BluBalls for Kitty’s BootBoy Ch. 09


I had really been getting into this whole begging thing, showing my little BootBoy something, making him want it, then making him beg for it…and the best part was telling him no and NOT letting him have it!

In the case of this particular evening of boot-based fun and games, my tease and denial activities involved making him beg to kiss or lick my boots, especially the high heels, then telling him no. And I had finally forced him to confess that he wanted to COME all over my boots, but I had made it a point to inform him that he was NOT going to be granted that, at least not on the particular pair of boots I was wearing at that moment.

Why? Because I was saving the best for last…the sexiest, sluttiest pair of shiny black spike-heeled boots I owned was going to be the one! Did he know that? No! Was I gonna tell him that right now?? No!!

Instead, I knew that there simply must be some other way to draw out this process…a way to prolong the exquisite agony (his) and the delicious pleasure (mine!) until I was good and ready to give him what I was offering, and then denying…

And then I had a simply delicious idea. BootBoy was on his knees in front of me while I made myself comfortable on my couch. Suddenly, and somewhat matter-of-factly I just held up my hand, clenching my fingers in a fist, then lifting one up, like I was counting. “Beg me to take out your cock!” I looked at him, and waited.

He looked at me, his eyes getting lost in mine for a moment, and then he did it, and he did it with enthusiasm!


I just held up that finger in his face, making it clear that that was one. And then he did it again, begging with a breathy, intense sound coming from his lips. “PLEASE!!”

I held up a second finger, showing him that I was starting to count the number of times he had begged. I waited again, and he paused, and I took my other hand, waving it in that in that motion you use when you want something to continue…


I third finger went up…where would this lead? How far would it go? Neither of us knew, and that was the fun of it…

Again and again he begged, and soon my second hand was involved as his begging intensified and I watched with glee. 7…8…9 times he begged, and on the tenth, I decided that it seemed like a nice, round number, and I simply said, “All right, that’s enough. Take out your cock!”

His hands trembled as he fumbled over the zipper and finally managed to pull it down, taking out his erection. I stared at it as it bounced and bobbed around, aroused, erect, and desperately needing my attention. I couldn’t resist lifting up my boot, poking and prodding it, and he moaned as he watched his kinky boot fantasies coming true – there I was, his gorgeous busty blonde cockteasing Boot Goddess, seducing and enslaving him with my kinky spike-heeled boots!

And best of all, I had finally allowed him to take out his cock, something he had been dying to do since the very first time he had laid eyes on me tonight! But it had been a long, hard road, with me showing myself off for him, dressed up sooooo sexy, first in a white outfit with white boots, then a pretty pink pricktease outfit with matching boots, and now…a totally red-hot getup with boots to match!

Every step of the way I had expertly strung him along, offering him progressively kinkier sexual favors…first letting him touch my boots, then letting him kiss them, then lick them…and each time I was making it hard on him, pulling my boots away from him at first, intensifying his desire for them. I was diabolically putting him through the paces of earning each and every little treat and reward I offered. The whole thing was absolutely wonderful, and we were both Marmaris Escort enjoying it immensely!

And now, after making him beg 10 times to take out his cock, and then teasing it with my boot after letting him whip it out, it was time to continue this new little begging and counting game…and I immediately had a few kinky ideas as to where this could go…and where I could take him.

Suddenly I pulled my boot away and asked playfully, “You like that, BootBoy? You like having me tease your cock with my sexy boots?”


“You want more?”


“What do you say?”

Again he started begging, and again I began counting with my fingers. Over and over we repeated the brand new begging game we had discovered, and this time I kept encouraging him to beg, but added a new little twist…I simply said the word “No” each time! I mean, that is what “tease and deny” means, isn’t it??

This seemed to really excite him, to be flatly denied after begging for something, and his begging immediately intensified as I rejected him. I mean, I was the one making him want it, giving it to him just a little bit and then making him beg for more, but then I was telling him no? Oh, the sweet confusion, the deliciously wicked combination of offering and then rejecting him…this was prick teasing, all right, and I was loving each and every minute of it!!

