Insatiable at Work Ch. 13: Boys Nt.


He met me at the door, slapping his hand over my shoulder, “Buddy, come on in; the game’s about to start. I’m glad you could make it…been looking forward to our game night.”

“What’re you drinking, there?”

I held up a 6-pack, I had in my hand. “I know you’ll like this.”


“Timing’s spot-on…the pizza just came…lets go open a couple beers and grab some.”

The game was just starting and we flopped in front of the TV.

The game went into overtime…we had a great Boy’s Night; it gave us some time to knock back a few beers and talk. We even decided on a road-trip to check out a game in Chicago…there were still a few tickets…so we bought them during a commercial. “So…we got 3…It’d be cool, if Tara wants to go but, if not, we’d do a guy’s weekend.”

“Oh, I’m sure she won’t want to miss out…but a guy’s weekend works, too…cool. That area by the arena is lined with bars and restaurants. Tina and I saw the Stones there…it was wild.”

We went into the kitchen with empties and I started the dishes. “Rob, thanks for helping clean…I try to keep things caught up so Tara doesn’t come back to a trashed house.”

“Dude, I know what you mean; I try to be a thoughtful husband and do the same, when she’s out of town. Sometimes, it all happens right before I pick her up at the airport…but I do get it done.”

He laughs, “Same fucking thing here.”

He cranked some music and took out the recycling, while I finished the dishes. I heard him come back in and take a picture with his phone. “Just taking a picture of you doing dishes…gonna text the wife, to show that we’re not just fuckin’ around.”

“We should send her some of this,” and I dropped my shorts to moon him. Bryan laughed hysterically and took the picture.

“Wait, even better…send her this!” I turned and stroked for him till it pointed outward a little. He took a few pictures and laughed.

“Even better…what about this?” I was already hard (it really doesn’t take much) and I hung a dish towel over it, like a towel bar.

We should text, “Really HARD at work…wish you were here…no, no…wish you were here to help with this.”

“Fucking, brilliant…that’s perfect…she’ll love that!”

I pulled my shorts back up and went back to the dishes. I felt him come up behind me and rub his hand over my ass…his arms wrapped over my chest and he pressed his body against mine. His hands roamed from my chest, down over my abs…and eventually my dick, “You know…I think we really need to finish this shit and have some fun.”

“Yes we do!” as I turned and he continued kneading the muscle in my chest and shoulders. Lifting my shirt off, he sucked at my nipples and trailed kisses over my abs, “Fuck…you got one hot fucking body!”

I smiled…closed my eyes and felt his hands tug at my shorts.

“Fuck, man! Let me help you with those shorts.” He grabbed me and played with it, pushing it against my belly and watching it spring back into place. Stroking, caressing and groping, he licked and flicked his tongue all over the tip. My balls hung low and he cupped them with the palm of his hand, “Even your fucking balls are somethin’ to admire, dude…they’re smooth and heavy…they look full.”

“It’s been a couple days…they need draining…can you do that…drain me?”

“I’m always game, dude!” He held them between his lips, sucking up salty man-sweat, before raising up to say, “That…that’s fucking dessert!”

He squeezed my dick a little and rubbed his hand up over the length, grasping tight to where he could feel the warmth…the life, pulsing through. He dropped to his knees, “Been thinking about this all day…I want ya to blow over my face, dude.”

“Mmmmm…you need a little Robbie juice?”

“Fuck yea!”

I replied, “It’s yours, buddy,” as he took it in his mouth, repeatedly plunging and pumping deep…he was hungry for cock. He jumped up and grabbed the lube…it was sitting next to the pizza box (of course…you always keep lube in the kitchen). I guess he grabbed it when I was focused on the dishes. We stripped his clothes off and he rubbed lube over my dick. He started slowly, sensuously stroking his hand up and down. I was rock-hard and dripping with lube; it was bright with a wet sheen…his focus was fixed on every detail, every ripple, as he worked his hand over its length. It always feels amazing to have him so devoted, and attentive; he was 100% focused on my pleasure…nothing else.

“Cum for me, dude…cum for me…want that load…wanna feel it all over…me! Samsun Escort Shoot it on meeeee!”

