Little Blue Stowaway


Tim checked his watch for the hundredth time this morning. The kids were at school. She’d come home from dropping them off, showered and done her hair & make-up and should be finishing up her toast and the Today Show about now. If today was like most days she’d push back from the table when they went to commercial break, take her plate and coffee mug to the kitchen before getting dressed for work. It was time. Finally. He pressed her speed-dial number on his phone and leaned back in his office chair, and waited for her to answer.

Lori whisked the cordless phone off the table as she went by and looked at the caller ID. It’s Tim. “Hello?”

“Hey, Lor’ it’s Tim. How are ya’?”

“Fine — what’d you forget?”

“Nothing – nothing. Just thinking about you.” He could hear her rinsing her things and setting them in the sink. “Where are ya’?”

“Kitchen, why?” She hugged the phone to her ear with her shoulder while she straightened a couple things on the counter.

“Perfect. I need you to do something, will ya’?”

Lori rolled her eyes a bit. She had exactly eight minutes to get herself dressed and to the car. This better not take long. “I’m getting ready for work, Babe, what is it? Don’t make me late.”

“I won’t,” he tried not to let his smile show though his voice. “Open the junk drawer next to the sink, would ya’?” He could hear it squeak as she pulled it open. “See the dark blue marble there near the front?”

“Yeah – it’s a shooter.”

“That’s the one. Take it to the sink and wash it in warm soapy water, would you?”

“Isn’t this Andrew’s, Hon?” What the ….

“Yeah — he’ll never miss that one, though. OK, now rinse it good.” he heard the water running, and then shut off. “Then dry it.”

“Tim, I don’t have time for game—”

“You’re not dressed yet, are you?” he interrupted.

“No, but that’s next and if you don’t get off the phone I’m going to be —”

“Perfect. To the bedroom. Quick.” he counted, imagining her hurrying. “You there?”


“Sit on the bed once – open your robe – ” He knew she was in bra and panties under her robe, hers was a well-defined morning routine.

“Tim! — “

“If I was there I’d do this for you, but I’m not. I WANT TO COME WITH YOU TODAY. You sitting?”

“Mm-hmm.” Her heart was beating faster and a burst of tingles scurried through her for some reason. Her voice was softening against her better judgment.

Tim leaned over his desk, lowered his voice and spoke softly into the phone. “Pull your panties to the side, tuck that warm blue marble in between your lips, where it just nudges your ummm – your button, and then close up over it and get dressed.” He heard her gasp a little. “It’s not too cold is it?” He knew better.

“No, it’s good.” Where there had been irritation, a twinge of excitement came through in her voice when she answered.

“Stand up now, hang up your robe. Feel it there when you move?”


“Put the phone on the bed while you get dressed. What are you wearing today?”

“Gray pinstripe suit, burgundy cami.”

“What else?”

“Champaign bra and matching panties.”

“My favorite!”

“Yep.” She was smiling now. She couldn’t help herself.

“OK, put the phone down but hurry back.” While she dressed he paged through his incoming mail and moved a couple envelopes to the top of the stack, companies he recognized as current clients.

“I’m back.” Lori’s voice was in his ear again.

“You look good!”

“Oh, shuddup.”

“Well you do! I know exactly how that suit looks on you. Much better than in the closet! How’s the marble feel? It’s not going to slip inside today or anything, is it?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Good. A couple quick things and then you better go. Leave it in there all day today, Lor’. I want you to tell me all about it tonight when we get home. Now cross your legs like you’re in a meeting. Feel it there?”


Tim smiled. “Pretend you need something out of the bottom file drawer. Squat down like you usually do — feel it? Feel me there?”

“My God, Tim, I’m going to be soaked before lunch! And I have meetings!”

“Wear a touch more perfume then. This is perfect. Bring it all home tonight and I’ll take care of you, OK?”

Lori took a deep, deep breath. She felt hot all over and thought about changing to a top with a higher neckline to hide the blotches of red that always appeared on her chest when she was aroused.

“Bye, Sexxy, see ya’ tonight. Love ya’!”

Just like that he was gone. Lori glanced at the clock. Time to go. Walking through the kitchen on her way to the garage she put the phone in its charger, scooped up her keys and reached down to retrieve her portfolio from next to her chair at the desk. Her movement nudged the marble just right and she felt it bump the base of her clit. Jeez~ Straightening up, she knew she was suddenly flushed, but damn, this felt good!

