Love Thy Neighbour Ch. 02


For a bit of balance I thought it only fair to give the wife some fun.

Ch. 3 is in the concept stage but should be posted soon.

As always, please enjoy in the spirit it’s offered and feel free to comment.


The two friends met for lunch on a regular basis but hadn’t been able to for a few weeks. Sam had called Claire to arrange what was essentially an E.G.M. to discuss something she wasn’t comfortable talking about over the phone.

“Oh god, you’re not in trouble with MFI are you?” Claire teased her friend for being so melodramatic, “This line isn’t bugged I hope!”

“No you ninny, just want to have the conversation face to face!”

And so they sat across from each other nursing their sparkling waters hunched close like co-conspirators in an oppressive regime, waiting for their food to arrive. Claire noticed that Sam had already done a bit of shopping and had shoved her bag under the table.

“I think I might have a stalker!” said Sam in hushed tones.

Claire went wide eyed and mouthed Oh My God.

“What’s happened? Are you being threatened? Is he sending notes? Does Tim know?”

“No, no, nothing like that, it’s the kid across the hall, he keeps coming out whenever I leave to go on a run.”

“Coming out? And what? Following you? Staring? Shouting abuse?”

“No, he’s going running too. All decked out in the latest compression gear. But he’s been there three times on the trot!”

Claire sat back and folded her arms. She cocked her head to one side and pursed her lips.

“Sam, you go running at the same time each day. This kid goes running at the same time each day. Chances are if it’s a good time to go running, it’s a good time for him too. It’s a coincidence, for all you know the poor lad thinks you’re stalking him!”

This simply hadn’t occurred to Sam. Sure the first time she had left her flat to be confronted by him doing warm up stretches in the hall outside she thought nothing of it. When she turned the corner on the way home to find him no more than 5 meters in front of her and she’d had to follow him for the last 30 meters back to their homes she passed it off as nothing unusual. But when he appeared as she came out on the second day, and the third, that’s when she’d phoned Claire. She recounted these details to her friend watching her face closely for some sign of what she was thinking but Claire clearly wasn’t taking her seriously. An arched eyebrow and half smile told Sam her friend thought her foolish.

“Does he have a nice bum?”


“This young athlete you’ve been following up the road the last few nights, does he have a nice bum?”

Sam bit her lip and tried not to look guilty. For a moment she considered firstly denying, then saying nothing but eventually she broke into a coy smile and admitted, “It’s gorgeous! I could just…hmmmm!” She mimed grasping something about bottom sized with both hands and then sinking her teeth into it. Both the women dissolved in giggles for a while and conversation stopped while their food was placed in front of them.

“So did you ask me here today to brag?”

Sam looked shocked and started to act insulted but stopped. She gave an exaggerated thoughtful expression and pointed her eyes up and to the left.

“Do you know something, I do believe I did!”

More giggles and the two old friends continued with their banter for a while.

“So what have been buying that we couldn’t shop for together?”

Sam blushed furiously and on a reflex moved her shopping under her chair with a foot.

“Oh nothing, just running stuff. Sports socks, things like that, you know.”

“Show me.”

“It’s not very exciting, I’m sure you wouldn’t be at all interested.”

“Show me!”

Claire held out her hand. Sam retrieved the bag from under her chair and held on to it for a second before handing the large white carrier bag over to her inquisitor. Clair knew she’d struck gold, Sam acted so guiltily it was tangible. Looking into the bag she took out a tiny pair of compression leggings and a matching crop top.

“Good god woman! Can you even get into these?”

“Oh yeah, they stretch. These are both my size, they’re supposed to be tight.”

“Tight? TIGHT? These will look painted on! And you intend to wear these tonight? You bought those to wear for your stalker? I take it Tim has no idea about any of this.”

Sam felt ashamed for the first time. Truth was she had admired the kid’s physique and his skin tight running clothes looked really sexy. If, as she was beginning to believe, he was turning up deliberately she wanted to look sexy too. Claire seemed genuinely angry and the mention of her husband made Sam wince. She’d allowed herself to get swept along in a fantasy and hadn’t thought the implications through. She reached across the table and took her friends two hands in hers.

