Kira’s Bra


“Truth or Dare?”

Kira looked at me, her eyes seemingly blank as she tried to decide.

It was the final weekend before Exam Week. It was a Friday night, and as it was the final weekend of partying before the academic year ended and virtually everyone went home (or at least elsewhere) for the summer, the noise in the hallway and from the surrounding dorm rooms was considerable.

Yet the noise did not matter. What mattered was that Kira was with me, spending a Friday night in my single dorm room. I was one of only two sophomores on the entire campus to have a single, so Kira and I often came to my room when we wanted some privacy. There was indeed a close bond between us, but thus far, it was nothing more than that: a close bond.

“Dare,” she finally answered.

Although she had accepted and successfully completed three previous Dares, I was a little nervous. Still, hoping to maintain a steady, confident demeanor, I simply commanded her: “Take off the shirt and bra.”

Her eyes widened, but she did not protest at all. Instead, Kira smiled, glanced at the window, and then rose from the bed so she could close the blind completely. “Do you have any of those canned candles left?” she asked, which really surprised me.

“Yeah. The chocolate-scented one should be behind the clock on top of the dresser.”

She looked. “I see it.” She also found Uşak Escort the lighter, and seconds later, the overhead light was off, the dorm room very dimly lit by the single candle.

“So you decided to make this Dare a bit more intimate?” I joked, still sitting on the lone bed.

“Not necessarily,” Kira responded, lifting off the t-shirt with the college logo over the left breast, “but I don’t just show off my chest to everyone who happens to walk by and look up at a window.”

“I see…” I found myself sitting up a little straighter. My eyes were riveted to my close friend’s chest as, for the first time, I saw more of her bra than just a bra strap. The very dim lighting made it hard to determine the exact color of her bra, but it had to be either white or a very light shade of pink. It was certainly nothing special, not a bra intended to be seen by anyone else, with no frills or intriguing prints. It was simply a standard, basic, mundane bra, supporting her breasts and properly preventing her nipples from poking against her shirt whenever she was in public.

Fortunately, my dorm room was not a public place.

Kira turned to set her shirt over the back of my desk chair, then turned to face away from me as her hands reached behind her to unclasp her bra. I smiled to myself, fully aware of the stirring within my shorts, as I watched her doing Uşak Escort Bayan something so mundane yet so significant. Part of me wanted to go to her and take over for her, but I willed myself to remain on the bed, simply watching and enjoying.

She was still facing away from me as she drew the straps of the bra over her shoulders and down her arms. For a moment, I thought of the many times I had massaged her — always through her clothes, always feeling the bra beneath her shirt. If all went well, I realized, I would be able to touch her freely, without bumping into the straps, without the barrier of a shirt between my hand and her back.

…or her chest.

“Truth or Dare?” Kira asked. To me, it seemed to be a really unusual time to ask me that question, especially since she was still facing away from me and holding her bra in her hands.

“Um… Dare.”

That was when Kira finally turned around to face me.

For the first time, my eyes gazed upon her uncovered chest. Just like her face, her breasts were beautiful, and just like the rest of her small body, they were perfectly proportioned, as if their very existence was the result of eons of celestial calculations and refinements to ensure her maximum appeal to the stereotypical male in me.

The fact that our two years of friendship had guided us toward this significant Escort Uşak moment also helped, of course.

She made a slight sound, one which seemed to reside somewhere between amusement and nervousness. I lifted my eyes to hers, and even in the very dim light from the single canned candle, it was clear that she wanted this as much as I did.

After a moment, Kira tossed her bra to me, and despite my surprise, I managed to catch it before it landed in my lap. “Uh…” I said stupidly, looking at the feminine garment in my hands and then looking back at the anatomy they had been supporting, “are you expecting me to wear it?”

Kira grinned, then closed the short distance to the bed and sat beside me. “No, but you will need that.”

“Okay…” Kira had a way of holding back a punch line just long enough to cause concern, and I knew that that was exactly what she was doing in that moment. “This isn’t the sixties,” I said, “but I suppose I could burn it for you.”

That broke the ice. Any nervousness she may have been feeling was banished with her infectious laughter. Kira leaned into me, which was common between us, but a bare breast against my bare arm made that simple act so much more significant in my mind.

“The Dare is that just before I leave,” she finally announced, “I want you to cum into one of the cups, so I can ‘wear’ you when I go back to my dorm.”

I never would have thought of such a Dare, nor would I have ever expected it of Kira. Yet, even though I had a strong feeling that we would be staying in my room for several more hours before the door opened again, it was a Dare I could not wait to complete.

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