After 25 Years of Waiting


I had known Sharon since we were teens. Our fathers were co-workers, so we had met a few times back then at parties, barbecues or work events. I always thought she was kind of cute for a tomboy, and even thought I was 16 and she was only 13, we were a bit flirtatious. Nothing ever came of it, and when she moved out to go live with her mom, we never saw each other anymore.

Flash forward about 25 years, and we crossed paths again, as both of us had daughters who were the same age that were Junior High age competitive cheerleaders. We were both married to attractive spouses, but being married with children (2 for her, one for me) does lead to a more mundane lifestyle. As luck would have it, after 25 years, we both had 2 things in common; we both had a wild streak that we had to suppress to be family people, and we both were really into fitness. My wife was sexy and attractive, but Sharon’s body was a different type; rock solid, at about 5′ 3″ and 120 lbs of solid muscle. She didn’t have much in the way of boobs, but she had firm abs and a great ass. Her face was OK, not classically beautiful, but still kind of pretty and framed by short blond hair. It was made even better by piercing blue eyes that had a sexy hint of crazy in them. Any time she wore shorts or a skirt to the studio where he girls practiced, I couldn’t help but look at her nice, toned calves and thighs. She caught me looking more than once, and would just smile, so I knew she at least liked the attention.

One of the other cheer-parents who were a bit wealthy would have dinner parties in their 3 story house that most of the families would attend. The wine would flow, and Sharon and I would often be flirty like we were teens again. The only difference was, we had spouses around so we naturally would tone it down a bit. Even then, while we would hold back with our comments, there was a lots of eye contact and evil grins, and hello and goodbye hugs were just a bit tighter and longer than with other parents. Not enough to be noticeable to others, but I could tell we were bordering on inappropriate.

After months of this, at one of the usual parties that was thrown a day before a grand national event, things finally bubbled over. An innocent enough encounter in a hallway with nobody around, we both moved to let the other pass, and both move the same way like a slapstick move and bumped into each other. Maybe I had to much to drink, or maybe I had just had enough flirting. But when we bumped, I let her into my body so that we pressed together. I put a hand on her hip and pressed her into me and held her there for a moment. I was sure she could feel my bulge against her thigh.

“Hey…what do you think you’re doing?” she asked with a sly smile, her icy blue eyes wide open.

I smiled back, “Sorry, do you really want me to let go?

She bit her lip and answered “mmmm…” and then glanced around and pulled me into the spare bedroom our hosts were using to store all the coats stacked on the bed. We ducked behind the partially closed door to so we couldn’t be seen, but nobody would be suspicious if they walked over either. In an instant we pressed our lips together and I could feel her soft moist tongue writhing in my mouth. I hand one hand on the back of her neck massaging it, and the other massaging her firm ass. She had both hands draped over my shoulders, but quickly moved one down to my crotch where she groped and stroked my growing hard on. Our hearts were pounding, but we knew we had to stop.

She moved a bit back and quietly asked “Are you going to fuck your wife tonight?” When I didn’t answer immediately, she squeezed my dick harder and asked again more firmly “Are you going to fuck your wife tonight?”

“Probably, yeah,” I answered somewhat weakly, “Saturday is our night Kocaeli Escort usually.”

“When you do, you better be thinking of ME. Close you eyes and imagine your inside me…because I’m going to be thinking of you while Curt is fucking me.” She squeezed again to emphasize how serious she was.

“When are we going to fuck for real?” I inquired.

She smiled “Oh, I have an idea…so save some energy for tomorrow.”

That night, I did in fact fuck my wife, Ellen. It was rougher than usual, and I spent most of the time on top of her with her legs pinned up to her shoulders, pounding her with all my might. And like Sharon had demanded, I thought about her the whole time my rigid cock was slamming into my petite, little, brunette wife.

“Fuck honey!” she moaned “are you trying to break me in half? Not so hard!”

Her voice distracted me from my thoughts of Sharon’s toned, milky white skin. I grabbed Ellen around the the throat with my left hand and squeezed hard enough to cut off most of her air. Her eyes bulged and I managed to start pounding into her pussy even harder.

