Maddie in Cancún Ch. 02


Will lay on top of Maddie, he was fucking her with a slow, steady rhythm. Below him Maddie closed her eyes tightly, imagining that it was Sam fucking her and not Will.

‘Sam just satisfied me so much more than Will ever could!’ She felt a little guilty for thinking this but when will fucked her it was too slow, too gentle there was none of the urgency and passion that she craved. When Sam had fucked her in the club it had been hard, powerful sex and when he made her come, it was the most intense climax she’d ever had.

‘His cock’s so much bigger than Will’s as well,’ she thought. ‘It’s no wonder Will can’t satisfy me properly with that!’ Maddie smirked to herself. She felt a little guilty for thinking that, as she knew it wasn’t Will’s fault that he couldn’t ‘measure up’.

Will reached up to play with her breasts and she moaned in faux ecstasy, all the time imagining that it was Sam’s hands touching her, Sam’s cock fucking her.

‘The one good thing about Will’, Maddie thought, ‘is that he doesn’t last long and he’ll fall fast asleep afterwards.’

Maddie planned to sneak out and see Sam again once Will was asleep and in fact she had already sent a text to have him meet her back at the club.

Sure enough, before long, Will was grunting and pulling that face he always made when he was getting ready to come. Half-heartedly, Maddie faked more moans of pleasure and whispered Will’s name hoping to get him off quickly and also to make him think that he was satisfying her. With a final grunt he came inside her and collapsed. Moments later he had rolled off of her and had fallen asleep.

Maddie waited until she was sure that Will was in a deep sleep, she called his name and he didn’t stir at all. She carefully climbed out of bed and put her clothes back on. She still felt drunk and horny, the unsatisfying tryst with Will had merely made her more hungry for Sam’s cock. At the back of her mind, she knew that she shouldn’t be sneaking around and cheating on Will but she was too horny to stop herself. She justified to herself that it was a one night thing and besides she was on vacation – what happens in Cancún stays in Cancún!

She crept out of the room as quietly as she could and made her way down to the lobby and back out to the club. She sent Sam another text to tell him that she was on her way.

Sam was waiting for her outside the club and Maddie hurried over to him once she spotted him, they embraced and she kissed his lips warmly, she couldn’t believe how thrilling his touch was just a kiss with Sam was better than going all the way with Will.

“My hotel’s this way,” Sam told her, pointing to indicate the direction.

“Ok, lead the way, stud!”

Maddie smiled, she couldn’t wait to have Sam’s hard cock inside her again and part of her wanted to rip his clothes off and have him ravish her right here on the street outside the club

Maddie followed him excitedly, even more eager to fuck him again after her disappointing tryst with will. They made their way quickly down the street, still busy with late night revellers, until they came to Sam’s hotel. In the lobby the clerk looked up at them, his eyes ran lustfully over Maddie’s body checking her out in her skimpy dress. Then he looked at Sam and smiled. He clearly knew what Sam had brought her back for sex and Maddie felt her pussy moisten, she felt like such a slut!

“Did you enjoy his eyes watching you?” Sam asked quietly as he pressed the ‘Up’ button on the wall.

Maddie blushed a little as she admitted that she had.

The elevator was empty, and, even before the doors were fully closed, Sam had grabbed her and pulled her right up to his body. His lips were crushing Maddie’s. She breathed heavily with excitement and he kissed her full on the mouth. Maddie responded to his kiss with her tongue and they started making out, their tongues furiously slapping each other. Their breath came in short sharp gasps, Maddie was burning with desire as Sam’s hands roamed freely over her hot body always teasing, never satisfying, she moaned with longing squeezing his hard cock through his pants. Sam grabbed her head with both hands and pulled her mouth harder into his, his tongue thrusting so far into her mouth that Maddie felt like he were fucking her face over and over.

He shoved his hands roughly into her dress, and wrenched her tits out of it, grabbing them roughly, squeezing them hard. He spun her around to face the mirrored wall of the elevator, and glanced up at the lights of the floors going by as they headed to the top floor . . . they only had seconds left before the doors would open again, and someone might get on.

