Kelia’s Vernissage Fuck


It was maybe three weeks after we had first slept together that Kelia invited me to her vernissage at the Kastella furniture store.

Our first fucks together were delicious, wild and heady. In a moment of heat, she had said that I could call her up out of the blue and ask her flat-out to come over and suck my cock. I told her the same, to go down on her, or for anything else she wanted. If had been half a dare, and half a titillating joke.

I showed up alone and glimpsed her speaking to a cluster of well-heeled yuppies with plastic wine glasses in their hands. She looked so slim and sweet, in that sexy-professional way: a silver necklace, a snug grey shirt, a navy blue skirt with black leggings beneath it. I kissed her on both cheeks, my hand resting on her hip for a few seconds longer than usual. I mingled and then stood in front of a self-portrait she’d done, the painting’s eyes staring out at me. She came over and watched me evaluating it.

“I wouldn’t necessarily mind having that in my house,” I said.

“Well, I could always give you the photos it’s based on,” she said cheekily.

I looked her in the eyes and said that this certainly seemed like anytime and anywhere, and that a promise was a promise. Her eyes grew wide as a look of amused comprehension came over her face and she blushed ever so slightly.

“You sure have a lot of nerve, mister,” she said as she laughed in disbelief. She crossed her arms around her stomach, then tentatively placed a finger on her collar bone.

Kelia looked around the room. “Actually, I would love an opportunity to get away from some of these people,” she said as she regained her pluck. “Perhaps you’d like to see more of my work—which I like to keep in the storeroom? I’ll give you a signal. Hope you can catch it,” she said, her smile beaming. Then she turned and walked away. I watched her hourglass figure sway back and forth as she put on a little walk.

For the next half-hour or so, I watched Kelia elegantly float about the room, everyone vying for her attention. But I could tell she was secretly nervous; she laughed at jokes too easily and fidgeted with her skirt. Finally, as the room filled up, I saw her duck down by the wine table. She stared at me for just a few seconds until I met her gaze head-on, then she slipped through a door behind the table. Without wanting to appear rushed, I quickly weaved through the crowd, opened the door and shut it behind me. I was at the bottom of a staircase. Nearly at the top stood Kelia, the bottle dangling from her hand, her hand on her hip. “I could only get white!” she said in a harsh whisper.

I walked up the stairs, catching a glimpse up Kelia’s short skirt as she opened her wine. In the dark of the fabric, I saw that what I thought Trabzon Escort were leggings were actually stockings that went way up her legs. I could see the two slivers of white thigh that peeked out below the crotch of her panties. I stopped one step below the one she was standing on and kissed her. As her mouth pressed back at mine, I went under the front her skirt, dipped into her panties, and stroked her with the back of my fingers. I could feel just the teensiest patch of hair. Kelia’s knees buckled as I touched her; she nibbled on my bottom lip.

“How fast do you think you can make me come?” she whispered in my ear. “I’m so stressed out with all these people here.”

I reached around and squeezed her ass, feeling the silkiness of her underwear.

“This skirt should save us time,” I said.

“I know this was supposed to be all about you, but I really need you to fuck me,” Kelia pleaded, her voice soft in my ear. She raised her thigh and wrapped a leg around me.

We rushed into the storeroom. Just inside the door, there was a wooden dresser. I pushed Kelia against it and she jumped up and sat on the hard wood veneer. She opened her legs and I ran my hand between her warm thighs.

“I figured these were leggings—not stockings,” I said.

“A girl’s gotta feel sexy for her big show,” said Kelia, untucking my shirt from my pants.

I slipped my fingers into her panties and rubbed the lips of her pussy, sucking on her neck as Kelia sighed quietly.

“I want your cock in me. Deep,” she said. “Take me to the bed.”

I slid her off the dresser, raised her skirt and tugged her underwear down. Black and satin, with a lacy pattern of cherries on them. The kind that would cover maybe half of her cheeks in the back. She yanked my belt undone and pulled my hard-on out.

“Just fuck me really hard for a few minutes, then I’ll deep-throat you. Okay?” she asked, looking in my eyes. I slid the panties down her legs and over her black leather shoes.

Kelia sat on the mattress of an ultramodern, low-lying bed. As I stood, she brought her head forward and licked my shaft from the balls to the tip. Taking a deep breath, she hung onto my belt with both hands and shoved her face over my cock. I could hear it enter her mouth as she kept her jaw lowered.

Then the tip of her nose rubbed into my pubic hair and her lips encircled the base of my cock. I groaned loudly, almost involuntarily she had me in so deep. Kelia wagged her head as she held it in her throat. She pulled back fast, saliva on her chin.

“Shhhh…,” she said. “Do you wanna get caught? Now give me your dick.”

I lowered her onto the mattress with its purple sheet and tossed her skirt up around her waist. Her black shoes Trabzon Escort Bayan and stockings led up to her white thighs, the pinkness of her cunt. While the flesh of her lips was shaved clean, Kelia had a beautiful light brown strip above her slit. I dove down and kissed her pussy like a mouth. I hardly needed to: she was already slippery and wet.

