Making Him Happy


The following story is fiction and does not describe any real person or situation in particular. All characters are at least eighteen. This is a one off short story that is my personal twist on the cliché cheerleader fantasy. Nothing deep, just really sexy and really fun. Nice or constructive comments are very much appreciated. Rude comments are just mean and will be deleted. Enjoy the fantasy. -xoxo Daphne.


Men aren’t complicated. If you are a woman in a relationship with a man, making him happy is actually very easy. Find out what really…and I mean REALLY…turns him on…and then give it to him.

My name is Melanie, and I was planning to make my boyfriend very happy.

The two of us met in college and sparked off each other immediately. He loved my flirty, spontaneous side, and I loved his sensitive, gallant nature. After graduation, we started living together in a small apartment just outside the downtown area of the city. We both found jobs, went to work, and began our twenty-something lives.

I’ll be honest. I know I’m pretty hot. My eyes are deep brown and I have a very naughty smile. I’ve got silky brunette hair that hangs to my shoulders. My rear is amazing and looks fantastic in tight jeans or short shorts. It’s my breasts that really turn heads though. They are full but not too large, firm but not too hard, and bounce beautifully when I walk. I admit that I am guilty sometimes of using my rack to distract a guy intentionally, just to play with his mind.

It always worked on my boyfriend.

He was a sweet, artistic, intellectual type who was always a gentleman and loved to spoil me. His reserved personality had always been very attractive, but I loved coaxing him out of his comfort zone and sometimes things got really wild. I tended to be sexually aggressive and he was more shy. I knew though that he really enjoyed it when I got his motor running.

…and tonight I was going to rock his world.

He had a thing for cheerleaders. I think that’s pretty much true of all guys. However, his cheerleader fantasy was very specific. He absolutely loved the uniforms that the cheerleaders of a certain professional football team from Texas wore. He wasn’t really into watching football, but whenever those cheerleaders were on camera he was absolutely spellbound. The big hair, the blue and white midriff top that tied in the front, the tight white hot pants with blue stars on the beltline, and the white boots. It was a sexual package that blew his mind every time.

My boyfriend had never asked me to wear the outfit, but I knew deep down that he secretly fantasized about it. He wanted me to be his own private professional cheerleader to fuck whenever he wished. The idea made me just as horny, and I decided that I was going to give him exactly what he wanted.

Although I wasn’t a cheerleader in high school or college, I was on the all-girl competitive dance team so I knew how to shake it. I began studying several of the professional cheerleader dance routines and practiced whenever I had the apartment to myself. The anticipation of performing a private show for my boyfriend really turned me on while I was learning new moves. Over the next few weeks, I had perfected several dance routines while adding a few sexual moves of my own.

The hardest part to learn was the jump split that the cheerleaders did at the end of most of their routines. I could do a full split if I eased into it but to perfect a jump split I had to improve my flexibility. At the local gym, I would work out and practice my stretching often. At our apartment, I would hold a full split while reading or working on my laptop. Eventually it became easy, almost comfortable to just jump, spread my legs, and land in perfect splits.

Then…the outfit arrived.

I had it sent to my workplace just so my boyfriend wouldn’t accidentally see it delivered. I got so excited when I saw the package on my desk. Not daring to open the box at work, I kept it in the trunk of my car until I got back to our apartment. Making sure that he wasn’t home from his day yet, I hid the box in the back of my closet. It was going to be hard waiting until the weekend, but it made the anticipation that much hotter.

Finally, Friday came. It was time for a show.

I knew he was working a little late to get ready for next week. I, on the other hand, took off a little early from work to have plenty of time to get ready. Arriving at our apartment, I changed out of my work clothes and took a nice, long, warm shower. Then, drying off and putting on my bathrobe, I took the box out of the closet and placed it on the bed.

The outfit was custom made to my measurements, so I knew it would be a perfect fit. First, I took the white hot pants and slid them on up over my hips and ass, buckling the belt around my waist. The fit was perfect, and just the act of putting them on made my pussy tingle.

Sitting down on the bed, I put the white boots on one at a time. When I stood back up, I noticed the boots Samsun Escort gave me a few more inches to my height.

I put the top part of the uniform on like a tiny jacket, my arms sliding into the long blue sleeves, leaving my midriff completely exposed. I tucked my boobs into place and tied the cloth in a knot between my breasts, securing them firmly and giving me amazing cleavage. Included in the ensemble were two blue and white pompoms with six-inch handles.

