Morning Tease


She was groggy, still partially asleep — how could he be awake already? As her muddled thinking slowly cleared, she understood that he could be awake because his body had been immunized to early mornings by his five AM start times. This meant that even on a Saturday he would be brewing coffee at three or four in the morning. Ugh. So much for the concept of sleeping in on weekends.

Lori listened to the wind roar down their valley; the tops of the fir trees surrounding their house must really be bending under the force of that typical south-easter. Soon snow would be flying wildly, burying them until next April. So many things to do, to get the place ready for winter in earnest. She huddled deeper into the quilt, daring today’s chores to come and find her.

She listened to Peter trudge up the stairs to their loft, allowed her mind to fill in the rest of him: fairly short and not thickly muscled, but hard and agile nonetheless. Right now he would be wearing only sweats, the nipples on his hairless chest standing out firmly in the cool air that invaded their house nightly. She heard him put down two heavy clay mugs of coffee. Downstairs the woodstove crackled and sang it’s love song to heat as its metal surfaces expanded.

Peter kissed her ear, ran his hand through her hair playfully. She wrapped the quilt around herself even tighter. “What do you want?” she teased, knowing full well.

He rolled her over, quilt and everything. Her defenses weak to begin with, he managed to expose her bum to the cold air. She gasped and struggled to redistribute the quilt, get back into the warmth. Dammit — now the enemy was actually under there with her!

Peter’s head was at her feet, she could feel his tongue on her soles. Ripples of pleasure spread through her legs, into her abdomen. She moaned softly when he licked her toes, drawing each into his mouth in turn. He worked methodically from one toe to the next; he always had a plan, he’d joked to her, pointing out his German ancestry. All the sweeter when he occasionally subjected them both to a spasm of sexual chaos that she would fantasize about for weeks afterward.

His hardening cock rubbed tiny strings of Tekirdağ Escort pre-cum on her back as he slowly worked his way up her feet. Lori was lying comfortably on her side, and just let him lick her the way he thought he needed to. She could feel the heat and moisture of his tongue as he licked her shins and quads, working his way to the inside of her knees.

In a semi-conscious fog of pleasure and sleep, Lori realized that Peter had licked his way up the outsides of her thighs. She had no idea how much time had elapsed; probably no more than a few minutes. She thought that the way she felt right now, with him gently licking her thighs and bum, could easily be the way she felt for the rest of her days, and she would bear it without complaining too much.

Until he did … that.

His hands had found the black thong panties she’d worn to bed, and now — ever so slowly — tugged them gently back and forth between her tightly closed legs. As the stretchy cotton material moved across her skin, the bastard was stimulating every nerve in her labia, every nerve in her clit, even her anus, to gentle wakefulness. She couldn’t help herself, and softly moaned her approval. She supposed this feeling was not too bad either, ummmm ….

Peter — as though he knew what he was doing — tugged her thong back and forth, over and over, with barely enough force to register, but in a way that slowly ratcheted up her state of arousal. Tingles shot out from her clit occasionally, bathing her groin in sensations that were weak enough at this point to be mere harbingers of pleasure to come. Lori groaned and mumbled something incoherent.

Suddenly the tugging stopped. She felt her thong tighten as Peter wrapped the material around his fingers, to get a more secure hold.

“Huhh … ” she whimpered as Peter positioned her thong as deep as it would go between her labia. The material was now stretched tight against her skin, all the way from her clit to her anus. Lori’s tightly shut legs added to the excitement somehow; it not only presented her skin with better physical stimulation, but it made her feel as though she were somehow being taken advantage Tekirdağ Escort Bayan of. The idea shot stabs of arousal into her brain, completely primed her pleasure centers.

Lori groaned, her mouth opening involuntarily, as Peter now began tugging the tightly fitted material across her skin. He didn’t move her panties much, just enough to clarify to the nerves in her pussy and anus that direction was being changed. Again. And again.

“Omigod,” she breathed, as sensations flooded out of her groin and anus. Pleasure stabbed hot lightening into her belly, her brain. Her fists clenched as some of her muscles began contracting as though of their own will. “Awmh … ” she moaned, trying to somehow alleviate the pleasure flooding through her, to push it down so that she could remain in control. As she tried she knew it was useless.

She could feel Peter reposition himself, and suddenly her anus exploded with new sensations; his hot, wet tongue explored her sweet little rose. “Awwmh,” she groaned, trying reflexively to climb away from him; he easily held her in place.

There was a finger in her mouth. “Oh God,” she groaned, helplessly.

“Get it good and wet,” he urged, the raw sexual need evident in his voice. She did as she was told, rolled her tongue all around her mouth, bathed his finger in her saliva.

As Peter slid the finger he had wet in her mouth across her anus, her fists clenched again, this time around handfuls of sheet. His other hand was holding her thong out and over, putting her clit under tremedous pressure. Lori was beginning to lose the ability to think straight, so much pleasure was being reported in her brain. Dimly, she was aware of shoving her ass toward him. His hands were holding her cheeks apart enough so that his wet finger could slide smoothly back and forth across her anus.

He shoved his finger back in her mouth; in a fog of lust and desire she moistened it and waited for him to run it over her ass. But this time he kept his finger in her mouth, played it all around. He moved it in and out, and Lori began sucking on it as if it was his cock. She heard him groan.

Suddenly Escort Tekirdağ his hot tongue was all over her anus, eating her ass with a passion borne of pure, burning lust. His rock hard cock strained and dripped against her back, while she humped his finger in and out of her mouth.

Lori had had enough; throwing the quilt off, she pushed a pillow under her and shoved her bum up. She was facedown on the bed now, her ass pushed up and back as far as it would go. “Go in me,” she mumbled at him. “Before you do anything else, I need to feel you go inside my … ahhh yaahh, ummm ….!”

Peter slid his hard seven inches between her moist labia, slammed into her pussy in one motion that took him in up to his sweet balls; she grunted pleasurably. He was holding her wet thong out of the way, and simply remained like that, his cock inside her, letting her absorb his presence.

She groaned, her fists tugging the sheets, as she pushed back and adjusted herself this way and that. Her pussy was sending wave after wave of sensation into her abdomen and brain; as if that wasn’t enough, her nipples — crushed under her breasts — now sent their own symphony of signals to add to the cacophony of pleasure going off in her body. She trembled weakly.

Peter pulled out; she heard him reposition himself so that his face was over her ass again. She moaned as she felt her wet thong being pulled this way and that.

“I’m licking your panties,” he breathed heavily. “God, you taste good!”

Lori whimpered helplessly, adrift in a sea of pleasure. Every nerve, every cell in her body craved this man’s lustful attentions, needed him in a frenzy of desire. It was as if she was sinking into the heat and moisture of a great volcano of lust.

Suddenly something heavy was thrown across her; the quilt. Peter was off the bed. She heard him trudge down the stairs, sipping coffee. “Suppose I got some chores to do,” he said. She could imagine him grinning like the fool he was.

“Oh you fucker, you!” she shouted from under the quilt. “You major fucker!” The teasing ass had abandoned her, quivering and trembling, just when she was warming up. That fucker! Well, he’d be horny all day too, and there were things she could do with a pair of thong panties that would have him literally panting the hours away, the old dog.

Lori lay there a while, listening to the gale about her house whip the trees around. As she calmed down she smiled, sighed softly, and fell back asleep.

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