Breaking Angela Ch. 07


It had been three days now, three days since Angela returned to the facility, three days since she had seen Master Steven, three days of this chastity belt, and sitting on that damn chair letting everyone cum on her. Worse than that, three days since she last orgasmed.

Angela hadn’t been allowed to clean herself up, the ball gag was removed so she could eat, she was supervised when she used the bathroom so she wouldn’t masturbate. At the beginning of the sixth meal in her torment she again was brought to the chair, the crusty ball gag forced in her mouth and her torment began again.

That meal seemed to go in a blur as more cum was added to her all ready matted hair and cum dried body. Like before she was released to eat, instead of being returned to her room she was sent to the baths, blue eyes went wide as she thanked the Mistress that ordered her down.

Angela jogged lightly towards the baths, the cantor making her average chest bounce with each step when she arrived several of the bathing girls took her immediately to a tub, one removing the belt before helping her into the hot water.

Angela sighed happily at the feelings of the water and being touched by the three girls, sadly though these girls knew their jobs well. The girls refused to let her touch herself and they knew how to tease someone right to the edge of orgasm then let them hang in a void of need.

When the bath was over Angela was directed to Master Steven’s room. The door was open when she arrived and she immediately moved to him falling fluidly into the rest position her eyes lowered to the floor. “Good evening Master Steven, This slave is here as ordered.”

Steven was sat on the bed, his knees spread apart as he looked down at the girl with a passive face. “Move between my feet, put your hands on my thighs with your fingers nearly touching my cock with your eyes looking up waiting for instructions. This is the “ATTEND” position.” Steven watched as the girl scooted forward her hands laying on his trousers with her bright blue eyes looking up to his face.

Angela Marmaris Escort trembled a little from fear, a little from a need, she didn’t care now she was almost gone she only wanted to serve. Angela waited for her fingers resisting the urge to reach forward and touch that ever-growing bulge in Master’s pants as she waited for instructions.

Steven assessed the girl before him before nodding his head. “Tonight you will be serving at a party, you will be nude and you will be pleasant.” Master’s hands moved to his pants and freed his cock while he continued speaking. “It is a fundraiser for your old college you should expect to see former teachers and possibly students you used to know. Will that be a problem slut?” Adding as an afterthought. “Stroke only”

slut’s hand closed around Masters shaft as she stroked his thick meat almost lovingly. A smile broke the girl’s lips as she shook her head back and forth a couple of times. “No problem at all Master, if that is what you want this slave to do, this slave will be happy to do it!”

Steven nodded as he watched the girls face light up with her orders. “Finish me with your mouth and do not spill a drop, then I will have you undress me.” The slut immediately leaned up on her knees and engulfed the thick cock head her now well-trained mouth making quick work of the Master. After swallowing she helped Steven to his feet undressing him as ordered.

She stood then as Steven slipped under the covers to catch a nap before the party tonight. She received no orders so Angela stood in the soft light as Master slept peacefully before her. The thought of masturbating crossed her mind but was dismissed almost immediately she would have been told if she was allowed to do that. Around eight pm the Master awoke, giving Angela a single nod he slipped out of bed and walked to the closet. Returning to the bed he laid out his recently cleaned suit before stretch his back one.

Angela watched all of this and when the Master looked to her and then to his clothing Marmaris Escort Bayan she snapped into motion. Carefully but quickly she dressed the Master, placing tiny kisses on his body now and again as she giggled. As Angela pulled up his suit pants she couldn’t stop herself from slipping his semi-hard cock into her mouth for a couple of good long sucks before letting his meat slip out with an audible pop.

Steven chuckled as the girl looked up and gave him a naughty wink while buttoning his pants. Angela stood then her hands folded behind her back as she sucked her lower lip between her teeth. “Sorry Master, this slut couldn’t help herself.”

Steven made a few adjustments to his clothing as he settled in then moved back to the closet. returning with a spaghetti-strapped black dress that was close enough to her size he tossed it to the girl. “You can wear this to and from the party, no sense us getting arrested if a cop should see us.

Angela dressed quickly and was surprised when Master offered her his arm. She walked barefoot beside him as they left the front door. She found herself smiling with anticipation as Master led her to a late model Chevy truck, once both inside Steven drove towards the college.

The campus looked the same as it did two months ago but it also looked smaller and a bit childish to Angela. She watched as the students moved around laughing and joking, they seemed so juvenile now. As Master parked at the faculty building she took his arm again letting him lead her inside.

Just outside the large meeting room, Steven pointed to a row of the peg’s on the wall, several dresses already hanging there. Anglea got the idea quickly and in a single motion slipped out of the dress hanging it beside the others. Taking a big breath Angela stepped beside Steven again and he swung open the door.

A few people noticed them, some smiling others nodding but most of the eyes went to her. She wasn’t embarrassed this time she didn’t feel awkward anymore, now she felt wanted, needed, for the Escort Marmaris first time in her life she felt seen and she loved it.

There were other nude slaves there as well, some she had seen before at the facility others she had never seen before. Angela was introduced to quite a few people, the dean of the college, board members, the local mayor. All of them gently folded or teased her while complimenting Master Steven.

It was the Mayor who asked the question. “And who is the lucky person that ordered this one Master Steven?” Steven’s face fell with a little shake of his head. “Well there was a problem with that, it seems he was an older man and he passed a few days ago.”

Angela’s head snapped to Steven her eyes wide but she said nothing having to curl her toes hard to keep from blurting her questions out. “That’s very sad” The mayor continued. “Will she be kept at the facility as staff then? Maybe a public auction?”

Steven looked over to Angela pondering the girl for a long moment. “I am not sure what the board will decide, could be either really.” Steven’s eyes darting back to the mayor as he gave the man a little wink. “Don’t worry Mayor, you will get a notice if there is an auction soon.”

Steven’s eyes went back to Angela his smile was reassuring to her though his words were still for the mayor. “You can take her for a test drive if you like Mayor, just in case there was an auction you would have an idea of what you would be bidding on.”

Angela smiled at Steven’s words her attention turning to the Mayor. “This slave would be happy to give you a demonstration Master, would you like her to suck you off?” The nod of affirmation from the mayor was all Angela needed. Dropping to her knee’s she fished out a rather unimpressive dick stroking it a few times before slipping it between her lips.

Angela saw out of the corner of her eye one of the male slaves from the facility working his mouth up and down the dean of the college’s shaft but that just spurred Angela on further. The person that wanted her was dead, she was captured for no reason. God she loved this life now, she had to make a good impression so someone would buy her… someone powerful, someone that could control her.


This was a short chapter to set up the last installation next time! I hope you’re all enjoying reading!!

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