His hand glided, faster and faster over the oiled shaft and I added momentum by humping into his hand. “Mmmmm…fuckkkkk, that’s nice…fucccckkk! Jus…keep that up…fuckkkkkk…uhhhh…uhhhh…mmmmmmmmmm!”

“Fuckkkk…gonna make me…cummmm…Bryan…fuck…”

He held it with both hands and sprayed cum over his face…his mouth was wide open to catch it but it trickled down his face. He pumped a couple times to finish, before smearing his face with my dick. Satisfied with his facial, he grabbed it with his mouth and sucked out the tail end.

Coming back from a numbing orgasm, I regained my senses and looked down. His face was glazed with seed and I spread some over his chest. Hardening under my touch, my fingers grabbed his nipples; I felt the smoothness of that firm, hairless chest…the young muscle beneath. My heart raced when I felt his hands roaming over me, again; there was this intense desire to touch and feel more of each other. It was impossible to suppress…we both wanted more…and more.

“Fuck…fuck…that was good! It’s your turn, now…what do you need?” I guess I half expected him to break down and go all the way, but he didn’t. I knew he was really close to going bottom, in our relationship. Tara (and I) were both supportive of whatever path he took. As a bisexual male, I understand the magnitude of it all. I prefer to be a top but I’ve had countless toys up my ass…and a few cocks. I get it. I really do get it….it impacts your whole identity…but it is just an act of sex…passionate sex. And…if it doesn’t work…no problem. Fuck…you don’t have to do it again. Anyway…I was sort of relieved when we resolved the mystery, in the bedroom. We groped and kissed over each other’s bodies for a long while and worked our way to the bed. I moaned, “I fucking crave the heat of your body…that muscle…that hardness…fuck!”

“Same here, dude…love yer fuckin’ body, too…T and I, both love it. We fuckin’ masturbate with you on the big screen, sometimes…yer hot to watch…it always leads to great sex…and we call to see if you can come play.”

Holding a vibrator in one hand and his cock in the other, he said, “I want you to suck me and use this…in my ass!”

I immediately went to work on that beautiful cock, while he lubed the toy. “But, let me get this thing ready…it’ll feel good…in my ass.”

“Aaaahh that’s perfect…suck it like…that…fuckkkk.”

When he handed it to me, he fell onto the bed, propped his ass on a pillow and spread his cheeks. He’d done this before…knew the perfect position. I rubbed it over his puckered hole and slowly worked it inward; he was super tight and groaned when it finally popped through. I gradually worked deeper by stroking slowly, in and out. He spread his legs to give me room and I went back to work on his dick. It felt solid and red hot, as it slid through my lips. The vibrator was tight in his ass, but I was able to wiggle it around as I worked his dick. The more I focused on that vibrator, the better it seemed to make him feel; he was moaning louder and asking for more, “Fuck, that’s what I…want…that’s it, Rob…fuck me…fuck me! Yesssssss…that’s it duuuude…fuck me…fuck me…deeeeepppp…fuck me deep!”

I was only able to do it for a few minutes before I felt him jerking…it was wild and uncontrolled. He screamed, “Fuck me! God damn…fuck me…fuck me…fuck me! Yer making me cummmm…cumming….uhhhh….uhhhh…yesssss…yessss!”

Shoving the vibrator deep, as far as it would go, I sat back to stroke him through the orgasm. At that moment I felt my cock twitch, as I couldn’t help but wonder how it would feel to be deep inside that ass. He knows I’m ready, when he is. The heat…the pleasure inside that tight, hole must be incredible. Anyway, I just watched cum spray out over his belly…and let him finish. I’ll wait till he’s ready…I can wait. I hope to be there when he’s ready…fuck…that ass has to be amazing.

Stroking his dick…fucking with a toy and day-dreaming…I was all hard, again. He looked over, “Dude, you need something more…yer rock hard!”

“I know…I know…I was thinking about things…and it got me horny.” I wanted to tell him what I was thinking, but I felt like it might push or pressure him. We were friends…lovers… and I didn’t want to force him into some kind of decision. I wanted that hot little ass so bad, but I guess I wanted him to have the space he needed…let things happen Samsun Escort Bayan when he’s comfortable.

I was able to finally say, “Can we share the vibrator…will you fuck me?”

