Law 418: Desirous of a Position

Cheating Husband

It had been almost a year since she had seduced her professor in his office and gotten him to admit to his continuing desire for her body, just as she desired his. Unfortunately, her classwork had gotten in the way of going any further with that enjoyable fun. Instead, she was left with the unpleasant work of securing an internship that would help her to find her way in the legal world. And since her grades were less than stellar in most of her classes, there was only one internship available. A clerk in the chambers of Judge Jonathan Stone: a judge she had never heard of who had only been elected that year. Apparently he got in mostly on his good looks and charming personality, but the fact that his opponent was completely corrupt didn’t help matters either. Thankfully, since there was a dearth of people banging down his door, he accepted her application sight unseen and was instructed to arrive for work on Wednesday next week for the first week of her internship.

Bella had no idea how she should dress for her first day, so she decided on a fairly conservative outfit, although very little would appear conservative on her curvaceous and lust inspiring frame. Her blouse, although buttoned all the way up, strained and pulled against her full bust; her skirt, while ankle length, could not be counted upon to completely ignore the supple curve of her hips and buttocks. At least she was able to find a pair of conservative shoes that only had the barest of heels on them. After getting dressed she grabbed her notepad and portfolio and boarded the subway to the courthouse.

While on the subway, she couldn’t avoid thinking back to her most enjoyable ride on the train. Just thinking about it led her to become aroused and excited, leading her to pull her notepad and portfolio close to her chest. She looked around, thankful that the car was just about empty so that there was no chance anyone would see her flushed face and get any untoward ideas. Thankfully, the trip passed quickly and uneventfully and she left the train and walked up the stairs to the surface, a cool wind blowing down the street and refreshing her, thereby letting her regain her composure.

She walked into the courthouse and gave her information to the bailiffs on duty. After having her name checked off, she easily passed through the metal detector and went up to the fourth floor where the newly minted Judge Stone held court. She took a deep breath and walked swiftly down the hall, hoping that her air of confidence would dispel any feelings of inadequacy, both on the Judge’s part and on her own. She opened the door and was surprised to see just a single man in the office wearing a well-tailored suit.

He was tall and narrow shouldered, almost lanky in a way. He didn’t appear weak, but wiry and had an air about him that would lead one to believe that he could handle himself in a fight. He had sandy blonde hair and hazel eyes that seemed to pierce right through Bella. Any air of composure she had was lost in an instant after seeing him standing there. She tried desperately to keep her mind on the task at hand but only managed to picture him in various states of undress doing various erotic things to her. She had no doubt that her fair skin was turning quite red as he looked her square in the eyes.

“You must be Isabella. I’m John Stone. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Hel, hello,” Bella stammered. “Please, call me Bella Judge Stone.”

“Only if you call me John.”

Bella cursed silently to herself. Not only was she already having sexual daydreams within the first two minutes of her internship, but they were about her boss. This was not going to be easy. “Of course, John.”

John took the opportunity to show her around the office and give her a series of tasks to take care of, mostly looking over briefs that had been submitted by counsel and ensuring that the appropriate law was being applied in the opinions provided by Judge Stone. He further explained that due to the close nature of his election and his lack of experience, he wasn’t given the budget that most judges had to provide for a full staff. As such, Bella was going to be the main clerk and he hoped she wouldn’t mind occasionally working late nights and weekends.

At hearing this, Bella’s mind began to race again. The thought of spending late nights with him was making her mouth almost water. She wasn’t sure if this was just happenstance, or perhaps John was feeling an urge for her as well. Regardless, she knew that she would have to try and nudge things in the right direction. It had been too long since she had some illicit fun and it was leading to her feeling a bit frustrated sexually.

The court day passed smoothly enough. There weren’t any major problems in the courtroom, aside from a criminal defendant deciding he wanted to represent himself and becoming belligerent when Judge Stone insisted that a public defender be appointed to assist. Otherwise, Samsun Escort Bella was able to look over at the Judge and try to decide what kind of special fetishes he had. Perhaps he was a leg man, or maybe an ass man? She eventually decided that she would play the odds on this one and assume that he had a particular desire for a full-breasted woman. Even if he didn’t, most men didn’t mind seeing a well-endowed woman. Just as she was starting to come up with a way to casually undo one of the buttons on her blouse, Judge Stone gaveled court to adjournment and Bella hurriedly gathered her things to follow him back to his chambers.

