Each year, I attend the Masquerade Ball, a huge party that attracts elite people in the area. We could be sure of the most exquisite food and wine imaginable. The costumes were phenomenal, with an exuberant array of varying style.

This was my year to titillate the guests. For once, I wanted all eyes on me so I didn’t just blend in with the wallpaper as I had done the last several years. Often times, my clients viewed me as a nerdy college grad. But this year would be different. Even though nobody would ever really know that I was behind the mask, it would give me great satisfaction knowing that I was the queen of the ball.

I chose a unique outfit, suitable for my long, slender figure. It was a sheer black silky-textured dress, held together by a thick belt tied around my waist, and decorated with simulated diamonds throughout. At the top of the dress, was a gem-studded collar similar to a choker, while below the collar, the bodice opened up into a revealing front, exposing modest cleavage, before dipping down below my navel where one tiny little button held the left and right sides together. The bottom portion of the dress was slit right up the middle to my crotch, revealing my thigh highs and lace panties when I walked.

To complete my composition, I applied a generous amount of ivory powder to my face, then traced my eyes with a thin line of liquid black eyeliner and deepened my long eyelashes with a thick coat of mascara. A smudge of dark gray and onyx eyeshadows gave my eyes a smoky cast. Rosy red rouge accentuated my naturally contoured cheekbones and crimson lipstick offset my amazing smile. To complete the ensemble, I donned a jet-black wig, with tiny, spiraled curls that cascaded down to my hips. Even if I didn’t have the mask to hide my face, nobody would ever recognize me. I only wore make-up on special occasions, and never to work.

I admired myself in the mirror, pulling the lower opening of the dress back to appreciate my freshly shaved body, then letting it fall back into place. The black dress fit my body like a glove, emphasizing my curves in all the right places. Heads would turn when I walked into the mansion this evening.

I grabbed the hand-held mask from my dresser and slid on my black heels before whisking out the door. John, my limousine driver, stood outside waiting patiently. As I exited the old home, I could see that my appearance knocked him on his ass, so to speak. His mouth dropped open and his eyes popped out of his head as he just stood there. I gazed into his eyes and asked if he was planning on gawking at me all night, or perhaps he could open the door, as he was being paid to do.

Struggling to regain his composure, he fumbled for the door. I slid into the seat and waited for him to drive away. Finally, John made his way into the limo and began to drive. I’m amazed that he didn’t wreck the car because his eyes didn’t appear to be on the road at all. I considered giving him a show, but decided to wait until after the party to fuck him without a time limit. John and I enjoy a wonderful no-strings relationship. Whenever either of us felt frisky and was alone, we could go to the other for a bit of pleasure. Yet, we were still both free to pursue other interests. Yes, indeed, John would be able to savor my succulent body later.

I sat back in the car, imagining John off duty in his tight leather pants and vest. He knew it was my favorite outfit and that I became more aroused when he wore the vest without a shirt underneath, exposing his shaved chest and smooth washboard stomach. He was much taller than I and could easily crush me with his muscular arms, but was always gentle, yet firm with his embrace. Occasionally, he would throw his earring in for me to play with as I teased his ear with my tongue. He had a direct channel of nerves from his ear Şanlıurfa Escort to his modest cock; the more I teased his ear, the more aroused he became.

Laughter broke my reverie, announcing we had arrived at the end of a long, winding drive, stopping in front of the home. I could see a steady stream of people walking in. John pulled up in front of the main entrance, walked around to open my door and took my hand, helping me from the limo. Just as I had predicted, all eyes were on me with my sexy little outfit. I walked seductively into the mansion, carefully holding the mask to my face. I don’t think anyone realized who I was, which was fine by me. The more mysterious I remained, the more excited I became.

Once inside the beautiful palace, I worked my way over to the bar and was handed a glass of champagne. “Thank you,” I said to the bartender in a deep, raspy, seductive voice. I had been taking voice lessons for years and fluctuated my tone to a near replica of Kathleen Turner’s erotic melody. I can’t say for sure, but I swear the bartender was a tad turned on. Several people standing within earshot overheard us and stopped chatting, turning their attention to me. I could feel myself becoming more aroused as their eyes penetrated my body. But, I had to keep myself under control, for John would certainly be expecting me to be hot and ready for him when we got back home.

