Knocking At The Door


His voice on the phone today sent shivers through me. I had only spoken to him once, yet I could see him in my mind. Tight jeans, boots, a tight shirt to caress his hard, hot, damn my mind is wandering again. I need to get this paperwork done before the 5 o’clock deadline. Just a little more tweaking and it will be ready to send out. Even working at home, I need to keep to my schedule.

“What now,” I say as someone knocks at the door. I’m the only one home, and not expecting company, maybe I shouldn’t answer it. I go to the door, look through the peephole enjoying the sight, but still ready to turn away when the man at the door says “baby, it’s me.” I almost cum right there. That’s my dream voice, the one I was just talking to on the phone.

I look again, he’s just as I imagined, jeans, boots, I don’t hesitate to open the door. I ask “How did you find me?” I’m waiting for his answer, but my eyes stray to his cock. He is straining at his seams. “Baby, we can talk later, I need you now,” I say as I take his hand and lead him inside. All my inhibitions are gone after hearing that voice, seeing that body Uşak Escort at my door. I can’t see anything else but my hands and mouth wanting to take him and make him moan with desire.

We step over to the bar. “Can I get you anything, baby?” I say.

He says “yes baby, I need to make love to you, here, now!” Oh god, I’m dreaming. I slowly unbutton his shirt and run my hands over his hard smooth chest, its just as I imagined after speaking to him today. I take first one, then the other nipple into my mouth, licking and sucking till I know he’s needing more. I remove his shirt then bend down to take off his boots. As I go to remove them I slowly lower my head to his crotch. “Damn baby I can’t wait” he says in that low voice he has. I finally get to his jeans, all the while he is slowly taking my clothes and undoing them. I drop his jeans, kneeling and taking his hard cock into my mouth, gently squeezing his balls with one hand while tweaking his nipples with the other. My mouth eases down on him. His calloused hands are rubbing me up and down, one hand finally going where I need Uşak Escort Bayan him the most. Gently he probes my cunt, “damn baby you’re wet for me.” I moan but can’t say a word, he is so right, my hands are shaking with need. “Baby let’s move over to the window, I want to see you in the light,” he says.

We go lay on the carpet in front of the picture window. Thank god I live in a high rise. As I slowly take him into my mouth, I feel his hands entering my pussy. One finger, two, god I need it now. I take his arms and move them over his head and ease my wet dripping cut down on him. Slowly, slowly taking him deep inside. I lift myself up and ease down again, I feel him growing harder. I bend over and lick his nipples, first the left-slowly rotating my tongue, then the right all the while keeping his hands where they can not touch.

“Enough” he says, “I want to make you cum then love you deep and hard.” I let go of his arms and he flips me to my back, running his hands down my legs. I moan with anticipation. He spreads my legs apart, using his mouth to trail kisses down to my clit. Escort Uşak Licking, sucking, I’m barely holding it together. He dips his tongue in me, farther, farther, oh god I’m wet. He takes me in his mouth, sucking the juices from me. Harder, faster sucking till I scream. “Oh god baby.” I cum as he licks me, sucking my juices down. He slowly licks me clean, calming me with his hands. “Please baby” I beg , “I want you in me now.”

He enters me, driving as deep as possible, pulling back to tease me. Over and over again as I’m screaming “Baby, I need you deeper.”

“My pleasure” he drawls with his luscious voice. Stroking and pulling out, he goes faster and deeper. “Oh baby, here it comes” he groans. “Yes, yes, come on baby” I scream. Pumping it faster. It builds up and I cum, screaming YES… He pumps it in one more time. “Baby” he screams, “Oh god this feels good.” He throbs inside me and I feel him cumming.

We lay panting, sweaty, totally exhausted. He looks at me and says “Baby can I interrupt your work again?” I’m thinking, hell I don’t even know how he found me, but god yes I need this man. I tell him “Give me your name baby and I’ll let you knock on my door any time.”

“Mike, baby-you can call me Mike.” We get dressed and I show him to the door. “Mike” I say, “how did you find me?”

“Baby, I’m you’re next door neighbor, see you tomorrow.”

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