Lip Service

Big Tits

[I had fun writing this story. Wait, that’s not quite accurate. I had fun doing the research for this story. I made some personal discoveries during the research. It is my hope you enjoy the story. There is oral sex in this story, no coitus, no anal. Your comments and votes are encouraged.]

“Is this Pete?” The voice on the phone asked.

“It is. How may I be of service?”

“A friend of mine gave me your number.” The key opening line for this to be a business call. I smiled. “She said you … provide a … service that I need.” Her voice was strained. She just couldn’t say what she wanted.

“In order for me to make an appointment for you, I first need the name of the friend who referred you.”

“Her name is Janice Watkins. My name is Marina Gonzalez.” I wrote it all down and her phone number.

“Either we can fill out the intake form when you get here or now, over the phone. It should take less than two minutes either way.”

“Now would be Ok.”

“Are you in an intimate relationship with someone now? Meaning married, living with someone you share physical intimacy with, or a sexual partnership where you do not live together.”

“Yes. I’m married.”

“When was the last time you had an orgasm that someone else gave you?”


“When was the last time you gave yourself an orgasm?”

“Last night.” I could hear the anger.

“How often do you and your sex partner have coitus?”

“Have what?”

“How often does your sex partner put his penis in you?”

“Down there? Three times a week, usually. In my mouth, on the other days.”

“Ok. Do you shave or trim your pubic hair?”

“Yes, so I can wear shorts and a bathing suit.”

“See, that didn’t take long at all. I have openings during the day or the evenings. Which do you prefer?”

“Day. I need to be home before two-thirty when the kids get home.”

“Tomorrow at ten. Thursday at eleven or Friday at nine in the morning are the openings I have this week. You’ll be here about ninety minutes.”

“Tomorrow. Nothing today?”

“I have an opening at one, but that won’t work for you. It’s cutting it too close for you to be home by two-thirty.”

“Ok. Tomorrow.”

“Did Janice tell you about money?”

“Yes. Cash.”

“Good. Please wear easy on, easy off, clothes and be as trimmed or shaved as possible. You have the address?”


“When you arrive the garage will be open. Pull inside. When you exit your car hit the red button on the wall. It will close the garage door. It also tells me you have arrived and I will come get you. Any questions?”

“No. Not right now.”

“Any questions you have we’ll answer tomorrow, so relax. I’m here to take good care of you.”

“I hope so.”

“Until tomorrow, then.”

“Yes. Good-bye.” I hung up. I checked the phone company records and found that the number she called from was indeed under Jose Gonzalez and I wrote down the address.

A small bell rang in my kitchen, letting me know the garage door had closed. My eleven o’clock appointment had arrived. I opened the door between the kitchen and the garage and saw Diane standing by her car putting something in the trunk. She turned and came to me, smiling and unbuttoning her shirt.

“I’m sorry I’m dressed this way. I had a brunch to go to and had to dress this way.”

“It’s Ok. We have a little extra time today. My appointment that follows you will be a little late.”

We went inside and directly into the large master bath. The tub was full and hot. I turned on the shower and then I undressed. Diane was already naked. We got in the shower and I washed her body. I knew that Diane had a thing about keeping her hair dry so we used the lower shower head. It was set so the spray aimed down from her chin level. I used an unscented soap and a natural loofa. When I got to her pussy Diane said, “If we have some time, I’d like the shave as well.”

“Good. I love shaving you!”

When she was very clean I shut off the water and we stepped out. I wrapped her in a towel and had her lie on the massage table. She spread her legs and I added pillows to the “Y” shaped table to get her very comfortable. I pulled three warm towels from the heated cabinet and covered her torso with one and each leg got a towel over it, to keep her warm.

That left her covered from head to neck, except for her vulva. I used a good shaving gel on her pubic hair and worked it in as I applied it. As I worked the gel into her hair her lips parted and I saw that she was quite wet.