Now for the hair.

Taking my styling gel, hair spray, large hot rollers, and a blow dryer, I began teasing my hair to give it the large layered look that a lot of professional cheerleaders are known to have. After about half an hour of heating, rolling, cooling, and spraying, I got my hair looking exactly the way I wanted.

For a few minutes I posed in front of our full-length mirror, admiring how unbelievably sexy I looked. My ass was amazingly curvy and tight in the shorts while my breasts were so perky they seemed to be defying the laws of physics. My bare midriff was firm, leading to the curves at my hips and down to my toned flexible legs. My big hair was perfect for whipping around while I was dancing.

“Just wait until he sees me in this.” I thought to myself. My boyfriend would be coming home soon, and I was going to be the fantasy girl he’d always wanted.

I was so horny with anticipation that my pussy was tingling. Almost involuntarily, I moved my hand between my legs to rub my pussy through the tight tight shorts.

It wasn’t enough, so I slipped my hand gently down the front of my shorts and parted the lips of my labia. My clitoris was already erect, and I began touching it using tiny little circular movements of my hand.

“Um!” I closed my eyes and gently bit my bottom lip as little intense jolts of pleasure fired through me.

Completely succumbing to the pleasure, I sat down on the bed and leaned back, spreading my legs wide and lowering the tight shorts a little to get better access to my cunt.

As I tortured my clitoris with my hand, I took one of the pompoms and placed the handle up against the entrance to my pussy.

“Ohgod…” I moaned as I gently pushed the handle inside my warm moist depths, the pompom making little swishing sounds as I began pumping it back and forth inside my love canal.

The curls of my big hair brushed against my cheeks as I turned my head to one side, glancing at myself in the mirror. Seeing the reflection of me dressed as a professional cheerleader and fucking a pompom was a surreal image.

It was unbelievably hot.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!! Oh!!” I began pumping my hips up off the mattress in little thrusts to hump the pompom handle in the most obscene way possible. The ridge at the bottom of the handle glided across my g-spot over and over and over as my other hand continued to wank my clitoris at an amazing speed, sending my body into beautiful jolts of lust.

“Ohgod! Ohgod!! Ohgod!!” The pleasure kept coming…and building. My hips were bucking off of the mattress now, fucking the pompom handle like an out of control bitch.

“YES!! YES!! OHH!! FUUCCK!!” Finally, the explosion came, my pussy clamping down on the pompom handle as a huge orgasm washed over me. Instead of closing my eyes, I made myself look at my reflection in the mirror, watching as I came, my body shaking and twitching uncontrollably, my breasts heaving with every deep lustful breath. Who was this cheerleader slut that just came so hard fucking her pompom?

It was me.

No sooner had my orgasm faded than I heard my boyfriend’s car parking. I quickly leaped off the bed and set up a chair in the middle of the great room. Placing a set of soft padded handcuffs on the seat, I wrote a quick note on a Post-it and attached it to the chair:

“Hi honey…have a seat, put these on behind your back, and enjoy what I have for you – Love, Melanie”.

Then, setting the stereo system to play my dance mix, I excitedly hurried back to hide in our bedroom.

“Mel, I’m home,” came my boyfriend’s voice as I heard the apartment door open and close again.

I smiled to myself.

“Mel?” came his voice a second time.


Somehow, without looking, I knew exactly when he had seen the handcuffs and the note. My breasts were heaving with excitement and anticipation. He had stopped talking, and I could hear the chair shift a little when he sat down. Then, when I heard the click of the handcuffs, my pussy flooded.

It was show time.

Using the remote to activate the stereo system, I started playing the dance mix I had put together. Setting the remote down and picking up my pompoms, I took a deep breath and strutted out into the great room with my hands on my hips and flashing my naughtiest smile.

I had never seen my boyfriend rendered completely speechless before, but when he got his first look at me dressed as his fantasy professional cheerleader, his eyes went wide and his jaw hit the floor.

“Mel…” Samsun Escort Bayan he finally managed to say.

“Hush, baby.” I flirted. “Just watch.”

Immediately, I broke into the dance routine I had put together, making full use of my body as I thrust my hips, whipped my hair, kicked my legs, and shook my pompoms. I added a few more sexy moves where I would slap my ass, shake my boobs, and caress my pussy through my shorts as if I were the horniest girl on the planet.