The tone in his voice began to escalate, as did the volume, and I picked up on the pattern, enjoying the increase in his desperation and increasing the assertiveness with which I denied him.

Soon, as I felt like we were really getting into this little game, I decided that it was time to confront him about it – it was too obvious to ignore! So I questioned him, “You like it when I say that?”


“You like it when I make you beg, then tell you no?”

“YES! I love it!!”

“Well all right, then, we will have to continue this and explore it some more!!”

And so the game continued using this new little perverted variation…me verbally denying him and him needing no more encouragement to keep begging! But the counting on my hands soon reached a little issue, with me only having ten fingers and all…

So when we got to ten, I just closed my fists again and started over on my fingers, but as we got closer to 20 I realized there would have to be another way to keep track of the count…

I wasn’t about to do this myself, I figured it was his problem, and I said, “YOU count after you beg!”

“Please 1!”

“No!” One finger raised from my hand.


“NO! Start over!!”


I squished his cock between my boot and his stomach, saying it louder, “You forgot to count so you will START OVER, BootBoy!”

“Please 1!”

It was at that moment that I realized how much fun it would be to make him start over if, for any reason, he didn’t beg just the way I liked. That way I could delay him the pleasure of reaching any certain number, and hence reject his attempt to get whatever he wanted…

“You gonna be a good boy?”


“What do you say?”

“Yes, please!”

“Very good. Now I want you to say ‘Please’ every time, and count for me!”

“Yes Mistress!”

“If you forget to say ‘please’, I will make you start over!”


“Oh yes!”

“Please 1”

One finger went up.

“Please 2!”

Another finger.

“Please 3!”

He was catching on just fine, but then I decided to throw a wrench in the works. I held up a third finger, but distracted him, asking, “You want more boot teasing, BootBoy??”


“Gotcha! Start over!”


I just sat Marmaris Escort Bayan there, making a fist again, no fingers raised and announced proudly, “Now start at 0”

“Please 0!” I just held my first, indicating this first little beg was worthless…

“Please 1!” A first finger raised up…

“Please 2!”

And so on…at the count of ten, I said soothingly, “Gooood booooy!” and started teasing his cock with my boot again. I bounced it around with the toe-tip of my boot and said firmly, “Keep begging!”

“Please 11!”

“NO! Start over!”

“Please 1”

“Start at ZERO!”

“Please 0!”

The diabolical game was becoming very clear now, and I was feeling quite empowered as I made him beg and count, and whenever I felt like it, I’d interject a question that was designed to distract him and lose count so he’d have to start over. Or, I’d just make him start over, for no reason at all, just ‘cuz I felt like it!

And I had discovered that if I teased his cock with my boot, he would get distracted very easily and screw up his counting even more, so I alternated between making him beg while I teased him with my boots and then stopping so he never know when I would start or stop teasing him…god, toying with him like this was really turning me on!!

I then started setting little goals for him, like telling him to beg for more teasing 25 times, then trying to distract him and get him to screw up. Over and over he fell for it, and the more aroused he got, the harder it was for him to concentrate.

And then I started playing wicked little mind games – like telling him to count backwards if he screwed up, or telling him to stop counting so I could do the counting, then saying random numbers, like … 1… 6… 3… 47…2…-5, etc.

I was just busting his balls now, it was totally fucking delicious, and I simply had him right where I wanted him, and I was not going to let go of my hold on him, not yet, not by a long shot!

The whole thing was simply hilarious, and I burst out laughing as I came up with new, ridiculous variations on humiliating him the way I was, and no matter what I tried, he just ate it up! And I was really getting off on controlling him mercilessly like that…

Finally I decided to focus on his ultimate desire…to explode a hot, sticky load of come all over my sexy boots, and I asked if he wanted that, made him beg for it ten times, and each time I announced that I was NOT going to let him! He just wailed in agony, telling me how desperate he was, pleading with me to let him come, and I just leaned over and laughed in his face, reminding him that I just told him he was going to have to wait!