I slid away from the bar and meandered over to the ballroom. Upon entering the doorway, once again, heads turned. I spotted several clients of mine, very prestigious lawyers, standing near the band. As I waltzed over to them, Jackson, an older gentleman in his mid-fifties, literally stopped talking in mid-sentence, his jaw dropped wide. I brushed up against his arm and introduced myself as “Felicia.”

After a moment of silence, he stuttered, “N-nice to meet you Felicia. My name is uh, um…Jackson…Jackson Meeker. This is Paul…uh…Rosen, and our accountant, Thomas Warren.” I smiled, held out my hand and watched, as they all moved to grab it at the same time. “Nice to meet you gentlemen,” I said with a slight chuckle. Oh what fun I was having now!

Jackson, who was the more prominent one in the group, began making small talk, while the others intently listened. At least they appeared to be listening. My guess is they were so stunned by my appearance that they couldn’t hear a word we were saying. “So, Felicia, to what do we owe the honor of your attention this evening?” Paul finally chirped in.

“Well, Paul, I couldn’t help but notice the three most attractive gentlemen in the building and absolutely HAD to come over and introduce myself.” That comment raised a few eyebrows. Each one of them appeared to be scheming on how to bed me before the night was over.

I had already decided on Jackson, though. He was, in my opinion, the more handsome of the three, and I was willing to lay bet that he would be the best fuck of the evening.

I wanted desperately to feel Jackson pumping into my ass. Sure, oral sex is nice, but anal sex is so much more intense. I could get off on anal sex alone, with no added stimulation.

My thoughts went back to John, momentarily. I knew he wanted to have me this evening and I had considered giving myself to him unused. But, he had had sloppy seconds on several other occasions, and since I was becoming more and more aroused, I decided that he would just have to deal with it tonight.

I focused intently on Jackson, intentionally rubbing my chest against his arm. Occasionally I would glance down to his crotch, and after a while, noticed the bulge in his trousers. My mouth was watering as I imagined how his cock would soon feel in my mouth and up my ass.

The band began playing a slow song, so I pulled on Jackson’s arm, directing him towards Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan the dance floor. “Dance with me, handsome,” I dared him. He handed his drink to Thomas and walked with me towards the center of the dance floor. As we made our way through the crowd, everyone moved back slightly, forming a narrow aisle for us until we reached the center. From the corner of my eye, I could see several women slapping their husbands as they feasted their eyes upon my body. Jackson had a proud look on his face as he wrapped one arm around my waist, placing the other gently in my hand. I couldn’t keep holding the mask up in this posture, so our grip wrapped around the rhinestone wand and he looked on my bare face for the first time this evening.

Suddenly, he pulled me into him. I could feel the length of his cock against my stomach and ribcage, indicating his arousal. Bending down to place a soft kiss on my cheek, he whispered, “You are the most amazing creature I’ve ever seen.” A chill raced down my spine as I moved my hand to his ass and told him he could have me whenever he was ready. I could feel his prick jump as the words rolled off my tongue. That was the invite he was hoping for, perhaps, praying for.

When the slow song came to an end, he led me from the dance floor, out the ballroom doors and over to his limousine. As the driver opened the door Jackson told him to drive around town, not to stop anywhere. “As you wish, sir,” the driver said in a monotone voice. He reminded me of Lurch, very tall, very broad shouldered, with an amazingly deep voice that had no fluctuations in it. I silently laughed to myself as I wondered if his body size was any indication of his prick size, then shook off the thought and stepped into the oversized vehicle. Jackson followed me in and instantly rolled up the smoked glass partition, sealing us in privacy.

Before Lurch even turned the key in the ignition, Jackson was all over me. I carefully pushed him away, indicating that I would be the one in charge for now. He grinned and began removing his tie and cummerbund. I leaned into him and gently unbuttoned his shirt, exposing his deeply tanned bare chest. The man didn’t have an inch of body hair on his chest, which was a major turn-on. My groin began to stir as I stroked my nails across his chest. A long sigh escaped his mouth. Then Lurch began to drive.

My tongue traced his muscular chest and teased his erect nipples as I unzipped his pants, releasing his cock from its wrappings. As I slipped his erection from his trousers, I realized just how big it was. I gasped and said “Oh my!” Jackson just eased back in his seat, allowing me better access to his rod. My hand barely fit around the shaft as I teased it into my mouth, slowly taunting him with my tongue. I traced his swollen mushroom head with the hardened tip of my tongue, then ran it down his member. I could feel the ripples of protruding veins along his shaft as I licked back up to his head, circling the flared edge before flicking my tongue across the tip, delving into the tiny pee-hole.

