More Dutch , Rosa Ch. 07


Chapter 7

Formerly 26.

August 10th – Beginning of a Long Day


At the Stinson household, Peggy gathered up her schoolbooks and ran for the door, remembering at the last second to call out a pleasant goodbye to her Mother, Ann and to her brother Davy who was going to be home with an upset stomach. Two blocks later just before reaching Kathy’s, with whom she’d garner a ride, she remembered her English assignment which was due that morning was still on the dresser in her bedroom. She waved to Kathy who was waiting by her car, signaling her to leave without her. Turning around she ran back to the house, opened the door with her key and walked to her room where she picked up her assignment and placed it in her book bag.

Only as she was about to step out the front door did she hear them.

“Davy? Would you like to take a shower with me?” It was her mother’s voice. “That way we can wash each other.” This was followed by a lewd giggle.

She heard her brother say, “Really?”

Peggy froze in place, waiting to see what would happen next. Ann laughed and said, “Yes, that is unless you don’t want too.”

“Sure I do. You bet I do!” He shouted gleefully and Peggy heard his feet hit the floor and visualized him leaping out of his ‘sick bed’.

‘What the hell was going on?’ Peggy wondered, and stealthily moved closer to the master bedroom. The door was wide open and Peggy had a clear view of the master bath’s shower. Her mother, Ann, was already in the bathroom hanging up her robe. She was nude and while Peggy had seen her naked before, she began a careful study of her mother’s form. Ann was trim for her age, with a wonderful pair of breasts. Peggy knew they were 36 C from washing her mother’s bra’s every week. She was surprised to note that her mother had trimmed her ample bush, now it was a neatly trimmed triangle, exposing her lower labia, which disclosed two rather thick lips, at least as far as Peggy was concerned.

Aside from her own, Peggy had only Kathy and Martha’s pussy’s to compare it with and Kathy’s labia tended toward the thin side, Martha’s were full and very thick. Peggy then thought of her own pussy and realized she was very much like her mother.

‘They should be,’ she thought, ‘genetics and all,’ but soon forgot about her mother’s sex organ as Davy’s rock hard erection came into view. It was sticking almost straight up against his abdomen.

‘My God,’ Peggy thought, ‘he’s a stud!’

“Is that for me?” She heard her mother ask playfully.

“You bet,” he said as Ann reached in and turned the shower on, waiting patiently until the water was warm before she stepped in.

“Come on in, the water’s perfect,” she laughed and Davy ventured his right foot in, grunted and then followed her, stepping completely into the shower.

Ann’s thirty-seven year old mind was racing a mile a minute. ‘I’m going to do it aren’t I? I’m going to fuck my son. I can’t wait to have him and his gorgeous cock inside me’

Peggy carefully backed up until she was on the bedroom carpet and then quietly moved into the kitchen and placed her book bag near the front door, removed her shoes and quietly returned to her watching place.

Ann’s heart was beating wildly at both the thought of what other’s might think of her if they learned what she was about to do, no what she had already done with Davy; and also what sensual pleasure lay ahead for the two of them. She was brought back to reality by Davy who cupped her breast and brought it close to his mouth.

“Ready Mom?”

With a stern expression on her face, she removed her tit from his greedy mouth.

“Let’s get washed up first, shall we?”

“Whatever,” he said, and reached for the bar of Ivory soap and began to rub it over her back and shoulders.

“Mmmm,” Ann hummed at the touch and felt her excitement mount. Taking the bar of soap from him, she did his arms, shoulders and back. Then she knelt and did his thighs and legs before turning him around, and carefully avoiding his erection, continued washing his body.

Once he was fully soaped up Ann leaned into him, hugging him from behind and pressing her nude body up against his began to move her body from side to side and then up and down so that her body appeared to be giving him an erotic massage.

Davy closed his eyes and reached for his steel hard cock.

Ann’s arms wrapped around his belly and on noting where his hands were, began sliding her hands over his chest and stomach. She found that despite her good intentions she couldn’t keep her hands off his privates and sought out his soapy cock, displacing his hand which went behind him to play with her pussy.

Quietly Peggy improved her vantage point by moving into the bedroom and peering into the master bath.

As for Davy, never in his wildest erotic dreams had he pictured what was actually happening to him. His mother’s hand tantalizingly jerking him off as her soapy wet tits slid up and down his back. ‘Will she do something different Sivas Escort this time,’ he wondered, ‘or will she end up giving me another blow job?’