“Claire, listen. Listen! Nothing is going to happen. There is nothing for Tim to know. It’s a silly tease for my own amusement. Tim hasn’t been near me Trabzon Escort for ages. Well he has, but he’s distracted. Tired he says from his shift pattern, but he just wants it over with. Wham-bam stuff. If I was satisfied do you think I’d be spending over a £100 on running clothes? Can’t I have this? Can’t I just pretend for a while?”

Claire loved Sam to bits and any anger quickly dissipated and was replaced with concern. This was potentially dangerous ground she was getting into. She hadn’t known about Tim cooling towards his wife and prayed it wasn’t serious but her loyalties were definitely with Sam so she came up with a plan.

“Sam, before you go flaunting your body..”

“…I’m not it’s just…”

“Let me finish. Before you go out with nothing but sprayed on clothes and tease a guy you don’t know lets at least establish that he’s not a stalker. OK? Let’s run a little test. If he is genuinely just going running at the same time; change your time. Just 10 or 15 minutes. If he still comes out at his usual time and goes running anyway we know he’s genuine and you haven’t got a weirdo to worry about. If he doesn’t come out, if he doesn’t go running then, OK it’s not enough to put him away, but you know to be careful. You know if he is genuine and just likes to go running it wouldn’t hurt to have a running partner in your neck of the woods.”

“I knew there was a reason I let you hang around with us cool kids.” Sam beamed at her friend. Claire was such a good friend. She knew that last bit about a running partner was her blessing for anything that might happen. Anything at all.

Paul was poised by his front door. He had his best compression 3/4 length leggings and long sleeve top on. He knew how he looked, He looked good. He was tall and muscular and toned. His body was is perfect shape and his running kit left nothing to the imagination. He had noticed the MILF across the hall weeks ago and he really wanted a shot at that arse. Failing that he’d settle for multiple shots at her pussy. She was small and tight and exactly what he liked. Her pixie cut was exactly what she suited and put her squarely in the centre of the sexy/pretty/cute Venn diagram. He had known she went running around the same time every evening. He had pumped himself as much as he could and put on his tightest running gear and pretended to do warm ups until she came out. He’d timed it perfectly and was bending right over as she appeared. He had stood, given her a good look at him all over before. Heading off down the corridor. Once out of sight he ducked out of the way and waited for her to run passed. He didn’t know her route so couldn’t go the same way and have her follow so he did the next best thing. There was only one way she could return so he waited at a crucial corner and simply kept an eye out. When he saw her approach he chose the apt moment and started running back himself. She would think she’d caught him up and would have plenty of time to appreciate his best feature. If she’d seen the front and his favourite feature she would know how excited he was thinking she was watching his backside in the oh so tight leggings.

Tonight she was late, Only 4 or 5 minutes, but she was never this late. He wasn’t stupid, he sensed this was a test and didn’t want to be caught out. He opened his door and started his warm up routine.

Sam had been peering through her spy hole in the door. She had changed into her new gear in the bedroom and put sweat pants and a fleece top over it. Tim hadn’t batted an eyelid as she walked through the living room. It was run time, didn’t concern him. As soon as she was in the porch she stripped off the outer garments and stood there in leggings and crop top. She felt incredibly self-conscious and wasn’t sure if she could go through with it in any case. The kid wasn’t there and it looked like Claire had been right to be cautious. Sam was more disappointed than she would ever admit and actually gasped with joy when the door to the flat opposite opened and he came out. She stayed behind the protection of the spy hole for a minute, watching him stretch and flex. God he looked good. It really was like watching him exercise naked. His collar length wavy blond hair, soft brown eyes and strong jawline didn’t hurt and she felt herself dampen as she opened her door and stepped out.

Paul was facing away but he heard her door and smiled to himself. He bent to reach his ankle and took the opportunity to look behind him. When he saw her and what she was wearing he totally lost his cool. He stumbled and swore to himself and almost collided with the wall. It all over in maybe two seconds and he managed to regain his composure but not before Sam noticed. She knew she had been the cause and it sent a thrill through her. She hadn’t considered it, but her nipples became clearly visible through her crop top. She wished he could see that. She did her own stretching now and he pretended to be checking something on his smart watch as he admired the curve of her arse. The muscles in her legs were toned Trabzon Escort Bayan and powerful and despite himself he couldn’t look away. As she straightened up and her legs came together he noticed that sexy gap at the top of her thighs and hoped his excitement wasn’t too obvious.