The grin was all the answer I needed, but he said, laughing, “Fuck yeah…my vibrator’s your vibrator!”

“Let me turn over.” I got up on all fours and put my ass right up in his face.

“Mmmmm, I’m likin’ this already…love that tight ass, dude.” I let out a soft moan when I felt his hands kneading over each cheek. After he rubbed me with lube, he probed deeper to work some inside…I moaned louder, “That’s it…it feels good!” His fingers worked my insides, until I felt relaxed and he could comfortably work the toy into me. The vibrator stretched me open to where he could pump harder and push deeper.

I grunted my satisfaction…and pleasure, with a long chorus of moans, “Fuck me, dude…fuck me with that thing!” Pushing the dildo in and out, I bucked my hips back to meet his thrusts. Fuck it felt so good to be fucked this way…I needed it so bad, but he stopped suddenly to pull it from me. I was about to demand he put it back in when he said, with a big grin, “Can I stick this in…you’ll like it better! Want me to fuck you?”

Gripping it at the very base, his dick stood upright from his groin…it was swollen and perfect in every way, “Mmmmm, fuck yea! You can fuck me with all that…that big dick!”

I began to stroke myself, when I felt him ease it into my ass. I groaned with the penetration and the muscle stretched to accept it…he was a little wider than the vibrator but, in my ass, it felt softer and warmer…more comforting. He gradually picked up the pace and his hips made that hot, slapping sound, when he slammed into me. It was fucking amazing! Feeling that hot dick in my ass…every ridge…every vein. Whenever he withdrew, the muscle stopped the big swollen tip from going all the way…he teased by gently tugging to feel it grab. With his thrusts, I moaned, “Uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck it…take that fuckin’ ass…use it…Bry…an…use it!” His balls slapping against mine and I felt him pushing hard, putting muscle into each thrust. He swatted at my ass and watched it recoil, from each swat…and each pummeling impact…he loved it…we both loved it.

“Oh fuck! Yesssssss…fuck me…fuck…me…don’t fuckin’…stop! Bryan, fuck me!”

He reached down and grabbed for my dick, wildly stroking for me. “Let me help with that big thing…ya think ya got another load?” It leaked cum and throbbed in his hand, and over the back of my neck, he grunted and dripped sweat.

“Yesssss…just…fu…ck…fuck me!”

I remember a couple final wicked thrusts before he buried himself, deep inside. “Uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck!” Cum sprayed into me and I squeezed his dick, over and over, with my ass. Milking him and making him scream with intense pleasure, I thought I was feelin’ good, but he was on another fuckin’ planet. Screaming, “Fuckkkkkk! Fucckkkk! Squeeze that dick! Milk it…take it all…fuckin’ do it…Robbieeeee! Fucckkk! ” He shook from the orgasm, collapsed onto me and we fell to the bed, in a big sweaty heap. Our bodies pressed tightly against one another and I squeezed every last drop from his dick.

He was still catching his breath from the fucking he gave me, but he gasped, “Dude, cum for me…give me another one…gimme some more from that beast”

Finally deflating some, he pulled himself from me; his dick pulled a trail of seed from my ass. When I felt the warmth on my leg, my dick only twitched harder…and demanded more. I grabbed the tip and rapidly…skillfully…rolled my hand. At this point, still rock hard, it was sensitive and aching for relief. On the very brink, I rolled onto my side “Bryan finish me off…so fuckin close…suck me.”

He grabbed it with his lips and bobbed frantically, “Uuuhhhh….uuuuuhhhh…uuuhhhhhhh…fuck…gotta cum…take my dick…my cummmmm…ta…ke…my…cummmmming…cummmming…cummmmmming!”

I pumped into his mouth, till it coated his tongue…I felt him swallow. “Take that cum…know’ya love…it.”

Spent and drained, we laid there together, quietly, with music streaming from the other room. Softening from the passing orgasm, he held me in the warmth of his mouth and pulled out the last remnant drops. But just before we fell off to sleep, a text came through; it was Tara, of course. “Wish I were there to play HARD with my boys!”

He laughed and said “Dude, can you make me another Café Robbé…lookin’ forward to it?”

“You Escort Samsun got it…but I’ll be needing a Café Bryan, too.”

