Mercy Fuck


It was the end of a long, exhausting shift. One of those weekends where everything that could go wrong did, especially when there was a full moon. Well, whatever, he would do what he always did when he felt like this, he would hit the gym and sweat this shit out. If he was exhausted physically, he might be able to turn off his brain and get some rest.

Later, his shirt plastered to his chest with sweat, his body aching from all the reps, and his knuckles bruised from the punching bag, he sat shaking on the bench in the locker room his head in his hands. The sweat from his brow and the tears from his eyes dripped down his face as he finally let it all out. He loved his job but it left scars not just on your body but on your soul as well.

Suddenly, he felt a hand upon his shoulder, gentle but persistent. Clearing his throat and wiping his eyes, Mitch turned to see who it was that had caught him in this state. He looked into the big, brown, doe-like eyes of the cute, brunette that ran the reception desk at the gym. This was just fucking great he thought to himself.

“I’m sorry,” she stammered. “I was walking by the door and thought I heard someone. I just wanted to let you know we’re closing.” She paused and was nervously twisting her long, mahogany hair around her finger as she waited for a response.

“Um, okay. Let me shower and I’ll be out of your hair.” Then, he laughed as she quickly stopped twisting her hair and dropped her hand by her side blushing. “It’s okay,” Mitch joked, “I didn’t mean it literally. What’s your name, by the way?”

Flashing a tentative smile that pushed dimples into her full cheeks, she answered, “Mercy, I work here. Maybe you’ve seen me at the front desk. Anyway, I should get back up there.” With that, she began to turn towards the locker room door as if to go and Mitch realized he really didn’t want her to leave him alone again. As a matter of fact, as he took in the way her tight pink tank top stretched across her breasts and her shorts hugged her curvaceous hips and her round ass, he knew he needed her to stay.

Standing, he walked towards her and she hesitated in the doorway turning to peek up at him shyly from beneath her eyelashes. As he reached her, he gently cupped her face in his hands and stroking her cheeks with his thumbs gazed Trabzon Escort into her eyes as he lowered his mouth to hers. Her pink lips parted under his tongue as he kissed her deeply again and again enjoying the sweet cinnamon taste of her. Pulling away breathless, he took her hand and without a word led her into the showers.

It only took a moment to shed their clothes and fall back into each other’s arms. He was amazed at how good she felt in his arms. She was soft, warm, and rounded and smelled like apples and honey. Her breasts were firm, plump ovals that swayed naturally as she moved before him. They were adorned with large, nipples that reminded him of swollen, ripe raspberries. The tiny freckles that graced her nose were also spread generously like stars across her body. He could imagine tracing constellations from freckled star to freckled star as he tasted every inch of her. As they kissed hungrily with a need that surprised them both, he explored the curves of her hips and stroked the sweet orbs of her ass. He nipped and pulled at her hardened, pink nipples with his mouth as he squeezed and caressed her breasts. She was such a delicious handful that he could feel his cock rising pushing against her.

Under the hot stinging spray of the shower, Mercy began her exploration of his hard, toned body using her hands and mouth. From the full lips that clung to hers, to his thick neck and broad shoulders, down his chest and around his nipples, and across his taut stomach, she tasted and teased enjoying the saltiness of his skin and the tangy musk of his sweat. She traced the ridges and ripples of his muscles, enjoying the feel of his warm smooth skin and the crispness of his chest hair under her fingers. Soon, she was on her knees almost reverently as she admired the sensational sight of his swollen, erect cock. It pulsed with life, majestic and proud, with its purple capped head already producing pearls of nectar. Once again gazing into his eyes, she parted her pouty lips and engulfed his cock while swirling her tongue tantalizingly across his cock head. The taste of him filled her mouth and she sucked harder wanting more of his delicious essence.

