Last Chance?


He followed the winding country road through the woods and tried to steer while checking the directions he had scribbled on a napkin. His heart was racing as his car kicked up dust on the deserted road.

He knew what he was going to do would leave him with some feelings of guilt but at this point he didn’t care. He wanted this too badly.

He drove faster as he passed the occasional clearing, eager to get to his destination. It had been a hot summer day but as the sun was just beginning to set, storm clouds had rolled in. There was a charge to the air and the distant rumble of thunder somehow added to his excitement.

Finally, he rounded a bend in the road and found what he was looking for. He let his car roll to a stop in front of a small lake. The road ended here and it was obvious no one had been here in quite some time… no one except him and her.

He pulled his car up next to hers and killed the engine. As he stepped out, he realized she had picked a perfect spot. They were parked in a little clearing by the lake and dense trees surrounded them on all sides.

Above them, the sky was a beautiful shade of red but the horizon was slowly being invaded by menacing black clouds. The temperature had already dropped several degrees and the cool breeze from the approaching storm felt good as it blew through the trees.

Then he saw her. It was like something out of a movie. Her every movement seemed to be in slow motion. Time seemed to stand still as she got out of her car.

The door opened slowly and one long, sexy leg peeked out, followed by the other. He watched her slowly reveal herself, his eyes trailing a path from her ankles up every sultry inch of her body.

Finally, she stood with one hand on her open car door and stared at him. Neither of them spoke. Their eyes met and were locked. The attraction between them was tangible. There was a physical pull between their bodies and it was all they could do not to give in and move too fast.

Instead, they savored the moment. He moved around the front of his car to stand near her. Again, not speaking, she stepped closer until she was only inches from him. Her sweet perfume filled his lungs and he felt that old, familiar feeling stirring deep inside him.

No one had ever filled him with such raw lust. His heart belonged to someone else now but when it came to pure, unadulterated sex appeal, no one held a candle to the woman standing in front of him right now.

He still thought about the times they had together… how wild she was… how wild she made him. God, he loved to make her moan and scream! But now there was only silence.

Thunder rumbled closer now and the occasional distant flash of lightning cast shadows flickering across the clearing. The moments between thunderclaps were so quiet, he could hear her breathing… it was short and quick… she was excited too. He could tell she wanted him. The hunger was in her eyes.

He couldn’t stand it anymore and put one hand on her waist, pulling her to him, the other hand on her back, holding her close. He kissed her… a passionate, desperate kiss that took her breath away. She held him tighter and their bodes pressed together, remembering where they belonged.

Their kisses were intense. Their tongues meeting and peaking their desire as they drank each other in.

His jeans could not hold back the growing bulge that she could clearly feel through her thin summer dress. She tugged at his form-fitting t-shirt as his hands found her ass and puller her hips to his.

A soft moan escaped her lips. Her chest was pressed against him, pushing her gorgeous breasts up so that they threatened to burst out of the low-cut top of her dress.

They had come for the one thing their loves could not give them… the best sex of their lives. They both had someone else in their lives but tonight they belonged only to each other.

The thought that this could be the last time they held each other, the last time they took each other’s breath away, the last time they experienced that rush that only they brought to each other only made the moment that much more intense.

Their breathing became raspy, quickened… they gasped for breath between kisses, their hands exploring the familiar curves of each other’s bodies. He sucked in her lower lip and lingered there nibbling while he ran his fingers through her hair.

His heart felt like it was going to beat right out of his chest. He thought he could actually feel the rush of blood through his body. Her cheeks had become flushed and he could feel her heart beating as she pressed closer against him.

He kissed his way down her now rosy cheeks to her neck and nibbled and kissed her smooth skin. She moaned again and tried to move closer but there was no space left between them.

He moved to her collar and his kisses became more intense. His hand slid up her ribcage and cupped her breast… squeezing firmly but caringly.

“Mmmm…”, he moaned into her neck. Her nipples were already Trabzon Escort erect and pressing against her dress. She had decided to leave her bra at home… she didn’t want any more obstacles between their bodies than absolutely necessary.