Just then, Ann released his prick and placed both of her hands on his shoulders and turned him around to face her.

“Do me now,” she said weakly and discovered her legs were as weak as her voice.

Davy’s hands began soaping the gentle, firm swells of her breasts. He almost came as he felt her nipples grow hard under his touch. This was the greatest moment of his life and he knew it.

Ann’s eyes were closed as she enjoyed the tender way her son was bathing her.

Peggy’s legs also grew weak and she was forced to knell on one knee or risk falling to the carpeted floor. It was as if Davy’s hand were brushing over her breasts with the soapy washcloth. Peggy ran her hand over the outside of her jeans, pressing her fingers into her pussy and bemoaning the fact that she hadn’t worn a dress or skirt that day.

Davy’s hands ventured south. ‘Would she let him touch her there?’

He was so nervous he dropped the washcloth, but refused to remove his hand from her hot flesh to retrieve it. His fingers encountered the triangular bush that hovered just above her secret opening and became entwined in her short course pubic hairs.

His mother gave no sign that she objected to this and he continued, moving lower.

Suddenly his mother startled him by moving. He froze. It took a couple seconds before he realized that she had opened her legs. ‘She must want me to continue,’ he thought, his mind racing at a hundred miles an hour.

Slowly, so very slowly that Ann thought she would die before he reached his target; Davy’s fingers crept lower until they finally reached her mons.

She sighed under the waterfall of the shower cascading down upon them and to Davy it seemed she had shouted and he quickly pulled his hand away.

“No Davy, it’s all right. Touch me. Touch me there.” His mother said dreamily.

Davy almost lost his mind when he felt her pussy’s lips for the very first time and groaned in shear pleasure as his finger tips explored the new and foreign territory. As he grew more confident, he put his left hand into play, at first just cupping a breast, but then sliding around, enjoying the feel of her silky flesh and the pebbled center of her areola.

As his middle finger moved along her labia, Ann shifted position ever so slightly. This put Davy’s cock in line with her rear and as he soon discovered to his delight, when he moved from side to side, his sensitive member could feel curved shape of each of his mother’s ass cheeks.

Peggy, riveted to the couple’s actions, struggled to open her jeans even more without making a sound. When she had accomplished this by no means easy task, her fingers dipped down into the center of her panties felt her wetness and eased a finger into her cunt.

The sensation of his mother’s ass against his member was too much for the youngster and holding himself in hand gave two short strokes and groaned.

“You’re not . . .” His mother gasped.

But he was. And he spewed several long lines of sperm on Ann, from the middle of her shoulder blades to her calves, before she managed to turn and gather his soap covered prick into her mouth. The shear pleasure of this experience was beyond Davy’s capability to verbalize. All he really knew was that the feelings were out of this world and nothing could ever surpass them except to do it over and over again.

For a short time they stood there staring at each other. Then Ann put a hand on his neck and kissed him. Davy was kind of shocked to feel her tongue trying to push its way into his mouth, but relented quickly enough, allowing his mother’s tongue to enter his mouth after running over his lips. Slowly Davy got the hang of it and began to let his own tongue join in the exploration.

Peggy having come instantly on seeing her brother’s cock explode all over her mother, would carry that image with her for the rest of her life. Henceforth, she would demand her male partner ejaculate into her face, rather than in her mouth during, or rather on the completion of oral sex.

As she recovered from her heavy climax she became more alert and fearing detection, made her way back to the kitchen, cleaned herself with a dish towel, made sure she had her English paper, quietly left the house and walked the three miles to school. Along the way, she debated on whether or not to confide in her best friend, Kathy Thorenson.



And several blocks away, Marlene Bain, Martha’s daughter, succumbed to temptation and accepted the ride offered by Dickie Heaton and Gerry Mayer.

Marlene was thrilled to be riding in a car with older boys and readily agreed to their offer of spending the day cruising around instead of going to class. She readily dismissed the earlier warnings of her friends Kathy and Peggy; and had never really heeded her mother’s admonitions about going out with older boys.

Rationalizing Sivas Escort Bayan that she hadn’t missed school in over a month, it was an easy decision for her to make, especially since Dickie was so cute and she was also mildly interested in finding out if the rumors about Gerry were true, that being if his nickname, Snake, pertained to the size of his penis.

