Combination Sale


A Week Ago

“You sure you want to do this?” James Johnson looked up from the screen to his boss. The dragon infused hyena woman was still considerably larger than normal after showing off two weeks ago. She had come down a little bit but, it was starting to seem like her being ten feet tall and hyper muscled was going to be the new norm.

Dr. Xurnami smoothed her skirt as she thought of a response. With her sac filled to bursting by balls larger than her head, she was consigned to open, draping bottoms if she wanted to be any level of decent. At least her cocks withdrew into her. At their current size, they would have made wearing clothes impossible otherwise. “I mean, we’ve got all this old serum lying around and there are people who want to transform on a budget, right? It’s a win-win!”

“Sure, but these rates are actually rather reckless and offering further discounts to people who purchase multiple injections? There are going to be clients who want five or six transformations and we have no idea how that will interact. I mean, think about what happened just when you overdosed on something we actually sell. The outcomes could be…catastrophic.”

“All the more exciting, wouldn’t you say? What’s life without a little risk?” she said as she adjusted her Spandex shelf bra and laughed. The stretchy, barely clothing tops were the only thing that would accommodate both her massive shoulders, chest, and breasts simultaneously. A custom tailored lab coat hung off her but, even being sewn with her measurements in mind, it could barely button closed if she wanted any range of motion.

“You know what? Sure. I’ll put this up, but I want off next week. I want to be as far from here as possible before the whole city is crushed under someone.”


Claudette hummed as she flipped through the pictures in the binder. Each pair of pages was the before and after of a different animal transformation. Some of them were simple, some ears and a tail being the only change. Others were much more absolute. There were pages and pages of men, women, and those in between, who were unrecognizable between their before and after.

Sitting back, she stared at the bright white tiles of the waiting room’s drop ceiling. Was she really going through with this? Sure, gene splicing as a cosmetic surgery was a common thing now, but going full anthropomorphic was a bit rarer. The Body by Design clinic was one of the few in the nation that would do full animalization transformations.

She looked down at her body. Ordinary by most standards, she had spent her life altering it. Yet she was still not any less ambivalent towards it. A quest for excitement drove her. It had begun with her hairstyle. It had constantly been in flux since middle school. When that was not enough, she got her ears pierced, then pierced again until she had eight rings in each ear. In time her lip, nipples, and more had gained jewelry. About the time she got her nipples done, she got her first tattoo on she shoulder blade. When she ran out of places to pierce her once in a while tattoos turned into two sleeves.

The door to the offices opened and Claudette’s gaze snapped up on reflex. At first her mind could not grapple with the woman standing there. She was dressed in scrubs, so she was likely an employee. However, she was also someone who had probably undergone a procedure of her own. At first, she just looked unnaturally well endowed. At second glance though there was more to her unusual bust shape beyond being in a poor fitting bra.

Blinking to make sure she was not seeing things, Claudette felt herself begin to smile. Riding high on the woman’s chest was not one, but two pairs of nominally large breasts. The outlines of four rings, Nevşehir Escort as well as her astonishingly large nipples, were visible through her clothes. That had definitely been a decision. No one was born with four tits.

Claudette expected to feel revolted, to feel repulsed, instead she felt a thrill travel up her body. Those tits were not the extent of the woman’s alterations either. There were curved horns sprouting from her bone white hair. Her pupils were hourglasses. From her knees down, she had the legs of a goat. Then there was that tail! Long and flexible, it looked like it could probably pick things up with its wide tip.

“Ms. Sminov? Come on back, we’re ready to see you now.”

Gathering her things, she stood and tried hard to keep from jumping into the other woman’s arms. The back halls of the clinic were startlingly busy. There were several rooms on either side of the walkway. People wearing lab coats stood in groups of two or three near each. They huddled around tablets talking in hushed, hurried tones. She trying to listen to what they were talking but she found her attention drawn elsewhere. The woman’s animal legs made her shift back and forth as she walked, causing her ample busts to wobble and sway in a way Claudette was unable to stop watching.