Sam kissed her neck, just below her ear, and then again, at the hollow of her neck. Maddie’s head was thrown back in pleasure, giving him access to the sensitive skin of her throat. Sam moved his hand between Maddie’s legs, pushing her thighs apart and looked up to see Maddie’s eyes in the wall mirror staring at him intensely,

He rubbed the flat of his hand against her cunt, feeling her wetness Trabzon Escort soaking through the thin material of her thong. His other hand was pinching and tugging on one nipple, then the other. Maddie started to breathe heavily as she lid back against Sam. He started to rub her clit and her breathing became louder and heavier little moans escaped her mouth, she ground he ass back against Sam’s crotch feeling the insistent throb of his erect cock.

Maddie stared at her reflection in the mirror. Her pretty face was flushed with wanton lust, her bare tits hung out of her dress, her skirt was hiked up almost to her waist and Sam’s hand was inside her thong stimulating her horny pussy.

‘And in a hotel elevator,’ she thought, ‘oh my god … I am being such a slut!’

And then the bell rang, and the doors opened—to an empty hallway. The two lovers spilled out of the lift giggling, still locked together. Maddie’s tits still bared; Sam fumbled for his key-card, a task made all the more difficult by the horny girl grinding against him.

“Hurry up” urged Maddie eager for Sam to let them into the room so they could fuck.

At last he managed to get the door open and they practically fell through the door onto the bed, pulling at each other’s clothes and kissing passionately.

Sam tore his mouth away from hers and slowly kissed a path down her neck, licking her delicate collarbone before moving his lips downwards and sucking a nipple into his mouth and swirling around it with his tongue. Maddie arched her back, entwining her hands into his hair to keep his head firmly in place. She whimpered with pleasure. Sam moved to take the other nipple into his mouth, giving it the same treatment and soon Maddie was moaning beneath him, begging him to touch her properly.

With an evil grin, Sam moved his mouth downwards and began to lick in little circles around her navel before swiftly dipping into it with his skilled tongue. Then he descended lower until his cheek brushed her shaven pussy and his hot breath fell on her moist sex. He darted his tongue between her pussy lips.

‘Man, she’s hot and wet,’ thought Sam. His tongue slowly lapped the entire length of her juicy slit, then dipped deep into her cunt and came up hard against her clit. Maddie moaned, she was evidently very turned on, so wet that even her inner thighs were damp, Sam swiped his tongue from her thigh to her hip, licking her clean but also teasing her mercilessly until her hips came off the bed in a silent plea for more.

Sam carefully ran just the very tip of his tongue across her clit grazing it very lightly. He then deliberately ignored it; instead he used his fingers to open her wider and drew his tongue across her outer lips, tasting her. Sam got more and more turned on as her gasps and whimpers of pleasure grew louder and the smell and taste of her seemed to cloud his mind. He could think of nothing but making her come!

Sam began licking and flicking her swollen clit, he zeroed in on that spot alone, and Maddie slid her fingers into his thick hair again as she got ever closer to her approaching orgasm, her hips were lifting and bucking uncontrollably and she was moaning loud enough to wake the rest of the hotel, but Sam didn’t care as he continued to tease and torture her aching clit. As soon as she started panting, he could tell she was getting close, and slid one long finger straight into her, causing her to groan as her tight inner muscles closed on his finger as he slowly stroked it in and out.

“I need your cock right now,” Maddie gasped. “I’m ready to cum.”

“I don’t have a condom with me.”

“I don’t care!” she gasped, “I’m on the pill anyway!”

Sam grabbed Maddie by the hips and lifted her up a little, letting her legs wrap around his waist. He reached down between them and grabbed his cock. He aimed it straight at her cunt, then started to rub it up and down her snatch. They were both wet and the head of his meat glistened.

Maddie looked up at Sam and her eyes shone with a lust that Will had never been able to stir in her. “Fuck me! Do it! I want to feel the whole thing!”

Maddie’s eyes were wide, mesmerized by what was about to happen to her. Sam then started to work his pole into her pussy. Gently and slowly he stroked it in and out gaining a little more ground with each stroke. Within a minute he had half of it inside her and she was starting to breathe real hard.

Maddie then moved her hands to Sam’s waist and said, “It’s taking too long, just ram it in!”

With that, she moved her hands to his tight ass and pulled him the rest of the way in as he made one big thrust and bottomed out!

She gasped for air as it left her body. Her fingers were digging into his dark muscular ass.

“Ooooh Sam, your cock is so big!” she said aloud,.

(‘Much bigger than Will’s’ ,she thought, picturing how small will’s was compared to the huge fucker now working in and out of her).

” I’ve never had one so big before!”

