RoseAnn Discovers Dominance Pt. 21

Amazing Ass

“Your husband is right, Mrs. Perez,” said Dr. Simpson. “The distance between your clitoris and vagina is three centimeters, over an inch. He’d have great difficulty in contacting your clitoris while you’re having sex.”

“What else can I do?” I stared up at the bright light over the examining table.

“You can get up and get dressed,” she said. I lifted my legs from the stirrups and climbed down from the table.

She dropped her speculum and other tools in a metal tray. “For what it’s worth, about a hundred years ago, Princess Marie Bonaparte of France had the same condition. But she was the great-grand-niece of Napoleon the dictator. She had medical training and influence, and could do things that others couldn’t. She measured that distance in a number of women. She thought it was a major cause of frigidity in women.”

“What would the Princess say about three centimeters?”

“She’d say it’d be all but impossible for you to reach orgasm from a man’s penis alone. A few lucky women have a clitoris so close to the vagina that they have no trouble. But most women are like you. The Princess would have pronounced you ‘frigid’.”

“Frigid? How can that be? I enjoy sex a lot.”

She laughed. “We don’t use that term in the 1960s. It’s an old term that lumped a lot of conditions together, psychological and physical. Unfortunately, there’s no corrective surgery for your problem.”

I finished pulling my clothes on. “So what do I do?”

“Well, your husband has fingers, doesn’t he? A drop of baby oil? If you can talk him into cooperating, you don’t have to go without.”

“Oh, he’s very cooperative. But he has a nice tongue, too.”

Dr. Simpson turned beet red, which puzzled me. A strange reaction from an experienced gynecologist.

“I don’t like to advise oral sex,” she said. “There’s not enough information on diseases that might be transmitted that way. In any case, oral sex is illegal in Illinois and most other states. You don’t want to talk about it too much around people you don’t trust.”

I laughed. “Well, you’re not going to report me to the sex police, are you?”

“No, of course not, but I do have a duty to warn you.”

“Well, if I have to go to jail over it, it’s worth it. I’ve been getting the most powerful orgasms ever since my husband started using his tongue. He’s like Tekirdağ Escort a different man.” I kept the meaning of this last to myself.

She wrote a prescription for more birth control pills, so I wouldn’t have to find my way out to Morris every time I needed them. On the way out, I paid my bill to Dr. Simpson’s secretary. It was thirty dollars, but since I was now the sole signer on Craig’s bank account, I was able to simply write a check. No more counting out dollars and quarters or arranging payments.

On my way out of the office, I removed the wedding ring again and put it back in its hiding place in my purse.

* * * * *

I stretched out naked on the bed while Craig’s strong hands massaged the muscles of my spine and shoulders. Although the doctor had reassured me that there was nothing psychologically wrong with me—the good news—I was going to have to resign myself to the bad news—that I was never going to come on a man’s cock. It wasn’t fair; they’d just flown to the moon and worked out how to transplant hearts, but they couldn’t move a woman’s clitoris three lousy centimeters?

On the other hand, it had been wonderfully gratifying to feel Craig come inside me. As much as I enjoyed dominating him, I didn’t want him to make him feel anything less than a real man. I wanted to feel with Craig that same thrill between my legs that I’d had when Mike overwhelmed me at my parents’ house. Maybe in time, it would happen.

Nevertheless, for his own good, Craig was going to have to wait another ten days, at least, before it would happen again.

“Do my neck,” I said. He dripped oil on my skin and slid his hands up to massage the tendons of my neck. I purred in satisfaction and wriggled my shoulders, so that he moved his hands to include them, too.

I have a peculiar response to massage. A few minutes makes me want to doze off, but then arousal sets in and soon I’m awake and eager. I said to Craig, “I want to feel you inside me. I’m going to put your penis in me for a while, but understand that you won’t be coming.” I rolled over and off the bed. “Lie on your back.” He obediently lay down, and his cock, already rigid, thrust into the air.