Eventually though, after a couple turns, they arrived at pair of double doors. Stepping through them, she found herself in a space much like a gymnasium. Standing in the middle, at a podium like desk, was a huge, muscular figure dressed in a lab coat that barely fit. They had to be at least nine feet tall, maybe more if the long tail and many horns counted. Her mind could not quite grasp what gender the figure was. She was impossibly well endowed, but there was a bulk shifting beneath her skirt that was hard to ignore. Something about that made her heart race.

As Claudette drew close, she saw they were wearing a tie loosely around their neck, which only furthered her confusion. It also, strangely, stoked her arousal. The creature offered a hand that dwarfed her own though their grip was very soft. The woman with four boobs moved to stand at her side.

“Dr. Xurnami, welcome to my clinic Ms…?”

“Smina. Claudette Smina.”

“Ah, yes, the woman with the naga fascination. Come to indulge in that fantasy?”


The doctor chuckled. “Put off a bit by Tiffany? I can understand. She’s been getting that reaction all day.”

“It’s not that, it’s…just so…so much! I didn’t realize I could do multiple changes!”

Dr. Xurnami blinked. “You want more than one alteration made to your body?”

“Of course! I want this body of mine to be exciting! I’ve spent my life trying to find something about it that connects me to it, makes me feel like I am not just in some human suit.”

“I can understand that. Now, we’re running a package right now, multiple treatments garner a hefty discount.”

“You have my attention.”

“If you’ll indulge me, what other adjustments would you want?”

“I want to be stacked. And to be a wolf…but with white tiger stripes instead of the normal fur color.”

“Is that all? Surely you want-“

“A cock. A big one.”

“I can make that happen.”

“Finally, if you could, surprise me. Do something that ties all of this together.”

“I’ll figure something out. Now, if you could, just step over here please?”

As she walked through another set of doors, Claudette found herself in an exam room. Tiffany entered a few moments later with a tray of syringes and bottles, each contained a different colored fluid within.

“Now, we are going to start with the naga transformation, so you’ll want to strip down.”

Claudette did as she was Nevşehir Escort Bayan told and offered her arm. The prick of the needle was quickly overcome by a chill feeling creeping through her veins. Her ankles popped and then suddenly rolled. She fell backwards onto the exam table wincing in pain. A moment later the pain was gone, replaced by the feeling of her toes squeezing together. Like being wrapped with a rubber band, steadily more of her lower body pressed against itself.

Looking down, the tips of her toes and the balls of her feet and melded into a tail tip covered in midnight blue scales. The scales tickled as they crept up the outside of her legs. Inside, her calves melded together like clay. Her spread knees were pulled together as tendrils of flesh knit into her skin. Her thighs tingled as their surface area quickly became one. The scales spread up her hips, the tickling sensation of them growing creeping over her butt. For a brief moment she panicked as her pussy melded into the tops of her thighs, but was met with the curious sensation of her sex clenching within and then a slit opening in her scales in roughly the same place.

Looking herself over, it looked like she was wearing a very tight sequined dress. Lifting herself off the exam table, she wobbled a bit before managing to hold herself up. Her fingers explored the edges of her transformation and discovered that while the scales ended just above her ass, her butt cheeks had not fused together. Her probing fingers found her back door still very much intact. “That was…awesome! What’s ne-“

Her question was interrupted by a feeling of being stretched. Her tail was pulsing, growing thicker and longer with each passing moment. She felt a grinding as her hips widened to match. The feeling of the table against her butt shifted and changed. Grabbing it, she realized her ass was also swelling.

After ten minutes, her tail was stretched across the room and a considerable length was coiled around a stool.

“I didn’t expect to get so…so big!”

Tiffany smiled. “The wolf injection is next. Are you ready?”

Claudette eagerly offered her arm once more.

This injection felt warm. As the heat radiated, fur sprouted from her skin. Her heart beat faster as years of tattoos were consumed by the spread of dark, billowing fur. The fur crept over her chest and up her neck. It itched as the bones in her face began to tingle. Bit by bit, her vision was filled by a growing muzzle as it pulled her glasses down her face.

After that she was lost in the new world of sensation as her new nose kicked on. Suddenly everything fell away as she was overwhelmed by Tiffany’s scent. The woman used lilac shampoo and body wash, a minty toothpaste, and her breakfast had been a blueberry scone and chamomile tea. There was a slight tang of salt from her perspiration and also a hint of something muskier.

