“Harder, Jimmy! HARDER!”

In a lavish master bedroom, a busty blonde was thrashing wildly atop a man with black hair and an extremely muscular body. The man was drinking in his lover with his eyes: her lust-plastered face, her bouncing tits, and her tousled mane of hair. Naturally, all this was enough to arouse his body, but, his mind was…bored.

With a growl, Jimmy flipped her onto her back; it was time to end this. He grabbed an ankle with each of his hands and rammed his cock into her with twice the speed and intensity that she had used to ride him. Her moans turned to screams as her body trembled with each thrust.

“Is that hard enough for you?!?” Jimmy asked her.


The two of them reached orgasm, causing the condom over Jimmy’s dick to overflow with his semen. Jimmy pulled out of her sore hole, watching the woman’s breasts rise up and down as she sucked in lungfuls of air. Panting, he left his exhausted lover on the bed while he walked into the shower. Ten minutes later, he walked out and grabbed a towel. The sweaty blonde entered the bathroom.

“Oh, you’re done,” she observed. “In that case, did you want to help me get clean?”

Jimmy then made use of his patented fake yawn. “Actually, I’m beat, Andrea. You sure took it out of me.”

“I do what I can,” she said with a smile.

After she showered and put her clothes back on, Jimmy showed Andrea to the elevator.

“I’ll see you at work tomorrow…boss.”

She gave him a quick peck on the mouth and walked inside. After the doors slid together, Jimmy let out a sigh of relief and walked to the kitchen. After putting together a meal from some leftover Chinese and a small salad, he plopped himself onto the black leather couch in his living room and turned on his 70 inch plasma television.

He had to admit, the 22 year old secretary that had recently left his penthouse suite was a welcome distraction, but, not entirely satisfying. He had bedded numerous women like her, without any effort whatsoever. Interns, secretaries, aspiring supermodels and all their like, had graced his bed at some point in the past.

At first, the sex on tap was an amazing luxury for the 29 year old corporate attorney. Three years ago, after years of scraping and bowing at his company, Jimmy Nelson had finally made the prime legal team of the corporation he worked for; his superiors had repeatedly told him that he showed great promise, and, since then, his life had gotten better. He had a six-figure income, a spacious penthouse apartment with a great view of urban Philadelphia, and an endless string of sexual partners.

He could remember the first lay he got after being promoted: Stacy Wilkins, a vivacious redhead who worked in accounting. A few months after moving into his apartment, and after weeks of flirting, wining and dining, they stumbled out of the elevator late one night and right into his bed. In contrast to her calm demeanor at work, he remembered Stacy being quite the hellcat in bed. Their relationship lasted a few more months after that night, before it fizzled. But after her, the sex kept on coming.

However, his cushy lifestyle had been wearing on him, getting too familiar and complacent. He’d done whatever he could to spice up his life: he’d partied all around the world, remodeled his penthouse several times, run marathons, skydived, but it couldn’t scratch the itch in his mind. He didn’t know what else to do.

“You need a vacation,” Wade told him the next day.

Wade Lincoln, Jimmy’s 60 year old superior stood smiling in front of Jimmy’s desk, his arms folded.

“I can’t take a vacation, Wade. I’ve got too much work to do.”

Wade sighed, walked behind Jimmy’s desk and sat on the surface.

“Listen, kid. I’m going to level with you. The top brass are really impressed with you. Your work and research has gotten them out of numerous legal shit piles. If you’re going to keep amazing them on a regular basis, then you need to blow off some steam. Get out of Philly, get some rest, and come back in a week or two. How much vacation time have you used since you’ve been here?”


“Take three weeks off,” Wade grumbled.

Jimmy spent the rest of his day at work trying to find somewhere nice and secluded to get some rest and relaxation. He eventually settled on a nice spacious two-story riverside cabin in rural Georgia. After buying plane tickets online and packing his bags at home, he flew out the next day.

He landed in Atlanta after a 2 hour flight, rented a GMC Denali, and drove 3 hours to his cabin in Billingsley, Georgia. On the advice of the website he used to reserve the cabin, he had stopped at Wal-Mart on the way to buy enough supplies to last him for his entire stay. Billingsley was a small town in every sense of the word. Even the office of the cabin manager, Lyle Buxton, was right next to the local tobacco store, which was apparently one of the more popular places in town.

“Welcome to Billingsley!” Sivas Escort the short, doughy man said from behind his desk with raised arms.

“Thanks,” Jimmy grumbled as he looked down at his smart phone. “Apparently, your office and the McDonalds have the best Wi-Fi signal in this place.”

