Meet Me in St. Louis


Tanya opened her eyes and looked at the alarm clock. Seeing that it only read 5:07, she groaned and rolled over. Still an hour before she had to get up and get ready for her flight. Giving up with a sigh, she threw the covers back and rolled out of the bed, frustrated with the excitement that had her waking up every hour throughout the night. She had slept so lightly that the t-shirt she slept in wasn’t even wrinkled. Walking across the bedroom, she stopped to pet her Labrador. “Good morning, Jake.” Standing again, she walked to the closet and peered inside.

“Jake, what am I going to wear?” The dog looked back at her, at as much of a loss as she was. Sighing again, Tanya pulled her robe from the hook on the closet door and walked down the hallway to the bathroom. Since she slept in nothing but the t-shirt, she stripped down and stared into the mirror while the water in the shower warmed up. Not bad for someone going on almost no sleep, she thought, peering at her reflection in the mirror. When the steam began rolling over the top of the shower door, she opened it and stepped into the flow of hot water.

Leaning her head back into the shower stream, Tanya wet her long, chestnut hair and thought about the events leading up to today’s trip. She could feel the anxiousness of the last two weeks in the tenseness of her shoulders as she ran her long fingers over them. She chalked the feeling up to complete sexual frustration. Lately, even her husband hadn’t been able to quench the fire burning inside of her. Oddly enough, knowing that fulfillment was finally within her grasp had made the last two weeks almost unbearable.

Squeezing the body wash onto the bath sponge, Tanya inhaled the fresh scent of peaches coming from the bottle. She began rubbing the loofah over her body, watching as the suds dripped down to her navel. There had always been something about being covered in soap that turned her on. The sight of the suds on her breasts made her tingle, and she ran the rough fabric over her now hard nipples, relishing the sensations that coursed through her as a result.

Soaping up the remainder of her torso, she began running her left hand over the slick surface of her skin, stopping occasionally to pinch her nipples or squeeze her breasts roughly. As the waves began rolling over her body, Tanya didn’t even notice when the bath sponge fell from her hand and hit the floor of the shower.

With her now free right hand, Tanya began rubbing her slippery torso. Her hand made its way slowly to the warm cleft between her legs. She had to lean against the shower wall when she began rolling her aching clit gently between her thumb and forefinger. A soft moan escaped her lips, and she slid two fingers into her velvet pussy. Still rubbing her aching nipples, she plunged her two fingers in and out, revelling in her secret fantasy. While her body was furiously rubbing her swollen clit, her mind was in St. Louis with the man with salt-and-pepper hair, being fucked from behind in a room fit for a queen.

Tanya’s mind snapped back to reality as the first wave of an orgasm wracked her body. “Unghh, yes…,” she moaned. It was like an electrical current running through her entire body.

A small amount of her stress relieved, Tanya finished her shower, shampooed her hair, and turned the shower off. Taking the towel from the rack, she patted her body dry and bent over to wrap her wet hair. She pulled on her robe, savoring the soft material as she slipped it over her shoulders.

Feeling refreshed, she walked back down the hall to her bedroom.

Tanya opened the closet and looked inside once more. The weather was warm, so she finally settled on a soft yellow sundress and a pair of beige sandals. She pulled the dress from the hanger and laid it across the chair.

She slipped out of her robe and took the powder box from her vanity. Then, she rubbed the puff over her bare skin. Once again, the smell of peaches filled the room.

Tanya wasn’t particularly fond of underwear, usually wearing only a bra beneath her clothes. Thinking it might be sluttish and inappropriate to have nothing under her dress today, she walked to the dresser and opened the drawer filled with all the lacy things she rarely touched. No bra could be worn under the outfit because of the spaghetti straps it had, so she chose a pair of light yellow panties made of soft silk and threw the matching bra onto the bed to be packed.

A few minutes later, Tanya was fully dressed and sitting at the vanity. She normally didn’t wear much make-up, so applying it didn’t take long. Unlike most women, she like the freckles that were sprinkled lightly over her nose and shoulders. Dong her hair, too, was an easy task. Long and shiny, all she had to do was curl her bangs under. The rest fell naturally well below her shoulders, with chestnut and auburn highlights throughout.

After quickly making the bed, Tanya pulled the leather overnight bag from underneath and checked the list she had made two days prior. Nothing much was on it, mainly toiletries and a change of clothes. She debated putting another pair of underwear in, but decided that her friend would have to get over it if she decided to go sans panties. Hopefully, she wouldn’t have needed them anyway. Her bag packed, she headed downstairs.