Sam knew she was having an effect on Paul. A good effect, the effect she was going for and she felt so sexy. He wasn’t even pretending not to stare anymore.

“Hi. I’m Sam”

“Paw. Ahem Paul! I’m Paul. I like your outfit” and he gave her the cutest most bashful smile.

“You know if we’re going running, we might as well go together. A girl could use a big strong guardian sometimes.” Sam sounded a lot cooler than she felt. This was moving so fast, and her logic was being severely hampered by lust but her excitement was in control and she desperately wanted this to lead to something very naughty.

Paul’s brain was in turmoil. Was this woman coming on to him? Was he imagining this or not. Oh god, what if she wasn’t and he makes a fool of himself? He decided to play it as cool as he could manage under the circumstances and just go along with her.

“Absolutely, be great to have some company, can’t promise the best conversation though.”

“Great, we’ll take your route. You always get back before me so I assume it’s easier.”

She gave him a wink to show she was just teasing. He wondered if it meant she was on to him and knew he didn’t run. If it did he felt she would say something else so he played along.

“Or maybe I’m just faster than you.”

“Are you challenging me to a race young man?!” Sam was laughing and Paul knew she was game for this.

“Well I wouldn’t be much of a guardian if I left you in my wake now would I.”

Sam loved banter and this was as good as she’d had for a while. She pulled a mock shocked expression and gave a short bark of a laugh.

She sauntered casually over to Paul and put out a hand. She made to run her hand down his upper arm and across his muscular chest without actually touching him. The sexual tension was electric and Paul was panting.

Sam suddenly poked him in the shoulder and cried, “You’re it!” Turned and ran.

Sam ran down the central stairwell. Her flat was on the second floor so there weren’t that many stairs. Just before Sam reached the bottom Paul caught her up. He managed to reach out and touch her in the middle of her back. He wasn’t sure if he should turn and head back up or try to get by and decided to turn tail and head up. Sam, somewhat exasperated followed him. Paul kept going passed the second floor, passed the third. Sam showed no sign of catching him so he slowed down, pretending to be out of breath. She saw him and knew what he was doing but continued the chase. She wanted to get her hands on him again. On the fourth floor Paul spotted a maintenance room. He tried the door and it opened. He lurked in the doorway til Sam was nearly there then went inside.

Sam stood in the doorway of the small 2 meter square room. It may have been used to store equipment once but now it was empty.

“Damn. Dead end!” Paul was all of 2 meters in and he was ready at the back wall. Sam knew this was a turning point. Either she turn back now and stay a good faithful wife or she enters that room and allows things to happen. There was never any contest. She had determined she would be bad tonight and she wanted this man. The door was slatted rather than solid so when stepped inside and pulled it to behind her there was still light. She walked up to Paul and placed one hand on his upper arm. This time she made contact as she stroked her was down and across his chest. She stroked down his belly and beyond till her hand was stroking across his erection.

“Sam, I.. “

Her other hand went to his lips. Just the one finger to shush him. Then the hand went around to the back of his neck as she pulled his face forward. Their lips met and her tongue entered his mouth as her other fingers danced along his hard length. His own hands sought and found her buttocks. There they gripped tight and pulled her close.

Their kissing grew in passion, became fevered and frantic. Mouths mashing together. Lips bruising and the taste of blood.

Sam can feel Paul’s hard cock through his leggings but needs skin on skin contact. She hooked both thumbs in to his waist band and pulls them down. Just like her he has gone without underwear. His steel hard cock sprung up before her. It was a good 9 inches and thick with it. Paul was totally shaved and she fell to her knees as if in worship. It pointed almost straight up and she had to pull it down towards her to get her lips around it. She wanted this cock in her mouth. Paul groaned as she sucked him in. She tried to get as much down her throat but rushed it and gagged. She satisfied herself with sucking and bobbing her head and wanking his shaft. She played with his balls and marveled at their size and weight. She imagined how much they must hold and how it would feel to have them Escort Trabzon emptied into her mouth. Or pussy. She had never cheated on anyone before. She felt a wonderful kind of naughty and to be doing it with this gorgeous young hunk had her soaking her leggings.

She was getting more used to his size and was able to take more of him down her throat. She pressed herself and relaxed her gag reflex until her lips met his torso.