Pre-cum oozed from his huge piece and I lapped it up before forcing his throbbing meat into my mouth. My dripping mouth allowed me to force him deep into my throat. I was accustomed to deep throating men, and only on occasion would I gag. I found that if I took a deep breath before forcing my head down on a guy, I wouldn’t choke. The tight walls of my throat gripped his prick and I slowly worked it out, teasing his shaft with my tongue as it passed back through my lips, leaving a trail of saliva behind.

At this point, I was so aroused that I wanted to feel him forcefully enter my ass. I pulled away from him slowly and hiked up my dress. I bent over and pulled my panties to one side, revealing my well-rounded bottom. As I peeked Escort Şanlıurfa over my shoulder and shot him a sultry look, he knew what I wanted. I spread my cheeks and eased back into him, gently sitting on his erection. My sphincter relaxed as I felt him press the head of his cock against the opening of my warm tunnel.

“Oh God, YES,” I cried. My hole opened wide, then gripped onto his flesh as I thrust my weight down on top of his lap. “Felicia, you are SO tight!” he whispered, breathing heavily on my neck. “I must confess, I’ve never fucked a woman’s ass before.” I just chuckled and continued. Feeling him rise into me forced a wave of orgasm to sweep across my body. I began pumping my ass on his cock, increasing my pace. His mighty organ stroked the inner passages in precisely the most sensitive spots to produce involuntary and overwhelming explosions in my genitals. Jackson’s hands grabbed onto my hips, impaling his organ deep into my ass as I came in my panties.

Juices dripped from my crotch, moistening his thighs as I felt his orgasm begin. His cock twitched several times while my inner muscles gripped onto him. Then his eruption began, spurting several large loads into my bowels. His upper body lurched forward as my inner walls milked the cum from his prick.

Jackson just sat there, motionless, for several moments, seemingly in shock from his first anal sex experience. Finally, he loosened his grip on my hips and slid his melting cock from my ass. I turned to face him and he planted a deep kiss on my dry mouth. “You, dear lady, were incredible,” he said. “We should do this again very soon. Perhaps next time you’ll allow me to show you how a man and a woman can make passionate love together.” I blushed and spoke softly, “Jackson, I’m afraid this was a one-time deal. I won’t be here in the morning, so just savor this moment, and remember it always.”

A look of sadness wiped over his face, but he took the news well. We managed to compose ourselves after he buzzed the driver and told him to take us back to the party. Not another word was said during the drive back. Jackson sat there with his arm around me, in a daze, probably wondering why he wouldn’t be seeing me again. He never did ask, though, and I was thankful for that.

We returned to the mansion and Jackson escorted me from his limo. He placed his hands around my face and kissed me, longing for more. As I pulled away from him, he whispered, “Thank you,” in my ear. I couldn’t look back at Jackson, but felt his piercing eyes as I disappeared into the darkness. Continuing to walk quite a distance, I found John waiting for me outside my limo. He opened the door and helped me in. As he closed the door, I almost felt sorry for Jackson, but knew it was better that he never discover my true identity.

The ride home was long, as John kept his eye on me in the rearview mirror. The way his eyes penetrated my body excited me anew. We pulled in the drive and John lifted me from the limo to carry me into the house.

As he climbed the stairs, he covered me with tiny kisses, causing sexual bolts of energy to surge through my body. I knew that very shortly, I was going to have him in a way that I could never have Jackson.

John placed me gently on the bed and began undressing himself. He spoke softly, “So, did you fuck any unsuspecting gentlemen this evening?” I thought for a moment before answering him. “Yes, darling, just one,” I answered. “And?” he questioned.

As I pulled the dress from my body and removed the jelly-filled cups from my chest, my mind re-played the events that transpired with Jackson. I eased out of my damp panties, freeing my own genitals from the flesh-colored tape before answering him. “The gentleman will never really know who he fucked this evening, but he certainly did enjoy it,” I said, as I spread my legs exposing my own erect cock, sending an unspoken invitation for John to molest my body. And that’s exactly what he did, too!

(c) Copyright, 2000 by Lydia Loveland, Ohio, USA – All Rights Reserved Not for distribution or publication without prior written permission of the author

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