With a brand new razor Sinop Escort I intended to shave every hair from her vulva. I knew Diane loved being shaved and she would cum the first time while I got her smooth. I also knew she loved being talked to while I worked.

“Your lips are already puffy Diane. Were you thinking about this as you drove over?”

“Yes. You know I was.”

The razor makes a unique noise as it draws a path down at the edges of her hair. After I shaved the edges of her hair I spoke again.

“You sat in the meeting this morning wondering how many women in that room would have a lover shaving their pussies after the meeting. You smiled when you realized it was just you.” She responded with a moan.

Three more paths cut with the razor. I was getting closer to her lips. When I exhaled I made sure she could feel my warm breath.

“Diane, I love the smell of your heat. If they bottled it a million men would walk around erect just from that fragrance.”

“Oh, Pete. I… are you hard?”

“You know I am.” I gently moved her right leg and shaved between the junction and her lips. I used my fingers to stretch her skin so I got all the hair.

“There is a drop of Diane nectar sliding out of you. May I have it?”

“Yes.” My finger scooped it up and trailed across her skin as I got it. I sucked on my finger noisily and then moved her left leg and shaved that side, right to the edge of her lips.

“All that’s left is the hair so close to your clit. You must hold very still as I shave that area. One slip and it could be a disaster. Can you hold very still?”

“I will try.”

“You must stay still. If it will help I can give you something to focus on instead of what I’m doing. Would that help?”


“Ok. Then, for a few moments, lift your legs.”

We had done this before and she knew what was coming. She lifted her legs and I put a warm gob of lube on her ass and shoved a small diameter butt plug inside her. When it seated I helped her put her legs back down.

“Oh Jesus! I like how that feels.”

The razor cut across her skin and took the remaining hair. My fingers touched everywhere I had shaved. Where I found any stubble I shaved again. I used a warm, wet cloth and wiped away all the gel residue.

“You did want the close shave, didn’t you?”


“Then help me feel for any hair I didn’t cut close enough. If I touch a hair, tell me and I will make sure it goes away.”

My face lowered and my tongue widened and I stuck it into the bottom of her slit. Her back arched and she shivered. When I moved my tongue upwards toward her clit she shook hard and moaned. I moved slowly and when I touched her clit it was enough.

Diane’s back arched harder, she shook, the muscles just under the skin of her pussy spasmed and she grabbed the sides of the table. My tongue held still until she began to calm down a little. I withdrew and touched her skin where I had shaved. Her skin was very sensitive and she found or imagined ten or twelve hairs as I licked everywhere I had shaved.

My fingers pulled at her skin, to the right or the left, to stretch so that I could shave her as close as she wanted. The razor stopped catching any hairs. They were gone.

Using a hot wet cloth I covered her vulva and let the heat penetrate. My hand covered the cloth and pressed. Diane moaned again.

I waited. She remained motionless for a time. Then, she moved. Less than half an inch her legs came together. The wet cloth came off and my face replaced it. My hands opened her lips and my lips sealed around her clit. I sucked hard and touched her clit with my tongue.

Diane screamed! She arched again and lots of her fluid squirted from her. Her vagina opened and closed like a mouth attempting to breathe. I held onto her clit.

When her arms relaxed a little and she let go of the edge of the massage table I let go of her clit. A minute later I slowly worked the butt plug out of her and cleaned her ass.

I helped her off the table and into the big tub of hot water. I set the timer for ten minutes and left her alone. I went to my computer and worked. One quarter of the screen was a closed circuit picture showing her in the tub. I didn’t want her falling asleep and sliding into the water.

When the timer dinged I went in and helped her out of the tub. We showered quickly as a final rinse and I dried her. She dressed and put money in the box on the bathroom counter. She thanked me, kissed me soundly and I walked her to her car. When she was in and seat belted, I hit the button that would Sinop Escort Bayan open the garage door and watched as she drove away.