Dickie maneuvered his Camero away from the high school, seeking a wooded area where they could see how far Marlene would go. She was sitting on Gerry’s lap, laughing gaily at everything either of them said to her.

The thought crossed his mind that they could threatened her to put out or get out if they drove far enough, but he was low on gas and had no money to buy more.

Marlene felt Gerry growing hard against her rear end and subtly wriggled her butt until it was pressing against the crevice of her ass. ‘Mmmm, that’s really nice,’ she thought and didn’t protest when Gerry turned her head toward him and tried to French kiss her.

“Hey,” she said in a mild protest, “take it easy!’

“I only want a kiss,” Gerry said and humped his cock at her ass.

“Well, maybe one,” she said agreeably and closed her eyes.

The second his mouth touched hers, Marlene opened her mouth to accept his tongue, only Gerry had shied away from trying to go to fast to soon. Marlene rectified the problem by tonguing him. Soon they were lost in the midst of a torrid kiss and Gerry’s hand was groping her right breast.

Of course, Dickie took all this in and turned the car around. After driving two blocks he decided to interrupt the kissing couple.

“Hey guys, what do you think about popping in on Micah? His folks are out of town and I heard he has some grass that’s numero uno stuff.”

“Sounds cool to me,” Gerry said; and fondling Marlene’s breast asked her what she thought.

“I guess its okay. Is it really good stuff?”

“The best there is,” Dickie assured her as he headed toward Micah’s.


9:00 AM

Back at the Stinson’s, Ann and Davy had left the shower and wet towels on the tiled floor and were now in her bedroom; both remained nude.

Detecting some hesitation in Davy, Ann gave him no time to think, but pulled him into her ample breasts and kissed him again. They shared what was really a sloppy, wet French kiss and his moan was music to her ears. Reaching with her hand, Ann discovered her son had another erection, gripped him and squeezed.

He moaned again and spun out of the kiss.

“What . . .”

“Relax Davy, Mommy’s here to help you grow into a man.”

“Are we gonna . . .”


“Um, yeah,” he panted, feeling his throbbing prick in her hand.

“We will . . . in a while.”

“But . . .”

“Take it easy, Davy, we’ll get to that part, but first I want you to touch me. I want to feel your finger in me, do you understand?”

He seemed to be frozen in place, staring at her pussy, but unable to move.

Ann took his hand and led it to her opening, and then still holding his hand helped him insert his middle finger into her slit.

Both moaned at the contact, although for different reasons. Davy couldn’t believe what he was actually experiencing. Ann’s moan was more one of blissful content in that her son finally was inside her. She could only smile before engaging her son in another, more palatable French kiss and afterward told him, “Just think, in a few minutes it will be your lovely cock in there.”

As he became accustomed to fingering her, Ann dreamily reflected back to her high school days and those classmates she had called sluts, or whores and wondered where they had first learned about sex. A smile crossed her lips. ‘Could it have been from their fathers and mothers? They made no bones about sex. They thoroughly enjoyed it; and the more the merrier. That was until they became pregnant. Then it was a different story. But it was different these days with the pill and condoms playing a major role in most sexual contact.’ She made a mental note to insist that Davy use contraceptives with his partners, herself excepted of course.

He had two fingers sloshing in and out of his mother at this point and for his part, couldn’t believe it was really happening. ‘It’s a wet dream,’ he told himself, ‘it really is.’ And then he recalled the day before when his mother had jerked him off and knew it was truly happening.

Ann felt her orgasm coming on and gripped Davy’s shoulders as it arrived, brought on by his fingers. She began to groan and sway from side to side as she came, seeing brilliant, exploding colors and flashes of light streak across her closed eyes and she silently thanked Davy for providing her with her very own private fireworks display.

9:15 AM

Rosa and Dutch arrived at the jewelry store. Marcia wasn’t there much to Dutch’s relief. The ring was promptly resized to fit Rosa’s finger and the jeweler made certain the diamond was securely fastened to the Escort Sivas prongs holding the setting together. The happy couple kissed and Dutch headed off to work. Rosa was taking the morning off to show the ring off to her friends. It was her intention to wow her coworkers later in the day.

9:20 AM

Marlene permitted Gerry to unbutton her blouse, forgetting about the sheets of newspaper she had tucked into her bra for extra padding. Much later, she would think back and conclude his actions were unforgivable, but when Gerry’s hand delved into her bra and pulled out the newspapers, he made a joke of it and she was instantly miserable.