“You did a fine job today. I wonder if I might impose on you though. I know that you still have a full load of classes, but I wonder if you might have time to come in and help go through some of the caseload on Friday night. That way you’ll have the whole weekend for your classwork and we can still get everything done that we need to. Is that okay?” Bella nodded and looked away slightly so that he couldn’t see her softly licking her lips. It was almost unconscious, but she couldn’t help thinking of the opportunity that she was being presented with. He wished her a good day and she reciprocated the farewell in a fog of thought and desire.

***Friday Night***

Bella walked toward the courthouse after leaving the subway with a sense of purpose. Since the clubs were on the same subway line, her somewhat more subdued outfit didn’t attract much notice. She only hoped that Judge Stone would notice when she walked in. Her skirt was significantly shorter this time; a pale grey set off by cable knit silk stockings held up by a black garter belt. Her blouse was a soft cream that stretched taut over her breasts. The cool night air enticed her nipples to full arousal through her thin black bra. She had left the top two buttons undone, hoping such a view might drive Judge Stone to distraction. She was silently grateful that she had been given a staff pass and was able to enter the courthouse through the side entrance, thus bypassing the night bailiffs who would no doubt wonder why a woman dressed as she was had decided to come to the courthouse tonight.

She got off the elevator at the fourth floor and slowly walked down to the judge’s chambers. Her three inch heels clicked along the marble hallway, the sound echoing in her ears with each step raising the level of excitement she felt in the pit of her stomach. She only hoped that she was able to use her charms to get what she wanted. Before she opened the door, she licked her lips one last time, tasting the shimmering lip gloss over her cherry red lipstick, knowing in her mind how they must be shining in the fluorescent lights of the courthouse. She opened the door and stood for a moment as she saw Judge Stone hard at work at his desk.

“Bella,” he said without looking up. “I’m glad you’re finally here. We can…..” His words trailed off as he looked up and saw her standing there. The slightest hint of cleavage was visible under her blouse, the lines of her stocking impeccably straight down her firm and supple legs. Bella smiled as she knew he was already letting his mind wander. This would be a very fun night.

“Yes, we can get started John. I’ll make sure to get right to work for you. What do you need done first?” He absentmindedly gestured to a stack of motions that needed to be proofread for both grammar and law. She sat down at her desk, directly across from his, and began to go through the paperwork. She picked up a pen and absentmindedly tapped it against her teeth. She glanced up every so often and saw him occasionally glancing back, but every time her eyes met his he quickly averted his gaze and redoubled his concentration. She began to suck on the end of the pen every so often, her glistening lips pursed around the pen cap, feeling his gaze linger a bit more as she did this. His eyes almost felt like they were boring into her and the feeling only led to her becoming wetter and wetter, a slight damp spot forming on the front of her black silk panties.

After about an hour, she had finished going over the motions and got up to bring them over to the judge. She stood over him and as he looked up she took a deep breath as if relaxing after a hard bit of work. In reality, she knew that as she inhaled her breasts pressed ever more invitingly against her blouse, the buttons straining to withhold her supple bust. John swallowed hard and unconsciously licked his lips. He thanked her for her quick work and handed her a habeas petition to look over and familiarize herself with.

“Do you mind if I close the door?” Judge Stone jumped as he heard her ask her question. “The buzzing of the fluorescent bulbs outside is distracting me. Since you only have compact bulbs in here, it’s a lot quieter with the door shut.”

Judge Stone swallowed hard. There was a part of him that desperately wanted to keep that door Samsun Escort Bayan open, to preserve a greater possibility of not following through on the ideas that were starting to enter his mind. In the end, he gave more credence to his willpower and said it was fine. “I’ll apologize in advance though. I haven’t figured out the doors yet and so I think it’s going to lock automatically.” Bella turned quickly and smiled to herself. She could feel her nipples harden as she shut the door, her arousal growing stronger by the minute.