I had never told a woman how much to put in the box. Some had asked and my response was, “You value what I do and you give what you think is proper for what you get.” I always emptied the box after each woman left. I recorded what she left. When she called for another appointment the response was tempered by what the screen showed me about her gifts.

A woman came and got much the same treatment that I had given Diane and when I looked she had left a hundred dollars. She had come in a new Mercedes AMG and wore a ten caret diamond on her finger. A week later she called for another appointment. I only see her on Mondays, early. The least popular time.

Diane left five hundred. Last Christmas time she offered me the use of her cabin near Lake Arrowhead for three days. Diane gets whatever time she wants, even if I need to move someone else. She has also sent me six other women. Diane is gold. Beyond the business, Diane has one of the sweetest tasting pussies I have ever tasted.

I dressed and had lunch. At one-forty-five the bell dinged and I went back to work. My partner says I have the cleanest job in southern California. I shower four to six times a day. My work wardrobe consists of two t-shirts and two pair of drawstring shorts. I do buy lots of good razors, shaving gel and body wash.

The next day Marina Gonzalez arrived in a Dodge Mini-van. The bell dinged and I let her in. She was very nervous. She was dressed in a shirtwaist dress and flats. We sat outside by my pool. We talked for fifteen minutes and she told me about her marriage. I’ve been eating pussy professionally for almost ten years. I’ve heard her story too many times.

The condensed version is, “I love him. He doesn’t take care of me. I’m so frustrated I think about murder and suicide. I want to be pampered, cared for, but I don’t want to be fucked… well, I do, but I won’t do that!”

Marina followed me into the bath and I undressed her. She was beautiful. Her breasts were full but not so heavy that gravity had drooped them. Her nipples still pointed ahead. She was not quite thin enough that I would have used the word slender, but close. Her bush was full and dark. She had shaved the hair that grew on her thighs.

In the shower she looked repeatedly at my body. I guessed she had never seen a circumcised penis before. When I washed her she seemed afraid I would hurt her. When we were clean I reached for the water controls and she said, “I can ask for what I want?”


“I want to look at it, closer.”

I shut the water off and said, “Take your time. Touch it if you’d like.”

She knelt and looked for over a minute. Her hand came up and she used a finger to touch it. Then her hand wrapped around it and she slowly stroked. It grew. She kept stroking.

“We’re here for you Marina. If you keep that up my cock will squirt all over you and you’ll need another shower. Is that what you want?”

“No. Not today. Maybe next time.” She let me go and I smiled. She was already planning to return.

I dried her and wrapped her in a warm bath sheet. She got on the massage table with a little help.

I asked, “Please close your eyes.” She did. “Now talk to your self. Ever since you spoke to Janice you’ve been thinking about what you want to happen here. Tell yourself what you want.”

It was quiet for over a minute and she softly said, “I want to lie back and have him touch me, maybe kiss me. Janice called it eating pussy. I’m not sure what that is but I want it.” She stayed quiet for another minute. She said, “I want him to have his fingers inside me and suck on my nipples at the same time!” Another quiet time and she said, “I want to cum while he does things to me.”

I uncovered her pussy. My fingers touched her hair, gently and carefully. I massaged her thighs beginning at her knees and working up to her pussy and including it in the massage.

As I touched her I spoke to her. I asked her questions.

“When you are in bed with Jose, what does he do that feels good?”

“I like when he kisses me.”

“Where does he kiss you?”

“On the mouth.”

“With his tongue?”


“Where else does he kiss you that you enjoy?”

“My neck, unless he’s drunk and he gives me a hickey.”

My hands kept massaging her legs and pussy. I could feel her relaxing.

“Does he kiss your breasts?”

“He sucks them sometimes. It hurts.”

“Does he touch them with his hands?”

“He Escort Sinop acts like he’s making bread! He squeezes and hurts me!”

My hands spread her legs a little more and I touched her with the tip of one finger, at the bottom of her vaginal opening.

