Midnight Rendezvous


“Are you sore?” you whisper as your chin rests on the top of my head. Your voice is soft and low in the dark room. I stir awake tucked tight against you in a big chair, an old blanket covering our naked bodies. I try to sit up, but you hold me closer, tighter, and kiss my head. “I don’t want to hurt you, you know.” Your words are kind, gentle.

“Yes and no.” I reply, snuggling back into your arms. “What time is it?” I ask, pressing a kiss to your bare chest my lips grazing over your nipple.

“Late.” you answer, as one hand curls into my hair from the base of my neck. “Don’t start unless you’re willing to finish.” comes your half-hearted threat.

“How late?” I ask, my eyes searching out a clock. I gasp at the time. “Oh no! I have to go.” I struggle to rise, and am sitting up before you grab my arms gently.

“Stay the night with me. Keep me warm. It’s cold out.” You look into my eyes, your level gaze seeing into me. I’m not sure if my nipples have pebbled from your gaze or from the chill in the air. Either way, I can feel the response down into the center of my body. You rub the back of your hand across my cheek, a gentle gesture that fans the embers that burn below.

“I can’t … ” I begin but you stop me with a kiss, your tongue gliding over mine, a sweet gentle rush of pleasure. Sakarya Escort You know I can’t deny you. You pull me back down to you and we kiss some more. Your lips on mine, your hands in my hair. We make out like teens, tongues discovering, plundering, lips mashing, teeth nipping.

After some time, your hands drop to my tits, fondling the hard little buds of my nipples, making me squirm against you. You cup each breast, as if to measure the heaviness of each. I inch up, place them before your mouth … an offering if you will. Your rough tongue laves over each nipple, pulling each into your mouth, gently loving each one into tighter, plumper peaks. I am sighing, moaning above you, my hands in your hair, pressing you closer to my body.

Your hand travels farther still, resting in the sticky mat of curls at the top of my thighs. “Yes …” I whisper, coaxing you to touch me. With a firm hand, you part my legs and gently ease your fingers into the folds of my pussy.

I am wet. Not just from the loads of cum deposited there only an hour before, but from the attention you’ve just given my body. Your fingers slide through the slick, swollen folds, mixing our juices. The smell of our earlier coupling is rich in the room and only serves to act as an aphrodisiac.

I moan and Sakarya Escort Bayan tremble against you. The pain of my swollen flesh is exquisite. It tears me apart and brings me back together again. You search out my eager little bud, rubbing it gently but forcefully, bringing me quickly to a shuddering release, as I call out your name over and over.

Your kisses are delicious as they take over my mouth again. I straddle your legs and, with your hands on my hips and tongue in my mouth, you slowly guide me down the thick shaft of your cock. I whimper into your mouth as I am stretched wide for you. You grab the back of my neck, your fingers in my hair, as you pull me down, your tongue demanding deeper access. I am fully impaled on your cock now and I can feel it beginning to twitch as my silken depths grip you tightly.

You whisper my name. Then a soft curse. We move slowly, as I lay against your chest, my tits rubbing over you. Your hips thrust slowly as you speak to me, moaning words of pleasure in low, hushed tones. We rock like that for nearly an hour. Enjoying our bodies locked in mutual passion. My lips search out your nipples, laving each into tight buds. You respond by doing the same to mine. At times, we share kisses as your fingers play over my nipples gently pinching Escort Sakarya and teasing.

We whisper words of endearment to one another as we rock. Soft sighs, light laughter, all while clasped together, our lips never far from each other. Your fingers reach between my legs and you rub me slowly, surely, to climax. I collapse as I cum, dropping kisses all over your chest. That is when lust over comes. You sit me up, pulling me from you. You roll me to my back and poise between my legs. You spread me open ~ wide ~ looking first into the dark depths of my pussy and then up into my eyes. “Look at me while I fuck you.” you say, your voice demanding.

I am mesmerized. Whimpering at the loss of your cock, wanting you back so very badly. I hold your gaze as you slowly enter me again inch by wonderful inch. I squirm at the invasion, the stretching, the heat. I pant as each inch is swallowed into my tight depths. You hold there, not moving, only watching. Then you move ~ slowly ~ surely ~ your cock impaling me ~ demanding from me ~ taking me. Another climax builds in me and I am helpless to prevent it. I shudder and melt around you, my pussy dripping as you take me.

That’s it for you. You can’t hold back. My legs on your shoulders, you lean over and fuck me, taking me, until you shoot another load of thick cream into my pussy. You curse softly as your hips buck. I am crying out your name, clutching at your thighs as you push deeper inside.

You drop and put your head to my breast, my legs now around your hips, and I realize that no, I will not be going home tonight.


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