Adventures of Mega: Head Game


Mega opened one eye and peeked around the room. Her body told her that she had a very interesting night, she slept wonderfully and that she was not in the privacy of her hotel room. She sat up holding the duvet to her body surveying her surroundings more thoroughly. About to give up and grab her clothes that were laid out neatly on the bed, she spotted a note next to her bag.

“Sorry I had to run out for an important business meeting. Make yourself at home….or not. ~D.” Mega turned the paper over and frowned, No number? Disappointment washed over her face. Skipping her undergarments, she stepped into her sweats, threw the rest of her belongings in her bag and headed towards the door.

In the lobby, the same security guard was sitting at the front desk and when he saw her jumped up to speak her.

“Excuse me.” He looked like a taller version of Cedric the Entertainer and looked at her as if he could see into her soul.

She stepped back, “Yes?”

He spoke closing the gap between the two of them. Mega’s first instinct was to open it more, but she did not want to come off in an bad kind of way so she let him into her personal space. He whispered, “Davis told me to let you know that if you needed a ride back to your car to let me know and I will call for a car. Or, if you needed to be brought home.”

“Its not far, I will walk.” She stepped past the guard.

“He actually you would say that. He insists and it would be his pleasure for skipping out so early.” His facial expression gave away that he was supposed to be a little bit more discreet than that.

Her answer was turning around and heading for the door. Outside the air was crisp and refreshing on her warm face. Brushing off the fact that she had just broken her number one do not do (one night stands with strangers), she made her walk back to her rental. She had just enough time to shower, check out of her hotel and make it back home by dinner time.

Once back in her hotel room, Mega noticed that the message light on her phone was blinking. Anyone who knew where she was for the weekend, knew to call her cell phone. Having no missed calls, she sat on the side of the bed, naked, with a white hotel towel barely wrapped around her breast and placed the receiver to her ear. “You have one new message, please press one to receive your message or–”

Pressing one, she continued to listen, “Mega,” her heart stopped at the familiar chocolate voice, “Davis. Kıbrıs Escort I’m so very sorry that I had to run out like that. It sounds bad but I put the rest of your money in your bag along with my number. Please don’t be alarmed that I know where you’re staying. I know things. Talk to you soon. I hope.”

She hit seven to erase the message and walked over to her bag. Inside, was the an envelope and a slip of paper with ten digits written in black ink.

Call him, her thoughts nudged her.

Mega sat on side of the tub and pulled out her cell. She wanted to be sure that he had her number so they could keep in contact.

He answered on the first ring, “Davis Hamilton?”

Mega sucked in her breath, Hamilton? Hamilton. Hamilton! Oh, shit, can’t be!

“Hello?” He was about to hang up.

“Davis? Hi, Mega. Hi.” She slapped her forehead.

“Mega?” He whispered, “I’m in a very important meeting. Call you back.” Davis clicked his cell phone off and smiled to himself once noticed the 203 area code and not the hotel’s.

Mega climbed in the shower and washed the sweaty sex off of her curvy body.

She had barely dried off when her cell buzzed.

“Hello?” She cradled the phone between her ear and shoulder as she began to apply lotion to her body.

“Did I catch you before you left town?” Davis was on the other end.

“Was just thinking of staying another night.” She smiled into the receiver.

“On account of me?”

“No. Me. I’m liking the mattress on this bed.” Mega raised her leg up onto the bed and moisturized it.

“Oh yeah? How’s that treating you. I know the owner, I can file a complaint.” He confirmed it. He was the Davis Hamilton. He was the owner of this very chain of hotels she always told her assistant to book. “No complaints here. All smiles.”

“Good. Can I talk you into a late lunch?”

Mega glanced at the clock, the neon lights read, 11:49. She sighed, “I really have a few minutes to check out and get on the road for home. So much paperwork to do after these meetings and-“

He cut her off, “You can say ‘no’, spare me the excuses.”

“Its not that, its-“

“I will have you on the road by one. Skip the check-out, don’t worry about it, I’m sure the owner won’t mind and just enjoy this beautiful New York afternoon with me.” Before she could say it, he spoke, “Wear something comfortable. Wear anything. Or nothing. Just Kıbrıs Escort Bayan say yes.”

“Okay.” He was exhausting.

