Melanie’s Stormy Night


I sat in my chase, the fire crackling at my feet, the thunder clapping every few minutes interrupting the quiet patter of the rain on my window. I took a long, slow sip of my hot chocolate and licked my lips slowly lying my head back and moaning in complete bliss. The heat from the flames licked up my bare thighs dancing against my skin. I grabbed my book off the table, the silk of my nightie sliding against my nipples, perking them up. I opened to the dog eared page and began reading chapter 5, getting submerged in Jessica’s love affair with her ex, Jason. He convinced her over dinner and several drinks that having sex wouldn’t be too much for them.

As I turned through the pages reading about their impassioned kisses, his fingers flicking her nipples, her hands caressing his throbbing cock I found myself moaning and touching myself as he touched her. My body started burning, the heat all around and inside of me as my fingers trailed along my thighs. He nibbled at her lips and used his fingers to spread her lips his breath teasing her throbbing clitoris. I slid my panties off the heat from the fire caressing my swollen lips making me groan as my fingers slipped up and down my soaking slit. I trembled as my finger slipped in, mimicking his tongue plunging inside of her. I moaned with Jessica, reading on about how his hands trailed up to massage her breasts and tweak her nipples. I yearned for more hands; two was simply not enough right now.

Jessica let him fill her up, their bodies hot and sweaty wracking with their ecstasy and repeated orgasms. He kept plunging deep inside of her even after he exploded, his desire so strong. I closed my eyes for a moment imagining him on top of me, his balls lapping against my dripping clit as he has me bent over on my knees, pumping hard while exploding inside of me. After cumming another two times he finally slowed down, letting up on her spasming pussy. I slid another finger inside of me as he slid down her body again his tongue teasing her nipples, her belly button, her hips, her thighs, his fingers following flicking, pinching, and caressing her supple curves and throbbing legs. He coaxed her to a final extreme climax with his tongue, lapping up both of their juices without a care, just wanting to hear her moan his name some more. I moaned his name too my body tingling and heating up my thighs throbbing as it built up. He started going faster and my fingers mimicked his speed, and as Jessica climaxed I did too dropping the book and panting my body sweating from head to toe. I took another sip of my hot chocolate and trembled in complete bliss. My doorbell rang then and I jumped shocked, scurrying to get my robe. In my rush I left my panties on my chase and ran down the stairs from my bedroom to the front door.

I swung it open and the cold air engulfed me making me shiver. I pulled the satin robe tight around me and felt my nipples pucker against my nightie. “Yes?” I breathed my hair all over the place.

“Oh I’m sorry, I hope I’m not interrupting err-” he started to step back and I took his face in. He had chiseled features, broad shoulders, and a thick neck. His lips were succulent and his eyes were a deep grey. I felt myself throb at the sight of him.

“Oh no, no!” I blush putting my hand over my lips. “It’s just me, and you weren’t interrupting… I, uh, was just finishing something up,” I laughed sheepishly and embarrassed. His eyes caught fire when I said that, glistening momentarily with passion. He coughed and looked down at the ground; then his eyes started trailing up my legs.

“Sorry, I was just on my way to a resort and I think I’m lost. I saw your house through all the rain and figured I’d ask where I was and maybe use your restroom if it’s not too much to ask?” he murmured and I nodded eagerly stepping back.

“Please, it’s no trouble!” I gestured for him to take his shoes and coat off. “The bathroom is right down that hallway on the right, feel free to use the towels to dry off as much as possible. Would you like something warm to drink?” I asked and he nodded.

“Whatever you have will do thank you!” he sounded so relieved, heading off to the bathroom. I put water on the stove and quickly retreated upstairs to brush my hair and grab my hot chocolate. I cleaned my face off too checking myself in the mirror. I untied my robe and exposed my nightie that barely kissed my thighs. I smiled, pleased with myself, then grabbed my mug and headed back downstairs. I checked on the water and he cleared his throat from the hallway.

“Oh! Have a seat!” I gestured to a stool near the island and he sat down slowly taking me in completely. I felt my nipples rub up against the silk and they puckered, very visibly. I caught a glimpse of him biting his lip before I turned to the water dropping a touch of salt into it. I slid up onto the counter facing him and made a production of crossing my legs. It was then I realized I still didn’t have my panties on; a draft of cool air kissed my lips and made me throb a bit. I saw his cheeks flush and smirked running a hand through my wild hair. “So I never did catch your name,” I offered and he shook his head flustered now.