Which I was.

I became his personal eye candy, giving my boyfriend a visual assault on his senses. At the end of the routine I broke into several high kicks and then…(bam).

I jumped and spread my flexible legs, falling hard into a full split just as the song ended. When my boyfriend saw me land the jump split perfectly and flash my naughty smile at him, I thought he was going to pass out.

“Holy fuck,” he whispered to himself.

As the next track began, I got up out of the split, tossed my pompoms aside, and began swaying my hips as I worked my way slowly towards him. When I got directly in front of my boyfriend, I leaned over and gave his lips a quick lick with my tongue, just as a tease. Then I put my hands on his knees and spread them apart in one forceful motion.

“Um!” he jumped as I grabbed his cock through his trousers. It was as hard as a steel rod. Keeping eye contact with him, I undid his pants and pulled his shaft out, giving it a few quick pumps with my hand, just to torture him.

“Oh, Mel,” he sighed with insane desire. “You…fucking…cock tease.”

“Shut up,” I gave him a playful slap on the cheek. “This cock teasing cheerleader is going to fuck the daylights out of you.”

Before he could respond, I leaned in and gave him a long deep passionate kiss, straddling his cock with my legs to either side of him and resting my ass on his lap.

“Mmm,” I made lustful noises through our kiss as I practically raped his mouth with my tongue. Pressing my hips up against his massively hard cock, I began humping his member through my tight hot pants. I was relentless, grinding into him in time with the pounding dance music coming from the speakers.

“Ohgod, Mel!” my boyfriend broke our kiss and lay his head back, crying out in pleasure as I rolled my hips up against his cock, my tight hot pants the only thing keeping him from fucking me. It was such a cruel tease, but I knew he was absolutely loving it.

Still working my hips up against his cock, I leaned over to whisper in his ear.

“Wanna fuck your cheerleader girlfriend?”

He looked at me with those eyes that always made me melt. “More than anything.”

I smiled sweetly at him. “Romance later, darling. Right now, I need to be fucked. I’m so fucking horny I can already feel your dick inside me.”

My dirty talk caught him off guard. He wasn’t used to hearing me say things like that. When I saw his cock twitch in reaction, though…I knew he was enjoying every second of this. He LOVED me being his own personal filthy-minded, cock teasing, horny cheerleader to fuck.

Now it was time to really blow his mind.

I swung one of my flexible legs around so I would be facing away from him.

“All right honey,” I teased, now grinding my ass up against his member. “So, where do you want to fuck your horny professional cheerleader?”

I looked back over my shoulder at him and flashed my naughty smile again. “Do you want to fuck my pussy or go up my ass?”

He was speechless. I had never let him fuck my ass before and I knew teasing him with the possibility would drive him insane. I loved keeping him guessing.

“Well then,” I said hopping off his lap and standing directly in front of him. “I guess I’ll just have to do all the work myself.”

Looking him straight in the eyes, I put my hands on my hips and began tugging my tiny white hot pants down. My firm ass spilled out of the very tight shorts one inch at a time as I worked my body to the dance music still playing.

Bending over to step out of my tight shorts, I teased him with an amazing look at my cleavage down my top. I then quickly snapped back up and turned around, flipping my big hair wildly and flashing my sexiest smile as I gave my bare ass a hard slap.


“Get ready, baby.” I dared my boyfriend, turning back around and strutting towards him. “Here comes the fucking of your life.”

Spreading my legs to straddle him again, I placed my hands on his shoulders for balance and slowly lowered my naked pussy towards his eager throbbing cock.

“Ohgod…” he whispered to himself, desperate for my warm wet pussy to envelop his manhood.

“No, baby,” I caressed his cheek, kissed him softly, and then gave him my most dangerous look. “I’m Melanie…and I’m all yours.”

In one long beautiful motion, I lowered my hips and felt my pussy lips parting. My love canal was being invaded by my boyfriend’s perfect shaft. For a woman, there is nothing quite like Escort Samsun the amazingly wonderful feeling of a man’s hard cock tunneling deep into the most intimate and vulnerable part of your body. There is love, trust, consent, emotional connection, primal lust, and sexual power all wrapped up in this one simple action between two people.

As I began to bob up and down on his cock, though, I wanted him to know that tonight was different.

Tonight was all about the fuck.

Tonight, my pussy belonged to him.

Tonight, my body was his to use and own.

Tonight, I was his fantasy girl.