By time Claudette had gotten used to the new intensity, the rest of her transformation had finished. She was panting now, her tongue lolling out. She could feel an exhaustion like from a brisk jog settling into her muscles.

“Are you ready for the tiger injection?”

She nodded and a third needle slipped under skin and into her bicep. An electric shock surged through her. With a twitch, her muscle surged in size, then the rest of her arm followed. Her wrist popped as it widened. At the same time, her shoulder swelled in size. Her fingers cracked as the digits thickened. There was a burning sensation as the tips of her fingers hardened into claws. Her flat stomach roiled as a gentle plateau formed then developed into a six pack, before finally eight mounds of muscle stood proudly on her tummy.

And she continued to change. Escort Nevşehir All over, she grew more muscular, more powerful, her body creaking and groaning. Her ass lifted and tightened until it was a veritable shelf of muscle and fat. Her already widened hips further swelled as pound upon pound of muscle knit into being. The area that had once been her thighs throbbed as muscles designed for holding up her new body became even stronger. They rose up against her scales, giving her the look of still having thighs.

“I thought the tiger injection was supposed to…ah!”

In a flash her, fur and scale alike bleached to form the striped pattern.

“This next injection is for your…sexual improvement.”

“You mean my new rack and cock?”

“Yes. Those. Now…” Tiffany paused as she drew a crimson fluid out of a vial. “I need you to be very still. Since two serums have been combined, the mixture is very volatile.”

“I’ll try.”

Tiffany injected half of the syringe in each breast, then stood back. A feeling of overwhelming pleasure crashed over Claudette as her nipples perked up and began to thicken. With each breath, her boobs grew fuller, her areolae spread wider. She clenched the exam table until her knuckles hurt, trying to not move, but as her bust line expanded the pleasure intensified until she could not control herself.

Her wide, paw-like hands came up to knead her flesh. Tiffany gasped and stepped forward to stop her, but Claudette’s tail moved quickly to hold her in place. Grasping her new assets almost made her orgasm as she saw stars from the overwhelming sensation.

Strong throbs pushed against her hands now, as if her breasts were containing explosions. The throbbing sensation moved down her body. The slit where her crotch used to be spread open and a tendril like cock rose into view. With each throb it thickened and lengthened until she could reach her mouth. Wrapping her lips around her serpentine shaft must have created a feed back loop, because at that moment, her breasts started growing like crazy. It was only a few seconds later that they had enveloped her cock and were hanging past her waist.

With both hands and her impressive new cleavage, she worked her cock to a shuddering orgasm. Her coils tightened reflexively around Tiffany as her body spasmed. The woman with four boobs moaned as scales slid past her giant nipples. Finally Claudette’s body relaxed and she collapsed, spent, on the operating table.

“I warned you to not agitate the formula…” Tiffany said as she stepped out of the pile of numb coils.

“I have no regrets,” the newly created naga-woman said between gasps. “I love everything about what’s happened. Now, what is this surprise?”

“You’ll have to wait and see…”

The last injection did not feel like anything. It did leave a bubble gum taste in her mouth however. What it did however, was quickly apparent. Between her clenched butt cheeks, there was a feeling of swelling. As the seconds ticked by, there was more and more soft flesh pressing on her cheeks, stoking her lust back to life. Her tongue lolled out once more, as steadily more moans escaped from her throat. It was not just her ass hole that was growing either. Curiously, she could feel her hole deepening, the chamber growing down the length of her body.

She was so enthralled by the feeling, she did not notice Tiffany inject herself with a dose of the sexual improvement formula. It was not until the smell of cum washed over Claudette that she realized Tiffany had grown quite a lot of boob and an equine hard-on that would likely still stuff her ass full. Claudette rolled onto her stomach and felt hands rubbing her rump. As Tiffany’s flared head pushed against her, she felt another prick. Her sensitivity went through the roof as more of the formula rushed into her blood stream.

“Now for the surprise,” Tiffany said as two feet of horse cock steadily entered Claudette.

Oh, yes, she was absolutely going to love this new body.

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