“Put it in me, put it in me,” she whispered.

I spread her knees apart and fell on top of her. I placed the tip of my cock between her pussylips, poised between her legs. “Yes yes…,” she cried quietly. Then I reached around her waist, lifted her ass off the bed a bit, and sunk the length of my cock into her in one deep thrust. Kelia let out a whelp of surprise as my weight pressed against her body. Then she groaned even louder than I had.

“Oh pound me, pound me!” she barked. I raised myself off her and pushed the gray shirt over her ribcage and over her breasts. Quickly, she yanked it over her head and tossed it aside. My chest pressed against Kelia’s round tits in the matching black bra with lace cherries on it.

We kissed as I sunk my cock into her, steady and hard. Kelia answered every thrust with a moan and her wetness let me slide in and out her with ease. I looked over my shoulder at us and took in the image of Kelia’s splayed legs in their stockings, the white of her hips as I drove into her. I told Kelia to watch me fucking her.

“Oh yes, fuck me hard! Slam it into me” she screamed.

I was pumping into her so hard that we worked our way across the purple sheet on the mattress, feeling the impact against her crotch as I pounded her pussy. Kelia wrapped her arms around my neck, her little body tensed and she let out high, sharp whimpers as she came and wriggled beneath me.

Kelia let out a long ‘mmmmmm’ of delight as I slid out of her. She rolled onto her side and buried her face in the mattress.

“Wow…” she said, exhaling. “My god you know how to fuck a woman.” She laughed in the relief of her orgasm.

Kelia turned her head and gazed at me from the corner of her eye. “Okay,” she said. “Stand up and put your cock in my mouth.”

But the sight of her lying there with her ass facing towards me was too much. The nape of her neck, her bare back with the black bra straps cutting across it, the whiteness of her ass and the black thigh-highs framing it. And then the bare flesh of her pussy that peeked out from her pressed-together legs, soft like pale plum.

I didn’t say anything, but kneeled over her from behind with my cock in my hand.

“It’ll have to be a quick blow job. We don’t have much time,” she said, noticing I was staring at her ass.

I spread her cheeks apart; the plum of her pussy peeled open, revealing Escort Trabzon its pinkness. Finding the hole of her cunt as I looked into Kelia’s eyes, I poked the first few inches of my cock into her as she lay on her side beneath me.

“Uh,” she groaned, lying exhausted on the purple sheet. “No, no more—I’ll suck your dick.”

I shoved the whole thing into her again, the width of my cock opening her up. “Oh, fuck—you’re soooo big!” Kelia whimpered. She was tighter from the side like that, and her round ass padded my thrusts as I plunged in again and again. The resistance of her little body was so different from how I could plumb into her when she spread her thighs beneath me.

“No no no—stop,” she whispered, weakly batting my arms like a cat. Kelia was so cute when she was torn between protesting and giving in to submission. She was used to dictating everything we did, but she loved it when I ignored her commands and just used her like a toy. I put all my weight on her, lowering my chest on her arm while shoving as far up into her as I could. Pressing inside her, I would bite her earlobes, kiss along the line of her jaw, or suck on the tender flesh of her neck as she sighed. “Oh, you’re such an animal,” she laughed. She twisted her head around and opened her mouth and we kissed.

Kelia lifted her legs apart and let me further into her. I cupped one of her breasts in its sheer bra and looked down at her spread legs in their black socks. “You know, this is the first time I’ve fucked you with your shoes on,” I said in her ear. She giggled. Then I rammed my cock into her cunt fast and hard; Kelia screamed louder than it was safe to.

“Oh fuck that hurts!” she said. “Stick that cock into me!” I braced myself with one hand on her shoulder and lifted her legs further apart. My hand cupped her inner thigh where the top of her stocking met the strong tendon that arched up to her pussy. I gazed at the dark hair and the slit of Kelia’s cunt as I watched my cock disappear inside her. I felt myself ejaculating inside her, melting into her pussy as I squeezed her body beneath me.

I slid out of her carefully and fell onto my back. Kelia rolled over and beamed down at me. “That was what I wanted,” she smiled, poking her fingers in between the buttons of my shirt. Her hair fell into my face as we gazed at each other.

We cleaned ourselves up and regained our breath. As I inspected myself in the mirror, I caught sight of Kelia sitting on the edge of the bed: her shirt off, her hair falling down to her shoulders, legs spread slightly as she pulled on her stockings to straighten them. A rosy-cheeked smile lit up her face as she saw me marveling at her.

“I guess this means this doesn’t count as your ‘one-free-anytime-anywhere-blowjob’ card,” she chirped. “We’ll have to do that sometime when I’m not so desperate for you.”

From behind, I watched Kelia stand up and stretch out, her back moving with her supple spine and dimples beneath it, the white of her thighs peeping out above her dark stockings.

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