His thumb found her nipple in desperate need of attention and began circling over it slowly… working it until it was fully swollen and sensitive. His mouth moved dow to the opening in her dress and he lovingly kissed her cleavage.

My God, she had an amazing body! She sent him pictures once… to remind him of the good times. He remembered thinking then that his memories of her had not done her justice. But now, standing there with her, holding her, even the pictures were not enough to prepare him. She was still shockingly stunning!

Her head was hanging back, her eyes closed, her mind on his every touch. He reached around to the back of her dress and slowly lowered the zipper. The fabric at her shoulders slackened and he took a half step back.

She lowered her eyes to meet his and with an intense stare, licked her lips and slowly lowered the top of her dress, one shoulder at a time. She held the fabric in front of her breasts as the top dropped and sagged, hanging on her arms. He held his breath as she lowered the top of her dress a few inches to reveal her chest.

He instantly flashed back to that first night in his apartment when he had finally held her, massaging lotion into her skin; feeling those beautiful breasts for the first time.

Now, she stood there, barefoot, her summer dress blowing in the strengthening breeze, the top of her dress hanging just below her chest; running her hands over her own body. Her nipples stood out begging to be sucked. Her skin looked so soft and smooth. The fading light cast a beautiful shade of red and violet over her body.

He tried to make the image last… tried to make sure he would remember every detail later. He knew it was impossible, but he tried.

She closed the gap between them again and he could feel her breath on his neck. The heat of the day was gone and there was a cool chill to the air from the storm that was almost upon them, yet there was an intense heat between their bodies.

His hands found her shoulders and slowly, painfully slowly, moved down her chest until he cupped her breasts. God, he missed them! She stood up on her toes and pulled him down to kiss her. Their kisses were even more intense and somehow reflected the building tension between them.

His hands were massaging her, his palms rolling over her nipples; stopping occasionally to pinch them, taking her breath away. He was so hard he felt like his jeans would not be able to contain him. She felt it too.

She moved her hands to the front of his jeans and this time it was his zipper that fell. She held the top of his pants open with one hand and slowly lowered the other, running her palm against his stomach until she wrapped her hand around it.

“Oooh!”, she moaned into his mouth. He remembered how pleasantly surprised she seemed the first time she had felt him this way and wondered if she was flashing back to the times she had had with him.

She began slowly pumping his hard cock but there was no need for encouragement. He had been waiting for another chance with her for what seemed like an eternity and he was more than ready for her.

Lightning struck only a few miles away and thunder roared in the sky. Suddenly, it was like there was a new lever of intensity between them! The wild, unbridled side of them was suddenly awakened and the time for tenderness passed in the blink of an eye.

As the first, scattered drops of rain fell, they began exploring each other with renewed energy… felling almost animalistic in their need for each other. He loved that she brought out this side of him like no one else and he planned on showing her how much he liked it!

She seemed to need and want him just as badly and pulled his shirt hastily over his head. He was in slightly better shape than the last time they had been together and her kisses were ravenous on his chest.

She worked her mouth over his stomach moving down his body, pumping him with her hand the whole time. When she reached his jeans she stopped suddenly and quickly pulled his pants to his ankles. His boxers snagged momentarily on his erect cock before it sprang free and stood ready only inches from her face.

She looked at it for a moment as raindrops fell lightly on his now naked body. Then, without warning, she pushed him back against the side of his car, dropped to her knees and hungrily took him in her mouth.

She wasted no time and took him as deep as she could. He tossed his head back and moaned as the warmth of her mouth took him in. His hands instinctively went to her hair and pulled it back so he could see. He loved the sight of her soft, sexy lips wrapped around his dick. God, she was good!

She pulled away until just his head was between her pursed lips and then dove back Trabzon Escort Bayan down on him until he felt the back of her throat. Then she released him completely and began licking the entire length of his shaft firmly.

She had her hands on his thighs and the cool metal of his car on his ass and the rain on his skin were in sharp contrast to the growing heat of her mouth.