Tonight, I was his sex object.

Tonight, I was going to make him happy by giving myself to him willingly and completely.

“How does that feel, baby?” I said riding his shaft using agonizingly slow, long, deep strokes. “Do you like it when I tease your cock with my tight pussy?”

“Oh fuck, Mel,” he pleaded as I bombarded him with tiny sweet kisses all over his face and neck, my big hair gently caressing us both as my tight pussy pumped his cock over and over again. Each time my ass settled in his lap, I’d give my hips a little wiggle, or grind my pelvis into him, pulling the most beautiful moans of pleasure from his quivering lips.

Pumping him faster now, I reached down between my breasts and began untying the knot that held my cheerleader top in place.

“My boobs look amazing, don’t they.” I said more as a statement than a question. As the tension of the knot gave, my breasts pushed their way forward and escaped the constraints of the cheerleader top. I took hold of my liberated mounds and kneaded them over and over as I lay my head back, moaning with sensual pleasure.

“Mmm, my nipples are soooo hard…” I sighed to myself, gently pinching my teats as I rolled my head around slowly, giving in to the waves of desire washing over my body.

“Take them baby.” I said cupping my perky breasts and lifting them up for him. “They’re all yours.”

Immediately, he leaned in and began licking and sucking on my nipples as if he were trying to milk them. It was so sensual, and felt almost nurturing to have my arms holding him to my chest while he nursed on my breasts, his cock being force milked by my contracting pussy.

“Oh fuck, baby.” I sighed humping him ever faster and faster. “Oh fuck yes that feels so good. Fuck me baby. Fuck your fantasy girl.”

“Ohgod Melanie,” he struggled to get the words out. “Please…I can’t…can’t last…much longer.”

“Don’t come yet, darling.” I gave him a flirty smile as my pussy cruelly gripped his cock from all sides and pumped it like a machine. “I’m not finished toying with you.”

Grabbing one of my pompoms, I took the handle in my mouth as if it were a cock, sucking and licking and bathing it.

“Mel, what are you doing?”

With my naughtiest smile, I put my hands behind my back, pulling my ass cheeks apart and carefully placing the sopping wet pompom handle at the entrance to my most forbidden hole.

“I’m so fucking horny.” I said bracing myself. ” I need something pushed up myyyaaaahhhhhHHHH!”

I cried out as the wet handle slowly tunneled its way into my depths. I had expected a little discomfort, but it felt like I had the mother of all cocks being shoved up my ass.

“OH, FUCK!!” I screamed as I continued to work the handle further between my ass cheeks and up my previously unexplored depths.

“AAAHHH!! OH FUCK, YES!!” I was seeing stars bigger than the ones on my cheerleader outfit as the handle of my pompom came to rest fully inside my tight, impaled hole, the fabric caressing my bare ass cheeks.

“OH…MY…FUCKING…GAWD!!” I said breathlessly as my body adjusted to the feeling of being completely filled in both my holes. The discomfort soon passed, replaced by the most wonderful feeling of fullness as the two objects inside me competed with each other for room. It put amazing pressure on my most sensitive nerve endings, and caused my pussy to contract around my boyfriend’s shaft from all sides.

“Ohgod, Mel!” He cried out as the sensation overwhelmed him. “What are you doing to me?”

The look I gave my boyfriend was one he’d never seen before. It was pure, primal, lust.

“I’m fucking you, baby.” I said preparing to unleash my inner slut on him. “I’m going to make you come so hard inside me. I am your personal fuck toy…your sex-obsessed, horny cheerleader. I’m your bitch in heat…your ultimate fantasy girl…and I need to be fucked…right…now.”

Immediately, I began riding him as hard and as fast as I could. Arching my back, I thrust my breasts out and tossed my head back, crying out to the ceiling as we fucked and fucked and fucked.

“OHGOD, FUCK ME, BABY!! FUCK MEEEEEE!!” I screamed as my hips slammed down onto his lap again and again, his manhood being held prisoner inside my love canal. I heard the pompom up my ass swish with every bounce. I heard his cries of pleasure as my pussy gripped his shaft from all sides, determined to pull everything out of his tortured cock.

“OH!! OH!! OH!! OH!! OH FUCK!! FUCK YES!!” I bounced up and down on his cock like a pogo stick, my liberated breasts bobbing beautifully just inches from his face, giving him a gorgeous view as I fucked him into oblivion.

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