“Oh! That’s not your thing, is it?”

“I’m not going to put my penis inside you. That’s a finger.”

“Oh.” She relaxed again. Her body still showed there was a war going on internally over the right/wrongness of what we were doing.

“Tell me what you’re worried about, please.”

“Lots of things. If he finds out you touched me, we’re both dead. If he finds out I paid you to do it, I’ll die a horrible death. I’m going to have to confess this to a priest! This is so wrong.”

“Do you believe God gave you your body?”

“Of course.”

“And when you feel good is that a sin?”

“I don’t know. Maybe.”

“So, you should be a terrible cook, so your husband and children don’t sin by enjoying your food.”

“No! I want to be a good cook for them.”

“And, you should never kiss anyone. They might enjoy it! Enjoyment is a sin. You need to confess all the times you felt good, enjoyed a sunset, a fine meal, dancing or worse helping someone else feel good.”

“No. Feeling good isn’t a sin.”

“So, what have you done here that didn’t feel good?”

“Nothing. But, my husband would say we did wrong.”

“Is your husband ever mistaken?”


“Do you tell him everything?”

“No, not everything.”

“What don’t you tell him?”

“A few times I told him about my crazy sister. She sleeps around since her divorce. He said he didn’t want to hear about her sex life. Now, I know about what she does, but I don’t tell him.”

“Is that a sin?”

“Not if he doesn’t want me to tell him.”

“Then, what are you doing that he needs to know about?”

“Nothing.” She paused, adding, “Would you touch me some more, please?”

My finger touched her and she moaned. I slid the finger tip along the edges of her lips and felt her arousal coat the finger with slippery nectar. My finger spread the nectar on her areola and nipples. She moaned again and held her eyes closed.

I leaned in and my warm breath touched her wet skin and tender lips. “Oh Sweet Jesus! Oh!”

My tongue replaced my finger on the outer edges of her lips. Her hips bucked and her legs tensed, lifting her hips to meet my tongue.

“Yes! That’s just what I wanted all my life! Oh my God in Heaven!”

My tongue probed between her lips and gathered her juices. Her hips twitched and her legs scissored against my head. Her voice changed to requests and then to orders.

“Please, lick me there again. Yes, just like that, for a hundred years! Stop! Hold my lips open and lick me lower. Fuck me with your tongue! Oh, I’m trembling! I’m cumming!” Moans, groans, squeaks and yelps were added to her words.

When she announced she was cumming I moved my mouth to her clit and sucked on it as the tip of my tongue circled the bud. Her back arched, her legs clamped on my head like a vise and her hands grabbed my hair. Each time she started to relax I flicked her bud once, gently. Her back arched again and she moaned as the next wave of orgasm crashed over her like a wave.

After I released her I covered her with a towel and let her rest for a few minutes. I got two big glasses of water, washed my face and hands and touched her shoulder. “Are you ready to sit up?” I asked.

“I may need help.” I helped her sit upright. She drank all the water in the glass I gave her. She gave the empty glass back to me and I said, “The shower is right there. If you want my assistance, I’m happy to wash you. Then you can dress. We have twenty minutes left in your appointment.”

When she was in the shower she asked if I would wash her back. I slipped out of my shorts and joined her in the shower. When she was clean I shut off the shower and dried her. As she dressed I put the box in the middle of the massage table. I went to the kitchen and returned the glasses.

When Marina joined me in the kitchen she looked much the same as she did when she arrived. Except she looked relaxed, energized and she was smiling. “I left the money…” I waved at her and said, “I hope you enjoyed your appointment. If you want to come back, please give me a call.”

“I will call. Thank you.” She kissed my cheek and went to her car. She called back three days later. Her crazy sister called me two weeks later. I’m pretty sure Jose doesn’t know either of them comes to the Pussy Eater.

Ding! The bell just rang to tell me my next client is here. She’s new. She works on a TV show called Lipstick Jungle. This should be interesting.

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