She licked every swollen inch of him from top to bottom and back… swirling her tongue around his sensitive head, driving him wild. And then she would take him deep in her mouth and suck hard, causing him to swell even more.

She felt so good his head was spinning and it as all he could do to keep from pulling her up and burying his dick deep inside her. But first, he wanted her to be as close to her peak as possible.

He reached down and pulled her to her feet, kissing her and pulling her against him. Her bare chest touched his and their deep breaths sent their chests heaving together.

His cock pressed against the thin fabric of her dress and she stood on her toes to grind her hips against his.

As he kissed her, he turned her around and lifted her so she sat on the hood of the car. He stood between her legs as they kissed and caressed each other hungrily.

The rain started to pick up and was no longer the light mist it had been. Intermittent drops fell all around them. The lake came alive with ripples from the falling rain and the trees created a growing rushing sound as the storm grew closer.

The wind was picking up and could no longer be called a breeze. Her hair was being gently blown around and he was again struck by her beauty. He couldn’t hold back any more as the sexual hunger inside him was ready to boil over.

He dove into her tits again… licking, kissing, nibbling, even biting them while his hands kneaded the soft flesh like dough. The tenderness was gone, his desire taking over.

She didn’t seem to mind and in fact, she seemed to welcome the change. She seemed just as desperate to lose control and feel that wild passion that was their trademark.

He had her nipples swollen and pink and she was breathing heavily. He knew it was time… he wanted to taste her!

He dropped quickly to his knees and lifted her dress to reveal that she also hadn’t worn any panties tonight! He licked his lips and began devouring her inner thighs. He could see she was already glistening with wet anticipation and he longed to taste her sweet juices again. H e moved closer and let his warm breath fall on her sweet pussy. She grabbed his head with both hands and pulled him hard against her.

His tongue dove as deep as he could reach and he licked her like he would never get the chance again. She moaned loudly. He loved how vocal she became when he gave her what she wanted!

“Oh, God… lick me!”, she screamed.

The sun was shining its last rays as clouds took over the entire sky. The trees were whipped into a frenzy by the wind and as she lay on her back and looked up at them, his tongue bathed her pussy in licks and nibbles that drove her wild.

He moved up to her clit and pulled it between his lips, coaxing it out, preparing it for the attention he was about to give it. She grunted again as he slipped a finger into her. He could feel her heat as she wet his finger.

His tongue circled her clit and then flicked it lightly as his finger found her g-spot. She bucked wildly and arched her back as he stroked her most sensitive places.

His other hand worked her breast and pinched and twisted her nipple lightly. She placed her hand on his and helped him massage her tit.

“Aaah, God, Yes! Don’t stop!”

He was giving her what she came for!

She threw her legs over his shoulders and squeezed his head between her thighs. She arched her back and lifted her ass off the hood of the car as she felt the tension build inside her.

He held her ass up and continued licking her lips and clit while his finger worked her into a frenzy. She was gasping for breath and moaning… then he felt her clamp down and she screamed.

“Oh, shit! I’m cumming!”

She squealed and bucked against his mouth as he continued to licke her, helping her orgasm last.

“Aaah, fuck! Aaah, fuck!”, she gasped over and over. Her screamed echoed across the water as she tensed one last time and then lowered herself panting onto the car.

Most women would need a break at this point before they could move any further. But her desire was unquenchable and she pulled the dress that was bunched at her hips completely off and lay on the hood of the car naked… glimmering with the rain that had covered her body, and dripping wet from her orgasm.

She gave him a familiar look and he knew it was time… he knew she wanted him deep inside her. He knew he was going to make her cum and cum and cum! They were going to have the fuck of their lives and no one would ever know!

The sky above them was dark now and he stood beside his car, taking Escort Trabzon in the sight of her naked body sprawled on the hood… waiting for him to go to her. Lightning was flashing often and lit up the clearing casting shadows over her gorgeous curves.

The thunder was loud and filled the sky with every bright flash of lightning. What had been a light drizzle was now a full-on rain shower and drops that were lucky enough to fall on her skin spattered over her waiting body.

