Lakshmi and the Hot Tub


It was a very long, very boring presentation, one of these corporate things full of buzzwords and signifying nothing. I heard the familiar chair scratching as everyone gradually came back to life in time for the questions at the end of the speech. I sat up straighter myself, glanced at the pompous suit giving the talk, who looked predictably delighted with his own performance, and gradually took stock of the people around me. Most were bleary-eyed and clearly trying to think of an intelligent question to ask. One woman, though, was looking at me with a mocking half-smile on her face. I blushed, and tried to work out how long I’d been in a daze.

For the last few seconds (or minutes? I hope not) I’d been staring across the horse-shoe of desks, looking under the table opposite at a single foot, encased in dark stockings, and with a heeled business shoe dangling from her big toe. I know some guys really get off on feet, but I’ve never really understood that. There was something remarkably graceful and beautiful about this particular foot though. Maybe it was partly the sense of the voyeurism; you can’t normally see under tables, after all. Maybe it was the shapely legs that the foot was attached to. Maybe it was the suggestive nature of the leather shoe and nylon stockings. Maybe it was the fact that I quite fancied the woman. I don’t know. Whatever it was, all manner of erotic thoughts were flooding through my dozey brain as I stared at her foot, captivated as she idly rotated her shoe in sweeping circles.

I hadn’t met this woman before today, but we were introduced at the “ice-breaker”, this time the old stand-by of lobbing a ball around in a circle, calling the name of the person you pass to. Her name was Lakshmi, and I can’t remember which bit of the company she works in. I’d liked her immediately, though. She had a spiky sense of humour, and, unusually, she clearly wasn’t using this training session for blatant self-promotion. I was also taken by the way she dressed, which was basically Western business dress, but with a subtle nod to her Indian (I assumed) roots — a really striking design on her silver necklace, and her blouse was some made of some kind of silky material in royal blue that you would never see in Marks and Spencer’s. I concentrated pointedly on the remainder of the afternoon’s training, and then headed for an early supper.

The hotel we were staying in was typical for corporate training — some kind of stately home, with the grounds sprouting blocks for syndicate blocks and functional hotel rooms. During a particularly dull afternoon the previous week, I’d checked the website and found, rather to my surprise, that it contained a hot tub. Needless to say, I’d kept this information to myself. As soon as I could politely leave, I shot back to my room, grabbed my swimming shorts and towel, and headed for the gym building. I was frustrated to find it filled with my colleagues, which I’d noticed leaving before desert, had found their way here before me. So much for a solitary soak. I smiled all around, and slipped into the tub, which was just big enough to comfortably hold the dozen or so of us.

I’d slipped into a lazy conversation with Tim, who I’ve known for years, when he broke off to join the cheering and applause that suddenly erupted. Looking round, I saw Lakshmi, who smiled and half-curtseyed at the adulation, as she waved a little bag full of those little hotel pots of liquid soaps, shampoos and other assorted gloops. With great ceremony, she poured the contents into the filter thing beside the tub, and then went over to the control panel. I felt the bubble jets come on, and remarkably quickly a thick layer of foam rose up around us. I forced myself not to gawp as she removed her hotel-issue bathrobe, to reveal a disappointingly sensible one-piece costume in bright pink. I moved around as she came down the steps, and to my delight she sat down Urfa Escort beside me. It was getting quite crowded in the hot tub now, and we were almost close enough to be touching.

The next half hour or so passed lazily enough. Tim, who’s always been a charmer, was chatting away with Lakshmi, and I joined in, mostly by laughing at the quick-fire banter flying between them. At this point, I was starting to relax a bit, and was convincing myself that sitting next to this beautiful girl (wearing next to nothing) was no big deal. It was then that I felt her fingernail run down the outside of my thigh, a little above my knee. I half-started, then moved away slightly, assuming it was nothing more than a mistake. If that were true, though, I wouldn’t be telling this story.

I forced myself to talk normally, mostly to Tim, and after a few seconds I felt the same gentle scratching along my thigh. This time, I edged slightly closer to her insistent touch. For another few seconds, she continued to scratch my thigh with a single finger. Soon I felt her edge ever so slightly towards me. I felt her hand move to my knee, and three, or possibly four, fingers rub gently up and down my lower thigh. I raised a hand to wipe some sweat from my forehead, which allowed me to “subtly” put my arm under the foam, and place my hand on hers. I was shocked when she immediately moved away from me. Still chatting to Tim, she lifted herself mostly out of the water, so that her feet were on the step. Tim quickly followed suit. As I looked around, quite a few others were already sitting on the side, dangling their feet into the water. The hot tub was, of course, very hot. I was about to join them when I realised that I was sporting a fairly prominent erection. I muttered something about enjoying the heat, and settled lower into the water.