She almost came right then but Escort Trabzon instead just moaned and told him to pound her hole and shoot into her cunt. Sam started pumping harder and harder not saying a word but just grunting. He leaned his head down and sucked and bit at her nipples while he fucked her hard and fast. There wasn’t anything sweet or soft about it as his balls mad a slapping noise as they hit her ass.

Maddie was being pounded like a whore! Her head lolled back and forth as she arched her back to meet his thrust. Sam’s massive cock was stretching her pussy. his prick was covered, drenched in their juices as it dove again and again into her hungry pussy.

Sam drove himself into his lover and Maddie threw herself at him even harder, She was meeting each thrust as he bottomed out on her.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh,” she mouthed as the first shock waves of a massive orgasm flooded over her

Sam was still fucking the hell out of Maddie. She moaned into his ear and started cumming again. Her muscles were spasming as her pussy clamped around his shaft. He moaned into her shoulder.


As she thrashed at him and dug her nails into his perfect ass.

“That’s it you bitch! You love my big cock, don’t you’?” Sam said.


“I’m gonna’ fill your tight pussy. Are you ready?”


Sam was shot loads of cum deep into Maddie’s snatch. She moaned one more time and came all over his prick.

“Oh my God,” Maddie panted struggling to get her breath back, “I think I just had a multiple orgasm!”

Will had certainly never fucked her like that she wandered how she wood manager to walk back to their hotel.

“Oh Shit! Look at the time Maddie exclaimed I need to go

Sam grunted nonchalantly settling more comfortably onto his bed to go to sleep

“Can we hang out again tomorrow?”

“Sure,” Sam answered lazily not opening his eyes “drop me a text or whatever”

Maddie hastily got redressed and left the hotel.

The same guy was still on the front desk in the lobby and he smiled at Maddie again blatantly checking her out

‘he must think I’m such a slut!” thought Maddie and for some reason this gave her a little thrill of excitement

The street was now almost deserted and the gray pre-light of the coming dawn was in the sky, her ‘quickie’ with Sam had ended being anything but quick!

Back at their hotel, Maddie hurried up the stairs to their second floor room. Outside she paused to slip her heels off to keep her footsteps quiet then she opened the door carefully praying that it wouldn’t creak

She froze at the click of the lock as she used the key card in the silent hotel it sounded like a gunshot. Nervously she eased the door open and stepped in. She carefully closed the door behind it making sure it didn’t slam then she looked at the bed.

She breathe a quiet sigh of relief Will was fast asleep snoring gently on the bed just as she had left him. Moving quickly and silently she stripped off her clothes and dropped them on the floor then naked she crept over to the bed and carefully climbed in next to her sleeping boyfriend.

The next morning Will and Maddie met up with Beth and Richard for breakfast. Will was very subdued, not talking much to anyone which was unlike him and Beth kept looking at Maddie with an odd questioning expression on her face. When the two girls went to the buffet bar, Beth got her chance to question Maddie.

“Who was that guy you were dancing with at the club last night?” Demanded Beth as she helped herself to fresh fruit.

“Just a guy at the club,” Maddie answered trying to keep her voice casual, “I think he said his name was Simon or Sammy or something” She pretended that she didn’t really remember

” Maddie you were dancing like a total slut with him,” accused Beth “And, “her friend continued, “Where did you disappear to, you were gone for ages and I know the queue for the bathrooms wasn’t that long”

Maddie became defensive “Jeez, Beth, we were just dancing don’t be so uptight! Besides we’re on vacation we’re supposed to have fun, remember!”

“Richard says he thinks Will was really upset” said Beth seriously. “If you wanted to make him jealous, it worked”

“I’ll talk to Will” Maddie promised her friend.

But Beth wasn’t entirely satisfied with Maddie’s answers and, she noticed, her friend had ducked the question about where she went off to in the club.

However at this point the boys joined them in the buffet line and they had to talk about something else.

“I’m tired after clubbing last night” Beth said turning to include Will and Richard in the conversation. “Let’s just veg out on the beach today”

The other’s quickly agreed with Beth’s idea and the two couples went back to their own rooms to get ready.

Alone in their room, Maddie decided to talk to Will.

“Are you upset with me?” She asked her boyfriend Trabzon Escort Bayan bluntly.

“No” said Will unconvincingly

“Is it because I was dancing with that other guy last night?” she pressed him

“Hey, you can dance with whoever you want” Will told her but the expression on his face, the tone of his voice, his whole demeanour told Maddie that he really was jealous even if he wouldn’t admit it (maybe not even to himself).