“Well you’re gonna take it, you fucking hear me?!?!?!” Her brow furrowed in anger, and she dug her fingers into my hips, and I could feel her nail scratching into my skin. I was pumping into her so fast, and her pussy was so wet, that I could barely feel the friction. The whole time I was thinking about how Sharon had tasted earlier that evening, and how good it felt to have her squeezing the cock my wife was now enjoying. As crazy as it sounded, I wanted to fuck Ellen hard enough that Sharon felt it.

Just as I was about to explode, I pulled my cock out of Ellen and let it shoot all over her. The first stream reached all the way up to her face and hair, and she cringed from it as the rest of my load splattered across her tits and stomach. As I caught my breath, I could see she was pissed.

“You asshole! You got it in my hair!” she complained.

I apologized, but the truth was I couldn’t really care that much, because all I could think of was how years of waiting were going to come to an end, and I was finally going to have Sharon. And as much as I enjoyed my wife, Sharon would be a special treat, like my desert.

“You were way rough, too. What was up with that?” She asked.

“Mmm…I don’t know. Maybe one drink too many?” I pleaded.

“I’m not complaining, other than having to get this out of my hair,” she continued, calming down a bit. “It was just…different,

The next day, all the parents brought the girls to the convention center where the competition would take place, and after dropping the girls with the attendants, met for a brunch like we usually did. The event was for two days, and while some of the parents got rooms at the adjoining hotel, we lived 15 minutes away and didn’t bother. Sharon and Curt did have a room.

“Hey, I have a cooler upstairs, so we can all sit around the pool this afternoon during the break, the girls can swim, we can have a cocktail or three.” Curt loved to drink, it was one of the things that pissed Sharon off about him.

The other parents all seemed in agreement. Sharon smiled sly and looked at me out of the corner of her eye. Ellen didn’t like to drink, and since our daughter had an extra duo performance, she would be tied up redoing her hair and makeup while the other girls swam…which meant I would have about an hour to kill. I have to admit, Sharon was pretty sharp; she had realized this all along.

A couple hours later, Curt had downed 2 drinks for every drink anyone else had finished, and had no intention of leaving the pool; he loved to be the life of the party.

“My headache is killing me, I’m going to take a nap. Do you have your card? I forgot mine in Kocaeli Escort Bayan the room. I’ll be back before the break is over”

“Here, no hurry. weather this nice, I think I can miss some cheerleading.” Chris replied with a content smile.

“Room 327, take me away,” Sharon said as she walked away. It was totally goofy and unimaginative, but it worked. Nobody really paid attention, and I got the info I needed. She smiled at me as she walked by, and I took a slightly longer look than I should have as she strode across the deck, her toned leg muscles looking strong and sexy in her khaki shorts and tank top. She wasn’t wearing a bra, which was normal for her, and I could see the outlines of her nipples.

I had been fiddling with my phone for a while on purpose, and announced “I gotta take off for a few. It looks like one of the servers is erring out at work. I’m gonna grab my machine from the car and see if I can get on the hotel’s wi-fi and get it fixed before the next competition round.”

I got a couple nods, but with Ellen off with our daughter, none of the group cared all that much, since they were more concerned with their daughters in the pool and their drinks. Nobody saw me grab an elevator to the 3rd floor.

My heart was racing and I could feel blood flowing to my groin and my cock slowly expanding. Time was ticking, and we had maybe 40 minutes in total left to work with.

The doors opened after the longest two floor elevator ride ever, and I quickly moved through the halls, checking the room numbers as I went. I turned the corner, and there she was, with her back leaning against the door, one foot cocked behind her against the it.

She ran her front teeth over her lower lip, before licking her upper lip and telling me “Well, here we are.” Those icy blue eyes looked even more crazed than they normally did.

I moved quickly to her, pressed myself against her, grabbing her hands and holding them over her head and pinning them to the door, grinding my crotch into hers as our mouths met and our tongues attacked each other’s. After a few moments, I moved my mouth to her neck and kissed and licked below her ear. I could hear her breathing picking up in intensity.

“Let’s get in the room!” She gasped with a desperate tone.

I let go of her wrists and her shaking hands ran the card through the door’s reader. It wasn’t easy for her with my hands fondling her body while she did it, but we got inside and slammed the door shut.

She pulled away from me and in one motion pulled off her tank top. Like usual, she didn’t have a bra on and her small but thick nipples stood out against her small breasts. While she was taking off the top, I had kicked off my sneakers. Before she could undo her khaki shorts, I basically tackled her onto the bed, sucking and nibbling gently on her tits. She didn’t have much, but they seemed to be sensitive judging from her moans.

