Lesbian Bitch Ch. 01


All stories edited by Shygirlwhore.

Hi everyone Dani is the narrator in all of my stories and everyone is eighteen and over.

Tanya is totally obsessed with Jane. She shares her bed every night with the best two lovers she has ever had, and because Jane is a lesbian.

Jane is so much in love with her, that she happily has sex with my brother Jake, knowing that Tanya will satisfy her beyond her wildest beliefs.

Tanya told Jane that her sex drive would be at its wildest if, Jane had a lot of intercourse with her husband doggy style, so that she could feel him inside her as Tanya continually went down on her and enjoyed watching Jane’s nipples as they became erect. Tanya would use a dildo on her wet pussy and suck her sweet juices off the dildos, as she watched Janes DDs bounce up and down.

The sexual tension would become unbearable for Tanya, as Jake’s sperm exploded out of Jane’s sex canal and their cum mixed together. It bought Tanya to a continuous orgasm. Tanya really felt the need to devour Jane’s body.

Tanya would gently rub her breasts along Jane’s clit. That was her favorite way to feel her man growing inside of Jane and too feel her man ejaculating and exploding out of this sweet lesbian bitch. Tanya would place her hands on either side of Jane’s breasts so that she could lick and suck the cum mixture off her hands.

Once the dildos were no longer satisfying Tanya, she would press her clit against Jane’s and ride her. Tanya would rub her cum covered breasts on Jakes face Şanlıurfa Escort and bring Jane to multiple orgasms. My man feels so good inside you!

Tanya would say, “Relax my darling lesbian, I want to feel my mans lovely large hard cock inside your sweet, juicy pussy. I want- no, I need you to feel my orgasms as he continually fills you with his sperm. I have also asked him to stay inside of you for as long as possible and to piss and relieve himself while he is inside you.

Tanya would quiet often feel Jane’s nipples harden as she bounced away on Jane’s breasts. Tanya would lean forward to rub her hands and breasts over and inside Jane’s pussy as she felt her man’s hard cock moving inside of Jane’s pussy; his sperm overflowing out of this hot and amazing lesbian.

Jake would always start off slowly and as his thrusting became faster, Tanya’s mouth and breasts would move to Jane’s sweet pussy. Tanya’s hard nipples would always fill Jane with delight and give her multiple orgasms. As Jake really started to overflow Jane’s pussy Tanya would kiss and lick Jane’s sweet swollen pussy and taste every drop of her man’s cum. That was even better than a blow job for Jake and it would cause Jane to scream with delight.

Eventually it would end up with scissor sex so it felt like Jake was fucking both of them at the same time.

I got so excited when I came to stay and being in the bedroom across from them I could watch and hear everything, it took both Meg and John to control my sex drive Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan as they left the lights on while they were fucking. Jake would only turn of the lights after Tanya and Jane had fallen asleep.

Every morning he was always inside one of their vaginas, depending on Tanya’s mood, with the added benefit off watching a lot of hot women undressing on the beach, running naked into the surf and then running back to get an all over tan.

Jake was in heaven.

As the sex got really intense, the trio started swearing during sex. Jill would often come and jump into bed with us figuring she would have plenty of sexual activities with Tanya. Not to mention that she liked to get a good night’s sleep and didn’t like having the lights left on all night.

As Jane opens her eyes each morning Tanya would say, “Good morning my sexy lesbian bitch. You are awesome, how is your sex canal feeling? I can’t wait until your nipples start to swell and your tummy grows out. You already make my head spin, but looking at you while you are pregnant will make me even crazier! Well, you think the sex is great now Wait until your pregnancy is farther along. I just love watching you fuck my boyfriend’s brains out every night.”

When Jill is there Tanya would say, “Come on sleepy head come and kiss Jane’s sweet pussy Good morning. Quickly while Jake is still inside her. If you’re lucky you might get to taste some of Jake’s cum!”

Tanya would always bounce on Jane’s tits so Jilly had Escort Şanlıurfa a nice close up view of her wet pussy.

“Come join me for an all girl threesome while Jake has a shower. Let’s show Jane know how much we love and appreciate our sweet lesbian bitch. Scissor sex your big sister, I want to taste both your sweet juicy cunts at the same time. I’ll kiss your sweet pussies until you cum,” Tanya said to Jill.

“Than my dear Jilly, you may eat my pussy until you are content. I’m yours for the rest of the day.”

“My sweet innocent Jilly come and join me in the spa. I need an all over view.” Jill would feel Tanya’s nipples becoming erect as she touched and kissed her gorgeous breasts; she watched Jake stroking his 10″ cock and how it would become incredibly erect. They were also well placed to watch Jane playing with her dildos and massaging her DDs.

Once Tanya became more and more excited, she would request Jane to lubricate her juicy pussy and hot ass for Jakes throbbing cock, while Jill would kiss her way down Tanya’s body and finger Tanya’s butt in her search of her wet cunt. The bubbles really bought Tanya’s orgasms to life.

As Jill came up for air she noticed all the hot naked people on the beach and Jake’s sperm overflowing out of Jane and Jane massaging her breasts with Jake’s spoof. Tanya would be in one constant orgasm and sucked on Jill’s hard nipples.

As Jane got off Jakes cock, his cock would glisten with Janes juices and Jane would go over to Tanya and finger her pussy so that Tanya could lick her fingers.

“Jane please give my man a blowjob,” Tanya would request, “Than savor a mouth full of his cum and come and kiss me and play tonsil hockey with me. I need to taste him.”

“Jane use the strap-on in Jake’s butt. I want Jill to taste him too.”

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