Her hair was becoming wet and she smoothed it back slowly, licking her lips and the rain wet her face. He stood there, admiring the sight and savoring the thought that he was about to have her again.

He was about to give her the fucking that no one else had been able to… or would ever be able to. A smile formed at the corner of his mouth and she noticed.

She looked straight into his eyes and half-whispered-half-growled, “Fuck me!”

That was all the encouragement he needed. He stepped quickly up to the side of the car, lifted her ankles to his shoulders, wrapped his hand around his swollen cock, and guided it to her sweet pussy.

She was dripping with anticipation and he knew he would slide into her tight pussy easily. He pushed his hips forward slightly and wedged his thick, swollen head into her.

She gasped and bit her lip… she wanted it all. Without warning, he thrust forward and buried his dick deep inside her until his balls rested against her ass.

She screamed out in pleasure and he felt her pussy clamp down on his cock. He held her thighs against him as he stood beside the car and held his dick deep inside her hot pussy. She held the edge of the hood and braced herself for what she knew was coming.

The rain fell hard on their naked bodies as he started puling out of her slowly, stopping to leave just his head inside her and then forcing himself back into her quickly. Every few strokes, he would pull out completely and then ram back into her waiting pussy.

He could feel her stretching to accommodate him and he loved knowing that she wasn’t used to a dick this big. She was gasping with every thrust and grinding her teeth. Her hips rocked up and down as she raised and lowered her ass to the rhythm of his cock entering her.

He leaned forward so her knees were only inches from her chest and he could drive another inch deeper. His hands left her hips and clamped down on her swollen tits as he fucked her there in the dark, the rain falling on his back.

His dick dove deeper with every thrust and she lost track of where he ended and she began. The last time she felt that full was when she left her roommate to fuck him in the middle of the night. She loved the feeling and didn’t ever want it to end.

But just then he pulled out of her suddenly and her ass lifted as he pulled his cock out of her… her pussy not wanting to let go.

He stood up and took her by the hands, puller her off the car. She stood in front of him and he kissed her deep. Their wet bodies met once again and she raised one leg over his hip. He bent his knees slightly, lowering himself beneath her and then raised up until his dick slid back inside her.

She broke their kiss to moan in pleasure. He lifted her other leg and she hopped up onto his dick. His hands found her ass and helped her bounce on him… suspended in air on his dick, her legs wrapped tight around his waist.

He walked back over to the car and pinned her against the passenger window. He started fucking her hard against the car while she held on, her arms and legs wrapped around him.

He grunted with every thrust, bouncing her on his cock, feeling her weight on him as he fucked her like he had dreamt of fucking her for years. Her tits bounced in his face as the rain ran down her beautiful cleavage.

“Fuck me from behind!” she screamed. She loved being loud with him and it turned him on. “Fuck me from behind! Fuck me hard! Fuck me like I love to be fucked!”

He let her down and she quickly go to her hands and knees in the cool, wet grass. She spread her legs slightly and dipped her head and shoulders, arching her back so her ass stuck out for him invitingly and her clean-shaven pussy glistened beneath her.

He dropped to his knees behind her and put two fingers in her wet pussy.

“Is this where you want my dick?” he asked, teasing her. He worked his fingers inside her… he had stretched her out nicely.

“Fuck, yeah! Put that big cock in my pussy! Fuck me hard, you know you won’t hurt me!”

He smiled and pulled his fingers out… got a firm grip on her hips and pulled himself up to her waiting cunt.

“Give it to me!” she yelled.

Lightning flashed again lighting up the whole clearing and just as the thunder cracked through the sky, he drove his cock into her and began fucking her savagely.

Her ass was banging against him as he rammed his big dick into her. Her tits swayed beneath her as he pounded her again and again.

“Fuck… Yes… Fuck… Yes!!!” she screamed to the rhythm of his cock fucking her pussy hard.

He reached around and pinched her nipples… they were swollen and erect from the cold and her arousal. He clamped down hard on one increasing the exciting blend of pleasure and pain she was feeling.

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