Man and Wife


Author’s Note: This is part of a series of stories about inter-related characters — all of the stories are separate, but the characters tie them together. Expect more about Jasmine…she’s my fantasy woman 😉


She unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor…she wasn’t wearing anything underneath and her beautiful naked form assailed his senses. Slowly but surely she took steps towards him, took his hand in hers and lifted it to her lips, sucking his fingers into her mouth. She moved another step towards him, her breasts touching his bare chest, and leaned into his ear…”Make love to me…” she invited…


Paul had taken her out to dinner and as always she’d dazzled the other people in the restaurant — animated as she spoke, elegance itself as she moved. She was wearing a classic little black dress accompanied by a simple gold neck chain which sparkled against her deep chocolate skin. Dark brown eyes twinkled from her beautiful face and her deep ebony hair cascaded down her shoulders. He still had days when he’d look at her and just wonder how he ended up with her.

To be totally fair to Paul, Jasmine felt the same about him. They’d met eight years ago and love had followed shortly afterward. He didn’t have a jealous bone in his body, which was just as well as she was an outrageous flirt and always got a response. He was just an average looking guy, but for the first time in years she’d met someone who treated her like a lady…friendship, trust, respect and love had just grown out of that.

Dinner was superb — gourmet foods, great wine, great company and an atmosphere of romance. Dancing after the meal, the romancing continued — little kisses here and there, discreet caresses and close contact. Paul leaned towards her ear… “Are you ready to go, baby?” he asked. “I’ve got a surprise for you.”

She pulled back and looked at his face, his eyes meeting hers. “Take me away from here, sweetheart,” she replied with a sensual smile, “I’m all yours”

They reached their car — he opened her door for her — and they drove off. She was looking out the window at the view as they crossed the harbour bridge, then she drifted back into thought… “Why are we going over the bridge?” she asked.

“Wait and see…” he replied — she could hear the smile in his voice.

Ten minutes after crossing the harbour he pulled into a motel car park, and she smiled…he had his days, and this was one of the good ones. He walked around the car, helped her out and took her arm to lead her toward the suite.

It was divine — lovely décor, heated ready for them, and soft mood lighting with a candle or two which Paul went to light. He turned towards her, taking off his shirt as he did.

She unzipped her dress and let it fall to the Samsun Escort floor…she wasn’t wearing anything underneath and her beautiful naked form assailed his senses. Slowly but surely she took steps towards him, took his hand in hers and lifted it to her lips, sucking his fingers into her mouth. She moved another step towards him, her breasts touching his bare chest, and leaned into his ear…”Make love to me…” she invited. Their lips met and began to softly kiss, tips of tongues beginning to explore each others mouth.

He picked her up and moved towards the bed, laying her down gently when he reached it. His trousers were removed and he knelt on the bed beside her. She was beautiful.

He moved to lie down next to her, and her arms moved around his upper body to pull him close. They began to kiss passionately, lips and tongues caressing each other. He gently touched her back with his fingertips running them up and down her body. “Lie on your tummy, baby,” he said quietly, “Time to be pampered,”

She smiled with a sexy look in her eye, “I’m all up for that,” she replied…she rolled onto her front, arms stretching up to the headboard. “That’s a good idea,” he encouraged, “Keep your hands right there, no touching until I say so…and that includes touching yourself baby…”

“Mmmm…you’re a tease,”

He knelt over her, down on one knee on her right side, with his foot on the bed on her left. He began to give her a firm massage, working his way down the side of her body, just brushing the side of her perfect breasts from time to time. Side, hips, outside of her thigh…he worked down her left, then he moved and repeated the motion, kneading her skin down her right. She was relaxing right into this and enjoying it intensely.

Next he began to work down her body, facing her feet and straddling her he worked finger pressure down the middle of her legs. A foot massage, then he stepped off the bed and turned to move back up her body. He took her feet and slowly, but surely parted her legs, kneeling between them.

Jasmine was simply relaxing into it as her best friend and lover pampered her. She felt him move her legs apart and felt his weight as he moved back onto the bed. His hands started to slowly work back up her legs, fingers running up the back of her leg and thumbs working their way up her inside thigh. He passed her knees, slowing and becoming more gentle. She moved her legs apart with a sigh as she expected him to start touching her, then just as he came within reach of her most sensitive skin, he diverted his hands up onto her butt…she let out a little squeal of protest… “Hey, you’re teasing!” she said. “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, Jazz,” he said, and she could hear in his voice that he was grinning.

