Best of Friends


Kristy and I have had the closest of friendships for as long as I can remember but, as the old cliché goes, nothing physical ever materialised out of our relationship. That is until and since that one unforgettable day when Kristy and I spontaneously undid years of plutonic friendship. I still don’t know what it was, maybe it was the alcohol, or maybe it was the belting midday sun, or maybe it was just years of subliminal sexual tension finally given a chance to free itself. But whatever it was, it was certainly magnificent.

Since we were young children Kristy and I had been the closest of friends, our parents were good friends who saw each other a lot during our earlier years, and, for one reason or another the two of us just hit it off. We shared absolutely everything: toys, homework, secrets, and then, as puberty hit, sexual education as well. But it was sexual discovery without any explicit “physical” intimacy, just a sharing of experiences and fantasies, in the same way any two close same-sex friends do at that age.

On this day however we had grown out of puberty and had been through several partners, we were also well aware of each other’s sexual history, lifestyles and current commitments. Kristy was 21; 11 months and 12 days younger than I and she was at the peak of her physical development. Her gloriously athletic body, the sculpted result of years of competitive outdoor hockey, combined with the impeccable bronze tan that comes from living and training in the tropical climate of the mid-eastern coast of Australia really did produce a positively stunning 5′ 7″ figure. Kristy’s shoulder length, uniform brown locks, which she put up in a half ponytail when training but always let down for the night life, was highlighted with streaks of deep maroon and hung over her cheeks to frame her flawless tanned skin that rarely demanded the smallest application of make-up.

Kristy had always mocked me for my tendency to be less than discerning when we went out on the town and I was eager to pick up, “You’re soooo easy!” she would accuse me, “if I acted like you you’d be calling me a slut!”

“But you do act like me, and you are a slut!” I’d retort sarcastically, receiving a punch in the arm for my vain attempt at wit.

Kristy certainly didn’t have the monopoly on judging me though, not exactly being a stranger to the odd one-night-stand herself. There’s no doubt about it, we are both confident people, we know what we wanted and, more or less, how to try and get it. And when it came to sex, we certainly didn’t have the inhibitions our parents so desperately tried to instil in us, I put it down to our shared innate curiosity that was so clear from our young years. Now, from what I could gather from the stories Kristy told me about her lovers, she was fantastic in bed. She would often come over to my place and we’d sit around talking about our relationships, and it never ceased to amaze me just how strong her libido was. She once told me about a time when she was so horny at work all day that she came straight home, sat down in front of the TV, put on an “erotic film,” as she likes to describe them, and made herself cum in two minutes, after which she was still so turned on that she called her boyfriend over, fucked his brains out for half an hour, then, still horny, sucked him until he was hard again and then rode him for another 45 minutes. Now obviously after hearing a few of these kinds of stories I got to thinking about what it would be like to be with her but when it came down to it, it just never seemed right to do anything. Anyway, the bottom line is that Kristy, my best friend, also happens to be a BIG hit with the boys.

Now this day I’m describing was about a month and half ago when we, along with her boyfriend and my girlfriend, had drove down the coast together, as we had done a thousand times before. We stayed at a cheap motel overnight and in the morning drove the rest of the way to our destination, a small town on the east coast of Australia famous for its deserted beaches and pure, clear water. We hired a tinny for the day, packed a picnic with plenty of beverages and set out into the Pacific to explore the small, uninhabited islands that pockmarked the bay. After half an hour or so of chugging around the small land masses we came across an ideal little island to stop for lunch. The western beach was sheltered from the ocean winds and waves yet too far out to be seen from shore. The little island was composed of pure sand, thickly covered in one certain type of tree that seemed to be devoid of leaves yet oddly dense in twigs and branches. We pulled the small boat onto the beach, laid out the towels on the vast stretch of sand between the waterline and the tree line, opened the esky and cracked open a beer each.

The sun was beating down relentlessly and the two girls decided it was a perfect opportunity for some sun baking so they stripped their clothes, and briefly modelled their bikinis for us to ogle at before laying themselves out on the towels, closing their eyes and soaking up the rays. Although quite content istanbul escort to sit and watch the two women stretch out in scant clothing, Kristy’s boyfriend, Keith and I decided to try our hand at a spot of fishing so we wandered northbound up the beach in search of a good spot. An hour later and with not a nibble on our lines I decided to head back to the towels and refresh myself with some more beer while Keith, who has far more patience than I and fancying his luck would soon change, remained behind. When I arrived back at our spot my girlfriend, Jade was sitting alone on her towel, drinking a can of pre- mixed vodka.

