Today, Saturday, I wake up to find you sitting at the comp playing Oblivion. As usual I had slept late, something I couldn’t yet explain fully as I have a habit of being up before 5 am. The day wasn’t in full swing as yet, in fact it was still morning, though late morning. I rolled groggily out of bed and stretched my semi-achy body. The sheets were flung to one side and the bed was a mess, I didn’t fix it but rather stumbled out into the living room where you were.

“Morning hun.” I said as I quickly headed towards the bathroom, I really needed to pee and get myself cleaned up, I hate having morning breathe.

Hey babe.” You replied looking up monetarily before going back to the games as I disappeared into the kitchen and then the bathroom. A few moments I returned, my bladder relieved and my face and teeth properly scrubbed. I come up to you and swung my arms around your shoulders bending down to kiss you and inquire how many asses you had kicked so far. Smiling you pause the game long enough for us to lock lips in a lingering kiss.

“Morning hon.” You say again, you always had a habit of doing that in the mornings, and come to think of it I do the same thing too.

I muss my face in your red tresses, breathing in the sweet smell of your shampoo, it’s a bit frizzy but I love your hair, the way it curls and drapes itself across your face whenever your head is down or the constant way you keep pushing back from obscuring your eyes. I raise you up off the chair and sit down, you stand up thinking I am taking over but a bit surprised when I pull you back down to sit on my lap, my bare chest pressing against your back. I resume the game and let you play as I watch sitting beneath you, my arms wrapped around your tummy, leaning my head forward to admire your bare legs melting from your short skirt. Your beautiful legs always have a way of capturing my attention and of course my hands move to your thighs, stroking and rubbing them gently. You wiggle in my lap and giggle at my behavior telling me I’m going to get you killed. I smile back and kiss your neck at the same time wrapping my arms back around your middle. The sound of the dying and game music fill the silence for a while s I watch you, sometimes telling you little secrets I had learned previously or making comments about the way you massacre unwitting game sprites (my girl is uber kick-ass).

Its not long before I begin exploring your body, my hands innocently running up your tummy and across your back, it’s a reflex of mine, every time my hands are on you they simply begin to explore without any conscious prodding on my part, not that I mind. I stroke across your tummy and up to your breasts, running beneath your curve and lightly feeling and kneading them, my hand on your back stroking across your shoulder and down to the middle of your back and poking your bum with my fingers occasionally. You laugh at my prodding making suggestive moans and wiggling your sexy ass on my lap, as my innocent playing turns erotic in no time. My hand moves to your thighs and you part your legs allowing me access to your heated centre. I’m not surprised you aren’t wearing any panties; from the way your top is pressed against your skin I can tell you aren’t wearing a bra either. I love that you don’t most times; it’s a habit of yours that I really like a lot in fact; I can see your nipples getting hard as my fingers stroke the soft flesh of your pussy, teasing gently but not probing inwards. I can hear you moan and from time to Sivas Escort time pause the game to lean into me and moan in my ear as a wave of pleasure passes through you.

A few more moments of playing, stroking and suggestive moaning passes before I can’t contain myself ant longer. I push you up off me and you watch with lust filled eyes as I unbutton my pants, unzip it and slip both brief and pants to the floor. Usually you would be sucking me off by now but today I have different plans. I pull up your short skirt and spread your cheeks exposing your cunt and opening your lips a little, positioning you over my erection. You eagerly guide me inside and close your eyes in ecstasy as I push open your inner lips and enter you. It’s a bit uncomfortable at first but we quickly readjust and I slide inside you completely.

My eyes shut tight against the intensity of your warm silky flesh encasing my cock. I can feel the sensation running up my body and spreading outwards until I’m completely filled with the sweet awareness of you around me. I can tell it’s the same for you as your lips part and you moan an long and low “oooohhhh baby” into the air. Your head snaps around and your hands grasp my head pulling me into an intense kiss. My hands reach under your top and curl around your breasts squeezing gently, then harder as the intensity of our bodies increase along with the kiss. Our tongues massaging each other and exploring the caverns of our mouths, me sucking on your lower lip and nibbling gently when I catch it, you pushing deeper into me and teasing every faucet of my consciousness with your insistent mouth.

Finally the kiss is broken and we try to catch our breaths, I turn you back around and begin to pump your sweet ass up and down pushing and pulling myself in and out of your wet hole. The pleasure builds and soon you take over, bouncing up and down on me, the lewd sounds resounding throughout the room as our bodies slap against each other. I can feel you clenching me, pulling me into you, my senses electrified by your lust, your love and your abandon. I grab your bouncing ass and set my own pace, gliding my cock in and out of you, pushing upwards and sinking deeper and deeper, my thrusts deliberate and concentrated, feeling your muscles pull my foreskin down and expose my sensitive head to the pleasure of your soft inner flesh ribbing around me. Coursing through me, seething in the depth of my flesh, pulling me to the brink of orgasm, closer and closer…but I hold back, you feel my fingers dig into your arms and yours bite into my legs as we take each other higher and higher, like a cresting wave as it plunges towards the shore. Gliding into you, pulling back as your inner muscles wrap themselves around me, refusing to let go yet opening and welcoming me as I thrust inwards again.

Its hard but I don’t want to cum yet…I hold back, my hands gripping your hips and halting my inward thrust, trying my best to hold back. You however can’t I bite down on my lips as I feel your muscles spasming in delightful orgasmic contractions, the pleasure running rampant through me, the gush of your juices, the quivering of your muscles and rhythmic undulating of your walls, almost too much for me to bear as my body fights against itself to cum or not…no, not yet. I wait until your pass, until your breathing begins to subside and your body no longer arches in painful bliss. I wait until your muscles stop moving around me, fighting hard against the silky wet feeling Sivas Escort Bayan enfolding around my sensitive head, I can feel small spurts of pre-cum escape my slit but not enough for an orgasm. I wait until finally you are finished, your body draped back into me, your arms enfolding mine and your head against mine. You’re puzzled that I did not reach my peek as you did but I enclose you in my arms, nibbling on your ear and whispering that its ok, I stopped myself because I had more things in mind, we are not through for the morning quite as yet.