She could Samsun Escort Bayan feel him moving again, then felt his hard cock slip in between her thighs as he moved to rest his body against her back. “Mmmmm…” she moaned, feeling his lips and tounge against her earlobe. His hands were running up the side of her ribs and up the underside of her arms. His fingers reached hers and he clasped hands with her then began to work his way back down, his lips kissing her neck, her spine, her cheeks, her legs as he did so.

“Time to move, baby,” he began, “Get up on your hands and knees, lover.”

A shudder of anticipation ran through her as she moved. Kneeling down she could feel his cock against her, slipping between her legs as his thighs touched the back of her legs. His hands ran up her sides, the, after pausing for a moment, he slowly, but surely slipped them around to cup her breasts…she purred…he began to play with her nipples, gently running his fingers around them.

His hands moved down her body and he got off the bed; she couldn’t see what he was doing but waited, the anticipation a huge turn on. She was wet already, his touch having her aroused, and she couldn’t wait to carry on.

He was looking at his wife from behind, turned on beyond belief by that firm butt and trimmed pussy. He moved towards her and kissed her just above the point where her cheeks parted. Working his way down her left leg, he kissed down her thigh, then turned his body to position himself to kiss up her inside thigh. Lying on his back, with feet on the floor, he kissed his way up her leg, paused again to blow on her pussy which was glistening with wetness, then he flicked his tongue between her lips up towards her clit. “Ohhhhhhh,” she moaned, long and loud, then moved her hips closer to his face.

He began to lick her and she immediately started responding — hips rotating gently, voice softly muttering her pleasure — then as she started to build up to climax she took one hand off the bed and began to reach for his head to hold him in place.

He felt her hand touch his hair and begin to move into place and he moved, starting to kiss down her thigh back towards her knee…

“Fuck, you’re a tease,” she said in a husky voice, reaching down her body to start touching herself. He kissed her butt and worked his way down her side, her shoulder, then their lips connected as he leaned over her back. She licked around his lips; “I taste sexy,” she said with a twinkle in her eye, “I must be really turned on.”

“Oh, you are baby,” he replied, “so lay down and let me help you with that.” She lay on her back, one leg on either side of her husband who was kneeling on the bed. He was running his hands up and down along the soft skin of her legs. “What do Escort Samsun you want me to do baby?” he asked,

“Finish what you started,” she said, her eyes glinting with a look halfway between pleading and naughtiness. He lowered his lips to her knee and kissed it then began working his way down her milk chocolate skin again, getting closer and closer. He licked around the outside of her lips then began to flick his tongue back and forth across her. She grasped his head in her hands and pushed her hips up towards his lips. He licked, she rocked, the orgasm began to build…tension, pleasure. She was breathing hard, tensing and relaxing, that feeling building up for her. She moved her body in the passion dance, holding her husband as he licked his way to her orgasm…

She tensed up and held him in place, pushing her pussy into his lips — she let out a throaty moan as her orgasm began to rock through her body. Paul kept his lips fastened to her, licking her clit and lips, sucking her lips into his mouth and tasting her. After what felt like a heavenly eternity, the climax subsided and she relaxed back into the bed. Paul crawled up the bed, staying on his hands and knees over her. She reached for his neck and pulled him close to her face, kissing him with a peck, then lips, then her lips parted and a gentle passion thanked him for taking some time with her.

They parted, she looked him in the eyes and quietly said, “Be inside me,” reaching down and taking his cock in her hand, guiding it toward her. He was rock hard. She parted her lips with the head of his cock, then held him for a moment, with just his head inside her. He kissed her again, then slowly inched his cock inside her…she was so wet, it was unreal. Slowly, but surely he slipped all the way inside; she wrapped her legs around the small of his back, pulled him close to her — he felt her magnificent breasts against his chest — lips touched, tongues entwined, then she kissed his cheek and whispered to him, “Fuck me, baby.”

He began to move…he was sooo hard. Thrusting in and out, feeling her wetness, feeling her soft skin, her hard nipples, her passionate lips — he got lost in the sensation of her. She could feel him moving inside her and she wanted more of him; her hands moved to his hips, then his butt to pull him inside her. His thrusting got more ragged, more urgent as he could feel his orgasm about to burst forth, her fingernails digging into his buttocks as he thrust…

Climax…he moaned as his cum flowed into her…pushing his cock inside her and holding it there. She was grabbing his butt and clawing him inside her…he pushed up on his hands and thrust in as deep as he could with a gasp of pleasure.

He gently eased onto her, kissing her with the soft passion of the satisfied, her returning the kiss in kind. His cock was still twitching occasionally as his sensitivity calmed down…he slipped out of her and lay down beside her, embracing his beautiful wife. She turned her head to him and smiled, “That…was wonderful,” she said softly. “Love you babe.”

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