“Huh… yes? Sorry, My name is Jason,” Tekirdağ Escort he smiled his cheeks still a bright red. All my muscles clenched in excitement, flashing back to the erotic passion Jason had for Jessica. His name turned me on. I took a long sip of my hot chocolate and licked my lips again, moaning softly in bliss. Hot chocolate was my drink of choice when I wanted to warm myself up. He fidgeted and adjusted himself in the chair trying to hide the fact he was adjusting his crotch. I looked away pretending to check the water to give him a minute.

“Well Jason, my name is Melanie. Pleased to meet you,” I purred directing my gaze back to him. He scratched his chin which I noticed was growing some stubble. I bit the inside of my lip using a smile to hide it. I slid off the counter my nightie riding up just enough to nearly expose my delicious cunt. He sat up trying to catch a glimpse pretending yet again to get comfy. “Now Jason what is at this resort? A wife? Fiance? Girlfriend?” I offered taking the water and pouring it into a mug for him, mixing in my hot chocolate mix. I sprinkled some cinnamon and nutmeg into it and plopped some marshmallows in as well.

“Oh no, no. Not me!” he laughed, shaking his head and raising his hands innocently. “I was going to a convention, granted I would be a few days early but I used all my vacation days so I figured why not vacation?” he shrugged taking the mug and blowing on the mixture before taking a cautious sip. The delicious chocolate tickled his throat and I watched as he too fell into ecstasy from drinking it. “Damn that’s good!” he whispered, his voice a husky moan. I felt thrills dance up my spine and through my thighs.

“So what’s the convention for?”

“Silly stuff, I’m a contractor and it was just about new sources of lumber,” he shrugged and I nodded admiring his arms and hands now.

“So you’re into labor right? A handy man?” I ask and he shrugs.

“I don’t brag, but I am pretty good with my hands,” he flirts back his eyes now more fiery and less shy than earlier. I took another sip of my hot chocolate, licked my lips and set the mug down on the counter leaning onto my elbows toward him.

“Well, I’ve had this issue with the plumbing downstairs,” I purred and he bit his lip not even hiding it now. “And you see, I haven’t had it fixed in so long! The darn thing is always in need of a fix and I always try and do it myself but I’m not that good with my hands,” I whisper looking up at him as I tilt my head down pretending to be shy. His bottom lip quivered and I watched as he bit it trying to maintain control and stay cool.

“I could try and fix it for you,” he offered and I grabbed his hands studying them.

“I would like that very much,” I purred tracing the length of his fingers, trying to imagine what it would be like to have them plunge deep inside of me.

“Why don’t I take a look now?” he offered and I smiled devilishly licking my lips, finishing off my hot chocolate.

“But you haven’t even finished your drink,” I whispered, and he looked down at his full mug and pursed his lips then smiled at me again.

“You’re right,” he took another sip and I walked around the island stroking his arm with my fingertips leaning in to his ear.

“You finish your drink, I need to go take a shower,” I whispered my lips brushing up against his ear. I let my tongue flick his ear lobe and I moaned softly as I pulled away glancing back to see him shiver. He looked over his shoulder at me and I turned away dropping my robe on the floor as I approached the stairs. I walked up slowly and heard the stool scuff against the tile and his grumbling, probably at the chair. I slipped out of my nightie and dropped it on the floor in front of my bedroom door. I grabbed my panties from earlier and draped them over the bathroom handle before slipping in and turning the shower on. The steam quickly filled the glass shower and I stepped in feeling the hot water all over my body. It lapped against my thighs, my swollen cunt craving some attention after all the teasing earlier. I grabbed the loofa and started washing myself, getting soap all over my body. I glanced quickly in the mirror and saw his figure just outside the bathroom door; I left it cracked on purpose. I dropped the loofa and started caressing my breasts flicking and pinching my nipples. I moaned and closed my eyes running my hands down my sides tweaking and slapping my ass before sliding my hands around my hips and in between my thighs.

My fingers teased my swollen lips, my nub hard and throbbing for some action. I moaned rubbing it softly, tracing circles on it with my thumb my finger teasing my slit. I started flicking my nipple with my thumb cupping my breast as I pleased myself. I moaned softly feeling my thighs clench and relax with the throbbing of my pussy. I felt myself spasming, clenching for my finger and I teased myself a little more before plunging one finger, then two deep inside of me. I gasped and pressed my thumb hard against my clitoris rubbing my fingers up against my sweet spot, trembling all over.