Pulling the door shut and locking it behind her she turned toward her car. Opening the door Sinop Escort she stepped in and put her foot on the …. brake. “OMG! I have to drive!”


11:50 AM

Tracking with her today was harder than he thought it’d be. He’d already missed her break. But right now she should be just about done with lunch if she ate at 11:30 like she usually did.

:: How ya doin’? :: He keyed into his phone and pressed SEND.

A few seconds later his phone rang. It was Lori calling back.

“Hayy….nothin’ much, just thinkin’ about you is all… how ya doing?”

His eyes widened when she told him. “Tim, I swear – Driving to work was a total rush! I’m glad I’m in a skirt, I might have soaked through pants today! And then…” It was like she’d been waiting for him to call; the words gushed. “…And then my first client had hair a lot like yours. I just wanted to grab him and tongue-fuck him – I mean you – right there in the conference room!”

Tim grinned. “Sounds like you’re having a GREAT morning!”

“That’s just the beginning. At 10:30 we had this 45-minute compulsory training thing on international trade regs. Way-basic. Bored us to tears. I think the video was made from a 1967 training film or something. The lights were out for the presentation and I was near the back so I crossed my legs the way I do when I’m at the computer at home, you know?” Tim nodded. He knew. “And I worked against that little thing until I couldn’t stand it anymore.”

“What’d you do?” He had to know.

“I took my time, made it last, but let’s just say I had to bite down on my legal pad folder to keep from making any noise.”



“You came? Right there?”

She blushed. “I did. Nobody suspected a thing. My hands were on the table, but underneath… whew!”

“That is so HOT, Babe!”

” Uh HUH!” She smiled and bit her bottom lip to keep from being too obvious; she was in the cafeteria at work. He didn’t know, nor would she ever tell him that three of her colleagues were at the table with her, excited about this new little thing she was enjoying and eager to try it with their guys. She’d sworn them to silence when his text message arrived. “It IS – where’d you learn that?”

“Barbershop, Men’s mag. I had no idea though.”

“I luvvit.” She winked at her friends. She’d been holding the phone away from her ear enough for them to hear. “Are you hard? … Cuz’… I’m going to need some personal attention as soon as I get home, Lover.” She put the phone tight to her ear so only she could hear. Two of her friends scowled their disapproval. One reached under the table for some reason. Lori noticed and winked. “Bye Sexxy…See you tonight….Hellyeah!” and closed her phone. Grinning ear to ear, knowing her signs of arousal were more than a little obvious, she stood, picked up her tray and announced to her colleagues. “I’m meeting somebody after work tonight. His name’s Tim. And he’s hot!”

Lori text-messaged her hubby at 5:25 PM



:: Dang right! Way-excited! ::




:: Kylie done with chores, casserole in the oven – practicing piano.

Andrew just walked in. Hard practice – TV / video game break B4 lots of homework. ::


:: PRFCT::


:: Are you driving? ::


:: YEP ::


:: Crap. Was going to tell you to take them off. ::




:: I don’t want the kids to interrupt. ::






:: Oooo BABY! I want U! ::




Tim started the empty dishwasher, and when he heard the garage door moved into the laundry room to intercept his horny wife. It felt good to be the one responsible for her condition. He closed the door between the kitchen and the laundry room and waited.

Lori came through the door, her eyes bright with anticipation. Seeing him she set her portfolio down and walked into his embrace. It was a passionate couple that hurried to tell each in quiet tones other how eager they were for each other.

“Put it in, Tim. I’m so hungry for it to be inside.”

Don’t you dare walk through that door he silently threatened the kids.

They knew they didn’t have but a minute. So he lifted her onto the washer, swept her panties out from under her skirt and dropped them into her open bag on the floor next to him. Unzipping his dress pants he lifted his member out – and slipped in.

Their kisses were frantic. Their words hushed. And it made the fever grow.

When the timer dinged, the sounds from piano in the other room abruptly stopped. Their eyes widened. Tim helped her down and quickly closed up his dress pants tucking his shirt in again as he did Sinop Escort Bayan so.

“Later, Baby!”

“Later!” and opened the door just in time to see Kylie coming through the kitchen toward them.

