Meeting Gina Ch. 02


This, like the first Chapter, is a true story. In this case, I did not add much, except change her name and the name of the school. If you have not read the first chapter, I encourage you to do so. Please leave feedback at the end. I am a new writer, and would like to read how you would have me improve.


A week had passed since that first encounter with Gina and Maria. However, not one of those days went by without me replaying some part of that incredible night through my mind. It was like a drug. It kept pulling at my mind. I needed my fix. But I was not going to be the first one to send a message to our new WhatsApp group. I had decided to not appear needy. I would wait for them to message me. Thankfully, it had not been a complete sexual drought. My wife responded favorably to my advances a couple nights. It had been plain fucking, as always. Me on top, her on top, cum, clean up. No foreplay, no oral, no talking. But at least I was getting some. And midweek a co-ed who could not pay her tab had sucked me off to cover part of her accumulated debt in my café. But in spite of getting more than most guys, I wanted more. I wanted more of Gina, in particular.

It was a rainy Tuesday morning, and I was on my way to drop the kids off at school before heading to my café to get ready for the day. I open the café at noon, so generally, between dropping the kids at school, and opening time, I have a few hours to kill. I spend some of that reading, sometimes accompanying the book or online erotica with a cigar or pipe. If what I find on Literotica is really good, sometimes I have to jack-off before I open the café. Anyway, that Tuesday morning, as I turned the corner to the kids’ school, my phone chimed. Once I had dropped them off, I checked the new message; it was from Gina.

“Isra, buen día. FB tells me u r close. ¿Es verdad? I live in Lakewood, on Elm.”

I quickly responded in kind, mixing Spanish and English as I typed, “Si, mi diosa. ? I am close. I just left mis hijos at Lakewood Elementary. ¿K haces ahorita?”

Seconds later, her response appeared, “Ven a visitarme. I am lonely, and hungry. I will make u breakfast.” Then, Sinop Escort before I could confirm my acceptance, she continued, “I am in the 4 story on the corner of Elm St and Spruce Ave,

She was only a couple blocks away. In less than a minute I was parked across the street from her building. It was a drab, plain affair, like many of the low-rent apartments built in the 1980s. I walked up to the main entrance, and pushed the buzzer for suite
08. In less than a second, the lock opened and I went in, and not seeing an elevator, began to climb the stairs up to her suite.

When I got to her door, I knocked, and she called from inside, “Come in, Isra, it is open.” As I entered, I saw a humbly but tastefully decorated apartment, with a hint of a Hipster vibe. I walked into the kitchen, and saw her standing before the stove, stirring something in a frying pan. My cock stirred at the sight. She was in a yellow terry-cloth robe with black satin trim and a black satin belt holding the robe closed at her waist. She wore no skirt nor pants, her long shapely legs naked and smooth. The yellow of the robe paired perfectly with her olive skin. On her feet were a pair of very tall open toe stiletto shoes. The high heal gave her calves the most incredible definition. Her black, curly hair shone with moisture, indicating that she had just stepped out of the shower.

She smiled at me, her eyes flashing and her perfect teeth lighting up her face. She had already done her make-up. Then, she turned her attention back to the Chicharron she was boiling in a red salsa. I approached her from behind, and wrapped my arms around her, inhaling the scent of her shampoo, before kissing her neck.

“Oh, mi diosa, como te he extrañado,” I whispered in her ear before nibbling her lobe.

She turned her face to mine, and we kissed. My hand slipped under her robe, to find her breast braless. I gave it a heft and a squeeze, as we broke our kiss. She turned off the stove, and then turned to face me, and we kissed again, this time embracing each other.

“Come with me,” she said huskily, taking me by the hand. I followed her to Sinop Escort Bayan the bedroom. I could see her boyfriend’s clothes hanging in the closet, and I asked when she expected him home. She replied telling me he would be gone till about two in the afternoon, when he came home for lunch.

“He has a long break at work. Two hours. So he comes home, and wants his lunch ready when he gets here. After he is done eating, he always wants to fuck, before going back to work,” She explained to me, as she shed her robe and climbed onto the bed.

“He’s a lucky guy to get to fuck you every day.” I said, as I removed my jeans and began to unbutton my shirt. “If I had you at home, I would never leave.”

She smiled seductively, kneeling on the bed. As I undressed, she purred, and staring at my erect cock pocking through my silk boxers, she replied, “If I had you here, I would never want to leave the bed. You make me cum so hard.” As she said that she began to rub her clitoris.

I joined her on the bed, taking hold of the hand she was using to rub herself, and, covering it with my hand, I helped her masturbate. As I did this, I took one breast, and then the other, deep into my mouth, sucking hard, and playing with the nipple with my tongue.

Soon, the teasing of her breasts and clitoris gave her a small orgasm. As she caught her breath, she turned around and pushed her thick ass into my groin, rubbing against my cock. Looking over her should at me, she said, “Do me, do me duro, doggy-style. Another day we can play more. Today, I just want to fuck you.”

With that I lined my cock up to her pussy, rubbed it along the length of her entrance a few times for lubrication, and pushed in. Just like the last time, I bottomed-out inside her, hitting her cervix. I grabbed onto her fleshy hips, and began to thrust. With each thrust, her ass quivered and bounced. In the mirrored closet doors, I could see her tits, hanging down from her chest, bounce and sway with every movement.

I reached up with one hand, and grabbed a mitt-full of hair, tangling my fingers in her black curls. Then, as I fucked her, pulling her Escort Sinop hair back like reins on a horse, she began to moan and cry,

“Ay, Ay, ¡Si! Ahí. Bien. Yes, there. That is the spot. ¡Siiii! Fuck me. Asiiiiiiiii es. Yes, Yes Yeeees, Ohhhhhh my God! Si papí. Si. Chingame. Chingame. Fuck me. Fill me. Fill me with your cum.”

With that invitation to cum in her, how could I refuse? I let loose a torrent of cum, deep inside, and felt the heat of my cum fill her around my cock. Then, having both cum, we collapsed onto the bed, breathless, my cock still inside her as we spooned.

For a few moments, Gina and I drifted in and out of a light slumber, my cock still inside her, and my hands cupping her breasts. Then, breaking us out of our post-coital reverie, my phone chimed. I checked my watch, and saw that the time was only 9:35 in the morning. Then I remembered that I had told one of my vendors to deliver product to my café at 9:30 that morning.

I let go of her tits, and slipped my withering cock out of her as whispered in her ear,

¨Lo siento, mi diosa, but I have to go.” She looked at me and pouted.

“First, let me clean you up,” she insisted, and then took my cock into her mouth, sucking me hard again, and cleaning our cum off of me. She then wrapped her small hand around my cock and as she sucked, she jacked me, and in a few moments, had me filling her mouth with cum.

Swallowing my load, she smiled at me, and said, “There, all good to go.”

As I dressed, she put a small dildo in her pussy. I looked at her inquisitively, and answering my unspoken question, she stated,

“When Danny comes home from work and fucks me this afternoon, I want him to fuck me with your cum still inside me.”

I chuckled, and said to her, as a bent over the bed to kiss her goodbye, “You dirty girl.” We kissed, and my hand traveled down to the dildo, which I moved in and out of her a few times before breaking the kiss.

“I gotta run. This vendor is gonna be pissed that I made him wait.”

As I left the room, she called to me, “Favor de cerrar la puerta, querido. Te quiero mucho.”

“I love you too,” I called back to her, and then I locked the door, and closed it behind me.

There will be more, good reader. As always, I covet your feedback. I think, though, before I share my next sexual adventures with Gina and Maria, I will recount one of the encounters I have had with my cousin.

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