Lunch Time Special


I was working for one of the city’s biggest law firms, on one of the main streets of the downtown core. About a block up the road from my office was a great little restaurant that I often went to for my lunch. As I sat there one afternoon eating my lunch, a table of guys behind me were being obnoxiously loud and I clearly appeared annoyed. You were among some of the guys at the table, and noticed my annoyance. You walked over to me and as you stood at the side of my table I looked up at you with my big blue eyes starring right into you.

“What’s up?” I ask you

“I am sorry to disturb you; I just wanted to apologize for the disruptions from my friends over there. I was wondering if I could maybe make it up to you and meet you here tomorrow, lunch would be on me.” You say.

“That is very nice of you, but not necessary, thank you for the apology though” I say as I feel my smile grow.

I finish up my lunch and go up to the counter to pay my bill.

“Oh, You’re tab has already been sorted out.” The girl behind the counter tells me.

“Are you sure you have the right tab?” I ask her.

“Yes, table 12, the gentleman in the red t shirt over there has paid it. He told me to give you this.”

As she hands me a folded paper, I look over at you, you look back and nod at me and wave good bye, I wave bye back and tuck the paper into my pocket and leave.

As I walk down the street back to work, I pull out the folded paper and open it, it reads;

– I really hope you will reconsider my offer for lunch, if you do here is my number, 347-5454. Hope to hear from you.-

I fold the paper back up and slip it into my pocket, visions of you now dancing in my head as I make my way back to work with a huge smile on my face. For the rest of the day I felt giddy and foolish, like a school girl with her first crush. My co-workers were even asking me exactly what had happened to bring on this mood. It was obvious that I was excited by the whole deal.

Later that night as I sat on my couch, I debated back and forth with myself on whether to call you or not. Every time I picked up the phone and started to dial, I would lose my nerve and then hang up. I kept wondering to myself, “What will I say?” and then talked myself out of it. Finally I got up enough nerve to just dial the number.

“Ring, Ring”, “Ring, Ring”, with each ring my heart pounded a little bit faster. Finally after what felt like 100 rings, you answer.


“Ummm, hi.” I answer with much hesitation.

“Who is this?”

“It’s the girl from the restaurant today.”

“Well, I am glad you decided to call me”

The conversation went on for a while, your voice was even sexier than I had remembered it to be. By the time we had hung up the phone an hour had passed by and we decided on meeting for lunch. You told me that you were here from out of town on business conferences and staying at the Hilton tower Hotel. We decided that since you had such a tight schedule we would meet in the hotel restaurant for lunch. By the time we had hung up, I hadn’t even noticed that my hand was now gliding all over my body and my pussy was feeling pretty wet. So I went to my bed and tended to myself until I came and then went to sleep, looking forward to the next day!

The next morning I took extra time and care when getting ready, I wanted to look my best. I did my hair and applied my make-up. Then I needed the perfect outfit, subtle but Tokat Escort sexy. I decided on a pair of skin colored stockings (sexy but unnoticeable) Black lace bra and panties to match, along with a long tight pencil skirt over top and a sheer white blouse. I stepped into my black leather heels and out the door I went.

The morning felt like it dragged on for hours. Finally it was lunch time, I went into the ladies room and made sure everything looked just right, tits, ass and all. Then I left and made my way to the hotel. Luckily it was not far from the restaurant where we had first met. I could get there quickly.

I got there very fast actually, I was almost half an hour early. I didn’t want to wait that long and I remembered that you had told me your room number so I tried to call up to your room, but got no answer. As I hung up the phone I turned around and saw the elevator doors open. “Ahh why the hell not.” I thought to myself, so I jumped in the elevator and pressed your floor and before I knew it I was in front of the door to your room.

“Knock, knock, knock”

I stood there for about a min and the door flung open, you stood in front of me in a pair of shorts.

“Hey , you are early!”, “Come on in, sorry I was just about to jump in the shower. Can you please just give me 5 minutes and I will be ready?”

“Sure no problem” I answer back

“Help yourself to a drink or anything you like while you wait” you call out as you enter the bathroom.

A few seconds later I hear the shower water running, my eyes can’t help but to look in the direction of the sound. The door is slightly open and I can see through the crack. I watch as you pull your shorts down and they land in a pile on the floor. I can see you standing naked, about to step into the shower. Your body is amazing and I can’t keep my eyes off of you. I continue to watch until you disappear behind the curtain and into the shower.

I feel my body temperature rise and my pussy tingle. The sight of your naked body has me all flush. I walk over towards the door and slip in to the bathroom. I can see your silhouette behind the curtain. I watch as you lather a bar of soap on to your rock hard abs. Soap sliding down as the water cascades over your body. My pussy is so fucking wet that I can’t help but to reach down into my skirt, slide my panties over to the side and gently run my finger up and down my slit. The more I spread the moisture around, the hotter my pussy got. I lean back with one arm on the sink and close my eyes, letting my fingers take over my pussy as I imagine that it is your fingers instead. You step out of the shower and I am so caught up in the moment that by the time I realize you are standing there it is too late. You stand there for a moment, watching me pleasure myself and then you come in close to me.

“Mmm you naughty little girl” you growl into my ear as you reach around and lift me up onto the sink. You step in between my legs, forcing them apart and causing my skirt to rise up a bit. Just enough for you to notice the tops of my stockings. As you make your way down to my neck from my ear kissing me, you run your hand up my leg to my inner thigh, passing it slowly and making your way up to my hot eager cunt.

As you press your body up against mine, you finger runs up and down my swelling pussy lips. I reach down and feel your arousal growing. I grab your cock in my hand, but you take it off and lift me up, I wrap my Tokat Escort Bayan legs around you and you carry me over to the bed.