“Hey sexy” I said, “what’s doing?” Jade had stripped off her bikini and was bathing in the hot sun, obviously trying to remove those annoying bikini lines that comes with sun baking in more public areas.

“Just chillin'” she responded “Kristy’s gone to explore a bit”

“Cool” I said, reaching into the esky and pulling out another beer. “It’s pretty bloody hot over here”

“Yeah, I know” she grinned at me “all the better to tan with!” she added as she laid back down and closed her eyes, clearly intent on developing skin cancer in a single afternoon. By the time I’d finished that beer and cracked the next I was becoming quite hot and decided I needed a break.

“I don’t know how you can do this Jade” I whined to my girlfriend “I’m boiling here!” I sat up and grabbed a vodka from the esky for Kristy “I’m gonna go see if I can find Kristy in the shade somewhere” I said as I wandered off past the tree line into the bush.

Kristy’s footsteps were easy to follow; it was obvious from the deep and long prints in the sand she had made that she was running through the trees. I was always amazed at just how much energy that girl had. I followed the prints, weaving in and out of trees, across small clearings and into denser scrub again for a few hundred metres when the trail suddenly stopped. Confused, I looked around for any sign of her direction. Nothing. Giving up and ready to go back to the towels I turned around and was about to walk out of the bush when I caught a glimpse of some bright blue material above me. I glanced up to find Kristy sitting in the branches of a tree grinning down at me like a child who had just won “hide and go seek.”

“Hey you” I called up to her “That can’t be too comfortable?”

“You’re right” she said “but the view’s tremendous!” She extended her arm out to me and motioned toward herself, “You should come up.”

“But I have drinks” I said reluctantly.

“Of course you do Robbo!” she said mockingly “you’re an alcho!”

“Yeah fuck you” I laughed as I climbed onto the first few limbs, trying desperately to control my open beer from spilling.

Finally I reached Kristy’s position and she shifted herself so there was room for me in the little niche of branches she had found. I opened her can of vodka and handed it to her while I tried in vain to settle comfortably into the tree.

“So, how’s things, matey?” Kristy asked in her characteristically bubbly tone.

“Ah you know, same old shit.”

“Uh huh” she agreed “And how’s things with Jade?” she grinned mischievously, nudging me with her elbow. I knew what that look meant, she wanted to know the “details” of our budding relationship.

“Well you know, so far so good” I replied innocently, but never one to hold back my thoughts from Kristy I grinned and added, “you know she’s got a magnificent body… well, she can REALLY use it!”

Kristy laughed at my excitement, “Wow, so she’s better than Andrea, then?” she was referring to one of my old girlfriends that I never really got along with except in bed, where we just happened to get along really well.

“Well, she made me cum with her hands last night in like three minutes, I mean I can’t do that to myself, so yeah, she’s pretty good in the sack!”

“That is impressive. And she sounds a bit like Keith – he had me cumming on his palm before I could get his pants open the other week, mind you I was in one of my “moods” again”

“It must be really nice to have your mood swings!” I exclaimed, “being in a constant state of arousal, I think I could really get used to that!”

“Oh yeah, it can be really good… sometimes it lasts for like an entire week!” she exclaimed, “And let me tell you, when I’m in such a vulnerable state of mind Keith really takes advantage of it!” she said, feigning indigence.

“Oh really?” I said, “walk me through that!”

A grin spread across Kristy’s face, “I’ve been dying to tell you about this for a week but we haven’t been alone together like this for ages!” My curiosity was piqued. “Anyway last week, when I was in one of my hornier moods, Keith managed to, um, “manoeuvre” me into a threesome with him and another girl.”

I was flabbergasted, and the sudden stirring in my pants unhinged me for a moment, “WHAT?!” was all I could manage.

“Yup” she said triumphantly “I bet you never thought I’d have a threesome before you ‘eh?” she grinned at me with a playful yet patronising look escort fındıkzade on her face

“No, I can’t believe it” I said, regaining my composure, “so who was it with, and how did it happen?”