“Great. Leave your rental key and your belongings. I will have someone return the rental and one of my cars will drive you to your front door. That’s all I ask. Let me make up my rudeness from this morning.”

“Really I-” She began to protest.

“I insist. Tell me you really want to drive home in Sunday traffic?” Silence, “That’s what I thought. Be out front, say 12:15? Is that enough time.”

Do I really have a choice? She thought.

“If you need more time, say the word.”


“Only giving me thirty minutes, not even, but okay. See you at 12:30 in the lobby.”

She took her time. Debating whether or not she should wear jeans and a t-shirt or put on one of her business suits. Choosing comfort, she threw a t-shirt over her drying natural hair behind a headband, pulled her jeans over waist and stepped into her flats.

It was 12:25 when she rode the elevator down to the lobby. It was busier than when she made her ascent to her room, but she spotted him talking to the concierge at the front door. They were deep in a laughing conversation when the gentleman cleared his throat and nodded her way. Davis turned to face her and she almost lost her balance when she caught wind of his scent. It was heavenly and if they were in a different place, she probably would have jumped up and attacked him.

“Early. I like it.” He looked at his watch. “After you.” He stepped to the side and she couldn’t tell if she liked his cockiness or if it was turning her off. Taking the lead she smiled at the concierge holding the door open for her.

Once outside a town car was waiting and a woman held the door open for them. He spoke to her quietly as she responded with a kind smile and a nod.

Getting into the car, Davis moved closer to Mega and whispered in her ear, “I would fuck you right here if I you’d let me.”

“I’d let you.” Mega’s eyes went wide. That’s not what she intended on saying out loud.

Davis was just as shocked as she was, “Oh, my. Well, I would definitely need more than thirty minutes to eat.” He licked his lips.

“Take all the time you need.” There was no turning back now, she could tell that he was reliving last night by the look in his eyes. She looked up at the driver.

Davis reached over and pressed a button, sending Escort Kıbrıs a tinted window up between them and the driver, “You do this often?”

“Nah, I’m just prepared.”

He began unbuttoning her pants, but she stopped him. There was something she wanted to do so very badly to him. She unbuckled his pants, reached in and grabbed ahold of his hardening dick. “Mmmm,” She moaned as she slid him between her lips. Letting her tongue dance circles around his head she sucked more of him into her mouth. She heard him gasp for air as she slid all the way down his fully hard shaft; gagging a little, he was thicker than what she was used to. Mega found pleasure in pleasing men. It made her cum. If he was into it, she could cum harder sucking dick than being fucked. And the way he thrusted his hips upward, she knew she was going to enjoy this.

With half of him in her mouth, she swirled her tongue around the length of his shaft, “Oh goodness.” He breathed out as she deep throated him once again. “Oh, God.” He called out for mercy. He didn’t want to cum so quickly, but the way her tongue danced over his thickness he was on the brink of an orgasm. His body jolted forward forcing down her throat further and she took it. Teeth grazed his shaft and it sent a shiver up his spine. “Ahh.”

He began to thrust faster in her mouth as she slobbed on his dick, swirling her tongue and pumping her fist with his motions. Mega patted his stomach making him slow down. She didn’t cum yet and she was determined to get hers. “Slow down.”

“It just feels so good.”

She went back to work. Removing her hand from the shaft she began to deepthroat him in a swift motion. Up and down. Up. Suck on the head. Down. Lick the shaft. She found her rhythm again and was close to cumming herself.

He bent over and in her ear said, “Damn, Mega, the way you suck my cocky. Damn. Your head game make a dude fall in love.”

She came and thought Aww shit, Mega you did it again. Pull back, baby. And with that she focused on his head once more. Twirling it between her lips and tongue. Making it wet. He reached for her afro and fucked her face til he exploded into her mouth. She wanted to spit, but he wouldn’t let go of her head as he filled her mouth with warm cum. Luckily, it didn’t taste so bad and she swallowed as his orgasm subsided.

He was exasperated, but reached over and handed her a napkin. She wiped, but didn’t spit like he expected. Mega smiled at him when his eyes widened and a devilish grin spread across his face.

“Mega.” He nodded and smiled. “I got plans for you.”

She didn’t know what that meant, but she grinned out the window as she noticed they were sitting in Sunday afternoon traffic on I95.

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