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Subject: The contract chapter 7 Thank you to those who have already contacted me with feedback, it’s much appreciated as always. Remember to show your appreciation to Nifty. fty/ James woke to a kick in his side. He looked up it. Michael was staring down at him. Although his side hurt he smiled as a dirty gym sock got closer to his face. He took a deep breath and inhaled a fortnights worth of gym sweat. Things had progressed quickly, in the last fortnight as Michael had gained confidence. Every evening after work he accompanied Dave l to a cruise bar, where Michael would both be taunted by Dave’s attempts and getting him to submit, as well as been given advice on how to work out what kind of Dom he was. He invariably ended up horny, and would end up taking someone home with him, but not until he had tried them out in the dark room first. James was always there ready, kneeling, head bowed, as his lodger opened the door. “Come in, don’t mind him It’s my landlord. He’s also a urinal” Michael would then take his dick out and empty his bladder into James’s throat, quickly followed by the same amount of piss from the shag . James would then wait there . How long for varied, a quick fuck would mean that within and hour James’s throat would be impaled on Michael’s dick cleaning it off, as the shag ‘s footsteps were audible walking down the footpath.On two occasions Michael summoned James into the lounge and ordered him to clean out the freshly fucked arse, whilst a conversation on whether this was normal behaviour for a landlord took place above him. But for the most part James quietly waited. The only noise being the energetic sex n loses that cam e from the lounger, and the laughter and hum of indecipherable conversation afterwards. karabağlar escort On those occasions James would only move when Michel told him it was bed time and then only after he had served as a urinal for both men. Each morning Michael would appear quickly followed by the overnight guest, their bladders full and desperate to be emptied, however James was not going to be lucky enough to savour the taste . as hey would point tier dicks not at his mouth but the mattress. if he was lucky some of it would hit his body otherwise it was a case of James being taunted and told that he wasn’t even deserving to be used as a urinal that early of a morning,.”Your not even good enough for this random pick up’s piss” James’s response was always the same “Not Sir, thank you Sir” James’s had reconciled himself to never sleeping on a dry mattress again, when Michael announced the change to sleeping arrangements. He was turning James’s room into a guest room, This would of course require a new mattress, paid for by James, after all he was the landlord and owner of the house. Although there were a number of other bedrooms in the house, Michael suggested that James would feel more at home sleeping on the floor .”Do you agree” “Yes Sir” Two days later, the new mattress arrived. The night before had seen Michael bring two men home and rather than use the bathroom in the middle of the night they had both been encouraged to either use James, or his mattress. The delivery men were slightly taken aback when James opened the door to them naked ,with a gamp sheen of what they hoped was sweat and were even more so when they followed James up the stairs, and their nostrils were hit by the bayındır escort aroma of piss. They quickly dumped the new mattress against the wall of the bedroom, and hurried out , wanting to get to their next delivery where hopefully more normal people lived. “I’ve been told to give you this” stammered James. It was an envelope that Michael had given him that morning. One of the men opened it , thinking it better contain a fucking good tip. He looked at the note inside, and showed it to his colleague. They looked at each other briefly. Shrugging one moved towards James, and slapped him in the face. “According to this you like submitting to real men. Is that right?” “Yes Sir” “Why the fuck have you been standing round then get on your knees” James could do nothing else but obey. He fell down and was facing a crotch. The delivery man unzipped his trousers and pulled out a already hard cut dick, “I’ve never had a queer suck me off before, let’s see if you are any better than my girlfriend” It wasn’t long before the other deliveryman started to get agitated at being left out. “He’s got a second hole , use that” the first said as he grabbed the back of James’ head making him gag. He briefly relaxed his grip as he lowered himself so he was on his knees , and forcing James into a position where his arse was now available. Despite the lack of lube James was relieved how easily the dick invaded his arse. A wave of emotion came over him briefly. This was the first time he had had proper sex in ages. It was a reminder that his late husband had instilled in James the idea that for the most part sex was not a romantic encounter but one where James was simply on object that would help narlıdere escort another man or men come. This went on for some ten minutes before both men withdrew and shot their load over him, on his back the other on his face. The one who had been face fucking him lifted him up slightly and threw James onto the ,mattress. “Apparently you now have to stay there until someone called Michael comes home ” He delivered a ball of spit that hit James in the face, He then pointed his dick at the mattress and unleashed a stream of piss , deliberately aiming it so it avoided James. “If you’d been as good as my girl friend you’d have had that to drink as a treat” Michael’s pressed his size 12 foot against his landlord’s face as it lay on the floor outside of his bedroom. As the older man grunted he pushed the foot harder on his face making him fight for breath. He tried to ignore the fact that one hand kept working its way down to his dick. That will have to be sorted out Michael thought to himself. He still thought that this could end up with him looking for a new place to live, after all outside on the pavement a perfectly good mattress was waiting to be picked up by the council. Perfectly good if you ignored the fact that it was drenched with gallons of piss. He was getting away with dominating James’ what exactly were his limits. How much more humiliation could one man take, and how much submission could he provide. As he pressed down harder Michael’s own dick got harder, he remembered Dave’s’ advice that this form of control was addictive and at times even more fun than sex. As he rubbed his own dick he realised that Dave was correct He removed his foot and spat in James’ face. I’ll be back in 90 minutes be ready for me. He hadn’t even closed the garden gate, and James was down stairs, already in position. The younger man would soon tire of him and work out that he could find a younger fitter slaver, but until that time came James was willing to submit as much as was necessary. If only he could learn to stop touching his cock at inappropriate moments.

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