A couple of the women from the sales team wandered off at this point, followed by an optimistic bloke from marketing. I wished them a good night, and simultaneously felt a nudge against my hip. It was one of the feet that had embarrassed me that afternoon. My confidence rising with my excitement, I took it in my right hand, and began to gently and, I hoped, invisibly, to caress it. I ran my middle finger around the high bridge of her instep, traced the line of her heel, squeezed her ankle and pinched her big toe. As she gently moved her feet around, whilst leaning her upper body towards Tim, she placed her heel on my thigh, and I took her foot in both hands, continuing to explore it, as my arousal grew and my thoughts drifted to the future. The departures were coming thick and fast now, and before long, only myself, Tim and Lakshmi were left. To my amazement, she started to say her goodnights, and pulled her foot away from me, before leaving me. I couldn’t, of course, follow. Tim would definitely have had some choice comments to make about the state of my shorts.

So I sat, sweating furiously under the surface of the water and fuming at the cock-tease who had stranded me. The conversation with Tim was fairly desultory now, and he muttered something about preparing for tomorrow’s sessions before wishing me a good night and heading off. I listened to him showering and heard the swish-bang of the outside door, and then I pulled myself from the water, red-purple from the shoulders down, flipped off the bubble-jets, and moved towards the showers, my still-erect cock pointing the way. I had a long, cool shower and began to feel more human, all the time trying to think of a subtle way to get Lakshmi’s room number. I couldn’t think of anything, and anyway, I was no longer confident that she wanted to see me.

I pulled my shirt and trousers back on, stuffed my boxers and tie in my bag with my towel, grabbed my swim shorts and headed across the grounds towards the room. I was, as you can imagine, pretty pissed off. Then I heard a ping and a rattle from the Urfa Escort Bayan path behind me. I stopped abruptly and turned round, so I saw the next stone skip across the gravel path. I saw the third stone coming, and hardly noticed that it bounced into my shin. I was looking for its source. I soon saw it; Lakshmi silhouetted against her window, holding up eight fingers. I felt my cock standing to attention again as I quickened my step and looked for the door to her building. Room eight. I was back in the game.

Padding down the corridor, I raised my hand to knock on her door, but it opened before I touched it. I slipped inside, and fought hard not to stare open mouthed at Lakshmi, who was simply stunning. She was wearing a very delicate negligee in a dark golden silk, cut asymmetrically from just above the knee on one leg to a positively indecently length on the other side. She had untied her hair, which hung loosely to below her shoulders, crimped slightly from being held up in the humid hot-tub air. The room, I noted (though without really concentrating on it) was lit by a few candles which gave a reddish glow and a spicy, musky smell.

As Lakshmi swayed towards me, she ran her tongue over her lower lip, as I tried to stare simultaneously at her sweet, upturned face, gently flushed (from the hot tub? Or, like mine, with lust?), at her swaying hips and bare thighs, and at those feet I had so recently been caressing. Lakshmi, I realised, knew exactly where to look. She was staring hard at the tent in my pin-stripe trousers. “Mmm… I’ve always wanted a hard white cock.” I was aroused, but also stunned to hear her say something so direct, I thought of her as far shyer and more innocent than that; probably for reasons of race. I was also shocked by her voice, she spoke in little more than a whisper, but her voice was far deeper and sultrier than the perky North London tones I’d heard through the evening.

I reached towards her, and noticed that my hand shook slightly as I placed it on the small of her back and pulled her towards me. She gave a little purr of pleasure as I wrapped my arms around her, and leaned forward slightly to kiss the top of her head, and breath in the scent of her. As I did so, I felt her toe rub against my shin, and over my ankle, before she slipped a toe into my loafer. I stepped out of it, and whilst she repeated the trick to remove my other shoe, she slipped a finger between two buttons of my shirt, the other hand rubbing down my front. Jesus, I thought, she really is keen. I placed a finger below her jaw to raise her face towards me, and kissed her. She practically attacked my mouth in response, nipping at my lower lip and forcing her tongue deep into my mouth, whilst she ground her hips against me. I felt rather than heard her give another moan as her hand continued to move downwards and at last brushed against my straining cock.