“Well, this is the story. I was over at Keith’s place – you know he still lives with his parents right? – yep, so anyway his sister Karen and her friend, Belinda were over, they’re like 18 or something and have just finished high school, they’re in holidays at the moment, just partying everyday. So anyway I got over there and everyone (Keith Karen and Belinda) was in the pool, drinking and laughing and generally just getting pissed. So you know me, never one to shy away from losing a few brain cells I sculled a few tequilas to catch up, stripped off my clothes (to my underwear) and dived into the water.”

Now at this point I was engrossed in her story, I could well imagine where it was heading and for some reason, and for the first time I could remember, I was becoming aroused by her narration of one of her sexual escapades. I was also becoming quite nervous because I could feel the bulge rising in my pants, and because of the tight fabric of my board shorts without the restraint of any underwear or the shield of any shirt I was more than a little exposed to Kristy’s eyes should she drop them momentarily below my waist. Nevertheless I wasn’t about to interrupt her.

“So we splashed around a bit and continued to drink a lot, you know, just generally making dickheads of ourselves and having a good time, that is until Karen suddenly declared she wasn’t feeling too well and promptly leant over the side of the pool and emptied her guts into the garden! Well! Needless to say that was the end of her fun for the afternoon! Belinda, being the caring friend that she is, nursed Karen upstairs to her bedroom and put her to sleep, and that’s where Karen stayed for the rest of the day and night! Anyway, while Belinda was upstairs looking after Karen I was getting pretty horny so I started molesting Keith. It started with just the usual sort of kissing and fondling but since I was in one of my moods – and Keith knew it! – before Belinda had gotten back down to the pool Keith had my bra off and I had his cock in my hand, and every now and then I’d be ducking my head under the water to have a quick taste of it.”

If I thought I was aroused before I was almost exploding at this point! I was sitting very uncomfortably in this tree with Kristy squeezed right up against me and my cock was straining against my shorts, my hard 8″ shaft was all too obviously outlined in the fabric and in this position there was absolutely nothing I could do to hide it. Luckily, Kristy either didn’t notice or didn’t care and continued with her story.

“So we’re standing there in the pool kissing, sucking, fingering and pulling each other, you know, really getting worked up. Anyway it turns out that Belinda has come back downstairs and has been watching us, and Keith knew she was there all the time – I have feeling I was set up! In fact with him distracting me she had managed to get into the pool and sneak up behind me without me hearing a thing. The next thing I know I feel her naked chest pressing up against my back. I literally freeze and Keith just laughs at me and says ‘don’t worry baby, just go with it,’ I mean we’ve talked about doing something like that before but I was totally unprepared for this! Now I don’t know if Belinda’s bi or gay or what but she really knew what she was doing and it kind of freaked me out at first! She just nibbled on my ear and reached around me and slid her fingers into the front of my panties. Man, she was good. I came on her hand like three times before we both pulled and sucked Keith off in the water and then got out and went inside the house. And then it was ON, Belinda and I fucked Keith everyway about ten times and I had my first experience at going down on a girl – now that was weird! So after about four hours of fucking and sucking and licking we were completely stuffed – I woke up about an hour later in a heap of naked arms and legs and just thought, Holy Shit! Did I just do that?”

I was dumbfounded; it’s not as if I’ve never heard Kristy talk that explicitly before but something about this particular time turned me on in a very big way. I had become so uncomfortable in my position that I simply couldn’t sit there any longer.

“Bloody hell, Kristy! That was one hell of a story! I can’t believe you got to do that! But I am sooo uncomfortable up here I’ve really gotta get down right now!”

I swung my legs over the branch I was sitting on and let myself drop to the sand below, deliberately keeping my back to Kristy, praying that my erection would subside before I had to face her again. It was never going to happen, Kristy had jumped to the ground also and it seems that in my preoccupation with my own arousal and her story I had been completely unaware that Kristy had become quite stimulated herself during the reliving of her little adventure. She crossed the few feet of sand between the two of us and stood directly escort bayan rus behind me, with no more than a couple of centimetres separating us. I could feel her breath on the back of my neck, cooling my skin that was heated from the hot sun. Despite the unrelenting heat goose bumps rose on my arms as her breath travelled toward my ear and she began to speak.

