Bedtime Story


We laid on the bed, and I immediately cuddled in his arms. I knew what was about to come, Alex had this gleam in his eyes, a tiny mischievous flame in there that was going to translate in his voice, and ignite the evening.

It was Bedtime Story Hour.

Alex has this way with words, words as agile as his long, supple, tender hands. Every time, they make their way onto my flesh, working it gently, wrapped as they are in his warm, husky voice.

“Would you care to have a look at what is going on in the subway, right now?” he said, smiling.

“Yes, I would like that very much, Alex.”

The game was afoot.

The object of game is for me to remain aloof and attentive to the story, and not to jump the storyteller before he has finished. My statistics are not so good. But I am a very happy woman.

“Ok,” Alex went on. “So we are aboard the Montreal Metro, deep in the bowels of the City. Late evening. Not many people yet on the subway. Only tired, and lost, and late people. Picture it?”

“Oh yes, I do.” I was squirming with pleasure, already.

“Now. There is a young woman standing up. One hand holding a post, the other reading some girlie magazine. She is evidently high class. West Island, for sure. Designer clothes. Short flowery skirt, short beaded jacket, long hair. She is tall and slim, but with curves everywhere anyway. Make-up, jewels, manicure, the whole nine yards. Pretttttttty. The type anyone would want to fuck anytime, man or woman. See the type?”

“I already want her for myself,” I moaned.

My hand was already resting there, so I thought Alex would not mind if I started caressing his thigh. He made a slapping sound with his tongue — lashing sound — and he slapped my hand away.

“Let me at least begin this story!” His tone was falsely scolding, he was enjoying the game at least as much as I was. “So… there stands the pretty girl. But… sitting not so far away, you and I can tell that she is growing… nervous. Somehow. Not totally concentrated on her reading. Oh. Maybe because of this man facing her, sitting, sprawled, really. He is tall, strong, crumpled, unkempt, his cargo pants and tired coat speak working class. Unshaven. Mop of dark curly hair, tousled. Intensely bright green eyes. Reminds you of anyone you know?”

“Oh God, no… He looks too much like you! …”

I was laughing hysterically. Alex had just described himself as I have seen him in photos of his past… a gloriously gorgeous rebel. Now, he looks slightly more sophisticated, stronger, more of a gloriously gorgeous gentleman. In bed, still, naked, his flesh subtly tinted by the golden light of a single candle, he looks like a King.

“Hmmm? Well, yes! Oh yes, but just a coincidence.” Alex sneered at the implication. “He is watching her hard enough that she can very well feel uneasy. Hmmm. He stares escort bayan ataköy at her, up and down. He glares at her breasts, at her crotch. His eyes are so focused, we can tell, you and I, can’t we?”

“Oh, so much. He is getting hard for her!”

Wanting to illustrate the story (what is a bedtime story without proper imaging?) I groped at the storyteller’s crotch… another pitiless slap. But he who tells the story leads the game, and so has every right. Alex took advantage of the rules he had invented himself, and gently caressed my breasts with the back of his hand.

“He wants her alright,” Alex agreed, “but he knows she is out of his league. Some West Island bitch with a career and nothing but disdain for guys like him, leering at girls on the Metro, which now stops… doors open. The girl squirms and fidgets, and watches the open doors. She is afraid and wants to leave. Then… have you seen the smallest smile there? The blush on her cheeks? Did you see it too?”

“Oh. The wanton bitch. She is wetting for him.”

“Yup. Her heart is beating fast, she knows she should flee, yet she remains there. Faking to read her serious fashion mag. How are we doing, babygirl?”

But I am not really allowed to respond, am I? That game is really a test of endurance. I know I will ultimately lose it. And Alex knows it too. So why spoil the fun and let him be aware of my desire too soon? Why submit to the King so easily?

“Feeling sleepy, but go ahead,” I yawned treacherouly.

He was no fool, my beloved, to my false indifference. His boyish grin said so.

“Shall I continue?” there was a hint in his voice that he might not.

“Might as well,” I hastily retorted.

“So at last, he moves. Gets up on his feet. Walks towards her. All the while, glaring at her with furious emerald lust.”

“Mmmmm… I so know that look.”

I am allowed at least to shift my body in his arms, in his warmth, to lay upon his chest, to smell his maddening scent. The scent of a beloved man… nothing is as sweet. Nothing.

“He grabs the pole too,” Alex said, holding me a bit closer, “touching her fingers with his own. She moves her hand away as if shocked, her breathing stops, and starts again, slightly more on the panting mode. She does not dare look into his eyes, so she looks down… at the bulge at his crotch.”

I am no actress. Not when it comes to what Alex does to me. A short, stunning throb started between my legs. I could not refrain a deep moan from coming out through my bathed breath.

“What the hell was that?” Alex enquired, as if he did not know.

“Just a slight tension in my spine, honey. Had a rough day, you know.”

“Poor baby. Good thing I am there to take care of you and lull you to sleep.”


“Maybe we should go on with the story another time?” escort bayan fatih Again, the threat.