“Mm-m, I can almost feel it inside me already.” I straddled him and steered the tip of his cock to my pussy lips. “Very slowly, we’re going Tekirdağ Escort Bayan to let it slip into me.” I sank down onto him, feeling that lovely penis force its way into my flesh. Glorious! “Oh-h, that’s just right,” I said. I lowered myself just a little more, feeling the waves of sensation with each move. Being on top gave me so much more control and pleasure.

At last, I settled onto his cock, feeling stretched and nice. He was looking up at me with a beautiful smile, expressing joy, love, and even frustration, all at once. “Oh, RoseAnn, that feels so good.”

I gripped his chin and wiggled it as if scolding him. “I’m going to start moving now. You need to warn me when you get close. Understand?”

He nodded, his mouth open. I began to rise up with my thighs and twist my hips, very slowly, watching his eyes for signs that he might be getting too close. But his cock felt so good inside me, I wondered if I’d have the self-discipline to just pull away when the time came.

“Oh, God, I don’t want this to stop,” he said. “Have mercy on me, please.”

“Just warn me when it’s time.” I gave him an extra hard thrust, but then slowed, to prolong my pleasure as long as I could.

“Oh! Stop, RoseAnn, stop!” I raised myself up on my knees, and his cock made a faint popping sound as it came out. His face was flushed and his eyes glazed. I waited until he’d recovered. He reached up and gently stroked my nipples.

I sank down on him again, very slowly. This felt so good, and his obvious anguish was fun! Was I really that cruel, or was I giving him exactly what he needed?

I kept up the cycle of thrusting and withdrawing for a long time, relishing his moans of frustration and his sighs of pleasure when I sank down on him again, until my own lust peaked. Now I knew it would progress no further without stimulation of my clitoris. I raised myself up and off his cock.

“You’re going to lick me now,” I said, “I’m ready for a really powerful climax.” I knee-walked up over his belly and chest and shoulders, finally poising my pussy over his mouth.

“Are you ready?” Without waiting for his answer, I lowered myself onto his face. His tongue rose to meet me and began stroking my vaginal lips and probing my vagina. I moaned aloud with the intense pleasure, and listened to the wet Escort Tekirdağ sounds of flesh lubricated by my fluids. Making soft grunts, he swallowed, and I thrilled that his mouth had already filled with my honey.

I’d planned to keep it up longer, but I was far too excited. If I wanted, I could have one or more orgasms like this every evening, and I would keep him on the very edge and then leave him frustrated! I didn’t know why this excited me so much, but at that moment, I didn’t care. I was totally selfish and interested only in my own pleasure.

I tilted my hips. Riding on top like this, I had complete control over his tongue, and I could let him bring me slowly up to the edge of orgasm, back off slightly, come close, and finally go over the edge when I absolutely could not contain myself any longer.

I cried out as my hips began to buck uncontrollably. He was trying desperately to follow my movements, so I grabbed the sides of his head and held him exactly where I needed him to be. His rough, fleshy tongue carried me perfectly over the tops of a series of steadily mounting mini-climaxes on the way to the grand explosion. I may have screamed, or it may have just been in my head.

Totally exhausted, I fell forward on my hands, while Craig breathed in great, whooping gasps.

“Couldn’t you breathe?” I asked.

“Not easily, but I don’t care.”

“Well, I care. I don’t want you suffocating on me. How’d I explain it to the police? And if anything happened to you, who else would know how to lick me like that?”

I moved down, so that his face was nestled between my dangling breasts, and his breath warmed the chest between. We rested like that for several minutes.

As I felt his cock stiff against my thigh, the tingle once more rose through my belly. “Are you up to doing that again?” I asked.

“Oh, God, yes! Please! As many times as you want.” He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my breasts and arms.

I pushed a nipple into his mouth. “You’re going to wish you’d never said that.”

* * * * *

The next evening, he brought home a half-dozen roses again. They were expensive at this time of year. He must have spent most of his weekly allowance on them.

“What did I do to earn those?” I asked.

“You made me realize what a lucky man I am,” he said. “I’m grateful for what you’re doing to me, and I love you.”

Still puzzled with the strangeness of the male sex drive, I almost shook my head in bewilderment. Instead, I said, “Thank you, Craig. You’re taught me things about myself, too. Now go put these in water and make supper for us.”

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