“Hey, look at this!” He yelled, causing Dickie to swerve into the next lane before gaining control of the Camero once again. “She’s got the comics stuffed in her bra: Beetle Bailey, and Hi & Lois!”

Dickie, being a little older and much more sensible, made light of it, saying, “So what, a girl does what she’s gotta do. You don’t wanna play with her titties? Well I Do! And keep your mouth shut about this. Marlene’s a friend of ours and we don’t mock our friends.”

A mortified Marlene turned her doe-like eyes on Dickie, they were full of gratitude and saw him in a new light — a knight in shining armor — and his plain looks were suddenly gorgeous.

She let Dickie get a good look at her boobs and then buttoned her blouse up, turning to glare at Gerry until Dickie pulled into Micah’s driveway. There was another car parked there, a Ford Mustang. Dickie parked alongside and they all got out, with Marlene placing herself next to Dickie and putting distance between herself and Gerry.

Micah opened the door on the second buzz. He was smiling the smile that only the truly stoned seemed to possess.

“Hey man,” he said high-fiving Gerry while nodding to Dickie and saying, “Dude,” in greeting to Dickie.

“So who’s here?” Dickie asked, knowing Micah wouldn’t be this stoned if he were alone.

“Just Janis and me,” he replied. Janis being Janis Stanley, a junior college drop-out from a different high school all the others attended.

Janis sauntered into the foyer to see who had arrived. She too was stoned. She was wearing only a black wonder bra and a short, slut-skirt that barely covered her ass when she was standing. The swells of her youthful breasts were apparent thanks to the great engineering going into the aptly named ‘Wonder-bra’. Marlene guessed Janis was a size 32, but had to concede that she was a pretty girl, with a clear complexion, not like Marlene who had a mild case of acne to contend with.

Everyone moved into the living room and found a place to sit. Marlene chose the loveseat where Dickie had just settled, joining him. Dickie’s arm went around her shoulder and she quickly wormed her rear closer to him. Micah sat in an armchair and Janis sat on his lap. That left Gerry. Somewhat disgruntled, he moved to the vacant easy chair and plopped down heavily.

Marlene was startled to see a porno movie playing on a giant television with the sound muted.

“Excuse Micah’s manners folks,” Janis said, carefully pronouncing her words so as not to slur them. “But would anyone like anything?” We’ve got some beer and there’s still half a liter of Vodka… so if you wanna party….” she left the sentence hanging.

“Beer for me,” Gerry said.

“Help yourself,” Micah said with a smile, “and get us a couple too.”

“Okay,” Gerry said, pleased at the chance to have a beer and hoping both girls would put out after a while.

“Would you like something to drink?” Dickie asked Marlene.

“A beer would be nice,” she replied, thinking she had better be careful of how much she drank; her mother would probably scrutinize her when she got home. A faint smile crossed her face when he got right up and headed to the kitchen for the beers.

Dickie handed her an open beer and she took a small swallow, managed not to make a face and thanked him. He sat closer to her than he had earlier and Marlene drew comfort from it.

Marlene watched as Micah lit up a joint, took a deep toke and passed it to Janis, who did the same. Then she peeked at the TV screen where a very young girl was sucking an older man’s oversized cock. Marlene had never seen one that big, had never thought one could be so long and thick. ‘How can a woman get that thing inside her,’ she wondered.

“Hey, Snake, can you top that guy?” Micah asked laughing.

Snake, or Gerry as he was better known, took a long drag on the joint, held his breath for several seconds before exhaling. “Mmmm, good shit. Um, I dunno, maybe.”

Janis surprised Marlene by yelling, “Let’s see it, Gerry!”

“Go on, Snake,” Dickie added, goading Snake to unveil his member.

“Okay, okay!” He said and rose from his easy chair, passed the joint to Dickie, who offered it to Marlene as Snake unbuttoned his jeans.

Marlene’s eyes went wide, first from the powerful hit of the marijuana and secondly on viewing Snake’s penis when his jeans dropped around his ankles. It had to be a foot long! She had handled a few cocks already, none of which had exceeded six inches, but Gerry/Snake was not to be believed.

“Jesus!” Janis stammered, “I never thought . . .”

Dickie laughed so hard he began to cough.

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