The little rascal… He breathed those words just against my lips. He knew now how they trembled, how they needed to taste him. I reached out to kiss him, and he sat back up in the bed, tucking an arm under his head, staring ahead as is he was truly watching the scene in the subway. Alex shows no sense of fair play at these moments. That was utter provocation.

“Too bad. Just as things were becoming interesting,” Alex pouted.

“I am not that tired, you know.”

“Well, if you insist… Where was I? Oh yeah. So the West Island girl sees the grunge guy’s hard-on. She moans a desperate, virtually unheard, and totally insincere call for help. She looks around, but sees only our excited smiles, and a couple of rasta guys at the back, exchanging lewd comments, and cheering the stranger on. Said stranger takes advantage of a swaying curve on the Metro line, and presses himself against her.”

“She felt hard cock!!!”

“Next station. Doors open. The hockey game just ended at Bell Centre. The Canadiens won (so you can tell that is a fantasy). Dozens of beer-filled partying guys (just a few chicks) push themselves in, still chanting “Go, Habs, Go”. They flood around the isolated couple. The girl pretends offence when she sees the stranger is unzipping his pants. The crowd is pushing them closer together. Through her skirt, she feels… It. She starts making those small sounds again, like she is oh! so fearing the assault. With the result that a few drunken hockey fans around them notice what is going on. A man that will remain unknown feels her left breast. Still playing the offended virgin, she gently pulls up the front of her skirt. Guess what? No panties. What do you think will happen now, babygirl?”

“The good looking stranger will fuck her?”

“Well, indeed, he will.” Alex’ breath was a bit faster now. “And every tossing of the train will add to the… friction. Guy is groaning and pawing. But before he takes her, he removes his belt, and uses it to tie her wrists to the pole, high above her head, and so very tight.”

And the moment I had been waiting for finally arrived, the moment when the spinner gets tangled in his own web. Alex’ tales are ultimately a way for him to get his pleasure from me, but he sometimes gets caught in his own trap. I felt his sex slightly, then not so slightly, pushing against my arm, pulsating, on fire. His hips tensed, as he was fighting the urge to rub himself against me.

Time for counter-attack. With the tip of my tongue, I drew a line along his throat, while my hand caressed his side. There was a subtle arching of his back, and he managed to courageously go on.

“Stop that,” he growled.

“Stop what, my love?”

“You know what.”

“Why escort bayan şişli should I stop?”

“Because I say so. Also remember I can stop my storytelling at any moment, and slap your pussy for no particular reason.”

He was going too far. The truant would not get away with such cheekiness. I reached out and firmly squeezed his hard sex, while my thigh covered his, marking the beginning of a coup d’état. The repressed citizen was threatening to take over.

“Really. My story must be better than I thought.” Oh, this sexy voice, full of dark desire now. “I must conclude soon. So. He pushes his hips forward, entering her pussy with his burning cock. He is ramming her without any shame or restraint. With this cruel, angry look on his face. A small group of witnesses have closed in. She feels a few hard cocks rubbing themselves against her. He does too. We are forced to walk back. For a second, we fear to loose sight of the show.”

Alex took a deep breath, and charged back. The King will suffer no rebellion. He swiftly shifted his weight to pin me down onto the bed, holding me tight. His thigh ragingly found its way between mine, and he spread them apart with a fierce kick of the knee. His impatient manhood was scorching my flesh.

Still, he went on with the tale, his voice hoarse and slightly panting.

“Next station,” he whispered as he furiously searched his way in. “Crowd partly leaves the car. Good. Better view for us. Quite an orgy going on now, what with the strangers fucking (she is still “complaining”, and faking efforts to free her tied up hands), the strangers rubbing themselves against them, a few other guys masturbating at the sight. Already smells like fuck in there. Here and there, in the back of the wagon, a few outraged female protests are heard. But, louder now, the couple explode in pleasure. Like beasts, howling.”

A growl in his throat, as he entered me… I wanted to scream with joy, but I bit my lips, and wrapped my legs around his slender hips. The mutiny was contained, as the King claimed his territory.

“Next station.” Alex let a deep sigh die in his throat before going on. “The stranger has to get off the subway now, as it reached his station. He withdraws from the girl, zips up his pants, retrieves his belt, ties it around her wrists, and walks out of the Metro, pulling her behind him with the improvised leash.”

“Oh my god… Alex…”

“He snarls in a victorious smile as passers-by stare at the girl being led at the end of a leash, and at her long legs, male cum dripping all the length of them. They disappear into the night. And now, my baby should cum.”

I exploded as a thunderous wave overcame me. My beloved was totally owning me now, or so he thought. As I writhed and swayed in his arms, he mistook my wicked laughter as a sign of pleasure only, as he also mistook the meaning of my intense gaze into his eyes.

“Thank you… Thank you my love…” I smiled victoriously.

“What on earth happened to make you soooooo fucking tame???”

“You, my love. You happened to me.”

But also, I had won the game for the first time.

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