“Well, shoot. Nobody comes all the way here from the big city just to be on the internet all day. Trust me, son, you’ll have too much fun down here.”

Already annoyed by his Southern accent and cheesy smile, Jimmy hastily collected his information packet and key before leaving for his cabin.

The first few days were surprisingly peaceful. Every day he was awoken by the sun shining through his window, and greeted by the sight of a woodland creature in his yard. Every night, he was lulled to sleep, not by the traffic of the city, but by the swaying of the trees and chirping of crickets.

On day four, after a hearty breakfast, Jimmy decided to go on a hike. The packet noted a trail nearby that ran near the river. He changed into a cotton shirt and jeans, put on a small backpack, and headed out on the trail. It had been about 10 minutes before the river came into view. He kept following the trail that ran beside the river, marveling at the stillness of the woods in all of its natural beauty.

Another half mile into his hike, the river became obscured by the woods again, and it was then that he heard the singing. The voice was definitely female, and it was barely audible above the ambient noise of the outdoors. Sheer curiosity began to well up inside him, so he decided to stray from the trail and go in the direction of the singing.

Jimmy carefully maneuvered through the winding trees. Every step he took brought him closer to the origin of the singing. Eventually, he could even make out the lyrics, and the voice that carried them wasn’t half bad.

“The babies might cry and the daddies might croon, but mama’s makin’ dinner and it’s comin’ up soon…”

Soon, the river came into view and so did the singer, and the sight of her was enough to make Jimmy’s eyes go wide with shock.

Standing in the river was a young woman bathing. From the look of her, she looked to be in her mid-twenties, had pale white skin, and jet black hair. She had a huge backside, large thighs, and huge, swaying breasts. She held a bar of soap in her hand, and, even from far away, Jimmy could see all the suds that coated her luscious body. She didn’t notice him at all, but continued to bathe herself and sing.

Jimmy couldn’t believe what he had found. He kept wondering if he should stop spying on her, or if the woman was worried if anyone would see her. Did she live nearby? By the sound of her accent, she definitely sounded like a resident of the area. He fought to turn away and just return to his cabin, but that changed once she turned around.

Right now, she was giving Jimmy a full-frontal view of her naked body. Jimmy saw dark brown areolas on her breasts, each of them the size of a drink coaster. Despite her wide hips, she was not obese in any way, but still had a slight paunch on her abdomen. But, further down, Jimmy was amazed to see an unmistakable dark triangle of pubic hair that covered her entire crotch. It seemed as soon as he noticed, she started to lather it with her soap.

Jimmy was erect instantly. He’d never seen so much hair on a woman; some of the women he’d slept with in the past had a bit hair down there, but they usually kept it well trimmed into a tiny triangle or landing strip. Half consciously, he began to rub at the bulge in his jeans. Part of him felt guilty for doing this, but the majority of his brain wanted to see more.

Just when he thought things couldn’t get better, the woman raised an arm and began to rub soap in it. After Jimmy saw the obscene bush that covered her armpit, his mind went blank with lust. He had to have her.

After quickly shrugging off his backpack, Jimmy began to swiftly disrobe. Despite being in a haste to get naked, he made sure to keep his clothes stashed by a tree near the trail. Completely nude, he quickly walked down the path and left it to make his way down to the edge of the river.

The woman didn’t hear him, so she continued to bathe herself, completely oblivious to the man watching her. But, as soon as Jimmy stepped into the water, she quickly turned to his direction and let out a gasp. Jimmy saw her eyes roving all over his naked body. In his lust, he’d forgotten the possibility that she might have a boyfriend or husband, and that she might yell for him to come beat the tar out of this strange man. Honestly, he didn’t care.

“I’m sorry if I startled you,” Jimmy said. “But, I’d never forgive myself if I didn’t tell you.”

“Tell me what?” the woman asked.

“That I think you have an amazing body, and that if you don’t let me fuck you, then I’m going to go back to my cabin and masturbate like crazy.”

The woman looked down at Jimmy’s turgid dick and then back at him. “Yer serious, aren’t Sivas Escort Bayan you?”

“As a heart attack.”

She then skipped the bar of soap across the surface of the river until it landed on the shore. After that, she slowly walked through the water until she was only a few inches in front of Jimmy. Slowly, she reached forward with both hands and began to feel Jimmy’s body all over.