All the while, her hands were caressing his balls, gently and firmly massaging them as she sucked him deeper into her Trabzon Escort Bayan mouth with a moan. She massaged deeper, finding the sweet spot between his balls and ass making him groan as she rubbed circles against his tender skin. His hands tangled in her hair as he moved his hips matching the rhythm of her mouth on his cock. She moved her hands to clasp his ass urging him on and with a groan he was fucking her mouth with deep long strokes. The exquisite suction of her moist, warm mouth, the feel of her tongue, and the noises she made as she devoured him soon sent him over the edge. Soon, spasm after spasm rocked his body as he felt her swallow his load in loud, slurping gulps.

He sank onto the floor of the shower and pulled her onto his lap and wrapped her in his arms. There they sat as the water cascaded down their bodies and they relaxed, simply enjoying the comfort of one another’s presence. As he rested his head against hers, Mitch realized that Mercy was just what he had needed at that moment.

With that thought fresh in his mind, Mitch untangled their bodies and stood to turn off the shower. Mercy grabbed a towel and began to dry off. Approaching her from behind, he took the towel from her hands and started to wipe her damp skin himself. He held her body against his as he reached around and stroked her breasts with the fluffy fabric. He could feel them harden and push against the towel as he rubbed circles over them. She arched against him sighing and he moved the towel lower skimming across her stomach and hips. He bent and pushed the towel between her parted thighs and through her legs. Rising, he grasped each end of the towel in his hands and watching her expressive face he moved it back and forth into her slick slit. She was moaning, her eyes closed, and her hands twisting and pinching her nipples as she enjoyed his creative torture. She moved against the cloth as he worked it faster and more firmly until it was biting into her flesh. Her toes barely touched the floor as he flexed his arms and pulled upward splitting her pussy and trapping her swollen clit. Roughly he continued to tug back and forth making her scream as she climaxed against the soft cloth soaking it.

Dropping the towel, Mitch picked Mercy up and laid her on a bench. He knelt before Escort Trabzon her and began to soothe her sore, reddened sex with his mouth. Softly, gently, he lapped at her luscious lips tasting her honey as he licked his way to her tender bud. This he took into his mouth suckling it before he began to swirl and dip his tongue into its tiny, tingling core. Gasping, Mercy clasped her thighs about his head wanting more. He obliged plunging his tongue into the tight tunnel of her pussy. As she bucked against his face, he tongue-fucked her in earnest while stroking her clit with his thumb until with a wail she crashed over the edge flooding his mouth with her delectable nectar.

Satisfied that she was wet and ready, Mitch flipped Mercy over on the bench with her ample ass in the air and grasping her hips he sank deep into her tight, molten depths. He could feel her velvet walls squeezing against his cock as he took his time sliding his full length in and out her incredible cunt. Each time he popped his cock head in, he could hear her whimper in delight and try to push against him forcing him deeper. Determined to taunt her, he withdrew completely and rubbed his cock back and forth against the slippery crack of her pussy. She was begging him to fuck her, to please put it in, and the sound of her begging made him even more aroused. As he enjoyed making her plead, he also began to slap her gorgeous, generous ass cheeks watching them glow pink. He could feel her growing wetter and hear the sound of his dick sliding along her juicy folds. Unable to stand it any longer, he once again took ahold of her hips and slammed full force into her sopping pussy. Balls tight and hard, cock pulsating with need, he was past the point of no return. He pounded into her with a vengeance releasing his pent-up frustrations with each massive thrust. He grunted and panted as he plowed deeper and harder, slapping his body against hers until suddenly he stiffened as an exquisite, convulsive explosion ripped through him. As he exploded deep into her quivering depths, he felt her echoing response as her body milked the cum from his cock with the force of her orgasm.

This time they separated and each went to a shower alone to shower and compose themselves. Meeting back in the locker room, their eyes met but the words weren’t quite there. What they had shared had been intense and didn’t feel quite real. To talk about it at this moment would take something from the experience. Silently, they smiled at one another and each went their own way. But, Mitch and Mercy knew they would see each other again.

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