“Hi Mom … Were you guys kissing?” she frowned. ” Ewww-w-w. “


Dinner went pretty smoothly, as well as can be expected when there are kids at the table; a fifth-grader with a bit of an attitude and way-too much homework, and his sassy fourth-grade sister. But once dinner was done and the dishwasher loaded, things quieted down for a while.

When it came to Social Studies Andrew was neither social nor willing to study anymore so Tim went to help him a bit. Once homework was finally done, Andrew and Tim joined the girls to watch TV a while. Dad and Mom snuggled in their favorite place on the big ol’ sofa. The kids each had their favorite places on the floor directly in front of the TV, which was especially nice tonight since they were less inclined to turn around and see something they shouldn’t. Mom and Dad were after each other. So much so that Lori finally pulled a cotton throw over them in case one of the kids did happen to turn around.

Nine o’clock arrived and it was off to bed time for the kids. Their friends sometimes razzed Tim and Lori about their running a tight ship at home, but on school nights like tonight it was worth it not to have a nightly quarrel before bed. Good-nights and I love you’s exchanged, last-minute reminders for in the morning scribbled on the notepad in the kitchen, the two youngsters were soon in their respective rooms for the night.

Tim and Lori always made sure they gave themselves what they called “the twenty-minute fuse” in case one or the other of the kids had trouble falling asleep, which was rare. Now and then it came in handy, though, so they indulged in clothed foreplay on the sofa in the family room; careful, but maybe not careful enough tonight. Turning the TV volume down so they could hear each other’s softer tones Tim began to ask about her day – really ask.

“So the marble was a good idea, hmm”

The kids weren’t within earshot and she’d been aroused all day. Lori released her inhibitions and said it. “Good idea?! Tim it’s like you were trying to fuck me all day long. Every time I moved, there you were. Driving – brakes, gas, brakes, gas, I was already a mess by the time I got to the office.”

“Oh-baby…” his voice trailed away, his hands playing with her, one hand spreading her dampness all around her pussy lips as they whispered. “Were there any surprises?”

“Well, you warned me about squatting down to get into the bottom file drawer – that was cool, and I looked for some things I didn’t even need today, just to feel it. The cross-my-legs thing surprised me though. When I was so friggin’ bored in the training session and crossed my legs it was like ‘OK, Jill Tool-time, girl!” (She sometimes calls herself Jill since their family likes to watch Home Improvements on TV. That Tim’s wife’s name is Jill too.) It was a slow and steady climb to a definite orgasm. Since I couldn’t do anything but sit there and try to be quiet, I counted the spasms up inside this time. “

“Honest? How many?” Tim feigned a spasm under her opening and Lori opened her legs wider, letting him slip first one, then two fingers up inside her. The TV meant nothing anymore, its only reason for being was to shed some light in the family room. She squeezed his fingers inside.

“Take a guess.”

“Orgasmic spasms… slow but intense… I’ll guess 17? He liked the number seventeen; that’s how old she was their first time.

“Nice,” she smiled… “add nine.”

“Twenty-six spasms?! Babe.. that’s awesome.”

“I guess so, I don’t usually count, you know. There’s this guy, my partner, always makes it impossible to just quietly count them.”

Tim grinned. “Yeah, I s’pose.” He wanted to lift her shirt and help himself. Wanted to let his cock-in-waiting find its prize. Face it. He wanted her. “Think we’re safe?” He made a point of looking at the clock before kissing her long and slow.

“I think so. You go look in on them, I’ll be right here when you get back.”

Tim tip-toed down the hall, peeked silently into each of their rooms, and listened for the tell-tale breathing that told him their kids were indeed asleep. Turning off the bathroom light at their end of the house he returned to the family room and his wife, sitting on the sofa, lightly self-caressing while she waited. “It’s Play-time.” He whispered, turned off the TV and the lamp next to the sofa, scooped her up off the couch and turned toward their Master bedroom at the other end of the house. Being so far from the kids’ rooms was a headache when they were babies, but they don’t stay babies forever. It’s much nicer now. Much nicer. She rode him piggy-back-style, only facing him as he carried her around the corner and into their room. Her skirt rode high on her thighs and she smiled, remembering that her thong was still in her bag from earlier this evening.