Jimmy reciprocated in kind; she was more beautiful up close. He felt her soft skin, her large pendulous teats that hung gracefully from her chest, the bumpy, round areolas with nipples as big as wine corks. He then made his way to her belly, letting his right hand follow the trail of hair that led from her navel to her crotch. Upon closer inspection, he could see that her arms and legs were very hairy as well. His desire for her grew with each second.

“Mmmm…that feels nice,” she moaned. “I’m sorry ’bout the hair. It’s just that…I never saw much use in shavin’ it.”

“Noooo,” Jimmy moaned. “Don’t say that; it’s beautiful. Please, never shave it.”

He began to rub her crotch more vigorously, eliciting more moans from the woman. With his left hand, he gently began to massage her huge breast, or, at least as much of it that would fit into his palm.

“Lemme make you feel good now, honey.”

She took Jimmy’s dick into her right hand. Jimmy let out a moan that surprised even him. Despite her smooth skin, the palms of her hands were quite rough and calloused. He could have sworn that he was about to blow any second now. His mind blank with lust, he reflexively reached up and squeezed her breasts hard. The two moaned and pre-cum and milk began to stain their hands.

His eyes widened as the tiny white droplets ran through the fingers on his left hand. “You can lactate?”

“Don’t worry, baby. I’m not pregnant,” she reassured him. Before he could protest, she grabbed his face with both hands and pulled him in for a kiss.

Usually, when a woman told him that, he’d have bolted in the other direction. He’d seen too many cases in his line of work of men having sex with women claiming not to be pregnant, and a lot of them ended up with these women walking away with secured child support payments. But, right now, he wanted nothing more than to be inside of this woman.

Jimmy’s right hand left her crotch and grabbed his own dick, aiming towards her nether region. The feeling of her bristly pubes felt amazing against his penis. It took him only seconds to reach the lips of her snatch, but she yelped and leapt away from him. He looked at her with a mixture of confusion and fear.

“What’s wrong?” he asked her.

“Nothin’. Don’t get me wrong, baby, I want you…just, not here.”

“That’s okay, I have a cabin nearby.”

“Do you have condoms?”

Jimmy nodded frantically. After that, the two walked out of the river and onto the shore. Jimmy ran into the woods, dried and clothed himself, and then returned to the shore, finding his new friend clothed in a navy blue shirt, jean overalls, and boots. She then followed him down the trail on the way to the cabin.

“What’s your name?” he asked her.

“Missy-Sue Beckford. Pleased to have met you.”

“I’m Jimmy,” he replied. “Nice to meet you. Frankly, I’m surprised that this is actually happening.”

“Well, sugar,” Missy-Sue said. “I’ve lived here for 25 years and I’ve seen a lotta strange thangs.”

At last, the cabin came into view. The two quickly walked inside and settled into the den. Missy-Sue walked up to Jimmy and gave him another deep kiss.

“Why don’t you go upstairs and grab them rubbers? I want you to lay me down on that carpet and fuck the hell outta me.”

Those words sent Jimmy sprinting upstairs to his bedroom. He grabbed the box of condoms out of the bedside table and bolted downstairs. When he reached the den, he found Missy-Sue lying on her back on the floor, completely nude.

“Come over here and rut in me, big boy,” she purred, as she opened her arms and legs wide to welcome him.

Jimmy said nothing, but simply disrobed, put on a condom, and ran over to her. Right now, he wasn’t concerned with foreplay; blowjobs, handjobs and titfucks were the last thing on his mind. All he wanted was that wet, hairy pussy. As soon as he was on top of her, he plunged himself into her. The two let out a loud moan after the union of their loins.

“Fuuuuuuck!” Jimmy exclaimed. “That’s a great pussy!”

He looked down to see Missy-Sue’s face contorted with pleasure. She was squeezing her own jiggling breasts and teasing each nipple with her index finger. Jimmy was mesmerized by the rivers of milk running out from her tits. He grabbed each of her wrists, pinned them to the floor, and took her left nipple into his mouth. The flavor was amazing; he’d never tasted milk so sweet in his whole life.

“Yes!” Missy-Sue moaned. “Suck that titty! Bite my nipple!”

Jimmy’s only response was a grunt as he continued to suckle and plow the woman underneath Escort Sivas him. Obliging her, he put her hard nipple between her teeth and lightly clamped down on it. He released his hold on her wrists, sliding his hands down until they were in her armpits.

Gently he began to caress the soft, dark tufts of hair. He took his mouth off of her nipple and buried his face into her armpit. Inhaling deeply, he reveled in the scent of bath soap and Missy-Sue’s natural scent, for both were a potent aphrodisiac.