She turned and shut the door, then sat down to look over the habeas petition. As she read, she slowly pulled her skirt ever so slightly up, not more than a quarter of an inch every five minutes or so. Individually each movement would be almost imperceptible. But after about twenty minutes, she knew that if the judge looked over, he would have a perfect view of her smooth silk panties barely covering her moist and alluring womanhood. She glanced up and saw the judge looking over. His eyes had glazed over a bit and he didn’t notice her capturing his gaze. She shifted in her seat and let her legs fall open just a little bit more. The movement caused the judge to jump and look down at his papers again, but not before Bella could sneak a knowing smile in his direction. The blood rushing to his cheeks gave a wonderful contrast to his sandy hair and she could see his breathing come a little faster as he tried to calm himself. As he looked down, she slipped her hand to her breasts and quietly undid one more button, then taking a deep breath to push her blouse open ever so slightly.

She gave one last cursory glance to the habeas petition and walked back over to the judge’s desk.

“I think I’ve seen everything I need to for the time being.” She leaned over the desk, letting her full breasts settle in front of the judge’s eyes. She looked down and saw small beads of sweat gathering on the judge’s forehead. He swallowed hard and took the petition from her.

“I’m sorry about earlier. I didn’t mean to see anything.”

“There’s no need to apologize. It’s nice to have your looks enjoyed, especially by someone of your stature.” He could feel his arousal becoming physically apparent as he tore his gaze away from her milky white breasts.

“It’s wrong to do. For God’s sake, it’s what the last judge was impeached for! I ran on an ethics platform!”

“First of all, the last judge was impeached because he was trading sexual favors for favorable rulings. Secondly, you haven’t done anything. Thirdly, most of his partners were decidedly unwilling.” John took a deep breath and looked away.

“It’s still wrong. I’m in a position of authority over you. Legally you could still be considered unwilling.”

“I’m over 18 and unpaid. Besides, it’s not unwilling if you don’t offer anything and I instigate it. And who’s to say I didn’t?”

“You could afterwards. Besides, you haven’t instigated anything.” She gave him a look that oozed pure sexuality. As she looked him square in the eyes, she reached a single hand up to her blouse and fingered the material. She then gave a small swift motion and undid the fourth button. The material fell away from her breasts even more, the first hint of her thin black bra becoming visible under her blouse. “Have I instigated something now?” She punctuated the word instigated with an almost obscene glance downward at the judge’s rapidly swelling cock. His lip quivered and he recognized a look in his eyes that showed a battle between his personal code and a desire that was being awakened deep beneath his desire to do what was right.

“You have nothing to be worried about. I won’t tell a soul about what happens here. And I want it as much as you do.” She settled onto his desk, letting her skirt ride up, revealing her garter belt to his gaze as she leaned over, her breasts nearly falling out of her blouse. His cock was ragingly hard at this point, feeling as if it would tear through the cotton of his tailored suit pants. He looked up at her, his eyes pleading. “This is wrong. Everything I’ve been taught says…” His words were cut short with another quick movement of her hand undoing another button. She pulled her blouse out of her skirt and let it hang freely, revealing most of her full breasts, her nipples rock hard and poking through the thin material.

“Forget what you’ve been taught. What do you know right now?”

“I know that you are the most sexually desirable creature I’ve ever seen.” She undid the last button and shrugged her arms out of her blouse. As she shook it off, her breasts bounced invitingly in her bra. She stood up and unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. She leaned forward in her lingerie, her breasts pressed together invitingly by her arms. “You should also know that I find you very sexy and would be more than happy to make this a night you will remember for a very long time, and Escort Samsun perhaps have many more of them.” She licked her lips and at that instant, the last of his willpower ebbed away. He slumped back in his chair and slowly undid his belt. She eyed his cock greedily through the cotton fabric. “I won’t tell a soul.”