“Oh god!” I heard him moan and I glanced up. He had pushed the door open more to get a better Tekirdağ Escort Bayan view, his jeans unzipped with his cock out in his hand, his other hand holding my panties up to his nose. When I looked he had closed his eyes so I bit my lip and continued, feeling sexier knowing he was watching. I started moaning more and I could hear him grunting. As I came to a climax he backed out of the doorway and I finished with elated screams turning the shower off and stepping out to dry. I wrapped the towel around myself and stepped out of the bathroom. He sat on my chase, his pants in their right place, enjoying the fire.

“I came up to ask you what you wanted me to fix,” he whispered his voice so raw and rugged. I felt myself throb at the sound of it.

“You were watching me,” I murmured and he glanced up at me trying to play innocent. His eyes met mine before trailing down my body. He bit his lip and stood up stepping close to me.

“You are the most intoxicating woman I have ever seen,” he crooned, his voice deeper and huskier. His fingers slid along the lip of the towel and I saw his lip quiver as he tugged at it. I slowly let go and he pulled the towel off me. His breath quickened and he reached out his hand pressing up against my ribs his thumb tracing under my breast and up to my nipple. “God, you’re so fucking stunning,” he groaned, his teeth clenched. I bit my lip and started to sense his tension. He took both his hands and ran them up and down my sides slowly his thumbs tracing the curve of my breasts every time he brought his hands up. Then he grabbed my hips and threw me back onto the bed. He yanked his shirt off and took his belt off licking his lips and walking toward me. My stomach clenched with excitement as he crawled on top of me and pulled my arms up to the metal frame of my headboard. He fastened my hands together and secured them to the rods with his belt.

“Jason wha-” he put his hand over my mouth and bent down to my ear letting his teeth pinch my earlobe erotically before whispering.

“Tonight I’m not Jason, I’m your master. And you will only call me Master or Sir,” he commanded his voice still raw. I groaned my body throbbing all over for his touch. He sat up then. “Understand?” he moved his hand and I nodded.

“Yes Sir, I understand,” I moaned and he smiled getting off the bed standing at the foot slowly unbuttoning his jeans.

“I like the performance you gave me in the shower, especially leaving your sodden panties for me. They smelled so delicious. I want to taste you,” he moaned pulling my panties out of his pocket sniffing them again as he had did when I was in the shower.

“Master, you can do whatever you want with me,” I croon, hoping he’d jump on the opportunity immediately. He slid his jeans off then, his boxers falling too. I got to look again at his rock hard cock, but up this close I got to see how big it really was. I bit my lip and slid my legs apart in anticipation my cunt throbbing and moist for him.

“You are ready aren’t you?” he breathed resting a knee on the bed to balance himself as he ran his hands up my legs, his thumbs running along my inner thighs all the way up to my salivating pussy, teasing the outside of my lips before going back down. He kept doing that, applying more and more pressure to my lips with each turn up. My hips started gyrating with his thumbs and he smirked leaning forward more his face inches from me. I felt myself throbbing and pounding for his touch, for his experienced hands to take me to bliss but his lips caressed my abdomen right above my little patch and I groaned. “That’s right, I’m going to make you beg for it,” he snickered his soft lips running up my stomach like feathers. I trembled under him and moaned my hips pushing upward into his body. “Come on beg,” he coaxed his tongue now running up my breast to my nipple. I shuddered and he paused letting his upper lip tease my erect nipple his fingers digging into my hips. Slowly he used his wrists to make my gyrate my hips his lips wrapping around my nipple as his tongue flicked it around in his mouth. He sucked and flicked and sucked and flicked, working my hips slowly still.

“Oh my God!” I whimpered as he sucked and pulled on my nipple, his hands working my hips faster. He traced circles around my nipple before switching to the other again pausing and teasing my nipple with his lip before sucking and flicking it repeatedly. He was an expert, he knew every inch of a woman’s body and he knew how to make it tic. I was in way over my head with this one. He sucked extra hard and I practically screamed as he gyrated my hips faster my cunt now dripping and throbbing ready to climax already. I started moaning and he ran his lips up further to my neck sucking and licking at it delicately his dick occasionally rubbing against my clitoris. He worked faster on my hips, letting his dick tease my cunt more and more as he did so. I screamed as my body was wracked with my climax and he sat up a bit to look me in the eyes.

“What do you say?”