“Nooooo,” Missy-Sue said, half moaning and half giggling. “Don’t smell me there! It’s embarrassin’!”

“Mmmm, but you smell so good down here; it’s driving me wild!”

Jimmy drove his meat pole harder into the hairy swamp that was Missy-Sue’s genitals. In desperation, she lifted her left breast to him, urging him to drink.

Jimmy decided to tease her a bit; instead of immediately suckling her, he looked at her and asked, “You want me to suck that big ol’ titty for you, baby?”

“Yes! Oh, it feels like it’s gonna burst! Please suck mama dry.”

Jimmy latched on to the leaky nub without another word, once again rewarded by the sweet nectar of her breasts. Missy-Sue hummed with pleasure, running her fingers through Jimmy’s hair as she breastfed him. The flow of milk seemed never-ending.

“Ooooh! Oooooh! Ooooooh!” Missy-Sue grunted. “Go harder! Harder! Make me yours!”

Jimmy tilted his head back and let out a bellow like a beast. Already, he could feel his gonads begging him to release their payload into the condom. He silently begged his body for the strength that would allow him to keep fucking this woman.

Missy-Sue wrapped her legs around Jimmy’s waist, urging him deeper and deeper into her body. The feeling of her bristly gams rubbing against his skin did not help his staying power. He so desperately wanted to pull out of this woman and take another position, in order to prolong their coitus.

“Ohhhh, Missy! I’m…I’m gonna cum!”

“It’s okay, daddy. Let it all out. You know you wanna.”

Jimmy ceased his thrusting, pressed his body flat against Missy-Sue’s, and relinquished what little control he had over his loins. The two climaxed in near-unison, with a torrent of semen rushing into the condom with great force. When they were done, Jimmy rolled off of Missy-Sue and spooned against her sweaty body.

“I don’t think…I ever came that hard…in my life.”

“That was wonderful,” Missy-Sue gasped. “You sure wore me out.”

“My dick is sore as hell,” Jimmy complained, as he got up from the floor. “But, I still want you so badly.”

“Let’s take a breather, hon. After that, you can have me all you want.”

“I’m gonna go grab a beer. You want anything?”

“A beer sounds really nice.”

As Jimmy limped to the kitchen, he glanced at the clock: it was only 11:37 AM. This vacation was certainly yielding some good fruit. He grabbed two bottles of Angry Orchard out of the fridge and brought them back to the den. After popping the caps off of both bottles, he handed one to Missy-Sue.

“Missy-Sue, we sure worked up a sweat.”

Jimmy sat down on the sofa, took a swig of beer, and pressed the cool bottle against his genitals.

“Sure did,” Missy-Sue replied with a smile. “You feelin’ better?”

“I’m getting there.”

“Well, I know something that might help.”

After downing the rest of her drink, she dropped the bottle on the carpet, got down on all fours, and crawled over to Jimmy with a seductive look in her eye. Jimmy was mesmerized by the sight of the zaftig woman that approached him. Her large and gravid mammaries hung low and scraped the carpet as she moved towards him. The entire sight made enough to make his stomach flutter with excitement. To his amazement, he was erect again and ready to play.

Once Missy-Sue she had reached him, she put her hands on his feet. As she rose to kneel before him, she let her hands travel up his legs, then to his knees, and then to his thighs, which she began to caress. She looked up at him with those beautiful green eyes, her smiling face rife with mischief and lust.

She reached forward with her index finger and used it to tease tip of his anxious penis. Jimmy squirmed with impatience, more than ready to retake his new lover and make her his. He watched her grab her enormous breasts with both hands and use them to envelop his swollen member.

“Don’t move, baby,” Missy-Sue instructed. “Let me do all the work.”

She began moving her breasts up and down, rubbing them against his penis. Jimmy looked down, unable to see his cock as it was buried within the mountains of tit-flesh. Overcome with pleasure, he let out a deep sigh of pleasure as he tilted his head back and let it rest on the sofa.

“Oh, my god!” Jimmy cried as he reached up with both hands to cover his face. “I swear, I’m gonna blow!”

“Mmm, go ahead, baby,” Missy-Sue cooed. “Go ahead and cream all over my titties.”

“Nooooo!” Jimmy yelled as he fought against release. The feeling of his dick smothered in the creamy valley of warm flesh was proving to be more than he could bear. He lowered his hands as he shut his eyes, to both focus on not cumming and to keep himself from looking at the beautiful country woman that was giving him a tit-fuck.

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