But I demanded that he keep begging, and I kept reminding him of his denial as I told him to beg to 100, which took quite a while, especially since I made him screw up at least a dozen times. We must have spent an hour or so begging and counting…then starting over when he inevitably messed up…

As we got closer, he began to feel like he was finally gonna get there…until I took control of the counting at 90, and led him all the way to 99, then started using fractions…

“Please!” he wailed.

“99 1/2” I answered.

“Please!!”, “99 3/4”

“Please!!”, “99 7/8”

I’m sure he felt like that thing where you stand a certain distance from something, then move halfway there, then move halfway there again, and again, but you never get there…like that! As he got closer and closer to 100, I just stopped counting entirely, making him beg and beg and beg while I just sat there and laughed at him…

I just loved it, each and every minute of it…the whole situation was so funny and pathetic, Escort Marmaris and I couldn’t have been happier at the way things were playing out!

He was simply going out of his mind at this point, and again, I was finding myself going much farther than I ever imagined I would, but it was his behavior that kept encouraging me, and his own fault things I was being so hard on him!

And I was shocked when he actually asked me to be meaner when I rejected him, to snarl at him as I told him NO, and I couldn’t believe it as the idea of him actually getting off on that sunk in…this was heading things in a little bit more of a sadistic and dominant direction, one which I usually didn’t explore, but his pleading for it was providing a considerable amount of inspiration…

I was really feeding off his arousal and desperation, in a way I never thought I could. What a power trip it was becoming! But it was just about time to proceed toward the next phase of the game…and finish him off exactly the way he deserved.

Like I said, I was actually pretty surprised when he suddenly begged me to be meaner…to be even more wicked and cruel in the way I was teasing and denying him, and although my sexy red outfit had served his purpose, I knew what should come next! I had used the red boots to heat him up…get him nice and hot…turn him on beyond belief, and now it was time to get more nasty…something I had loosely planned to do, but literally something he openly encouraged…and begged for!

So, after I had made him beg to come, repeatedly, counting closer and closer to 100, with me taking over the final few counts…I finally allowed him to reach his goal. “100! Wow!!” I said enthusiastically as I complimented him on his achievement. “That was fabulous, honey, what a gooood little Bootboy you are!!”

Several hours had already passed this evening, and like I said, I decided it was time to begin his final enslavement…and I do believe he was ready, and so was I!

But instead of letting him actually do what he had been begging for, letting him cum for me right then and there, I just leaned back on the couch and plotted my next move…hmm, let’s see, what should I do next?? He just knelt there, in front of me on his knees, completely aroused and fully confused by what was happening. He had achieved his goal, begged to cum 100 times, but I wasn’t doing or saying anything to reward him.

And if there was one thing he had already learned, it was that he shouldn’t make any assumptions about what behavior would be allowed, so he didn’t start jacking off or anything, he just looked at me as his erect cock throbbed and twitched and bobbed up and down slowly.

Now I knew he just LOVED the two pair of black spike-heeled boots I owned. When I showed them to him he had told me so! They were wild, wicked, and simply the most seductive and powerful pairs of boots I had…and I had made him select his absolute favorite, a shiny black vinyl pair with impossibly high spiked heels, and I had decided that those would be his final undoing…and I even told him that at the beginning of our little encounter that night…

So now it was time to switch into a slutty black outfit, perhaps something leaning more told the look of a Dominatrix, and put on those ultra-kinky shiny black vinyl boots. He had already confessed long ago that he had an intense leather and vinyl fetish, and I knew I could torment him quite exquisitely while wearing those black high-heeled boots. I could continue the whole begging and counting thing, and I even had a few bondage toys I had discovered, just to make him even more vulnerable and available to me…

And so I just said “NO!” one more time to his pathetic begging, stood up, and told him to wait while I slipped into a little black outfit I wanted to show him. He looked at me, with a mixture of desperation and unbelievable arousal…a look I had never quite seen before, but one I would come to find particularly pleasing in the future, from this guy and others…

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