Learning the Ropes Ch. 02


Chapter 02: Exploring the Ropes

Continuing from Chapter 1 – despite the title of the emerging series, there’s no bondage in this portion. But I will get back to that theme.

After my wife surprised me by tying me up and giving me a mind-blowing blow job, I offered to do something for her, and asked for suggestions…

“Mmmm. Well, cuddle me while we catch our breath, for starters. And after that, well, you know that it was a lot of work for me to be the take-charge one just then. You know the things I like…just do them to me!”

She turns so that her head is resting on my arm and we’re facing each other. I give her a kiss on her nose and smile. “Well, I do have some ideas. Let’s see what happens, then!”

She closes her eyes and smiles and I stroke her bare back with my free arm. I start slowly scratching her back, from the tops of her shoulders to where the small of her back starts to curve back out to her gorgeous ass. Up and down and across, pausing to knead the muscles around her shoulder blades.

Eventually, I run my fingers down her well-toned arm, and intertwine my digits with her own. I lift her hand to my mouth, kissing above her knuckles as one would do a Victorian lady. But next I open her hand and slowly massage the palm, working out to the tip of each finger, caressing each digit and admiring her always-flawless polish job. I give the palm of her hand a passionate kiss, and then more kisses down her taut forearms to her elbow, and then up the creamy skin inside her bicep. I push her away now, onto her back, and free my other arm. I want this to be slow and sensuous, and I take her now-free right arm into my hands.

I start to massage her other hand, and look down at her face. Her lightly freckled forehead is smooth and relaxed, her carefully shaped eyebrows arching delicately over her closed eyes. Her cheeks are lightly flushed, her nostrils flaring slightly from the stimulation. Her lovely, talented lips part just a bit so she can breathe a small sigh. I allow myself a moment to take in her beauty, and think about this amazing gift of a woman that went so unappreciated for so long. I can’t undo the past, but I want to show her how much I need her in my life now. I know that great sex won’t solve all our problems, but I can’t make time, the key ingredient in our slow return to one another, move any faster. So I look back at her arm, planting another tender kiss in the crook of her Şanlıurfa Escort elbow.

I move then up her arm to her shoulders, and run one hand up her side, stroking the soft skin on the side of her breast. I place my lips there next, mirroring my slow ascent of her right globe with my fingers on her left. Mouth and fingers inch towards her nipples, their brown nubs tightening and protruding from the aureole. Goosebumps appear there, and a more forceful sigh escapes my lover’s lips. Finally I close in on my prey, and flick one nipple with my tongue, and the other with my finger.

After a few assertive tongue lashes, I purse my lips and blow. I’m close enough that I can feel her skin cool before I open my mouth and devour the tip of her breast. I rub her with my tongue as hard as I can. I pinch the other side a little tighter, rolling the rubbery skin between my fingers.

She starts to moan a bit, shifting her hips on the bed. I know that this is making her juices flow, and I long to taste them, but want to make her wait a bit longer. I switch sides, moving between her legs to better assault her left nipple with my tongue. She lifts her hips, wanting pressure on her dampening sex, but I keep my legs just out of reach. I begin to reverse my earlier trip, kissing and nibbling my way down her boob to her rib cage.

She runs her hands through my hair, and I briefly consider restraining them with the rope, but I have a different exploration in mind today.

I stick my fingers inside her panties and slide them down her legs, and can smell how hot she is and how badly we both want to get my tongue wrapped around her clit. But patience is a virtue, and so I start a leisurely trip up her leg starting at her ankle. I’m not a foot guy, but a well-defined ankle is a basic must for me as an unabashed leg man. The legs don’t have to be long, but when they’re firm, with a bit of muscle showing and a slender, strong ankle at their base, I want to devour them.

And so I do – kissing her calf, the back of her knee and then moving up her inner thigh. I try to tease rather than tickle, but she seizes up at one point and shrieks. I apologize and start in again closer to my target. Her delicate skin gives way to coarse hair. I open my mouth wide and suck in as much of one of her outer labia as I can, evoking a moan from the head of the bed. I do the same on the other side, and then move my fingers up, gently spreading Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan her flower open for me.