With that, she slinked around the desk and kneeled between his legs, deftly undoing his belt and swiftly unzipping his pants revealing a throbbing cock beneath a pair of white briefs with an obvious spot of precum soaking through the material. She practically tore it from his body, her sexual hunger starting to get the better of her. After eyeing his swollen shaft with a greedy hunger for a moment, she quickly took it into her mouth and started sucking with a slow and ravenous fury, her tongue slipping up and down his throbbing rod. He moaned loudly once and she looked up to admonish him as she knew just how thin the courtroom walls could be. They weren’t soundproofed like the interview rooms.

He rocked gently as she swallowed him whole, his head vacillating between being thrown back in ecstasy and gazing intently at her firm and supple cleavage as her head bobbed up and down his shaft. He finally gained enough composure to reach down and feel her breasts through her bra. The touch of his hand sent shivers through her body, making her moan into his cock, the vibrations making him buck slightly. “Show me more,” he whispered, his voice taking a raspy quality from his heightened state of arousal.

She nodded slightly as she sucked long and hard. She arched her back and put her arms behind her back. Her breasts were pushed out to an almost obscene amount, her nipples almost tearing through the thin fabric. She expertly undid her bra and let it hang, barely covering her breasts. He quickly reached down and slid it forward, her full breasts finally exposed to his lustful gaze. He moaned softly as he saw her smooth milky skin. She reached up and massaged his balls as he began to buck, almost fucking her face with an unconscious abandon. She could feel him starting to spasm, so she pulled back, letting his cock out of her mouth with a loud smacking sound.

He was breathing heavily, his cock swollen and erect. He licked his lips and took a deep breath. “Why did you stop?” She stood up and took the bra off completely. She then undid her garters and slipped the stockings off. She then slipped her panties off in a slow and deliberate fashion. She looked him straight in the eyes as she absentmindedly fingered her nipples, making waves of pleasure radiate through her body. “Because I have somewhere better for that cock.” She reached down for her blouse and pulled a condom out of one of its pockets. She unwrapped it and expertly covered him, her fingernails trailing along his long shaft as she rolled it down to the base.

John was incapable of speech at this point. His sexual desire and long ago taken over and all he could do was shift in his chair to make his body more accessible for Bella’s desires. She slipped a leg over his body and sat down on his lap. She moved forward, her breasts at the level of his mouth as she expertly guided his throbbing shaft between her glistening and bare pussy lips. With a single thrust of her hips, she impaled her body onto his cock, letting him enter her completely as she let out a contended breath.

At this point, John couldn’t control himself anymore. He grabbed her by the hips and pushed her down onto his body. His mouth flew to her right breast, sucking her nipple deep into mouth, his tongue dancing around it as he nibbled lightly. His hips bucked with a rhythmic abandon, his shaft spasming as precum dripped out of his head. She fucked him silently, using every ounce of control she had not to scream out in ecstasy, his cock pounding into her over and over, his groin grinding against her clit, causing waves of pleasure to echo through her. She moaned softly as he sucked harder, his hands slick with sweat as he pushed her down again and again, his cock seeming to go deeper with each thrust.

Her hands wrapped around him and pulled him into her breasts. The full and soft flesh filled his mouth, muffling his moans and grunts. He fucked with abandon at this point, his cock throbbing and spasming, the cum building, boiling in his balls at this point. She ground down onto him, willing her body closer and closer to orgasm. Finally, with one hard and deep thrust, she felt an explosion wrack her body, her entire being shuddering with pleasure as the walls of her pussy clamped down on the shaft that had brought her past the brink of ecstasy. That last massive spasm caused a chain reaction in John, his cock exploding, wave after wave of cum shooting out, pushing himself against her breasts to muffle his cries of pleasure, his tongue luxuriating in the taste of her deliciously erotic flesh.

They held each other for a moment, almost becoming as one from the sheer force of their sexual explosions. John looked up at Bella, his hair matted down with sweat, looking into her eyes; eyes filled with lustful satisfaction. “You promise that nobody will know?”

She smiled down at him. “Only if you promise that we can do this again.”

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