I guide your shaking hands back to the keyboard and mouse and tell you to continue playing, as best you can. Meanwhile I let my hardness stay inside you, I’m sure you can feel it twitch from time to time, slowly expending pre-cum into your slick canal. Mixing our juices together, with every twitch your body tenses and I feel your muscles clamp down on me, hear you moan. Sometimes its so pronounced that you let go of the mouse and your eyes close as you let out low moans of pleasure. That’s where I want it right now, my cock inside you, dripping pre-cum slowly into you, filling you bit by bit until it starts to overflow and run out. Its hard to maintain but I try, I love the feel of my cock wedged deep within you, my cum running into you a little at a time. Your moans filling my ear, your body shivering and bucking occasionally, the sweat dewing on your skin, and the warm flush covering every inch of you.

My hands come up slowly and pull your top above your head; you assist me by raising your arms. In a moment it’s on the floor, I let you keep the skirt; it seems so much more erotic where it is anyway. My hands one again touch your body, soft, light touches stroking your skin upwards , running along the lower curve of your breasts, teasing small circles around them. My warm palms massage your mounds, deep into your pliant flesh, eliciting sultry moans from deep down inside your throat. The game forgotten, your character staring into space as your body succumbs to my ministrations. Your shiver slightly and smile when my tongue makes contact with your warm skin. You feel it dragging along your spine up to the nape of your neck then back down as far as I can go in this position. You lean forward allowing me more room, my tongue dancing on your flesh. I feel you legs wrap around mine, save for your skirt, we are both naked, my cock pulses inside you again, my tongue dragging back up your body, my hands enclosing your breast in a warm vise.

Its not long before you arch your back and slam down unto me, the familiar rippling and constrictions enveloping my cock inside you. I’m not sure if in your orgasmic state you can feel me getting even harder, the veins sticking out proudly as my body fights back against the urge to cum, the demand to fill your sweet passage with my cum, to explode inside you. Again I fight myself and wait until you come down from your high.

It takes a great deal of maneuvering and subsequently we have to push the chair back from the desk but I get you turned around, you facing me with my cock still inside you and your legs on either side of me. My hands wrapped around your middle once more I kiss you passionately, our tongues melding yet again. This time our kisses don’t stop, merely I continue to kiss you making a path downwards. My kisses falls on your lower lip, your chin and then your throat. I nibble and kiss and tongue your throat listening to your deep moans and feeling Escort Sivas your nails dig into the soft skin of my back. Your grip tightens as I go lower, kissing and nibbling between your breasts and kissing yet further down, over your stomach until I get to your navel. I dip my tongue into the small incline and proceed to swathe it around and around, pushing in and out mimicking a fucking motion into your navel. My cock still pumping pre-cum inside you, almost non-stop now. I can feel the copius amount of liquid inside you every time my cock twitches or your muscles flex around me, its soooo hard keeping myself from cumming.

Your body rests back against the desk and your hands instinctively reach for your nipples, I catch you in time and pull them away, frustration flashes across your face for a moment as they fall to your limply sides. My navel fucking ends and I bring my hungry lips and mouth to your right nipple, letting you know why I didn’t want your hands there. The moment my warm breath washes over your nipple another intense moan rips from you throat only to be cut off as my mouth encloses over the sensitive nub. Its as hard as a pebble in my mouth which only allows my tongue to roam ver it with greater ease. Teasing and sucking on your nipple sends you into a rigid state, the sensation in your body so intense that you can no longer react to them other than to let them pass through you unhindered.

I move from one nipple to the other, tasting, sucking and teasing for all I’m worth, at one point your hand snaps up and I feel your nails dig in again and pull back, I was sure that I could feel a trickle of blood which only added to the intensity of the moment. The moment too much for you, you can resist holding back no longer and your hips begin rocking back and forth on me. With every motion I feel my cock slide in and out of you, the sensitive almost numbing feeling running from my tip all the way to my balls and spreading outwards to engulf me.


My breathing deepens and becomes ragged, my body held in a binding of pleasure, pain and searing lust filled emotions


I can’t hold myself off this time, I can feel it building and building inside me, a towering crescendo of heightened pleasure racking my frame, like a blade of grass caught in the fury of a whirlwind storm

Twitch, twitch

I feel you slam down, my cock stiffens in one moment and then shudders the next, your hands wrap around me pulling us tightly together, my face buried in your chest, my body rigid, my breathe caught in my throat, my eyes closed, my mouth open and……it happens

I feel myself explode, a cacophony of rippling, pulsing ecstasy ripping at my consciousness. I can’t tell how many spurts or how much there is, my mind goes blank and spots appear in front of my eyes. Our guttural wailing merge together forming one intricate chord as oblivion takes us.

Moments pass, I cannot say how long we have been like this, I regain my sense with you in my arms your legs around my waist. I can feel you breath on my shoulder and the matted strands of your hair on my skin. Sweat pours off my body merging with yours and running down between our heaving forms. Slowly the room comes into focus, the music of the forgotten game, the distant call of birds in trees outside. Your head comes up and for a moment our eyes are caught, I can see in yours the love and the delight in the moment we just shared as I hope you can see in mine. Brief kisses and giggles pass between us, my hands cradling your face and yours locked behind my head. You are the first to break the intermittent silence, your eyes become slits and a wide grin splits your perfect features.

“mmmm, very gooood morning babe.” And we both break down laughing.

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