Halfway to the bed, you stop and hold me up against the wall, our tongues twirling around each others in our mouths. As you lift your hands off of my ass, you hold me up against the wall with your body. Your hands reach up to my breasts and cup them, squeezing them from over my clothes. I let out a couple of light moans and you rip my blouse open,tear it from my body and allow it to drop to the floor underneath us. Exposing my soft round tits. You lift them from out of my black lacey bra that has caressed them all day and you begin to rub my nipples between your fingers. Instantly they get HARD and as an equal reaction I feel my pussy drip.

You move your face down in between my tits and as you hold them you run your tongue back and forth from one nipple to the other. Stopping every once in a while to gently nibble on them. My hands are sliding up and down your back as I pull you into me closer. You lift me up again and carry me all the way over to the bed.

When we reach the bed, you lie me down on it, you stand in front of me on the edge. Your cock is rock hard up against your stomach. You pull my legs up and flip my ankles over your shoulders. You look down at me and take my hand and place it on my sweet wet pussy.

“I want to watch you rub your clit”

As I begin to circle my finger tip around my clit, pressing it in hard, I look up at you watching me and see that you have your dick in your hand. We stay there watching each other masturbate . Watching you handle yourself was really turning me on.

As you work yourself up, a drop of pre cum slips out the tip of your cock, you wipe it up with the tip of your finger and lean forward into me, you press your finger against my lips, as I eagerly open my mouth you shove your finger in and I suck the cum off .

As I hungrily suck the pre cum off of your finger, you crawl up my body, dragging your balls along my tight stomach until they are resting on my neck. Your legs are on either side of me. You reach around the back of my head and take your dick in your hand, forcing it into my mouth. First you press up on my lips, parting them with the tip.

“Suck my cock, you little slut” you manage to get out as you push the entire shaft in.

My lips wrap around your cock tightly, almost causing a vacuum effect. I suck HARD on your cock as you lean over top of me and thrust your hips back and forth to meet my mouth. I try desperately to take your full length in.

As you look down at me breathing heavily from your face fucking, you follow my arm down to my clit which I have been rubbing furiously.

“Looks like your pussy needs some attention” you say as you look up to my face, which on it has an expression of pure lust. I can only nod and say “mmhmm”. You smile and go to the edge of the bed where my cunt is waiting to be eaten and fucked.

You get between my legs, your nose is filled with the smell of my sweet pussy. “Mm, fuck I need to taste it you say as you inch your mouth in closer. You stick your tongue deep inside my juicy hole, and then take it back out and then run your tongue up my slit. The teasing is killing me and as you slide your tongue back up my aching hole again, I place my hands on the back of your head and hold you there. Forcing you to swallow my cum as it flows onto your tongue and into Escort Tokat your mouth.

I reach down and nudge your arms, almost pulling you up to me. I have such anticipation to fuck you that I don’t even realize my own strength.

With you now on top of me, I reach down and grab your cock. Pulling it over to the entrance of my swollen pussy hole, I place it there and you thrust in hard, forcing your entire length into me. I gasp as you forcefully pound into my tight pussy.

I reach my arms around you and grip into your back with my finger tips, digging in harder with each thrust that you give me.

“Holy Fuckk, Yes baby, Omg Yess!!” I scream out as I have yet another orgasm.

“You like that you horny little slut?” you groan

“Oh my God, I fucking love it! Please don’t stop”

Knowing fully well that I was about to lose my mind, you flip me over and grab me by the waist, you are on your knees behind me with your glorious cock sticking straight out, eager to penetrate me again. You pull my ass up to you and spread my cheeks apart, pressing the tip around, teasing me once again. I try to push back and take in your rock hard dick, but you grab my ass cheeks and squeeze them as your thumb rims my tight little asshole. My pussy hole is literally throbbing for a cock in it. I pounce my body backwards and you let me take you in.

As I bury your cock deep into my tiny little pussy, you press your thumb into my tight ass hole, pushing it in and pulling it back out. I continue to slam my ass back up against you tightly, out bodies meeting for a second and then sliding apart again. I feel your balls slapping off my clit as you fuck me. The multi stimulation of you dick, balls and thumb cause me to cum yet again. As I gush out hot wet cum all over your cock, you continue to pound into me. Some of the cum oozes out and trickles down my leg. You collect it up with your finger and taste it.

My pussy is sopping wet and your dick completely covered in my juices.

You pull your dick out and instantly poke it into my tight ass . “Ughh” I grunt from the pain and surprise of your dick in my ass.

“How does that feel you little horny bitch?” You say as your cock fills my ass.

“Your ass is wrapped so tightly around my cock, I am going to cum really soon”

Just when I think that you are going to cum and it will be all over, you slap and pull on my ass, fucking me, tearing me apart.

I slide my body forward a bit to get some room between us and alleviate some of the pressure, but you press your hand onto my back holding me down in place and pump my ass even harder. With your other hand, you reach around and pinch and pull my clit.

“I feel it, O my fucking God!!! Wow baby, I feel your cock expanding in my ass, ready to explode!” I scream out very loudly. You press my face down into the blankets and my screams become nothing but muffled moans.

My body tenses up and my ass muscles grip your dick firmly as you continue to pump my ass.

“Ughhh, Ughh Ugh” I scream as I grip the bed sheets tightly in my fingers, pulling them off the bed.

“Cum baby, Please cum for me.” I beg you

“Ohhh I’m about too!”

“Turn around and take this baby!”

You pull your dick out of me and quickly grab it, stroking it firmly as I turn around and lick the tip. “UGHHH” you lean back and moan out as streams of hot cum squirt out in my mouth and on my face.

As you finish draining your cum all over me, we both fall down to the bed. We lie there talking for a while. We decide that if you are ever in town again we should definitely hook up. I call in the afternoon sick and we fuck each other’s brains out all night long.

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