“Oh you sexy bitch! I can’t hold out much longer”

Sam let his cock withdraw and rubbed her saliva along his length vigorously.

“Don’t. Don’t hold out. Give me you cum my sexy blond adonis. Cum for me.”

She sucked him in til the crown was in her mouth and wanked him fast. He let out a growl which grew in volume and pitch. His head went back and he let out a “Yeeesss!”

His cum filled her mouth. She swallowed It down in time for another load. Sam was juddering with mini orgasms as she drank his cum four times in all. She sucked and licked him clean wanting every last drop of his nectar. Scooping up any that had escaped her mouth she wiped her chin and chest and licked her fingers clean.

“Mmmmm, I could eat that again.” She looked up with cheeky grin.

“You could, or you could… Probably best you do eat it, I didn’t think to bring any condoms on a run.”

Sam realises he’s not going down. His cock is still rock hard and the implications of what he’s saying sinks in.

“Actually I’m allergic to latex. I will have to take you bareback. ” She knew there were none latex condoms but hoped he didn’t. She wanted to feel those balls spray her insides. She stood and hurriedly removed her leggings. In the slatted light she saw his cock twitch with approval. Laying her folded bottoms down as a makeshift cushion for her behind she lay on top and spread her legs.

“Please fuck me Paul. I need to feel you inside me.”

He was as aroused as he’d ever been in his 19 years. Here was that sexy MILF from across the way that he’d wanted since he saw her and she was asking him to fuck her. She had just said ‘WILL have to take you”! He wasted no time lining up on top, his leggings pulled down to his knees. Neither of them felt the need to stand on ceremony and he pushed his cock home. Her pussy wet and inviting and he slid in easily. He filled and stretched her pleasantly and her wet velvet tunnel felt snug. Both let out a low throaty groan. When he was all the way inside he stopped. They looked into the others eyes and each saw the lust and need in their partner. She raised her head and he met her as their lips touched in a lover’s kiss. Tongues parried and feverishly they each tasted the other. This was the passion that Sam had missed and finding it with this beautiful sex god sent a flutter through her which settled in her pussy. It rippled along his cock and he started a short slow piston motion. Sam responded in kind. Gentle at first they built up a rhythm. Their faces urged the other on as things began to speed up. Sam felt the beginnings of an orgasm.

“Yes Paul, oh yes. Fuck me Paul. You feel so good inside me. I want to fuck you forever. You’re the best lover. The best. Oh yess! Oh yes right there. That’s it Paul fuck me.”

He hadn’t had lot of experience and this was the first time he’d been spoken to like this. It was a huge turn on and his nuts started to tighten.

“I’m going to cum. I don’t have long, I’m going to shoot.”

He warned Sam assuming she would want him to withdraw, but he was wrong.

“Yes! God yes cum inside me! Yes flood my pussy like you flooded my mouth. Give me your cum please.”

Sam’s climax hit and her juices coated his balls. She was so hot, so sexy he pounded into her bringing himself to orgasm. This heightened Sam’s peak ten fold and she gurgled. Lights flashed in her head and her body went into spasm. Paul was holding Sam’s tiny waist forcing himself as far into as he would go. Shooting his thick cream against her cervix. It was not how she had imagined. Nothing before could prepare her for how good this felt. Her feet were tight to his buttocks holding him in, her hands at the small of his back doing the same.

Gradually their mutual pleasures subsided and they lay panting on the cold hard floor his cock finally starts to deflate.

“You are mortal then.” Sam felt him soften and shrivel though there was still most of him inside her. She would happily do that again, but for the time being she was satisfied. More satisfied than she had been in a long time. She held his head against her chest and stroked his hair.

“You know my husband works nights sometimes.”

“Yeah I did know that, so does my mum.”

They grinned at each other and shared one last lingering kiss before getting straight and heading back to their respective homes. Paul made great efforts to knock the dust off Sam’s leggings, especially that which covering her backside. Initially she had batted his hand away, but in the end she liked that he couldn’t keep his hands off her arse and just let him carry on. One definitely final, must be the last one this time, kiss in Paul’s porch later and Sam scurried across the hall and let herself into her own flat. She put the sweat pants and top back on and jogged through the living area toward the bathroom. Tim looked up and smiled.

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