“Thank you Master,” I whimpered my body still quivering all over. My nipples were swollen my breasts throbbing, my thighs on fire, my cunt sopping wet. He now Escort Tekirdağ started with his hands on me his fingers starting at my hips rubbing and groping my waist, my breasts, massaging my arms and shoulders. He worked my body over like magic, paying close attention to my breasts, my waist, and my hips. He used his palms to cup my breasts his fingers gently massaging and tracing along the sides changing pressure with sensation his thumbs teasing and prodding my swollen nipples. My hips he used his thumbs to pushed down into me his fingers curling around so his palms pushed in applying and relieving pressure while gyrating my hips. At my waist he’d run his fingers up my back using his thumbs to push in and trace my shape up and down slowly before continuing back up to my breasts then visiting my waist again before working back down to my hips.

“Melanie, how does this feel?” he moaned, his hands at my breasts. I moaned unable to find the words.

“Incredible Master!” I whimpered unable to bear this type of teasing anymore. He sensed that and it made him want to tease me more. His hands worked their way down to my thighs and he knelt in between my legs working down and up letting his thumbs constantly brush against my cunt, my clitoris hard and protruding through my lips. He watched diligently as his hands worked me, his thumbs occasionally spreading apart my lips for a better view. I started gyrating my hips every time he touched my pussy trying to get him to actually rub me but he was already ahead of me and reacted fast enough not to.

“If you keep trying to rush me I’m going to make you wait longer,” he chided, his thumbs spreading me apart again. This time he left his hands there and leaned forward, sighing. His breath licked against my throbbing clitoris and I groaned quivering all over. “Do you want my tongue? Do you want me to taste you?” he whispered his breath washing over me again, his thumbs rubbing all around the outside of my pussy stretching my lips in seductive circles. I felt my body heating up, any longer with this and I could come all over again.

“Yes Master!” I moaned my hips twitching for his touch. He pulled away slightly in response.

“Uh, uh, uh. What did I say?” he starts to pull away and I groan yanking against the belt.

“No no no! I’m sorry I didn’t even mean to! Master please!” I begged panting and biting my lip. “Keep going, I need it! Please!” I moaned biting my lip yanking hard on the belt as he started to pull away even more. “NO! PLEASE!” I practically screamed and he smirked and stopped. I moaned and panted the throbbing unbearable. “Please! Master please! I’m begging you!” I groaned letting my legs slide further apart. He looked down in shock and groaned at the sight of my red, swollen clitoris. He bit his lip and started to lean forward.

“You do look so wet and tasty,” he whispered his breath tickling my cunt again. I trembled and nodded furiously.

“Yes! Yes Master! Just for you! Please have it! Taste me! Please!” I begged and he sighed running his hands up and down around my pussy along my inner thighs spreading my lips apart. He licked one lip from bottom to top, then the other, back and forth. Sucking occasionally and nibbling on them. The warmth of his tongue sent me over and I started to climax again his touch relieving me.

“Mmmm. Melanie, you’re so sweet. Giving me more to taste,” he moaned against my inner thigh as he kissed it allowing me to climax fully before continuing. His hands coaxed my legs apart further and I obeyed, too numb to even care what he did to me anymore.

“Master I want you to enjoy me!” I murmured wanting desperately to reach down and tug on his hair. He looked up at me from between my legs and I felt my clitoris throb as his eyes met mine. He didn’t look away as he leaned in his tongue pressing right under my clitoris and right above my slit. He wiggled it up and down teasing both my slit and the underside of my clit. I trembled instantly and bit my lip moaning ,my back arching in response pushing my chest up into the air.

“Oh you like that?” he murmured his lips now moving against my slit. I trembled and nodded panting and groaning.

“Yes Master, I do. I like it a lot!” I was a blubbering mess and he knew it. He had complete control. His lips kissed my slit tenderly, his head turning to get every angle. He started kissing and sucking, pulling my slit into his mouth and flicking it with his tongue before letting it go. He did this a few times then used his fingers to push my hood back his sight now set on my exposed clitoris hard and throbbing. He pressed his tongue up against it from underneath coaxing it out more. My body exploded into a massive orgasm unexpectedly as he teased my clitoris, taking it into his mouth. He started flicking it with his tongue and my hips started gyrating uncontrollably my back arching and pulling up and down against his mouth. He held on and started sucking letting me wiggle all around until another body wracking orgasm rippled through me. As soon as I came down he looked up at me, kissing my slit again his tongue probing curiously inside of me. I was sweating and panting, my body was quivering. He let his tongue push into me, his hands holding my hips now helping me gyrate on his tongue as he fucked my cunt with it. I moaned my toes curling my back arching again. He was building such a delicious climax I could feel my thighs burning, my spine tingling as he worked his tongue in and out of my slit.

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