I had been pushed back against the wall at this point, and Lakshmi’s hand was trapped between us by her gyrating hips. As she rotated her body with quite remarkable skill, her hand rubbed and grazed against me from different angles and with varying pressure. I’d never felt anything quite like it, and despite the discomfort of my bulging cock against my wool trousers I was enjoying it immensely. Lakshmi’s other hand was busily undoing my shirt, and soon she pulled it open and ran her hand busily over my chest, scratching hard, and pinching at my nipples.

It was all I could do to take in this incredible range of sensations, and I had to force myself to think rationally for a second, and work out what I was doing. Kissing her, for one thing, and I had cupped one of her buttocks in each hand, and was kneading them hard, forcing her even closer towards me. I ran one hand down her leg, towards the shorter side of her chemise, and pulled the material up, my knuckles rubbing against her smooth Escort Urfa olive skin, softly yielding under my touch. I took her bared ass in my hand, and slapped it, gently, before responding to her obvious pleasure with a few harder smacks, before I ran my finger towards the crack between her cheeks. I gently rubbed my fingers around and against her ring while she continued to mew, and to rub herself furiously against my cock.

Incredible though these sensations were, I couldn’t take much more of it. I grabbed her thighs and lifted her into my embrace, while she kissed my neck and bit at my shoulders. I carried her to the bed and lay her down, and as I did so, her negligee rode up, exposing her pussy, shaven to a narrow strip of soft dark hair, parted by her swollen lips. I stared at this as I pulled off my shirt, unzipped my trousers and let them fall to the floor. My cock, released at long last, sprung forwards. I heard a faint gasp from Lakshmi; I’m bigger than most guys, and if I was her first white man, I’m guessing I looked pretty massive to her. I lowered myself to the foot of the bed where she writhed, and took her foot in both hands, leaning down to kiss it, to lick the balls of her feet, and finally to suck on her big toe. She let out a load moan, and I began tracing a meandering path up her leg, guessing she’d enjoy being scratched as much as she enjoyed scratching me. My touches grew gentler, though no less urgent, as I reached her inner thigh. Her knee was bent now as I sucked her toes and ran my hand towards her waiting pussy.

I could feel the heat radiating from her before I touched her for the first time. She let out a squeak as I touched her, and I hesitated, afraid that I’d hurt her. She reached down and took my hand firmly, grinding my finger against her clit hard before she let go of me and started to cup her little breasts and squeeze her nipples, flushed dark ruby and standing out hard between her fingers. I pulled her feet together, just a foot or so from her pussy, and licked them both as ran my hand quickly along the length of her right leg. I was now too impatient to tease, and I slipped two fingers into her pussy, enjoying the wet heat of it. With my other hand I continued to rub her clit and very soon I felt the first spasms as she tightened around my fingers. I watched her as she lay below me, her feet tucked up, toes in my mouth, her pussy wide as I attacked it with two hands, and a deep flush appearing between her breasts as she pinched her nipples, hard. Her mouth, which had been open, shut now, and she pursed her lips tight together. She lay silent, not breathing, shaking violent in my arms. My fingers were pushed hard together inside her, when I felt her orgasm. She came explosively, her mouth opening wide in a huge “oh!” of pleasure, and I felt her feet push me back slightly as the spasms seemed to flow outwards from my hands.

As she recovered, she began to smile at me, and then reached down with her feet and delicately took my cock between her feet. With slow but insistent pressure, she pulled me towards her. I shuffled on my knees up the bed, my hands rubbing her thighs as I went. She was still smiling that teasing, wanton smile as she pulled me into her, her big toes still clamped to my cock as my head touched her lips. She let go of me then, and pressed her heels into my buttocks, surprising me and forcing me all at once deep inside of her. We both gave a gasp at the suddenness of the sensation, at the incredible heat and tightness of our union. It felt as though we were fused together. Then, with her feet still wrapped around my ass, I began to pump deep inside her. Once again I felt her muscles start to squeeze against me, causing me to lose what little control I had. I moved my hips as fast as I could, and felt her tighten even harder around me. She began to move in unison with my thrusts, lifting her ass from the bed and pushing herself against me. I came hard, deep inside her, and heard that explosive “oh!” once again as she came at the same time.

Exhausted, she was asleep in moments, her fragrant hair spread over my chest, and her feet entangled in mine. I began to doze myself.

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