“Fuck Yeah!! I’ll give you anything, dude…you know that? And…we’ll text her more pictures.”



I got up first and started the coffee…over time, I sort of knew where everything is in their kitchen. I dug around for the big, latte cups that would be easier to use…the geek in me thought the width would be easy to target, with a cumshot.

I took the cups with me to the bedroom. Still not up, but I knew exactly what to do. I pulled the covers back and took his dick into my mouth. I just held it there for a few minutes, before I pulled my head back and reached out to hold it. It was so quiet and calm, I wanted to admire him for a minute or two and really take it all in. I wanted to enjoy it…savor that moment. Holding him like this, somehow, felt natural…comforting. I wondered if my wife, Tina (or Tara), feels this way when she holds me. I’ve awakened a couple times to find them holding me…maybe this’s what they feel. It was warm and the shaft was filling-out in my hands…blood was pumping through to make it harder. I fought back the urge to shove it into my mouth and decided that I should really take the time and tease it. With my tongue, starting at the base, I licked my way up over the length. When I reached the top…that beautiful purple head, my flicking tongue caused him to twitch and moan. “Good morning, handsome…I need that Café Bryan and maybe some Bryan, too.”

He said, “I got both for ya’, dude…know you fuckin love that cock…I fuckin’ can’t get enough of yours.”

“Mmmm…sorry I woke you…but it can’t be helped…think I could suck it all morning,” I confessed as I pushed down over its length.

“Wish I could wake-up like this, every morning.”

It didn’t take long before he was hard as a rock and poking at the back of my mouth. I heard soft moans and felt his hips moving into me. “Keep it up…love to cum with morning wood…fuckkk!”

“Buddddy, feels so fucking good…suck it…mmmm, tha’s it…suck it.” He pushed harder at my throat and rolled his hips to meet me. “Let me fuck that mouth, dude…fuck.”

“When I get close…you want me to sit up on my knees…I can stroke…mmmm…stroke into the cup…fuck…feels fucking gooooood.” I really couldn’t pull myself away to acknowledge, I just kept going. After pumping and pumping, he pulled from me and pinched the tip between his fingers, “Damn, gonna shoot…fuckin’ gonna shoot!”

I scrambled to sit the cup on the bed and grab for his dick. Aching to release, I held him over the cup and lightly stroked on the tip. His body stiffened and he groaned, as white cream flowed into the cup. I grinned, “Give me that juice…all that load…that’s it, good load, buddy…tasty,” and shook out the last drops.

He slapped it a few times against the side of the cup “Fuck…that was good…now, let me do you!”

I sat the cup out of the way, on the nightstand and he anxiously lowered his head over me, taking it deep into his mouth. He bobbed up and down the length of my dick, licking at the underside. I pumped my hips up to meet his throat and moaned, “Fuck you’re good…I can really get used to this, dude! You know what to do…with…with morning wood…uhhhh…uhhhh…that’s fuckin perfect…suck meeeeee.”

He sucked and worked me…it always feels good to be satisfied at the beginning of the day. Swollen and ready to blow, it wasn’t long before seed was surging through my dick. After struggling to get off the bed, he held a cup between my legs. I grabbed my dick and jerked it wildly, balls bouncing with every thrust and moan…I finished by wanking myself into a big climax. “Hold the cup…hold it under me…that’s it…need to fucking cum.”

“I know’ya got some for me…gimme that load!” A thick, creamy cum streamed out and I stroked over the length, pumping all I had into the cup.

As we both inhaled deeply to catch our breath, the scent of male sex was heady in the room. We grabbed our cups and poured the coffee over the (man) cream, pooled at the bottom. We both stirred it into the coffee and sucked down a big sip.

He grinned, “Mmmmm, that’s fucking good…Rob, you’re fucking good!”

“I’m liking the Café Bryan, too…wish Tara was here to have some…let’s show her.”

“She’d want a double shot.” And we both cackled.

I held up the phone to take a selfie of the two of us, enjoying our coffee. Yr boys enjoy’n some coffee w/special cream…u can have 2 shots.

The next text was two, cocks being stroked.

Workn hrd 2…wsh u wer here…Luv Bryan & Rob

She texted back.

You guys owe me coffee…and I do want 2 shots for my coffee…and 2 for me…big shots!!!

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