Jack , Ali Ch. 02


Authors Note: This story has been divided up into chapters, right now there are only two. But stay tuned for more as it happens to this young, hot couple!

Jack and Ali Chapter Two: The Date

“What am I doing? What am I doing?” Ali thought to herself as she was racing through her second story apartment. She’d finally met Jack, but it was under very different circumstances then she had planned and now here they were about to spend the day together and she had no idea what she had gotten herself into. “I’ll take care of everything, I’ve got a place in mind. Very smooth Ali. Of course it would have worked better if you actually had a place in mind!” she thought to herself.

As she made her way through her apartment she picked up things she found that she thought might be useful on a day of playing hooky from work. She put a blanket, a battery powered radio, two wine glasses, a bottle opener and an opened bag of pretzels in a back pack. She looked around her apartment hoping to see a neon sign with an arrow pointing at something that read “Take this!” but there was nothing. She went through her bedroom and decided she wouldn’t need a change of clothes, but a bathing suit and a towel might be a good plan. She hoped she wouldn’t need the suit, she wasn’t very shy and would be easily coerced into skinny dipping. It wasn’t a very hot day, but there was talk of Indian Summer coming this weekend so just maybe she’d need the towel.

With her bag packed, she headed back outside and found Jack leaning against her car. “Sorry to keep you waiting.” she said “No problem at all. All set?” “Yep, hop in” and she motioned to the car as she rounded the drivers side. “Where are we Sinop Escort headed?” he asked. “Well, lets see where the day takes us” Ali replied. She opened the sunroof, turned up the radio and put the car in reverse. Their eyes met as she was shifting gears, “I’m really glad we’re doing this,” she said. “Me too” Jack replied.

They made small talk along the drive and Ali learned that Jack had only moved to town about a week before they started seeing each other every morning on their commute to work. He worked just down the road from her and lived even closer. He moved to the East Coast for a job promotion with his company and had been living in Dallas, Texas. He hadn’t seen the ocean in years and that’s when she knew where she’d take him.

There was a secluded area of beach where a date had taken her a few months back. The guy was obviously hoping to romance her pants off, literally, and she smiled to herself that her willingness today with a guy she’d just met was a thousand times greater than with that unlucky bastard. They stopped at a convenience store just before a long stretch of coastal highway and were surprised they were selling alcohol at this time of the morning. They picked up some sandwiches, a bottle of wine and a six pack of beer. Ali filled the gas tank in her car as Jack excused himself to use the station’s public restroom.

In the men’s room, Jack paced and looked at himself in the mirror. This was just all too good to be true for him. He’d been miserable the last few weeks being new in town and alone, and this chick was hotter than hell and seemed really interested. He’d hoped that it would lead to more than a piece of ass, but for today, Sinop Escort Bayan he’d take it if she offered it. In front of the urinal he relieved himself and as he held his cock in his hand he knew she wouldn’t be disappointed.

Returning to Ali, she was finished getting fuel and had pulled the car up along side the building. “I was beginning to think you’d skipped out on me” she said. “Baby, I’m not going anywhere.” Their eyes were locked through the sunroof and as he got in the car he leaned towards her. Her lips instinctively parted and they shared their first kiss. With a few moans of pleasure and a couple of teases with their tongues, they reluctantly separated and Ali put the car in gear and headed towards the coast.

As they rode, their hands caressed the other’s leg in teasing and reassuring circles. Their conversation continued on and they felt as if they’d known each other for years. They had a lot in common, but they also were very independent and had led amazing lives that the other was genuinely interested in.

Finally at the spot on the beach where Ali wanted to go, she pulled the car off the road. They sat in the car finishing their current conversation and when they finished Jack laughed saying “I have never felt this comfortable with anyone before in my life. You’re an amazing woman Ali, how could I be so lucky that you’re still single?” “I guess I’ve been wondering that too, why I’m still single I mean. I guess we were fated to meet somehow and were waiting for each other” Ali said. “Do you believe in fate Ali?” Jack said and before she could answer her face was in his hands and his mouth was on hers. They shared a sweet, long, Escort Sinop desperate kiss. “I feel like I have to tell you that I don’t normally do things like this. Meet a guy, call into work and even kiss him so soon after learning his name.” Ali said. “You don’t have to explain this Ali, I don’t think anyone can. Whatever happens today, I’m just glad we have this time together” Jack replied.

Okay, is he too good, is he too smooth, or am I just too damn horny Ali wondered? She wasn’t sure what was driving her to be this way. Sure, she’d been attracted to him, but physical attraction was very different from what she was feeling now. Lost in his eyes, and in her own thoughts she returned to the present when Jack said “Lets hit the beach!” And with that he was gone out of the car and acting like a five-year-old in the sand dunes.

They chased each other through the dunes, the bag with the blanket and lunch in tow. Ali tossed it at Jack before racing toward the waves and he kicked off his shoes and dropped the bag as he followed her to the shoreline. They splashed in the shallow water and kicked drops of water at each other. Giggling and screaming like school kids they embraced and suddenly their worlds stopped turning. Forgetting everything and anyone they’d ever known. They saw their own reflection in each other’s eyes. He kissed her deeply and ran his hands up her back, across her shoulders and down her arms. She too was almost clawing at him and trying to press her body even closer to his.

A large wave crashed and sprayed their legs bringing them back to reality. “Where’s that blanket?” she asked. And as he spread it out for them, she unpacked the bag. Placing their shoes as anchors at each corner of the blanket. Untying the jacket from her waist and brushing sand from her jeans, he’d already gotten comfortable on the blanket. He reach for her hand and pulled her on him.

OH Chapter Three is gonna be SO good! Stay Tuned!

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