Katie Surprises Her Boss


Sometimes there is just no possible way to explain how something happens to you. For instance, you are sitting in a parking lot, minding your own business, when from out of nowhere a driverless car hits you from behind.

Think that can’t happen? It can. I know it. It happened to me in the parking lot of a grocery chain while talking on my cell phone. My car was off, the other one was accidently, it turns out, and left in neutral without the parking break being fully engaged and a gust of wind or bad karma started it rolling down the hill into my vehicle.

Go figure.

Yes, sometimes thing just happen.

I thought of this because Katie was looking up at me with her bright blue eyes.

Now Katie was a girl I’d hired a year ago right out of college. She didn’t work directly for me, but was in my department until she was promoted a month before the Christmas holidays to a new, better position. She’d always been a favorite of mine, very smart with looks that didn’t hurt. While I hired her for her brains her physical appearance was not a detriment.

Over her year in the department we’d had numerous occasions to interact as she had successfully worked on several projects. Worked very well on them, I must say. And we’d had lunch a couple times as a reward.

Nothing inappropriate, mind you, because my wife would, well, cut my dick off if I strayed.

But then, sometimes things happen.

Like Katie kneeling under my desk, looking up at me with my dick in her mouth.

I’m thinking that my wife, to say nothing about Human Resources, might have a little bit of a problem with this. Okay, they’d both had a big problem. I made a mental note not to tell anyone.

In any event, Katie was slowly sucking my cock, and the sensations were exquisite. The girl, 20-years my junior, was unbelievable.

Just over a week ago, right before the office was official closed for the holiday, Katie knocked on my open door and wished me a Merry Christmas. Inviting her in, we exchanged pleasantries as the remaining employees vacated the building. Ours Trabzon Escort is a satellite office of a major corporation, with about 50 people around on a full day, but with the holidays less than half were in the office.

The few who were these gradually filed out as I was closing out the last bit of work that had to be done. So it was a good time for Katie to stop by. That day will be etched into my memory bank forever, as she looked so pretty in her outfit that looked more fit for someone a few years younger in school and not a business environment.

“That outfit is pushing the envelope a little, no?” I joked, smiling as she demurely stood in my office door.

“I wore this for you, but you didn’t leave your office all day,” she replied. “It’s very Christmassy don’t you think?”

Actually, it did. A bright red skirt with a white top and black boots. The only thing missing was a little candy cane hat.

Katie came in at sat across from me. “I wanted to thank you for all the opportunity you gave me, and for helping me get the promotion,” said the girl.

Explaining it was not a problem, that she was a great worker destined for bigger and better things, I advised her to keep working hard and making me proud. We talked a little while before she excused herself to head to the women’s room and I finished up the little it of work I had left and shut down my computer.

When she returned there was a devious smile on her face.

“Would you like your present now?”

I was not expecting one from her, and said so.

“It’s a little, uh, embarrassing. Can I close the door? Everyone has left but I’m a little uncomfortable.”

I nodded, wondering what embarrassing gift she might have.

“Close your eyes,” she said with a big smile on her face. “I hope you’ll like it.”

Closing my eyes, I was really intrigued. I heard some shuffling around but couldn’t make out what was going on.

“Hold out your hands.”

I did. Soon my eyes popped open, like in an old-time cartoon.

Kneeling in front of Trabzon Escort Bayan me was Katie, her blouse and bra were lifted up, exposing her young, ample breasts. My hands were holding them, at least until I realized where they were. Then they pulled off her as if they’d touched a hot stove.

Katie’s laughter was contagious, and soon we were both laughing at my spastic movements. “It’s time for your present,” she said, unzipping my pants. I wanted to say stop, but how do you stop something when you have no willpower.

“This is for you, Rob, it’s between you and me. This is your gift, your present, so just enjoy it.”

The girl lowered her head and began licking up and down the sides of my cock. I couldn’t believe what was happening, the girl was going to blow me. I thought of my wife, her boyfriend, my job…oh hell, I thought of her mouth.

Katie maneuvered my trousers and underwear down before looking up at me. “Don’t say anything, I want to do this, just lay back and go with it.”

I did. I should have pushed her away, I know, but I couldn’t. I watched as she made a production of opening her mouth and telling me how big my cock was and how she wanted it in her mouth. She glanced up once more before slipping her head down.

Watching the top of her head, I felt her lips engage by dick and slowly caress my bulging manhood. The sensations were amazing, she moved down my did centimeter by centimeter as my heart began pounding like I’d run a mile.

She grasp the base of my dick with two fingers and began to jerk off my cock while her lips sucked the tip. I’d like to say I held off shooting, but the fact is that less than a couple minutes later I announced to the room that I was going to cum.

Katie stroked my dick as she lifted her head and said I could cum in her mouth. The sensations were great, but the fact that my wife didn’t let me blow loads in her mouth made it all the more sensuous.

My dick was throbbing at the girl’s touch. It had been ages since I felt so hot, and it didn’t hurt when she reached Escort Trabzon around to grab my ass with her other hand. She slid a finger up and down my ass crack while she sucking and jerked my cock.

“Oh my I’m cumming,” was all I could say as Katie secured her mouth around my dick. She held her lips tightly on the tip while her hand jerked me off. I spurted shot after shot into her willing mouth as I grasp the sides of my chair.

Spent, I looked down at the girl. She was slowly moving up and down my cock, swallowing all my cum. She looked so peaceful down there, enjoying it.

She kept my dick in her mouth until it began to shrink, closing the blow job by putting my entire spent cock in her mouth and looking up at me. Disengaging herself, she smiled.

“Merry Christmas,” said Katie. “I hope you enjoyed your present.”

I mumbled something, definitely saying yes in there somewhere, before the guilt must have shown on my face.

Katie got to her feet and pulled her bra and blouse back down, then smoothed down her skirt.

“You know, I’ve wanted to do that since the first time I met you,” said the girl.

“But my wife…”

“I’m not going to tell her, Rob, and I hope you won’t either. And please, please don’t tell Tony, he’d probably kick your ass and mine too. This is between us.”

Over the next week it was as if the deed had never happened. Katie came to work, said hi as always. Late one day she told me that it was okay to speak with her, and that I shouldn’t ignore her. We exchanged stories about the holidays, gifts received, and so forth.

Which brought us to New Year’s Eve. Again, the office was vacated early, and soon just Katie and I were in the building.

She stopped by, telling me she was leaving to get primed for her big New Year’s Eve bash. I explained it was going to be a quiet night at home for us, kids to bed early.

“Are you going to make love to your wife tonight?” she asked.

Embarrassed, I nodded yes, explaining that it was our tradition to start the year off in bed.

“That’s sexy, that’s great,” said the girl with a mischievous look on her face. “But you know, you and I have this history about holidays and things we always do, right?”

Again, the door closed. Again she knelt before me. Again, I had no willpower.

“Happy New Year, Rob.”

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