In the kitchen, Tanya got a Coke out of the refrigerator to Sinop Escort drink on the drive to the airport. She wrote a quick note to her husband, telling him where to find the leftovers in the fridge and that she’d call him from her mother’s the next day. Then, she grabbed her purse and her keys and locked the door behind her as she left.

Tanya put her Fleetwood Mac Cd in the player and backed the Toyota Corolla out of the driveway as she began singing along to “Rhiannon” with Stevie Nicks.

The half hour drive to the airport won’t be so bad, she thought. Not half as bad as the two hour drive her parents had had the day before when they went to catch their plane to Jamaica. Tanya smiled as she thought of her little plot. Going by her parents’ house the next day would only take a few hours, and from there she could call home as if she had been there the whole time. She would also erase any messages her husband might leave, thus leaving all of her family members oblivious to her scheme.

Part III

Thirty-five minutes later, Tanya pulled into the Bluegrass Airport and parked her car in the extended stay parking area. She got out and pressed the button on her key chain to lock the door. Tanya had always loved the airport as a child, when she and her mother used to drop her father off for business trips. Kentucky actually had a beautiful airport. Looking around at the lovely surroundings, she walked quickly to Exit 7B. Her shower escapade had taken up most of the extra time she had for waking early, so she was able to board the plane upon her arrival. Within twenty minutes, Tanya was in the air on her way to St. Louis. An hour later, the plane landed at the Lambert-St. Louis Airport.

Tanya had thought the Bluegrass Airport was nice, but it had nothing on St. Louis. The sheer space of it was suffocating to her, and she suddenly wished she was home again. She had to remind herself that she came from a small town, and she had rarely left it in her 22 years. This should be an adventure, not an ordeal.

An open taxi was waiting at the front of the airport, so Tanya threw her bag in and sat down. A gruff voice from the front grunted, “Where to?”

Tanya checked the piece of paper with all her important information on it and replied, “315 Chestnut Street, please, the Adams Mark Hotel.” The cab pulled out and headed west.

Ten minutes of gazing in awe passed, and the taxi pulled up in front of a seven-story bulding. She paid the cabdriver and walked to the massive front entrance, where a dooman greeted her and held the door open as she entered.

Tanya had chosen this hotel and made the reservations a week in advance. Situated across from the Gateway Arch, she hoped it would be the perfect setting for her special night. At $245 a night, it had better be.

Upon entering the front lobby, Kelly’s attention was immediately drawn to a pair of nine-foot tall bronze horses, flanked by a fountain made of rock. It looked more like a waterfall than a fountain, actually, and it was breathtaking.

Tearing her attention away from the sculpture, she walked briskly to the front desk. The pretty receptionist looked up and smiled. “May I help you?”

“Yes, I have a reservation. Under Scholtz?”

The receptionist typed something into her computer. “Yes, ma’am. You’re in Room 734, on the top floor. Our bellboy will show you up.” She handed the key to the bellboy, who seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. “Enjoy your stay at the Adams Mark.”

Tanya followed the bellboy, who took her overnight bag, to the elevator. The elevator man took them to the 7th floor. Tanya followed the bellboy out into a beautiful hallway with guilded lights casting a soft glow onto the plush plum carpet. Halfway down the hall, the two stopped in front of the door marked 734.

The bellboy took the key, and after unlocking the door, held it open for her. The sheer beauty of the room made her breath catch. To the left of the foyer was a King size bed, covered in a soft maroon bedspread. To the right, living quarters were set up, with two wing-backed chairs and a couch, flanked with a wet bar, small refrigerator, and a microwave.

The bellboy set her small bag on the bed and, after getting a tip, left Kelly alone in the room.

Not bothering to lay her purse down, she set out to explore the suite. A huge color television set was at one end of the living area, and another, smaller set was hidden in a cabinet in the bedroom. A door behind the couch led into a bathroom with one of the largest tubs Tanya had ever seen.

Fantasies of a bubble bath later in the night brought a smile to Tanya’s face. To her, the tub looked more like a Jacuzzi, with small holes around the edges that could only be water jets. The tub itself was so large that she could have easily lain flat in the bottom without being cramped.

Tanya crossed to the double sinks and opened her purse, producing a small brush and compact. She powered her face lightly and ran the brush through her long brown hair. After washing her hands, she put her purse on her shoulder and left the room.

She passed the living area without a second glance and crossed both rooms to the bed. Setting her purse on it, she bent to remove her sandals. Her feet were aching after only a few hours. She straightened her dress, scanning her eyes around the Sinop Escort Bayan room to search for the remote control. It was then that she heard the voice behind her.