“Careful with the biting.” She reminded me, “Don’t leave marks.”

She had undone the button of her shorts, and that was enough for me to grab at the waist and pull them right off of her in one rough motion, grabbing her underwear along with them. I noticed she was completely hairless and her pussy lips and clit were thick and they were also both very pink and very wet. They glistened in the room’s light.

She began to speak “Aren’t you going to take o-” and then she was abruptly cut off by me shoving my face into her pussy and extending my tongue inside her. I fucked her with my tongue, taking care to use the tip of it to stroke her clit each time I took it out of her. After a minute or so, she began to buck her hips up against me, in rhythm with my licking.

“Yes…yes! YES!!” she exclaimed as her whole body tensed Escort Kocaeli and her hands grabbed at my hair. She shuddered for a few moments and then went limp. Ellen had never been able to come from me licking her, but Sharon came in just a few minutes. As she recovered, I leaned back and licked my lips, savoring the taste of her. I looked down at her lean and toned body, her legs spread out and her chest still heaving with her blue eyes looking glazed over, almost like she was high. I decided she was in great shape, so she didn’t need time to recover from the orgasm.

I pulled off my shirt and dropped my pants and underwear. I was already full erect and I pulled her to the edge of the bed, and pushed myself into her. Her pussy was wet, but still tense from her orgasm, and I could see it hurt her a bit as I entered her, but I couldn’t help myself. She was so wet and hot, I somehow felt myself get even harder, almost to the point of being uncomfortable. I threw a leg over each shoulder and started working her over.

“You should have put a condom on,” she said between deep breaths.

“I don’t plan on cumming inside you…at least not your pussy” I replied with a grin.

She smiled back “we don’t have time to make too much of a mess.”

“Then I guess you better swallow it all, baby” was my reply.

After a few minutes, her pussy had loosened up, and her moaning increased. I could tell she was ready to cum again. Cumming while on her back was another thing Ellen couldn’t do, she had to be in a straddling position. I couldn’t help but compare the woman I was fucking to my wife.

I had periodically changed pace, and I found one she liked a lot and she begged “Oh God, keep doing that!”

I did as requested and she built up to her orgasm, pumping her ass up off the bed. I ran my hands over her smooth, firm legs as I pumped her as hard and steady as I could. It took all my might not to cum myself, until finally she let out a long “oooohhhh!!” and I could fell her body quake and her pussy contract on me. After finishing her second orgasm of the session, her body relaxed some and she smiled at me.

“So, you got something for me, or what? she taunted with lust in her eyes. I couldn’t take any more. I pulled out, put her legs down and moved up so that I was straddling her face and forcing my hard dick that was soaked in her juices between her red lipsticked lips.

I only needed to fuck her mouth for a few pumps before I let out my own “Oooooohhh!!” and sent multiple gushes down her throat. Her hands grabbed my ass cheeks and her head bobbed away as she siphoned out every drop I had. Even after I was spent, she slowly moved her mouth over my shaft, caressing me with her tongue.

When she finally let me out of her mouth, I looked at the clock, because even though it seemed like it had been 5 or 10 minute romp, it had been closer to 30 minutes since we met at the door. With the minutes spent at the poolside gathering waiting to get away, our time was almost up; Ellen would be out of the dressing room and wondering where I was.

“Wipe my lipstick off your cock and get going. You don’t want Ellen to come looking for you and find you with a red ring on it” she said with an evil grin. “do me one favor though.”

“What’s that?”

“Don’t brush your teeth and go kiss Ellen, like French her, OK?”

It came out of left field, and I looked puzzled. She added “I’ve always had a thing for her.

She’s got that sexy, shy housewife thing going on. I don’t think she swings that way, so at least I want her to taste my pussy on your tongue and lips. She’ll never suspect, so promise, OK?”

It was twisted, but no more than what we had just done. And it made my mind race to some even more twisted ideas, that were suddenly very appealing to me.

“Sure…I promise. As long as you promise that this little bit of fun isn’t a one time thing.”

“Deal” she replied, extending her hand to shake on it.

We both shook hands, laughed, and exchanged one more kiss before returning to our families.

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