Her inner lips are slick with her dew, and I put my tongue at the bottom and swipe up, sliding inside of her as far as I can go. I pull back and start again at the bottom and lift my whole head until my tongue reaches her little nubbin. I flick back and forth across it, and get an appreciative “Yes!” in response.

Unable to wait any longer, I plunge in, covering her clit and the surrounding area with my mouth, sucking it in and bearing down with my tongue. She spreads her legs wider to give me better access. I moan myself, adding those subtle vibrations to the thrashing her clit is getting from my tongue. My hands reach under her legs and up to her breasts, and I pinch each nipple lightly between my fingers, rolling them back and forth in rhythm with my oral assault on her magnificent pussy.

“Oooh,” she moans. “That feels so good. Put something inside me, too!”

I lift my head just long enough to wet my middle and ring fingers in my mouth, and then slide them into her vagina. I make a few in-and-out strokes and then concentrate on the area just inside her opening, using the pads of my fingertips to massage back and forth on her upper wall as I continue to lick and suck her clit.

“Yeah, that’s it. Keep doing that,” she begs.

I keep it up for another couple minutes, but I have another idea. “Hold on a sec,” I say in response to her whimpers, when I get up and move to the edge of the bed. I duck my hand into the toy cabinet and grab a couple of things and then turn over onto my back. “Come get on top of me, baby,” I ask.

She looks over and says, “Well, hello, there!” when she notices my newly hard cock sticking up from my middle. I open the condom packet and roll it on my member, and then she obligingly gets up on her knees and swings one leg over me. Arms on either side of my head, she leans in for a deep kiss, then says “I don’t know if I can come like this, sweetie. And I need you to make me come – you do it so well.”

“Let’s see what we can do,” I suggest, and reach down to hold my prick up. She obliges, and lines her soaking twat up and slowly sits back, sinking me into her.

As she starts to rock back and forth, I reach under the pillow for my other prop, and turn the end to start it up. I pull the buzzing vibrator out and her eyes widen in surprise. Escort Şanlıurfa “I thought this might get us at least closer to the holy grail of coming together – no faking required,” I explain.

I pull her down to me for a long kiss, tweaking her nipples as I thrust up into her. Her wet warmth grasps my penis, and I thrust up and stay there, grinding my pelvis into this gorgeous woman, almost wishing we could stay like that forever. I start stroking again, knowing I have some catching up to do if we’re going to make this work. The buzzing numbness of sexual ecstasy slowly starts creeping up the back of my neck, and so I push my lover to sit up. Once back on top, she leans back slightly and uses her strong legs to work me in and out of her.

I take the vibrator and tease her a bit with it up the inside of her legs, but move quickly to our meeting point. I slip a finger between us and find her love button and strum it a few times, then replace it with the toy.

“Mmmh. Oooh,” she says, eyes closed as she concentrates on the feelings gathering in her groin. I feel her walls convulse slightly and envelop my member, and I start thrusting up again. Somehow I manage to keep pushing into her with my hips while keeping the vibe on target, allowing my wife to lean back and just enjoy the sensations. My balls begin to ache a little as they start to draw up, and I see her brow creased in concentration, her lips alternately pursed tightly and slightly agape as she moves closer to her own reward.

The buzzing plastic sends tremors along my dick through the walls of her delicious canal, and I can tell I’m getting closer to another face-melting orgasm. Now I know why the ladies love these things so much! As I reach the point of no return, I hear her “yeah, yeah, yeah,” letting me know she’s right on the edge. Her contracting, vibrating vaginal walls are gripping me and making this feel incredible.

I make one last stab towards her womb and my jizz starts to fill the condom. My explosion pushes my spectacular wife over the edge into her own blissful orgasm, and she gasps, throwing her head back and moaning as it washes over her body. I start to pull the vibrator away, but she grabs my wrist to keep me there, enjoying the aftershock rippling through our joined bodies.

We gasp for a few moments, and then I reach for her to pull her back close to me. The warmth of her body against mine comforts me, as I slowly shrink and fall out of her. I stroke her hair and caress her back as we wordlessly enjoy the moment. My enormous good fortune, nearly squandered, to be with this person who fulfills me in so many ways rushes into my consciousness, and I wrap my arms around her to pull her close, praying that we’ll never be pulled apart.

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