“Okay then,” said Maddie aloud.

She was a little pissed off that he wouldn’t be honest with her and part of her thought ‘well if he says he doesn’t mind maybe I’ll just meet up with Sam again today!’ And so, when Will went to use the ensuite bathroom, she quickly sent Sam a text to let him know where she would be.

Maddie got changed into a skimpy yellow bikini, it fastened behind her neck in a single strap and had a low, plunging neckline which left little to the imagination, she realised with a twinge of guilt that she was wearing it for Sam’s benefit more than Will’s. she tied a sarong round her waist and packed a few things in a backpack – a towel, her purse, sun cream, her cell phone, ipod, a book and some water – and she was ready to go to the beach.

Maddie was lazing in the sun when she saw Sam approaching out of the corner of her eye. He boldly walked right up to her even though Will was sat next to her.

“Hello again, he greeted her with a smile, did you have fun last night…” he paused significantly “in the club” he finished

“Yes..” replied Maddie a little flustered at the hidden meaning to his question. “You’re a great erm dancer” she told him thinking she could play this game too.

It gave her a thrill to talk to him like this in front of Will. She saw Will looking over at them. He was trying to look cam but he had the same look on his face as he’s had back in the hotel room- jealous, a little angry but with that little hint of what looked like excitement.

“Well it didn’t look like your boyfriend wanted to … dance with you” said Sam So I thought I’d help out,” he smirked a little then said to Will “I hope you didn’t mind too much”

Will glared but said that was OK as he wasn’t much of a dancer

Maddie had to stifle a snigger, ‘you’re not much of a fuck either!’ she thought cruelly she blushed a little immediately feeling bad to think this – she didn’t really want to make fun of Will did she?

“Is it Ok if I sit with you guys for a little while? Sam asked the four friends politely.

Will still looked annoyed but he grunted that it was ok by him.

Sam sat down with them and chatted idly he said he was hanging out on his own today because his buddies had gone out early but he’d felt too tired.

Maddie had to quickly hide another smirk. She knew why Sam had been tired out.

“Maybe it was all that… dancing” she said before she could stop herself. She and Sam both laughed.

“Hey, Maddie let’s go and get some drinks for everyone” said Beth.

Maddie recognised her friend’s tone of voice, Beth wanted to talk to her away from the others.

“What are you doing?” Beth demanded as they joined the queue for the little beach kiosk selling drinks and snacks.

“I don’t know what you mean” Maddie replied trying to act innocent

“Oh come on! you were totally flirting with that guy and right in front of Will too,” her friend accused her.

“I was just being friendly,” Maddie justified to her friend

“It’s not fair on Will, Beth told her it’s making him jealous

“Will doesn’t mind, he said this morning he didn’t mind me dancing with Sam and he’s the one who told Sam he could sit with us”

“Oh, Maddie, can’t you tell that Will just doesn’t want to admit he’s jealous?” Beth looked at her friend in exasperation.

“Well that’s his problem!” snapped Maddie “Look I’m just being friendly with Sam, if Will doesn’t like it he should tell me” Maddie was annoyed at having to justify herself again and also felt a little guilty as she knew what she had been doing with Sam was more than just being ‘friendly’!

The girls paid for the beers and carried them back over to the guys rejoining the group.

They all sat round talking idly enjoying the warm sunshine, then a little later on Richard said

“who wants to go for a swim?” and he and Beth hurried off into the sea together.

“Are you coming for a swim? Will asked Maddie.

She shook her head “No I’m just gonna stay here in the sun”

Will shrugged and headed off to join the other two in the sea, leaving just Maddie and Sam

Your neck looks a little burned, Sam told her. “Let me put some lotion on it for you”

Just thinking of his strong hands rubbing suntan lotion onto her body sent shivers down Maddie’s spine and into her nether regions. ‘And’ she justified to herself ‘it’s not like we’re doing anything wrong, he’s just making sure I don’t get sunburnt.’

Maddie handed Sam the sun cream and he squeezed a generous amount into his hand. Slowly, Sam came around behind Maddie and began applying the lotion to her shoulders. She was amazed by the gentle strength of his hands as they deftly caressed and massaged her neck and shoulders applying the lotion. He slowly began to slide his hands down her back, taking care not to miss a single inch of exposed flesh.

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