left hand, tilting it upwards to lightly kiss me on the lips — he did not wish to smear my blazing red lipstick. He would do that later. I trembled at the touch of Daniel’s lips against mine; he took me by the hand and lead me up the spiral staircase to the upper reaches of the mansion, away from the party.

“You look beautiful,” he said as we climbed the stairs, and I glowed at the compliment.

“Thank you,” I said, batting my eyelids in modesty. We continued in silence.

Daniel led me down the carpet of a long hallway. I wobbled a little with each step, the pile of the carpet was very thick and made me feel more than a little unstable in my heels. We came upon an open door and discovered a bedroom within, decorated in rich chocolate and cream motifs. Daniel dragged me through the door then shut it behind me. He pushed me against the back of the door and pressed his hips against mine. I could hear people passing by in the hallway outside, their petty conversations easily audible. Daniel placed both his hands upon my breasts and squeezed their fullness. Then finding my aroused nipples, he pinched them through the fabric of my dress with his thumb and forefinger, causing them to harden even more.

“Get on the bed,” Daniel said. I drew a breath, he stepped away and I walked towards the bed, aware that Tekirdağ Escort Bayan his gaze was glued to my ass the whole way. I turned and sat on the edge. “No,” Daniel said. “Kneel on it.” I stood and bent my legs behind me, one by one, and positioned myself on the bed, facing Daniel. He shook his head at me. “No,” he said patiently. “Doggy style,” and finally I understood what he wanted. I turned and bent forward to place my hands on the bed in front of me. I was on all fours then, my stilettoed feet hanging over the edge of the bed.

Daniel stepped up close behind me and raised the back panel of my dress to reveal the twin globes of my ass. “Oh-ho! No panties. Beautifully done!” Daniel exclaimed. I said nothing, but smiled to myself at his obvious pleasure. I did not bother to tell him that I knew he would want me that way that night. I just hadn’t expected it would be in the middle of the party like that. I enjoyed the sensation of Daniel caressing my right butt cheek. His hand left its curve momentarily and before I had time to think I was shocked by a short sharp crack against my flesh. I cried out from the pain, but Daniel knew how much I enjoyed that kind of caress so he was not deterred. Quickly he administered another crack to my left butt cheek. I groaned that time. The pain was exquisite.

I heard the sound of Daniel’s belt being unbuckled, followed by his trousers being unzipped and before I knew it, he grabbed me by the hips and violently dragged me back along the bed, impaling my wet pussy on his turgid penis.

“Oh Daniel!” I moaned as he began to pump against me furiously. He was feverish with his desire so I instinctively slid my hands forward along the cover of the bed, placed my weight on my breasts and pushed my ass higher so that Daniel could thrust his cock even deeper into my juicy cunt. I wanted him to be completely satisfied, and I knew seeing my ass offered to him like that drove him wild with desire. I involuntarily began to whimper every time he slammed his prick into me. But I didn’t want Daniel to have all the fun — I Escort Tekirdağ reached one hand back and scooped the front panel of my dress out of the way to gain access to myself. I slid my fingers between my pussy lips and sought out my throbbing clitoris, which was by then shouting for attention. I did not need to work myself too hard — I simply allowed the violence of each of Daniel’s thrusts to scrape my clit against my fingers which were now dripping wet from the juices flowing from my cunt.

Daniel gripped my hips tighter and quickened his pace; I knew he was nearing climax so I increased the pressure against my clit, eager to come at the same time he did. Sweat broke out on the small of my back, and I became convinced Daniel’s brow must have been equally soaked. I felt my orgasm approaching, and I continued to rub myself almost as furiously as the fucking Daniel was giving my pussy. Suddenly Daniel slammed my hips against his and let out a deep guttural groan as he came, dumping his load deep within me. He held me against his body, attempting to catch his breath, so I gave my clit one last stroke and slumped against the bed as my cunt clamped around Daniel’s throbbing cock, causing me to shudder uncontrollably as I came under his still tight grip.

“Good girl,” Daniel said quietly, and I smiled at having received his approval.

We remained frozen like that for some moments. Then after what seemed like an eon, Daniel withdrew his soaked and spent cock, took out a white linen handkerchief from his pocket, wiped himself clean, then bent and kissed me in the crevice between my ass cheeks.

“I love your ass,” Daniel said to me. I turned, looked at him then raised myself to all fours again and rose from the bed. I straightened the back of my dress, smoothed down the front and thanked the sweet Lord my hairdresser had plastered my hair with lacquer earlier that afternoon. Not one hair was out of place. Daniel turned to go and at my first step I felt his cum running down the inside of my right thigh. In a moment of wild abandon, I decided to let it do as it would — it would catch in the lace of my stocking then dry and would serve as a memento for the evening, at least until later.

Daniel opened the door of the bedroom. We walked down the hallway, descended the stairs, and returned to the party.

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