Coming Escort Sinop through the door, Lori pushed it closed with her foot and Tim backed up a half a step, helping her latch it behind them while he reached for the dimmer on the wall and turned the lights down to barely a glow. He set her on their high canopy bed and stood, admiring her form in the soft light filtering down on her from the tray ceiling overhead. Then silently, deliberately, knowing they both wanted it, he reached for her. His fingers were met with hot, slippery labia when he slipped between her legs. Lori raised up, inviting him in deeper while a hand reached to find his neck and pull him down for another kiss.

Her right hand found his hardness and she matched his motions as he worked in her pussy, bringing her higher and higher. His tongue slid under her tongue and matched her tugs on his prick, tongue-fucking her while she pretended to fuck his manhood with her hand. Somehow in the midst of it all they found their way out of their clothes without even thinking about it tonight. . She was obviously aroused, as was he, and wanted this orgasm to come quickly. Now. “Bring it!” she whispered.

Tim worked his magic and in just a few strokes she felt her legs go numb and her breath refused to come, most-likely because something else —someone else— was coming instead. While her world was still spinning slightly Tim moved to stand between her legs and slipped his cock inside her. He didn’t move, just filled her with his rock-hard warmth. His presence; her man. Lori closed her eyes and felt herself continue to soar, eventually opening them again to stare up toward the ceiling and the stars she imagined beyond it in the night sky. Then finding her husband in her field of vision again she ran her fingers through his hair, and kissed him half thank-you, half don’t-stop-now.

Slowly he began to move. In, then pausing, measuring her response. Out, then slowly re-entering. There was no friction; she was drenched. His motions were too slow and too gentle to cause any discomfort, even this soon after cumming. His gentle movements did slow her descent, though, and she felt herself return to earth one – step – at – a – time.

He watched her eyes. Even in the near-dark he could tell where she was in her journey and when it would be all right to take her up again. Their alignment was perfect with her sitting on their high bed this way, him standing in front of her. His erection pointed up at an angle when he was hard like this, which meant he could nudge her G-spot each time he entered her.

Tim pressed gingerly until his ridge slid past her opening and then stopped. Inching in a bit more he searched for what he thought was her G-spot. It would be about the size of a hazelnut until he aroused it further, but would grow and become excitedly sensitive. He always found it easily with his fingers when on his side next to her but he wanted to touch her this way tonight. He wanted her next orgasm to overpower her completely, and he wanted to do it his way with repeated thrusts that touched her right there if he could. He inched in a bit more. “Is that it?”

She nodded. “Almost. A little deeper.” He eased back and searched again.

She smiled.

“Mmm. There?”

“Yess.” He pressed against it a moment, taking note before slipping past her and sliding all the way in. Withdrawing to his ridge, he searched for the place again. She smiled at him when he found it and he bumped her. She bumped back, biting her bottom lip in delight, her hands on the bed behind her, her feet perched on his hips. Slowly they found their rhythm, and as the hazelnut inside her thickened and grew it became easier and easier to feel.

Tim began to rock his pelvis up and back more urgently, making sure he nudged her spot each time he entered. His wife’s nipples were hard and erect in front of him and her breathing slowed drastically. In he slid, pressing against it each time. Out, and in again. Each time he withdrew, a drop or two of her fluids dribbled down and into her crack. Before long she’d be sitting in a puddle of her own juices. That’s when he’d add his own. All of it.

He had to be careful not to hurry. If she arrived slightly ahead of him, his own orgasm would be Heaven on earth.

Tim found her spot again and bumped it twice this time before thrusting all the way in. It was getting bigger; he could feel it. Nudge. Plunge. Retreat. Bump it, press it, then slip by, and go again. Slowly and carefully they worked together in near silence. He was ready. He’d been ready. But she would be too, soon, and he knew the precise moment he wanted to cum. They’d experienced this several times before, and tonight would be a nice time to enjoy it again.

In… pressing against the nugget inside… then beyond it. She began to moan. He continued, measuring her progress, savoring how awesome fucking her in a standing position with her sitting on the bed felt as her cries intensified in frequency and volume. Her inhibitions long-gone, she cried out, things she’d never say in public.

He pumped into her; innn… nudging – twice – then full thrusting, steady like a machine, lifting her spirit higher with each penetration, each nudge of her G-spot. She fell silent and he looked up. Her face was ecstatic, her eyes closed. “Ready?

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