Part IV

“My flight was hell, how was yours?”

Tanya spun around to face the strangely familiar voice. A handsome man with twinkling blue-green eyes sat facing her on the couch. Grey streaked his thick mane of hair, as well as his mustache and goatee, and he was obvioudly enjoying the fact that he had startled her.

“Chris?,” she asked uncertainly.

“”Who’d you think it was, making himself at home in our room?” Their few conversations over the phone hadn’t prepared her for the sexy timbre of his voice, or the way his eyes roamed over ther body as if he were appreciating a fine work of art.

Tanya’s face broke into a grin. “I don’t know, but I was excited for a minute. I’ve always had this fantasy about a strange man coming into my hotel room.”

Chris stood and they both walked towards each other. He caught her in a fierce hug, and she responded in kind. They stood between the two rooms, just holding each other, for what seemed like an eternity. “It’s good to finally know what this feels like. God, Chris, you feel good.”

“So do you. And those breasts feel pretty damned good, too…”

Tanya pulled free and playfully slapped his shoulder. “Pig! I should have seen that coming,” she said, but she was laughing. “So, what now?”

The two stood staring at each other. Finally, Chris put his hands on her waist and said, “Well, I’ve waited almost a year to taste those lips, and the Pope himself couldn’t stop me from doing it now.”

He bent his head to kiss her, brushing his lips softly against hers. The excitement was more than either of them could take. He plunged his tongue into her mouth, ravaging the sweetness inside. They kissed with wild abandon as he slid his hand up her waist, finally letting it settle just below her aching breast. Her shyness kicked in just enough to keep her from pushing his hand farther up to rest on her soft mound. Both emotionally spent, the kiss ended with her breasts still pressed against his broad chest.

Chris took Tanya’s hand and led her to the couch. “Would you like a drink?” She nodded. He would know what her drink of choice was, so she didn’t bother to tell him.

A few seconds later, Chris returned with a vodka rocks for himself. She took a drink and made a face. “Sorry, hon, I think I forgot to stir it. Here,” he said, laughing, “let me fix it.”

Chris stuck his forefinger down into the rock glass and swirled the yellow liquid around. When he removed his finger from the glass, Tanya saw the opportunity to make the move bolder than probably any she had ever made in her life. Taking his hand, she pulled it to her face and put his still wet finger into her mouth. She sucked off all of the orange juice and vodka, rolling her tongue over it as she slowly pulled the finger out of her mouth. She drew it back in, flicking her tongue deftly over the tip before sucking it back in. Chris’s rapt attention was kept on his glistening digit sliding slowly in and out between her pink lips. She slowly pulled his finger from her warm mounth one last time and laid his hand gently on his lap. “There you go, all clean.”

For a split-second, Chris was speechless, still staring blankly at the mouth that had just been sucking his finger so expertly. Before he could react, Tanya was leaning towards him on the couch, placing her hand on his chest. She began kissing him as roughly as he had just kissed her in the foyer. This time, his hand moved to her breast, squeezing it gently and rubbing his palm over the thin fabric. She leaned her head back and a soft moan escaped her lips. He pressed his lips against the soft area just above the low neckline of her dress. Sliding his hand up her thigh, he slowly pushed the flimsy fabric upward with the tips of his fingers.

Tanya readjusted herself to give Chris easier access to her thigh. Her skin burned beneath his touch. His hand quickly made its way to the upper part of her thigh, and began to slowly move towards the heat that lay between her slightly parted legs. He ran his thick fingers over the delicate material of her silk panties, noticing immediately that her crotch was already moist with her feminine secretions. He could clearly feel the lips of her pussy, and he slid his finger along the crevice. Pushing the thin material aside, he slipped one finger into her hot hole. She raised her hips to meet his hand, but he withdrew too quickly. Pulling her to a standing position, he pulled her dress off and gazed at her large, firm tits. He bent to take one hard pink nipple into his mouth rolling it between his teeth as he aqueezed both with his large hands. Tanya reached up to run her fingers through his hair, taking a handful and tugging gently. He bent to slide her yellow panties down, inhaling the fresh scent of peaches as he slid them over her soft hips.

He stepped back to admire her naked body, running his eyes up and down her features. She cupped her own breasts as he stared hungrily. The lust in his eyes was evident as he lowered her to the couch, ravaging her lips once again. Chris lowered his head once again to her nipples, mauling them with his hands and teeth, turning the flesh red. He kissed his way down her stomach Escort Sinop and then sat up at her feet. Raising her foot to his mouth, he noticed the dark red nail polish as he suckled the tip of her toe gently. Starting then at her ankle, he kissed his way up her calf and thigh, stopping only briefly to brush his lips across the dark triangle of hair there. He picked up her other leg and began the procedure again, expertly kissing and periodically grazing his teeth over her electrified skin.