“I see you liked my story hey tiger?” She breathed playfully into my ear, “Tell me Rob,” she continued as she wrapped her arms around my naked waist and rested them over my flat stomach, her fingers pointing downward only millimetres away from my outstretched cockhead. “You’ve never acted like this before… I mean I’ve never, well, seen this before” she teased me, tapping my stomach directly above my straining boardshorts, “Why is it, do you think, that you’re so excited?” I could tell she was speaking into my ear with that mischievous grin on her face that she reserved for only her most audacious exploits, “could it be Rob… that you finally want to fuck me?” I groaned audibly as she finished this sentence and giggled. Her hand had finally made its way over the tiny amount of skin separating her fingers and my hard shaft. “I thought so!” she said proudly, placing her hand lightly onto my cockhead.

The feeling of Kristy’s hand on my cock for the first time seemed to have swept away any misgivings or anxieties I’d had in the moments previous and I quickly relaxed and just went with it. I turned around and faced her, our eyes locking with identical grins spreading across our faces. She spoke first,

“Now then, I believe I’ve kept you couped up in those shorts for far too long, don’t you think?”

I didn’t respond, instead our lips met fiercely as if in battle, Kristy’s hands madly tore away the button on my shorts along with the Velcro that kept my fly together. Our wet lips covered each other’s faces, our tongues alternating between necks, ears and mouths as if we’d been doing it forever. It felt like 10 years of sexual tension was exploding out of my mouth and fingers at an astronomical pressure. Kristy’s nails were clawing at my back and her legs were wrapping around my waist as if she was trying to climb me like a tree. The warm skin of her stomach against mine was driving me on and I abruptly became aware she was still clothed, albeit scantily, in her bright blue bikini. I reached behind her and desperately grasped at the ties at her neck and back, tearing at each one until her breasts hung free and the material fell to the sand. I cupped them gently, as if they were some precious and fragile works of art and gently massaged them for my own pleasure. I ran my fingers across her large nipples, hardened to half their normal size and squeezed their pointed buds gently between my fingers.

Butterflies were running freely in my stomach and my blood was surely pure adrenaline as I felt my hard cock finally escape into the warm sea air and Kristy’s hand quickly close around it, her fingers expertly smothering pre cum over that most sensitive spot on the underside of the tip of my cock. “Oh fuck yes, Kristy” I moaned into her ear. She giggled and slowly began to pull my foreskin back and forth down off my cockhead and onto my shaft and then up over it again while firmly rubbing that spot with her thumb each time she made a pass.

“You like that, baby?” She grinned up at me, continuing to pull me off in a smooth, accelerating motion. “You have a very nice cock, Rob… It’s certainly grown a lot since I saw it in fifth grade”

I laughed at her little pun and pulled her lips toward mine, kissing her passionately while trying to pull her bikini bottoms down off her hips. Kristy gently removed her

hands from my cock and placed them on mine, stopping me from stripping her bare.

“Hold on there, Lover,” she advised me, “before you get me too carried away there’s something I’ve been dying to taste”

With that Kristy swung her hair back off her face, reached behind her head and put it up in a ponytail, preparing herself for what I knew was going to be a glorious experience for me. She dropped to her knees and my eyes travelled downwards, locked on hers as she lined up her moistened lips with the glistening tip of my cock. Smiling up at me she blew onto it softly, sending a shiver up my spine, then slowly, Kristy leaned forward and placed her pursed lips onto the very tip, closing her eyes and kissing it softly before gently allowing her lips to part against the pressure of my cockhead straining to enter her mouth’s warm embrace. As she engulfed me millimetre by millimetre my head became lighter and lighter until I thought my legs might buckle under my own weight. Thankfully I regained my composure as I became accustomed to the warm wetness of my best friend’s mouth around my throbbing shaft. I ran my fingers through her thick dark hair as she started to bob her head up and down on me, every now and then pausing to pay special attention to my sensitive tip with her well-trained tongue. She gave the best head I’d ever had, even better than my ex-girlfriend Andrea, and I savoured the sublime sensations as they built up within me to the point of boiling over. I looked down at her beautiful face just as she glanced up at me; her lips formed in a smile around my cock and she winked at me as if to say, “it’s about time isn’t it?”

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