Miles Awakens

Female Ejaculation

This is a prequel to Miles.


The bar was dark and smoky. Jazz music sliced through the plumes of smoke. Miles Williamson sat in the corner, nursing his bourbon. Miles was 22 years old, and in his senior year of college. He stood at 5’9″ with shoulder length brown hair, and was in average physical shape. He had a long day at school and was trying to drown himself in his drink. He had been writing his senior thesis, when the computer he was working went on the fritz, and he lost everything. 6 months of work, down the drain. The disk he had saved everything to, was wiped out by the crash of the computer. Just when he thought things couldn’t get worse, his roommate hurled all over his bed. So Miles sat in the corner of McAllister’s bar, drowning his sorrows in bourbon.

Suddenly, Miles had the urge to look up from his glass. A tall brunette was standing in front of him. She was positively radiant. Her curly locks graced the tips of her shoulders. Her green eyes were absolutely piercing, Miles felt as if she could see through to his very soul. She had the most perfect crimson lips, which parted to speak to him:

“Hello, my name is Lydia. Is this seat taken?” as she gestured to the dusty red pleather booth seat, with her dainty hand.

“Huh? Um..yeah..I mean, no. My name is Miles, have a seat.”

Miles couldn’t believe that this gorgeous creature wanted to sit with him. Sinop Escort His eyes wandered over her voluptuous body. She had full hips, and full breasts. She easily wore a size 22. Miles was a little astounded that he was so attracted to her; he never really went for chubby gals before. But she was so different; she dripped sex like honey from the honeycomb.

“You come here often?” She enquired.

“Not really. I’m going to school at Smithton University, I’m usually busy with that.”

“Well that would explain why I’ve never noticed you before. I thought to myself that you were simply too handsome for me to have not noticed before.”

Miles felt his member begin to throb and grow in his pants.

“You’re not so bad looking yourself.”

“Do you have any plans for tonight?”

“Not really, everything I’ve done today hasn’t turned out so well, so I’m taking a break.”

“Mmm. Would you like to come back to my place for some coffee?”

“Sure, I would love to.” Miles responded. He simply could not believe his luck, the sexiest woman he had ever seen, just picked him up.

Lydia grabbed her purse and said “This way, I’ll drive.”

As Miles followed her out of the bar, he couldn’t keep his eyes off of her full ass. His cock strained even more in his pants on the way over to her place.

Once they arrived at Lydia’s apartment, they Sinop Escort Bayan were all over each other. Miles wrapped his arms around her as they kissed, drinking in the nectar from her lips. Her tongue danced in his mouth, more dominant than his own. His hands wandered down to her ass, groping it through the tight black skirt she was wearing. Lydia’s hands made their way to his pants, unzipping them and releasing his 7″ trouser snake from its prison of cotton.

“I want to taste you.” She purred as she worked her way down to his beautiful cock.

“Oh, god, that feels good.” He moaned as she wrapped her tongue around his member.

Lydia knew how to make a man cum, and within minutes, she was gulping down Miles’ seed. As she arose, she began removing her clothing. Miles just stood in awe as he watched her unwrapping herself.

“Follow me.” She said saucily, as she sauntered off to the bedroom.

Miles followed behind her, discarding his clothes along the way.

Lydia peeled back the red satin sheets from her bed, and laid herself down. Miles gazed upon her flesh, like he was a starving man preparing for a feast. He stood at her legs, and gently spread them apart. The scent coming from her unshaved bush was heavenly. Miles began salivating before he even got a taste in his mouth. Greedily, he dove into her muff. Using his deft fingers, he spread Escort Sinop apart her labia lips, exposing her hard clit. He cupped her clit into his mouth as she let out a moan. He gazed up her body, to find her sucking on her left nipple, and toying with the other. He resumed his assault on her clit, as she writhed under his tongue. The scent of her pussy was growing muskier, as her juices poured out from her sweet hole and unto the bed. Violently she came, and raised her hips off of the bed. Miles lapped away at her juices, drinking them all.

“Fuck me.” She begged, as she handed him a condom.

Hastily he put it on, and slid into her hot box. Miles had never felt anything so soft and velvety in his life, wrapped around his cock. As he gazed down upon his lover, he was awestruck at how erotic her big breasts were as they swung in rhythm with their fucking.

“Oh god yes, that feels so goooooood!” She squealed as she came on his cock.

Lydia flipped Miles over on the bed, so she was on top of him. He was in absolute heaven as she rode his cock for all it was worth. Miles was being exposed to new levels of pleasure, as she rode him and stroked her clit. Finally, after an hour, he couldn’t get any higher, and he exploded into orgasm.

“Fuck yes!” He cried as he came inside of her.

Lydia slowed her strokes, and dismounted him. She laid herself down in bed next to him, and drifted off to sleep. Miles fell asleep with the biggest grin on his face.


After that, he never was the same. Lydia and he had a few flings off and on, and Miles was a changed man because of it. She taught him the beauty of all women, especially voluptuous ones.

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