Once more positioned over her aching pussy, he blew gently as he inserted the tip of his finger into her. She began gyrating her hips in mute protest to his teasing. Parting the lips of her juicy cunt, Chris encouraged her to spread her legs farther apart. Her light brown bush was several shades lighter than her chestnut hair, and was lightly trimmed on the sides.

With a series of tender kisses, slowly encircling her tender opening, Chris finally ended up taking her small, almost hidden, side lips into his mouth, and teasing them open, encouraging them to swell. His fiendish tongue would dart in and taste her for a moment, before relenting and worrying with the sides of her opening. He still hadn’t directed any attention to the top of her sweet pussy, and the anticipation was killing her. He pulled back a bit and looked up, to see her face contorted in the throes of pleasure, breathing heavily.

He reached out with his hands to open her up. Chris blew a stream of air across the little man in the boat, encouraging him to sail. Tanya tensed for a moment, then tensed again when his tongue lingered there, twirling at the tip. She was moaning now, slightly, just at the edge of Chris’s hearing. He took her clit carefully between his lips and vibrated the tip of his tongue over the exposed hypersensitive skin. A few moments of this had her squirming under his grasp. He lowered himself further, lapping away at her opening, his tongue deep inside her, tasting her, feeling the softness of her sidewalls. He teased her even lower, reaching his hands under her thighs, and, lifting her legs high, allowed his tongue to trace the area from her little brown rosebud, across the small stretch to her pussy, and up again to her clit.

His ministrations continued for a long time, becoming more forceful along with her cries, until his mouth was clamped over her clit. His tongue lapping at her, he drove three of his fingers in and out of her tender pussy, hard and fast. It had taken a lot of effort, but he could feel her peaking, breathing hard, her body trembling and throbbing under his touch.

Tanya gasped, “Oh my god, my god…”, as she came with a cry, lifting her waist off of the couch and squeezing her legs tight. She came slowly back down to earth, eyes wild, hands grasping at him. Finally, she said, “I can’t believe you could do that.” Chris raised his hand to wipe her glistening juices from his mouth, but Tanya grabbed his hand and stopped him. “No, I want to taste my pussy on your lips.”

Chris bent forward and kissed her fully on the mouth, and she too, tasted the salty sweetness of her warm juices. As they kissed, her practiced fingers undid all the buttons of his shirt, baring his chest to her. Raked her fingernails gently across his hairy chest, circling his nipples with her forefinger. Tanya pushed Chris back, following, until he was laying flat in a prone position. She kissed his chest, drawing more circles with her tongue around his nipples as she nibbled her way down his chest and slightly rounded stomach, licking his naval lightly before settling into position over his groin. Using only her lips and teeth, she unbuttoned his slacks and pulled the zipper down. “You’d better be careful with that mouth, I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to it,” he told her. She grinned mischeivously as she tucked her hands into the waistband of his pants and underwear, tugging them down, as he raised his hips to help her. Grabbing the cuffs, she pulled the pants off and to the floor.

She buried her head against his legs, nibbling the skin on the inner parts of his thigh. Tanya continued to tease him by running her lips, tongue and teeth over everything except his most sensitive areas, giving his just reward for her earlier torture. When she heard his breath begin to come in soft ragged gasps, she flicked her tongue gently over his testicles, getting bolder as he showed no fear, and began to roll his balls around under her hungry tongue. A low moan escaped his throat as she dragged her flat tongue slowly up the shaft of his dick, whirling her tongue around the head before taking it into her mouth. She moved with agonizing slowness down the length of his shaft, and felt him wrap locks of her hair into his fists. As the tension mounted inside of him, he began moving his hips to plunge his throbbing cock deep into her mouth. He increased his pace, pushing her head roughly down onto him and raising his hips to meet her. The feel of him fucking her pretty face arroused her to the point that she began to moan. He felt the vibrations of her voice to his core, and it was more than he could take. As he felt the first jolts of his orgasm stream through him, she felt his cock swell in her mouth. Losing his mind to the pleasure, he shot his hot cum deep into her throat. She felt it cross her tongue and swallowed greedily. Though he tensed, she fought the tight grip of his hands in her hair and sucked continued laving her tongue over his thick cock, sucking him dry and not spilling a drop. As the last few sporadic convulsions left his body, she raised up and kissed him, savoring the flavor of their sexes on her lips.

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